17 Malawi names on Swiss Leaks

Malawi names on Swiss leaks

Malawi names on Swiss leaks

Secret documents leaked from HSBC’s Swiss private bank revealed the names of 17 Malawians of Asian origins, who are among international clients whose names are featuring in a trove of secret bank files that reveal how HSBC’s Swiss banking arm helped individuals stash billions of dollars in the country.

The Malawian names and companies have been named in the   Swiss Leaks as having illicity maintained bank accounts in the amounting to $16.1 million (about K7.5 billion for the year 2006-07.

However, none of the people mentioned holds a Malawian passport or is a Malawian national but are indicated to have a place of birth to be Malawi.

They include Ali Mahommed Shabir Majid,  Ali Mahommed Afzal Majid, Karia Ramilla and Jussab Sattar Sikander Abud.

The expose by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) followed the stealing of HSBC client data by Herve Falciani, a former IT employee of HSBC’s Swiss private bank.

HSBC said Falciani downloaded details of accounts and clients at the end of 2006 and early 2007. French authorities have obtained data on thousands of the customers and shared them with tax authorities elsewhere.

Malawi has received a notable mention because of how much the money in the accounts could have contributed to the country’s gross domestic product per capita ,which stood at $266 in 2007.

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30 thoughts on “17 Malawi names on Swiss Leaks”

  1. kingsley saidi bwanali says:

    they came to steal our kwachas

  2. zideh says:

    No hating,brothers! no wonder Asians are growing big,they have love for one another,how can we rise when we don’t want to see a fellow black diamond to shine?Until this jealousy syndrome is out of us,that’s when we gonna rise.

  3. Hastings says:

    Hahaha… So Lutepo and cash gate crew are Indians too? The Asians in the article are based in Europe who probably left Malawi in the 70’s with nothing and worked their way up in the UK. Get your facts rights and stop being haters.
    Research success stories of Indians in the UK and you will find most of them to be from Uganda and Malawi. Who worked hard and mention their origin to be from Africa because they are proud.

    Unlike other Africans who go to the States and Americanise their names and distant themselves from their origins. Pathetic.

    Haters going to hate!

  4. AMFUMU says:

    That is just a small percentage of the whole thing.Search their houses and you will recover some more billions.They never really help our country these guys

  5. Gimbogo says:

    These are Munthalikas accomplices

  6. Private says:

    Why do u comment when u don’t know. Why do u curse Indians. They pay they workers really. There’s only 10, 000 Indians and malawi population is 15 million. Indians don’t even count to 1 percent, its like 0.045 percent of population yet you are complaining. Are you trying to say the 10 000 Indians are competing 15 million people of this economy. Please get your facts right. You guys read something on the news and believe it. Come on

  7. mwene says:

    Can our DPP government consider its close relationship with Malawian Asians as displayed during the just passed Fund Raising event dangerous to our Nation as we strive to develop!!!!

  8. Kenkkk says:

    Yes most of you talking here are Asians using local or pseudo names because you knew the coming backlash from real malawians.

    The asians are thieves taking most of our forex into European banks. Unfortunately they also collaborate with some of us malawians.

    Most of these so Called malawi Asians hold British passports. Also most of their women as soon as they are pregnant they are sent to UK to deliver so that the children becomes British. Hence they easily qulify to bank the stolen money anywhere in Europe.

    That money stashed in Europe is never used to buy goods to boost the Malawi economy , please don’t fool us. That money is saved for themselves and their kids for the rainy days.

    So wake dpp govt, Mra, ACB and all of us malawians. These Asians must be stopped, they bribe each govt of the day. Now dpp is falling to the same Asian tricks, well wishers.

  9. sunderstar says:

    I can see most of the contributors here are Indians. Its now a lesson to our Government not to trust foreigners in any way. you sell land in urban areas to foreigners, you give good loans to these people while denying your fellow Malawian an opportunity to develop. As Malawians we better sit down and analyse this situation and see if this is something we can be happy about. Most of the names appearing are prominent Asians from Pakistan and India whose Grandparents came here as labourers working for Nyasaland Railways constructing Rail line from Limbe to Salisbury Via Mocambique. They got this money to deposit in Swiss Account from this poor down trodden Third World Poverty Stricken Malawi. These people are failing to pay good wages to our brothers and sisters yet they can afford to stash huge sums of money in foreign banks. Government must seriously look into this, I wouldnt give it a Damn if all Asians can leave today, they are adding no value to our country but milking it. Malawi can Develop fast without them, we have the Hellenic community in Malawi who came long time ago they are making good contributions to our Development and country in areas of Agriculture and retail/fishing and they easily blend with locals than these Pakistanis and Indians.

  10. kapambwe says:

    I thought I am going to get any real issues in the said Swiss whatever, whatever. Let us be responsible and write sence, not for prides sakes. This really sacks.

  11. nsonga ciswe says:

    Ameenyetu sadzacokaso ngati padzana paja zidalili. A China jussab etc ma line awo Ali Ku UK. Kudya ma benefits.kulembetsa kuwili kuwilia kaye ngati ali ndi munthu olumala iiii nde migolomigolo ma benefits nde mmwenye ameneyo.MW sitidzadzukaso til I ngati tsthilidwa doom pena klolofilu nthawi ya cilobwe. Pali be cikuonetsa zithu kusintha koma akumipando jusdt make noise kuti tiziti akugwila ncito -lip service tu basis.

