216 self-repatriated Malawi nationals back from South Africa

About 216 self-repatriated Malawians two of them women from Lindera deportee’s camp in South Africa arrived in Malawi at Mwanza border Friday morning.

Self-repatriated Malawians from South Africa

Self-repatriated Malawians from South Africa

South African returnees

South African returnees

Spokesperson for immigration department at Mwanza border Pasquale Zulu says there returns came by three South African registered buses hired by themselves, relatives and well-wishers.

Zulu says earlier communication was that “we were supposed to receive 353 Malawians in five buses but with this new development we are yet to found out where the remaining buses with people on board are.”

In related development seven Malawians nationals were also deported from Zimbabwe last night on various Immigration offences.

“There were later released upon been verified to be Malawi nationals and were also cautioned on the need to follow the right procedure when crossing borders”.

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15 thoughts on “216 self-repatriated Malawi nationals back from South Africa”

  1. devilsadvocate says:

    I once stayed there. Was locked up for six hours. My offense was crossing the free way on foot. Life is cool at home welcome. I hope most of you have survived the harsh realities of Ku Jon. With the experience you gained do something to transform your situation. Once again welcome

  2. Tafa says:

    Well,well,well,Hungry malawians welcome back home..lets enjoy the festive season together..

  3. H.CHITUVI says:

    Tikulandilan Abale athu mabvuto ndi omwe aja mwawapezanso ife tidalimba mtima angatitani

  4. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Wat mathanyula should know is malawi is for the pipo who live in it its not for the weaked pipo like himself from america fuck your anus pita

  5. gober says:

    I am also one of those who think the malawi government is not serious in protecting its citizens in diaspora. Governments all over the world take strong stand in ensuring that its citizens are protected wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Thats the reason we take our taxes to fund the embasies. If the embasies continue to show meaningful relevance,its better to close them and channel the resources to funding hospitals in the country.

  6. No Laughing Matter says:

    Malawi authorities don’t care about their citizens

  7. Owen says:

    Those who are happy and proud of malawi today are they chashigaters or your been sent ku malawi kuli mabvuto adzaoneni mulungu akuti langa kuiwala nsanga a malawi

  8. man says:

    Usilu umenewo, azipanga hire ma bus okha kumene. Ife timapeleka mitsonkho kuti boma lipatse anthu ake ife zofunika monga za ku chipatala OSATI KUMAKATENGERA ANTHU A ULESI KU JONI, bulsheet!m’malo moti azilima kuno akuzemba kupita ku JONI opanda ziphaso, nkhuku zimeni koma, akazigwira ndiye kuyamba Kweeeeeee, kweeeeee, kwiyoooooo, kwiyooooo! Mxiiiiii! Fotseki, makuponi tikupatsani osagulitsa koma kuti ndalama zake muzipitiranso ku Joni, anthu opusa!

  9. Alfred Chimenya says:

    As we experience hardship in Malawi we can’t afford all of us to stay there the only painful thing is staying at Lindera for such long time its very bad Ipray for you my fellow malawian that God may give you another chance that you might come again let us make money in Rands here stay blessed.

  10. California King says:

    Lifetime nowadays is hard

  11. jixy says:

    kkkkk y not prentty of burundians here? Amalawi tizachangamuka liti????

  12. Moya says:

    At last. These are a fellow Malawians. Yes they cross the border in contravention of other countries laws. But keeping them in detention for more some 4 to 6 months is unacceptable. Lindera has very difficult conditions you can imagine in this part of South Africa. Overcrowding, poor sanitation just a few. You can imagine being caught in July and you never washed, shaved or got any clothes to change. Am happy that my brothers and sisters are home but not happy that Malawi government does not take a stand on its citizens. The government must not forget that whether they cross illegally into SA, they bring something home which, however minimal impacts on the GDP. And what do you do with something that improves GDP? you safeguard.

    Finally, while the reporter scratched the surface ion the return of these brethren, I find it lacking journalism as the suffering these people endured is never mentioned.

    Well, once again, welcome brothers and sisters. Next time, as has happened this time, let embassy arrange buses immediately with the caught migrants paying the fares. We cannot afford four or more months of idleness of these young people. The embassy must stop sleeping.

  13. Lovemore Mkhala says:

    Mukakozekaso muti wuza malawi ndiyowawa sumungalimbe mzatipeza kuno kuno ku Theba

  14. Rodriguas says:

    Even Zimbabwe? Haaah!

  15. Guantanamo says:

    Good news. Tidye xmas limodzi. Apaseni minda ndi ma kuponi a mbeu. Mvula yangoyamba kumene

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