Malawi opposition ponders single-candidate to challenge President Mutharika

Malawi opposition are strategising forming a grand electoral alliance to field one presidential candidate to challenge President Peter Mutharika in 2019 elections, as leaders are “deeply fearful” that there is a danger  main opposition block Malawi Congress  Party (MCP) would be in “perpetual opposition” unless its presient Lazarous Chakwera dramatically changed tack.

Chakwera: We need to talk at length

Chakwera: We need to talk at length

MCP administrative secretary Portipher Chidaya said the party will consider the political marriage when it consults its membership.

He said the idea would be good if there will be harmonisation of party policies and manifesto with the view to find common ground.

“We need to create common front with issues of national interest,” Chidaya said.

MCP president Lazarous Chakwera said “it would mean talking at length” and that party supporters at grassroots should be persuaded to back it when they fully understand the idea.

The proposal for electoral pact is said to have been made by Peoples Party (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa.

Mussa said “there is a great need”  of forming a grand coalition to field a single presidential candidate for the opposition block.

The PP acting president said he was “strategising on the ground” on the coalition idea.

Alliance for Democrcay (Aford) president Enock Chihana said his party would support “unity of porpose” to liberate Malawians from ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Chihana said the “the phantom od DPP beginning to crumble.”

Malawi Forum for  Unity and Development (Mafunde) president George Nnesa welcomed the proposal.

“The key thing is to have someone ready and credible to take over,” he said.

But political analyst Happy Kayuni based at Chancellor Collge  in Zomba, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, advised the opposition said the idea “just to remove the ruling party would not suffice.”

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chimpeni james
To Mr Winston Msowoya, Prof. Peter will amass 97% in 2019 for the following reasons: 1) 64,000 metric free maize to be distributed from next month. go and view this at Kanengo. Hon Frank Mwenifumbo has confirmed Karonga Admarcs are full with maize stocks and Chakwera has shut up on hunger fears. 2) 12,000 metric turn of free rice now being repacked into 5kg for distribution to everyone including you in diaspora (DHL will bring it over to you all) 3) Every region is now busy with infrastructure developments, Tarmac roads all over..Kwa Manje, Livingstonia, Malangalanga, Chilinde, Chitungwiza, Mnchengautuwa, Phalombe,… Read more »
This is a far fetching dream that will never come to fruition. Who amongst the opposition poliitcal party leaders will be taking on Mutharika? How are you coming up with leader of the party to compete with Mutharika? Already Chakwera is power hungry, so is Uladi Mussa. Do you think these bulls will let anybody to lead them? This will be the beginning of the crumbling of the coalition parties. Ask Nnesa, he will tell you how he miserably faired in 2014. Harmonisation of manifestos will not be easy and it won’t happen because each political party will feel it… Read more »

Good idea. Komano zikhale dere: 1. Chakwera 2. Amayi. 3. Atupele. Don’t even think of these others; they are one and the same as those who are stealing right, now. Komano musaulule kaye. Chifukwa mutati mwayiulura line up yili pamtundapa, anthuwa akhoza kudzimangilira. Apo bi, akhoza kuyamba kuba mwachimuthemuthe podziwiratu kuti zawo zada!!!!!

Muma Muchinda

Mr Winston Nsowoya,you seem to have ideas-good ideas-that can build Malawi.But why are you living away from your mother land.Is it because you are unpatriotic? I urge you to come back home and form your own party.Who knows you could become the next leader of this country.As for Chimunthu Banda,just know that he is a spent force.No body would vote for him.Once again come back home,Winston.

Former Exile
It seems Mwananyanian is a true child of a monkey.Calling DPP a smart and progressive Party? Maybe the two terms are strange to him,he must go back to school or college to learn about the two words: SMART and PROGRESSIVE.Mr.Nyani,to feed Malawians with Mice (Mbewa) and Grasshoper is being PROGRESSIVE? To lead the government which has put Malawians on joblessness at 89 percent,is that smartness and progressive? Crime rate at 95 percent the highest in Southern Africa,is that smartness and progressive? How about 100 percent corruption,by far worse than India,Pakistan,Nigeria and China,is that smartness and progressive?How about tribalism the scourge… Read more »
This Mwananyanian will not stoop to your level of name calling, and/or derogatory remarks from anybody. That is probably the best way to shame people like you. Even better, would have been to NOT respond to such comments. You should know that he cannot be deterred as far as expressing his informed views are concerned. Never. Mwananyanian is well educated, traveled and well informed, and thank you very much: But he cannot claim to be better than you or anybody. Old adage is apropos here: there is always someone smarter or better. Question for you: Corruption in Malawi being worse… Read more »
Winston Msowoya
Now you are talking Malawians.This is what I have been advising the opposition Parties many times to burry their hatchet and hold the bull by the horns.Afterall,that is very nationalistic and partriotically motivated,we Malawians in diaspora,strongly and hopefully conclude that this is the only way to stop Muthalika and his infamous KLEPTOCRATIC regime in 2019.I would like to suggest the name of the candidate who has all the qualities and that is brother CHIMUNTHU BANDA a genuine son of Malawi and Africa.I hope committed Malawians will join this topic with passion.LET US REMOVE THIS FELONIOUS AND DYSINGENOUS LEADER MALAWI HAS… Read more »

Good suggestion but comming too early

Maxon Chakweta

Tiyeni tibakhala ndi DPP yomweyi, adzabwere,m’boma osauka sadzafuna kulemera Kaye. Let DPP stay because they do not have hunger anymore to accumulate funds like PP did


DPP/UDF simungawagonjetse ndi mgwirizano wanu wazipani zamayina chabe zopanda anthu, dzilotani mukuyamwitsa mapasa ……

What is Kayuni saying? Can’t understand what he says.

The reporter deliberately wrote just a sentence for Kayuni’s response I guess because Kayuni’s response exposed the wEAkness of the opposition block. the opposition block says that they will field one presidential candidate because they want to dislodge DPP from government. That’s their sole reason. Kayuni is arguing that this reason is not good for the nation. He expected to hear something like a national reason and not selfish one. For example, promotion of national unity and improving the welfare of Malawians economically by bringing in good policies. And not just to remove DPP from government and take their positions.… Read more »

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