2 Magistrates, 2 prosecutors arrested: Malawi Police say they sold Indian hemp exhibited in court

Two first grade magistrates, two police prosecutors and court clerks from Ntcheu will spend the New Year day in police custody after they were arrested for selling 84 bags of Indian hemp meant for disposal.

Chamba peddlers in with their bags containing the 'golden leaf'

Chamba peddlers in with their bags containing the ‘golden leaf’

Central region police publicist Ramsy Mushani confirmed the arrest of six high powered justice administration Ncheu officials.

The arrest is an embarrassment and set back to the provision of justice in Ntcheu and the fight against indian hemp growing and trafficking.

Sources say the hemp – localy known as Chamba -was impounded early December at an adhoc road block at Bawi in Ntcheu.

One person was convicted and fined K170000 or in default 14 months IHL.

Nyasa Times source says the Chamba was then supposed to be burnt but when regional police officers came to destroy the hemp, they were told it was already burnt but the district officials failed to show where the burning took place and some people gave testimony that they were being offered for sale.

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62 thoughts on “2 Magistrates, 2 prosecutors arrested: Malawi Police say they sold Indian hemp exhibited in court”

  1. David says:

    All I can say is ligarise Ganja instead of homalsexual. All this problem will not be there,people will never stop using Ganja.

  2. David says:

    The only way to get out of this problem is to ligarise it. If I was to choose between Ganja and homalsexual, I would choose Ganja.Set Ganja business free and there will be no more bullshit.

  3. Namlomo says:

    Agulitsa bwanji pamene analanda kwa Omwe amafuna kugulitsanso? Akalowe basi mxi. Alipo ambiri akuchita zimenezi nde it’s better to legalize it kuti aliyense adzidya lake thukuta.

  4. Exiled Soul's says:

    Paguza ndi Saguza basi kkkkkkkk

  5. Chimz says:

    A nzwanya says
    Aaaaaaaaa! Mbuzi imadya pomwe aimangiliratu

  6. Okhumudwa says:

    Dziko losawuka golide wathu ndi yekhayu. Tatiyen titseguke maso amalawi..@ 51 we are still poor kma kuloleza chgololo cha same sex mxiew. Lolezani wosuta azisuta akamapenga zawo

  7. papaya mandimu says:

    this is a tip of an iceberg….a lot more is happening in the judiciary. the corraboration between magistrates and prosecutors has reached a point you can not describe. people talk about traffic police but prosecutors are the worst. our jails would be overflowing if there was justice in malawi! criminals are let loose everyday….and the judiciary is almost untouchable. the most rotten country in southern africa…malawi!

  8. tz says:

    Ndiye yake .kutakata kumeneko

  9. Dirt is Good says:

    hahahahahahahahaha this is Malawi at 51 years

  10. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklklkkkkkkkk

  11. Kawonga says:

    The fact iz, nawonso amafuna akagulitse , ndiye game yagona, mafana atakata, cell yaitana , so sad

  12. Zondiwe says:

    Unfortunately this type of thing is now very common in our country. Prosecutors, Policemen, Judges, etc are involved in criminal activities. The citizens are thus on their own. What a shame.
    Should we be surprised when ordinary people take the law into their own hands?
    When people lose trust in the legal system, there is created a chaotic free-for-all in a country, and it is disastrous for democracy. It is just as lawless Somalia. What a pity!

  13. Mwakipiki says:

    Cry my beloved country. If First Grade Magistrates (not one but 2) can do this, then who execute justice?

  14. Jaak says:

    Anawayenda Pansi asatiputsitse, hence the arrest! KKKKKKKKKKKK! My Malawi!!!!!!!

  15. titus Scoti says:

    A police ndi a ku khothi kumachita ma deal oterewa zoona? Ndiye tidalire ndani kuti tipeze chilungamo?

  16. changaputwa says:

    Ajayilano kukoza osagwitizila. Akuyenela kulandila chilango mkufuna kupeleka cimphunzitso kwa anthu ena.

  17. bamusi says:

    No wonder, Justice at LIMBO in Malawi. Muziphika ngati Nsima.

  18. MAMA says:

    Minyanga Ya njovu
    Ija ili kutiko ??

  19. Thanduxolo says:

    Mayina awo ndi ndani?

  20. titus scoti says:

    Ndalama yashupa pa malawi mpaka a polisi ndi a khothi kugulitsa chamba?

  21. boseell says:

    Ndalama ndi imene yavuta, aliyense akufuna ntreshede, aliyense akumayang’ana wapa tsogolo pake kuti akutani. Chinyengo chakula pa dziko la pansi.

  22. Temaco says:

    Koma ma gate ndiye achuluka this will be known as Chambagate.

  23. Mwakipiki says:

    Cry my beloved country. If first grade magistrates can be involved in such shameful acts, can they fight for the cause of justice?

  24. Bob says:

    Who are they? You are saying 6 but the 1st paragraph looks like its 5. Be consistent

  25. Denguzman says:

    Ndalama yavutadi pa Malawi.

  26. william says:

    They did not come to destroy it but to collect and sale. The magistrate and others acted fast before others could benefit why travel all the way from the region as if there are no matches in ntcheu. Do not cheat us. We are not kids

  27. Animal says:

    Ya zaku mw ndithu

  28. jk says:

    Achamba amenewo

  29. mapwevupwevu says:

    Zachamba basi!