  12. nsonga ciswe says:

    Amwenye enatupaja anabadwila mom uno koma anabera ma passport a UK simuudziwa a mW inu’nawoso anacta city UK ngati mmene anaticitila a Zimbabwe Nigeria.
    Acina ma bwana Ali ndi ndi account Ku southaflika mazambici UK. Ameleka NDE mtinji ,angokhalila khslia mapwala sakumasuka. Mwaiwala kale paja amwenye amatumiza ndalama mmatayala kumapita kunja life tili fwiii tulo.
    Mayo one dziko lathu lapita basis. Dyela lavuta.

  13. goba says:

    Abale, iam failing to understand this. Please help. IS IT A CRIME TO SAVE MONEY IN A FOREIGN BANK????? If one makes USD100 as profit, and pays 30% (USD30) as tax and save the balance USD70 in a foreign bank, IS this a CRIME???? My foot!!! I see no such a thing as a crime here. That an FDI in the country of savings, just as we are also attracting similar investors in other countries to save their money HERE in our local banks. Swiss government FDI policy is for attracting large cash savers, hence world over all the Forbes richest list candidates have a bank account in Switzerland, including late Kamuzu has one.
    There is no problem. Work hard, earn money, pay tax, save rest in Swiss account, its your money. The problem is-We are thinking AND WRONGLY assuming that all this money is TAX!!!! My foot! All this money is AFTER TAX PROFITS…..MUISOVA

  14. Pata phiri says:

    Failures are u the malawians so dont pint point fingers take action

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    May I know the source of their money? Do the account holders do their business only in Malawi?

  16. falaabbino says:

    All the names listed are not Malawians..
    They are Terrorist. The names can tell.

  17. Jelbin mk says:

    I remember Bingu saying”these Asians are doing business here and yet when you check their bank accounts you find them having only K100″ but what did he do as the president? Stealing and banking all over the world in countries like Portugal,Issle of man, Singapore,South Africa and even in USA which is very very pathetic and uncalled for. Here in Africa we complain of poverty and yet its ourselves cause because if someone get a good cash in hand always thinks of investing in foreign countries which lives your own country of birth deprived of revenue because you pay tax in the country you invest in and not in your own as a result poverty escalation becomes rampant. I think we have to change some banking laws so that they become domestic friendly but unfortunately most of our MPs are not enlightened ones and we just elect them even without convincing us with their manifestos but as long as they are from the party we support eish this country stinks!!!!!!

  18. Mega mind says:

    Stop moaning about these amwenye. They work hard for their money. The only problem is the govt shud sell property (especially land) fairly to everyone and not the amwenyes only

  19. aDeaconsss says:

    Why is it a crime to keep yr money in a foreign bank? Nigerian individuals hv money in foregn banks but pipo dont talk like this. U pipo r still calling the Indians foreigners yet they hv malawian passports or were born here. Dont u think thats why they dont want to keep all their moneys here lest u chase them n they will hv to live their moneys behind, somthing they have worked for, for generations. Second, malawi issues on aporoval for forex to order commodities or if they did wat they order is not enough. That’s wen such funds from foreign banks cud help them continue to be in business. The only source of income for them is selling thats how they keep themselves in business n thats why their shops dont close even if the tide is high. A malawi, why should they be investigated?

    1. Za Zii says:

      can you comment on what has been said.

      They have no Malawian passports, and you say they have.

      Being born in a country does not make you a citizen, it depends on the immigration laws of the country.

  20. mtichimwitsa says:

    Koma kupana a mphawi ndi misonkho koma olemera kwa siya aziba . Stupid government

  21. ujeni says:

    No suprise here amwenye can do anything in Malawi. For years they have used Malawi as a cash cow then storing treasures overseas. Malawi is little India

  22. Kadakwiza says:

    Government must do something. Why people deposit their money outside the country? Government, do something, serious. Dziko wanu, ndalama wathu as the Indians use to say must come to an end. I remember Idi Amin of Uganda.

  23. Kadakwiza says:

    Government must do something. Why people deposit their outside the country. Government, do something, serious. Dziko wanu, ndalama wathu as the Indians use to say must come to an end. I remember Idi Amin of Uganda.

  24. Achalume says:

    Too late Malawi is rotten already!

  25. cbk says:

    angosintha maina amwenyewo!afufuzeni muwapeza,ndinenatu ngati sakunyambitisani kenakake.yanu ija yama gate amalawi.

  26. mxii says:

    Better now nyasatimes! it’s good that you have listened to your readers and followed up the story. give us good quality and we’ll support you, invest in good reporters and analysts

  27. Moya says:

    Daniel phiri at it again,storing money under disguise, even in his death he pulled a disguise. Its a habit.

  28. foretold says:

    This is what you get when your stupid government officials give businesses to foreigners (Indians will not be in any way Malawians). This is a wake up call to fellow Malawians. Whilst we are suffering of poverty some selfish foreigners have that huge some of money. And our stupid president is pleading with World bank for financial support. Stupid Government of Malawi kuyambira ku state house, amwenye mumawanyambita chifukwa chani?

  29. mwiithotho says:

    MRA ndi ena onse, tithandozeni moyenera on dealing with this crime

Comments are closed.

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