2 Malawians confirmed killed in xenophobic violence: Evacuation budget revised

Malawi government has confirmed the death of two Malawi citizens in the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa.

Nankhumwa- Two confirmed dead

Nankhumwa- Two confirmed dead

Minister if Information, Tourism and Culture, Kondwani Nankhumwa told a news conference on Monday in Lilongwe that the bodies of two were repatriated for burial in the country.

Nankhumwa identified one of the deceased as Adam Kaunga from Chilipa in Mangochi who has already been laid to rest.

The other victim whose body is at a mortuary in South Africa, also from Mangochi is yet to be identified.

“We are saddened with the loss of lives ,” Nankhumwa said who appealed for calm .

Nankhumwa said the confirmed number of affected Malawians in the xenophobic attacks has reached 1 030 with most of them being women and children.

The first group of affected Malawians to be repatriated failed to arrive  Sunday as earlier scheduled but Nankhumwa said they would arrive Monday in Blantyre where they will among others be received by Nankhumwa and Minister of Home Affairs Atupele Muluzi.

A further five buses are expected into the country Tuesday.

Nankhumwa also revealed that government is spending R100,000 per bus and that it requires 50 buses to ferry all victims now at 3200 translating to R5 million (K195, 000, 000.00).

“Contrary to what we reported two days ago where we said 1,050 Malawians were affected, new information is showing that more people are in camps, however, suffice to say that the government of Malawi is in the process of hiring 60 more buses to ferry the willing Malawians back home,” the minister explained.

Nankhumwa, however, assured all foreign owned businesses, including those from South Africa, that Malawi government will “provide normal security and protection as per its obligations.”

The Malawi Law Society (MLS) has since condemned in the “strongest terms possible” the xenophobic attacks against Malawians and other African nationals in the Rainbow Nation.

MLS has protested these attacks to the South African government through its Embassy in Malawi and has demanded that those involved be held accountable, according to a statement released on Friday.

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67 thoughts on “2 Malawians confirmed killed in xenophobic violence: Evacuation budget revised”

  1. Anold Sulani says:

    Why killing fellow Africans? even killing itself is the behaviour of animals not people

  2. Proff. Centvinnie says:

    zophana zokhazo ndiye mizimu ikuwukirani a Jacob, ndithu apatheid yayambanso ku SA, mzimu wa Nel Mande ukubwanyamulani.

  3. Chayipa says:

    Mr Innocent,ask If U Don’t Know What Is Happening.Don’t Cheat Our Fellow Malawians.Only Two Pple Comfirmed Dead.When We Comment Try To Comment Things Which Is On The Ground.

  4. philoman says:

    Sakiziwa chimene akupanga azawakathe ndi mulungu…

  5. blessings banda says:

    mr zuma and your people we must revenge?

  6. lawrence says:

    tidzakumana patengo wakachere pothera khani thawi idzakwana

  7. lawrence says:

    kwamweni kwa mweni basi amoyo abwera akufa asara

  8. Hardson says:

    Either it’s more or less deaths what we know people have been clashed there and all what we need is to rally behind the government as it continues with plans of bringing our beloved back home. Malawians, customed at opposition everytime, let’s check time please.

  9. mlauzi says:

    My thoughts and prayers go to all those who have been traumatized. May the souls of all those who have been senselessly killed rest in eternal peace.

    Whist blaming our leaders, SADC and AU for being passive, yes, indeed charity begins at home, what is the international community doing????? Will they stand aside and look as they did in Rwanda? Ban Ki Moon, where are you? We are crying for peace and justice I would suggest international sanctions to be imposed against South Africa. Economic measures may just work against the ruthless matsotsis and their brainless regime led by the shower man. We are angry and sick and tired of being treated like third class citizens of our continent.

  10. miraj says:

    Whatsapp me for the videos +27826729622

  11. miraj says:

    Ine ndili ndi video yake yembe akufuna kuona send me your Email or whatsapp me on +27826729622

  12. Aaron mwansambo says:

    There z no need to mention ve amount of moneÿ gorv aspend on ve pple attacked by xenophobia

  13. Sacks Chilli says:

    As comment number 2 (Ine) above says, after a month at home, these guys will start trekking back to South Africa. They will be told by those who have opted to stay in South Africa: “amwene xenophobia yatha – zonse zili bwino tsopano. Tazingobwelani. Muzipanga chani ku Malawi ndi umphawi onse uli kumeneko?”. They forget that this is not the first time xenophobic attacks have taken place in South Africa, it is a repeat of what took place in 2008.