  30. Ayo says:

    Why destroying money. Those found with chamba should be punished but the chamba should be sold by the Government.

  31. kambindingu "hard & low" says:

    Malawi sadzatheka . Everybody is fighting for survival.

  32. The Most Concerned says:

    Hahahaha! The Arresters & the Convicters have been Arrested & Convicted respectively.

  33. mbuyankhoma says:

    Don’t worry, they will be released on bell and that will be the end of the story. They want to rubberstamp the Malawian nation. Both judiciary and police are fucked up.

    1. chipie says:


  34. Palibe nkhani apa atayeni inu mumafuna kuti aotche ndalamazo? Umphawi uli mmalawi muno akakudyereni kuti? Msonkho pa pay slip mukuchotsa half salary nosense ine mankhwala ndimagula ndekha chilichose ndimagula musadzandiduleso msonkho mukundibela anyani inu

  35. Rodriguas says:

    They were not paid their salaries and you expected them to be starving their families yet they were keeping the golden leaf? How could they administer justice on empty bellies?
    Arresting them is total injustice and double standards of the system.
    And arresting people based on heresies, is that lawful? Ok just thinking aloud. But I see no case here only that they should be given chance to be represented by a lawyer.

  36. kangandiwamba says:

    Too Bad!!

  37. TCHUTCHUTCHU says:

    Apa nde zafika paumboni woti chilolezedwe basi chambacho kulimidwa kudyedwa ndi kupangila chitukuko (Industrial purposes) Sitifunaso umboni wina wakwana olo ofuntha atha kubvomeleza.

  38. Thunyako says:

    Why arresting them when it has been legalised.

  39. Yakobo wa ku Mangoni says:

    These people are not wrong as long as you have legalised Mathanyula. Please release them

  40. GRM says:

    This is Malawi

  41. Frazer Gomani says:

    This will continue be oz of poor salary in govt and corruption is going to arise in service due to fall down of kwacha and the stopping of salary increase.The govt now is falling down ,they don’t see it and they are blind.

  42. mr chimbwititi says:

    ine ndimanena kuti ma magstrate wa ndioipa?amenewa aphedwe basi.atipeza kuno ku ndende anatimanga tisanalakwe.abwele tiwamwese gututu agaulu amenewa.tiwasetelesa malezala kuno mwanya muona mwapatika!!kkkkkkkkkk!

  43. Ayo says:

    Kugulitsa ndi kuononga zasiyanapati? Its better to sell than to destroy. Why dont you destroy them while in the garden? You know they are grown in KK. Ala!

  44. Njolinjo says:

    Shaaaaaa! Malawi @ 52 now.

  45. bzy kupanga legalize zombolongana kumatako…..mukusiya kathu kabwino ka ganja kolengwa ndi wamwamba……ndikuonani…musadabweeee zikakuchitikilan

  46. anadimba says:

    so it was the regional officers who wanted to sell it? Corruption at its best. Ndimmene mulandila makala anthu osauka ndi kumawagulitsa ndalamazo ndi kumadya ndi aforest yet mukudziwa kuti magetsi akuzimazima,mumati anthu adziphikira chani?? Umphawi wake umenewu munthu akagulitsa chamba wa lakwa chani?

  47. kalipinde says:

    Shame on Malawi justice system. How can defenders of Malawi justice defenders do such a thing. There’s a lot done by these people hiding in the name of justice deliverers. tiziona mmene muzithele

  48. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Zovuta; imadya pomwe aimangilira.

  49. Che Katundu says:

    Mavuto azachuma avutadi etti,mpaka azachulungamo kukalowa mmm bye bye 2015 unavutadi iwe

  50. Mwamuna sakalamba says:

    Malawi waola basi. This is reason why everyone in Malawi must be treated as criminal until proven innocent and NOT treated as innocent until proven guilty.

  51. Namlomo says:


  52. Aubrey Milinda says:

    What does it help us to burn this chamba or to sell and have these officials financially stable?Release them there is no issue here.You officials from regianal dont be jelousy where were you all this time? Dont forget these official gets a meagre salary at the end of a months akuyenera kugwiritsa ntchito mutu.

  53. Happening Boy says:

    All the chamba these people confisticate is sold not burnt, may be the Kasungu oc otherwise the group of people mentioned in this article are the main culprits everywhere.Just legalize this chamba thing.

  54. Ziululika says:

    Koma dziko la Malawi ndie linawola basi.

  55. Talowa2016 says:

    Poor officials akwizingen ndithu kkk

  56. Hansou says:

    I have always wondered if they really destroy such contraband. Now I know for certain what follows

  57. Patriot says:

    Apolisiwo awatulutsa pabelo, basi nkhani yatha. Koma enawo nde akalowa.
    Iyo nde polisi ya ma malawi, very rotten.

  58. Ras peace says:

    Legalize the leaf I say, American states are making millions out of it. Why we stupid malawians CHOOSE to be poor, burning chamba and Ivory instead of selling them to buy drugs. 10 years I been taking weed, an have no quarrel with no body.

  59. advisory committee says:

    Why burn the chamba? The officials did right to sell it and bring money in millions on the table rather than burning it kupusa ufiti

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