Chief Justice warns MEC over unprofessional conduct: Msonda warns Mutharika against polls rigging – ‘There will be chaos’

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda has told newly appointed Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) commissioners to be professional and avoid partisan conduct to meet the expectations of Malawians in handling elections.

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda : Warns Malawi Electoral Commission

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda : Warns Malawi Electoral Commission

Msonda: There will be chaos

Msonda: There will be chaos

Nyirenda said this on Friday after he swore in seven of the eight commissioners in Lilongwe.

“Failure to live to the expectations of Malawians will make this swearing in just symbolic,” he said.

His comments come amid concerns that President Peter Mutharika has staffed with more ruling party Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its political bed fellows, the United Democratic Front (UDF) officials more than the opposition as a strategy to rig the 2019 elections.

Mutharika appointed four commissioners from the DPP, two from the UDF and one each from the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Peoples Party (PP).

“You should be public officers of high integrity because integrity is the pillar of democracy,” he said.

Commissioners Linda Kunje and Moffat Banda assured Malawians that they will do their job for the better of Malawi.

However, in an interview, PP spokesman Ken Msonda said Mutharika will be responsible for any violence that will break out in 2019 as a result of people’s lack of trust in MEC handling of the election.

“He has put in more DPP commissioners because he wants to rig the election,” he said.

Msonda said the only way out was for the President to withdraw the names and appoint new names with each party having equal numbers for the sake of polls credibility.

“If he does not do this there will be chaos in Malawi, there will be violence as some people will not accept the results, he will be dragged to the International Criminal Court,” said Msonda.

Mutharika appointed Jean Mathanga, Moffat Banda, Ivy Mtafu, Killion Mgawi, Clifford Buloyi, Mary Nkosi, Linda Kunje and Yahaya Mmadi as commissioners for MEC.

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A che Nsonda and your fellow cohorts, don’t worry. There will be no chaos. The votes that DPP will amass in whatever mode, first past the post or 50+1 will make you completely silent. By the way, is PP alive? What about this party of death and darkness which is rocked with a litany of internal fire fighting?

Cash Gate

Why MCP remain silent on this issue?


I stopped thinking of Malawi politics in 1994 let them rule until their home boys start fighting them.

Totally agree with the Chief Justice. Totally agree with Msonda on equal representations of commissioners from each party. Mec together with all other election commissions in the world are neutral bodies. Ideally they should have nobody sympathetic to any party and the govt of the day can’t monopolise the composition of it. If Peter was honest enough, the opposition including independents who have more MPs should have been represented by more commissioners, say one more than udf/dpp partnership. Alternatively equal reps as Msonda suggests. Each party should have been requested to submit day two names. But we know how these… Read more »
Mustaff Issa

I think Msonda has un out of ideas now and he needs to go home in Rumphi and look for cattle.With the same MEC chair and the Chief justice Peter will still carry the day in elections in 2019.They are well educated guys but attractive to chaos at times only Malawians are always cowards and prefer talking under blankets .They make noise two days and then it goes off and the dust settles and leave MEC chair and the Chief Justice bought new V8s period.ICC what are you mad?




Iwe Mgift, very good! Anthu awa ndimadabwa nawo. Zinthu zofunikira kumakambirana akuzisiya pambali nkumalimbana nzopanda mtunda. M’malo okonza tsogolo. Push in 50% plus!


After looking at formation if newly elected commissioners there’s imbalances with a cooking deception. Majority of commissioners are DPP & we have a sleeping opposition in parliament not putting checks & balances. The old advice we have heard before prevention is better than cure. Act now before its too late Malawi it’s no rocket science!

Msonda you must be a dreamer. Which International Criminal Court will Mutharika go to when right now African Union feels its members should not be affiliated to it? If you have a genuine case, you should just challenge the authority right now and not to wait till 2019 hoping you will take take matter to the ICC. If I may ask, who will do that when nothing of this sort happened after the death of 20 people in the North in 2011under Bingu’s administration? Wasn’t it enough to take Bingiu to the ICC and how will that happen in 2019?… Read more »
Dr Mbilixi

DPP chipani c hokupha

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