Local media give blackout to Nyondo: Malawi presidential aspirant

Local media in Malawi gave blackout to National Salvation Front (Nasaf) president James Nyondo after he held his first rally in Mzuzu on Sunday last week.

Some officials from the party expressed concern that no news coverage of the rally was done in the local media.

A NASAF official said the blackout challenged the party to build a good public relations team.

“We need to do soul-searching. We need to build a vibrant public relations team that we can depend on all the time. And we should not disappoint that team for positive results,” the other official said.

Nyondo: To run for presidency on NASAF party ticket

Nyondo: To run for presidency on NASAF party ticket

The official argued that there are some small parties which receive massive publicity over small functions due to well established relations with the media.

One journalist working for a newspaper said he did a story on the rally but that his bosses trashed it.

Another reporter from a radio station echoed the other journalist’s comment and added that it appears some journalists in the country do not take Nyondo seriously.

During the function Nyondo blamed the People’s Party-led government for failing to manage the country’s economy, claiming many of its officials are living like New York senators in the US when the country cannot afford their obscene opulence.

Nyondo said Malawi has become famous as a nation that frustrates its own people.

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10 thoughts on “Local media give blackout to Nyondo: Malawi presidential aspirant

  1. 10
    kamangira says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkk hhahahahahahhhahahahahahawhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy malawiii whyyyyyyyyyyy

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  2. 9
    B.joshua says:

    Anyondonso akufuna upulezidenti dziko lake lomweli?koma ndiye malawi wakhweka,bwanji ngati muli ndi ndalama osangotsekula orphanage bwanji?olo u mp mungaununkhe inu?zoopsya kwabasi tiona zosaona zaka zino.

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  3. 8
    Make tiwiri says:

    Kodi mumakhala kuti abale kuoneka nthawi ya ma voti? mwayambako avhina mpoto kusokoneza. ndale basi, za zii!!!!!!!!! ngati muli ndi ndalama osatukula zitukuko kwanuko? ka mpoto kan’gonong’ono koma oro kutuka oro!! tengani ndalama muchite manage chikangawa, paladin, kanyika, mchenga…. th list goes on!! Talk of planning your city, ikani timiseu ku tima location tanuto!!!!!! pleaseeeee manage your north first before we start trusting you!!!!!!!

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  4. 7
    .. says:

    A Big mwasowa chonena. Mwaiona online votingyi mmene Petulo akutibulira? Kani Abiti akanakhala number 2. Mpaka kuberekedwa ndi mfana Atu?

    People want dev (it’s only DPP which is the engine) not paediatric politics kuchitikayi!

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  5. 6
    chaletsi gambatula says:

    Names and riches matters in Malawi than the real policies of somebody.As longer as your father or your brother is/was a politician and have looted wealth for campaigning you have better chances to convince malawians whom most of them are illiterate people.No wonder politicians keeps using these unsuspecting people.Very dull type of politics practised in Malawi.

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  6. 5
    Brown Crossroads says:

    Kodi Nyondoyo maso tudzu choncho samaona kuti ku Malawi kuti a nyuzi akulembe umayenera kunyema?

    Amakulemba mwaulere pokhapokha ngati ukuyankhula zopepera.

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  7. 4
    Debi says:

    Nyondo just reach out to some educated folks especially in the North where we come from where majority can see beyond their noses! Voting in our country is never done on facts or merit that is why they believe it only two tribes in the whole country that must take turns ruining not ruling the country and you can’t change the way those people thinks it’s telling your two arms that left today u must be to the right and v versa! Some of us we dig u big time Nyondo. You don’t have to win the next year elections to be a better man cos the whole bunch of voters and too blind to see.

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  8. 3
    Mpumuntha Viskuli says:

    Ma journalist ku malawi kukonda kufupidwa asanalembe nkhani…thats why they concentrate on these killers who have ndalama za masiye instead of democratic parties.We cant develop like this.

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  9. 2
    Big says:

    Paja amalawi kukonda Ana auje,munabeleredwa eeee stil more you wanna continue supporting people cz they’re related wit the aujeni or ndimwana wa aujeni,these families hv failed us big time amangwetu tadzukani
    Ooops I just wait my time cz amalawi akadari mturo,and mavotavota anuwo simunati muphwisa nawo chikazi mavuto lol

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  10. 1

    Handbag parties Eeeesh

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3