  14. Davie Mapwelemwe says:

    we gt those information from the media and other social service, Our fellow malawians was killed in south Africa without due course, lets join hands to poretest against this attack

  15. J.Banda says:

    Tizayamba liti kunena zoona ife a Malawi ? Kod mukuganiza kut palibe amene akuona anthu ophedwawa? Inu a ma udinda tatiyeni tiziuza dziko zoona, Kod akupedwa ngati agalu olusa aja si anthu ?

  16. baggio says:

    Dzibwelaniko abale anthu,asiyeni dziko lawolo. mwava zomwe wanena Jacob Zuma zinja akuwadziwa anaake kut amakonda dzipolowe sangawathe akut akumagwira kumapita Ku polc koma ndizomwe zimachitika kuno zija zigawenga kuwamanga lero mawa zatuluka,same old story

  17. Tsibweni says:

    kdi ma bus onse muyuza a ku Joni?

  18. achanguti says:

    Malawi kukonda maboza or intercape bus singapange such amount to R100.000 strip mwaonjeza Minster boza ndiye poti inayo ndi yanu ya nthumba no wonder dziko langa.

  19. These lazy guyz who ran away from Mother Malawi looking 4 the so called greener pasture want to spend tax payers money.Mpaka apatsidwe pocket money?Ife tilandire mochedwa chifukwa cha iwowa,mesa iwowa amati ndi udolo kupita ku SA.Ife tinalimbikira school ndikumapanga ndalama kwathu komwe kuno.Asiyeni amangochiwo asengedwe ndi matsotsi.

  20. Komanso says:

    ………. And Mathanyula leaves the country to go o dinner in the USA while Malawians are being butchered in USA. ………really??? Talk about reforms

  21. bezai says:

    musova. Inu kumasiya nthaka yanu kuno kumathawira ku jon, ulesi bax

  22. Kachikho says:

    Anthu Ambiri aphedwa….kuotchedwa…..kuphwanyidwa mitu…mukukana chiyani

  23. Charter says:

    I think that’s worth spending! A few rich sick Malawians (especially politicians) blow up that sum from government coffers on medical treatment in the same rainbow country. Let those willing to come home be helped. Do not even mention sums of money to be spent because you never announce how much alleged thieves like the Mphwiyos drained from national resources. Nothing to politicize here!

  24. Jelbin mk says:

    Mr Innocent you are a liar the death toll as a result of xenophobia here in South Africa has not even come to 10 which includes South Africans,2 Malawians and others from other countries all in all they are 8 who have been confirmed dead from the violence. So how did you get all those 11 Malawians dead? And who or which institution was the source of information? Muzilemba zoona muma komenti anuwa osangodzuka mutulo nkumalemba zomwe unalota

  25. Jelbin Mk says:

    Mr innocent your are a liar the total death toll as a result of xenophobia here in South Africa is not even reaching ten(10)all in all from different countries including south Africans too so how did you come up with those 11

  26. Bwampini Zwelithini says:

    This should bring us all together. Let opposition, government and CSOs sit down to eradicate corruption. Start implementation of plans that can create mass jobs like infrastructure development etc. Please let us do this!

    Let our friendliness with foreign nationals be our strength. Because more and more will trek here for investment.

  27. Thomas says:

    Pls Mr President pay for transport and compasent our killed people

  28. Bobo says:

    Guys best idea is to confisticate there air bus 737 and demand the fares back to malawi they should pay all the losses of Malawians!!!!!

  29. Andy says:

    They should screen all the evacuees to ascertain if they are all Malawians. Not all of them might be Malawians and so this nation might spend more money over other nationalities. Once they are here and safe they will find their way home or simply stay here

  30. Peter Hollah says:

    May Your SoulsRest In Peace.Let South African Government pay the transport bills…..

  31. Innocent says:

    What i have is different in the ground,to be honest more than 11 people from Malawi nation are down\killed, Mr Nankhumwa should learn to say the truth,this is not POLITICS. And for you NYASA guys learn to search information on your own dont Kudalila those so called POLITITIANS

  32. edson byson says:

    This is our turn to surfer and wait for urs muzatimva kuwawa poti lero mutipha ngati agalu we shall meet in heaven RIP good fellaz

  33. National bus company and Dpp olemelelepo kkkkkkk

  34. National bus company and DPP ilemelelepo kkkkkkk

  35. The Binoculars says:

    I blame the white regime for freeing these brutes from apartheid.These Baboons are not grateful to the neighbouring countries at all.We gave them shelter,food,land,education and protection during their Liberation struggle for self rule.Some of our own relatives in Tanzania,Zambia and Angola died for these Shameless killers.

