17 Malawi names on Swiss Leaks

Malawi names on Swiss leaks

Malawi names on Swiss leaks

Secret documents leaked from HSBC’s Swiss private bank revealed the names of 17 Malawians of Asian origins, who are among international clients whose names are featuring in a trove of secret bank files that reveal how HSBC’s Swiss banking arm helped individuals stash billions of dollars in the country.

The Malawian names and companies have been named in the   Swiss Leaks as having illicity maintained bank accounts in the amounting to $16.1 million (about K7.5 billion for the year 2006-07.

However, none of the people mentioned holds a Malawian passport or is a Malawian national but are indicated to have a place of birth to be Malawi.

They include Ali Mahommed Shabir Majid,  Ali Mahommed Afzal Majid, Karia Ramilla and Jussab Sattar Sikander Abud.

The expose by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) followed the stealing of HSBC client data by Herve Falciani, a former IT employee of HSBC’s Swiss private bank.

HSBC said Falciani downloaded details of accounts and clients at the end of 2006 and early 2007. French authorities have obtained data on thousands of the customers and shared them with tax authorities elsewhere.

Malawi has received a notable mention because of how much the money in the accounts could have contributed to the country’s gross domestic product per capita ,which stood at $266 in 2007.

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kingsley saidi bwanali
kingsley saidi bwanali

they came to steal our kwachas


No hating,brothers! no wonder Asians are growing big,they have love for one another,how can we rise when we don’t want to see a fellow black diamond to shine?Until this jealousy syndrome is out of us,that’s when we gonna rise.

Hahaha… So Lutepo and cash gate crew are Indians too? The Asians in the article are based in Europe who probably left Malawi in the 70’s with nothing and worked their way up in the UK. Get your facts rights and stop being haters. Research success stories of Indians in the UK and you will find most of them to be from Uganda and Malawi. Who worked hard and mention their origin to be from Africa because they are proud. Unlike other Africans who go to the States and Americanise their names and distant themselves from their origins. Pathetic. Haters… Read more »

That is just a small percentage of the whole thing.Search their houses and you will recover some more billions.They never really help our country these guys


These are Munthalikas accomplices


Why do u comment when u don’t know. Why do u curse Indians. They pay they workers really. There’s only 10, 000 Indians and malawi population is 15 million. Indians don’t even count to 1 percent, its like 0.045 percent of population yet you are complaining. Are you trying to say the 10 000 Indians are competing 15 million people of this economy. Please get your facts right. You guys read something on the news and believe it. Come on


Can our DPP government consider its close relationship with Malawian Asians as displayed during the just passed Fund Raising event dangerous to our Nation as we strive to develop!!!!

Yes most of you talking here are Asians using local or pseudo names because you knew the coming backlash from real malawians. The asians are thieves taking most of our forex into European banks. Unfortunately they also collaborate with some of us malawians. Most of these so Called malawi Asians hold British passports. Also most of their women as soon as they are pregnant they are sent to UK to deliver so that the children becomes British. Hence they easily qulify to bank the stolen money anywhere in Europe. That money stashed in Europe is never used to buy goods… Read more »
I can see most of the contributors here are Indians. Its now a lesson to our Government not to trust foreigners in any way. you sell land in urban areas to foreigners, you give good loans to these people while denying your fellow Malawian an opportunity to develop. As Malawians we better sit down and analyse this situation and see if this is something we can be happy about. Most of the names appearing are prominent Asians from Pakistan and India whose Grandparents came here as labourers working for Nyasaland Railways constructing Rail line from Limbe to Salisbury Via Mocambique.… Read more »

I thought I am going to get any real issues in the said Swiss whatever, whatever. Let us be responsible and write sence, not for prides sakes. This really sacks.

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