  36. The Binoculars says:

    I blame the white regime for freeing these brutes from apartheid.These Baboons are not grateful to the neighbouring countries at all.We gave them shelter,food,land,education and protection during their Liberation struggle for self rule.Some of relatives in Tanzania,Zambia and Angola died for these Shameless killers.

  37. ujeni says:

    The number 3200 is small compared to tenth and hundred thousands that are leaving Syria and Iraq. The big issue is our Government. When did it last create meaningful long term employment? About 40 years ago. why not dream big and start railway project from Lilongwe to Mzuzu.

  38. peter says:

    Nawonso azipita,atheke ma shop awo coz we have lost lives which will never be replaced anymore.

  39. Young Chirwa says:

    In my humble opinion, the perpetrators of this devilish monster are a generation
    detached from their history (past) and also religion of any kind!

  40. busy signal says:

    May thr soul rest in peace I saw this man dyin in the hands of cruel zulu pple of South africa he didn’t deserve to die like an animal the way it was he was one of my friend

  41. zoona says:

    akale anakupangirani myambi koma sumumva; kwanu kwanu mthengo munalaka njoka.

  42. Maria says:

    Rest in peace and may the wrath of God Almight be upon the killers and all those who fueled the vioĺence!!

  43. mudiwa says:


  44. Chayipa says:

    May Their Souls Rest In Peace But Shame To The Gov Of Southafrica.Know That We R All African Wth Black Skin.God Will Judge One Day.

  45. DPP cadate says:

    Like hungry lions south africans have exercised their right of being full citizens of their land, while here in Malawi mabulundi safunsidwa ngakhale ID in the name of amalawi aulemu. kufa ulere mdziko lanuwake posaka mtendere, tirire bwanji kuti malawi wankaka ndi uchi uja bwerere. misozi yakhala chakudya, chisoni,chisoni chisoni!

  46. Blessings says:

    S Africans,y killing instead of ordering them to leave peacefully.

  47. Saigon Phiri says:

    R.I.P.Only god knows you where fighting for good only.

  48. Chakuchaku says:

    S A pple working here in our country shd go 2 dere country.

  49. Azijo says:

    South Africans are so barbaric. Believe me one day these people will be on uncontrollable fire which they will need their fellow neighbours to help. One day is one day. Thats why the boers made beer and guns cheap so that when you get drunk you should be killing each. Had it not been for the boers you wouldnt have been like you are today. Stiff necked fools hopeless people and nation. You boers the only security you can do protect your houses is to construct dams around your houses because black South Africans dont know how to swim.

  50. Gladwell says:

    pliz provide jobs for them or i would rather die here.

  51. opportunist says:

    RIP country men .The south Africa pple r pple with supper human body that is why they don’t care when it comes to killing

  52. kaphirintiwa says:

    evil bastards. we should never have wasted our time freeing you from apartheid. you should have stayed caged by the white man like the animals you are. mac#+%de anu nonse agalu

  53. Peter Nkosi says:

    Re the last paragraph: The RSA embassy should suggest to MLS that those here in Malawi who shot scores of people in the riots a few years ago should also be held accountable.

  54. Muyande says:

    RIP young men from Mangochi!

  55. kabila boza kabuka says:

    So South Africans can be this selfish. Shame on you. May be the white man was ‘right’.

  56. Munthu - The Citizen says:

    These people the govt is spending a lot of money on will soon be going back to South Africa.

  57. zoona says:

    Trust me, not to b naive, but we should expect crime in Malawi to take a new level. Our government shoud expect to spend more on crime combat as the story doesnt just end at bringing the natives home.

  58. Mr A Nanchidwe says:

    If our government had capable people, they would have realised this is the time to open up investiments in labour intentesive projects such as railways, sugar can plantations for ethanol, housing constructions, etc but we have in plance idiots who only want to rule and steal money. Dam all our rivers I say, and let people start irrigation and small scale electricity productions to improve their lot.

  59. Fred says:

    Just fell sorry that our poor gorverment is spending such huge amount of money for Us am one of them but am not involved

  60. anthony says:

    Most of us we are in sa are people who have no proper education please introduce open chance to university rather than getting limited number of students hence after our MSCE we left the country

  61. Kokotowa says:

    Pepani achawa! Bweraniko tidzidzadya futali.

  62. chosatheka says:

    Let us face the challanges together while our brothers and sisters are back in the country. The government should be commended for the effort in bringing back our people. What happens after they arrive, that is another chapter.

  63. Ine says:

    Block emigration at the boarder also. These same people who are costing us our tax money will within days treck back to RSA.

  64. Madududu says:

    I hope we a set of strategies in place that will enable these people to earn a living once they are into the country. Otherwise, there will be so many challenges emanating from all this.

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