3 arrested for contravening Admarc’s decree: ‘Buy 10kg of maize only’

Three people of Luchenza in Thyolo district will be standing before a court soon for contravening a decree set by government that the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) should sell a rationalized maximum of ten kilograms of maize per person in the wake of food shortages feared to hit the country this year.

Queing for maize at Admarc depot

Queing for maize at Admarc depot

Thyolo police spokesperson Edith Kachotsa confirmed the arrest of Charles Makondetsa (43), Kelvin Kambuwe (42) and Charles Makawa (42).

The three, according to Kachotsa, were arrested for “buying 20 kilograms each instead of the set 10 kilograms.”

Kachotsa said the arrests were made after other buyers, who were unhappy with the development, tipped the police.

She said the three were expected to appear before a court of law soon to “answer charges of conduct likely to cause the breach of peace.”

The three hail from the area of Traditional Authority Nasenda in Thyolo district.

Malawi suffered devastating floods the last season which left hectares of farm land with crops obliterated. As one way of helping the citizenry, government has stocked Admarc with maize which is being sold in rations.

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46 thoughts on “3 arrested for contravening Admarc’s decree: ‘Buy 10kg of maize only’”

  1. Guy says:

    I don’t understand how buying 10kg will help solve or avoid the coming food shortage because of the floods? I would have liked to read more so I can understand more. also it says the government decreed. is there a difference between decree and law. Does it also apply to the Malawi elite, can they also only buy 10kg? perhaps some more circumspect will allow for perhaps a better system to deal with the food shortage?

  2. bwanankubwa says:

    arrest the gays resbians not the food fetchers

  3. masa masina says:

    Have we better things to than arresting people for buying 20kg of maize. Be serious.

  4. mike says:

    u guys uhave time to play why cnt u arrest those who sell not the person who is buying that is nonses

  5. chatonda says:

    This is madness, There is no case here. Which law have the three contravened? Let anyone who knows the three to come to me and represent them in court. Admarc will pay them heavily for the silly arrests or the police whatever.

  6. Wokwiya says:

    what a sad story to read! Zoona as a country we are failing to feed ourselves? This is why we are rated the poorest in the world. All we’re good at is tribalism, hatred, njala, nthenda ndi nsanje. We vote on tribal lines instead of voting for people with clean records, goodwill and know how to take the country forward. Look now, this is happening in Luncheza, the epicenter of Mulhakho. Mumavotera Mr. Ibu thinking he will share his stolen K92 billion with you and your malnourished children. You see now we are suffering together while the country stagnates and is a laughing stock of the world

  7. Zuze says:

    Paying for voting APM in government! 10kgs adya anthu angati masiku angati. It means ever other day someone must be going to ADMARC. Shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  8. Cashgate1 says:

    So government is lying that there is enough maize. Why ration the selling of maize if we have a lot? This DDP govt has a lot of madeya in it and they are contributing to retarded growth for our development. What will one do with 10 Kgs of maize? Most of our Malawian families are 5-7 people on average. What does 10 Kgs mean? God Bless Malawi.

  9. yakumbuyo says:

    OC and you vehicle load alot of bags of maize. Have ever arrested them.All police men buy more than / and 50kg each.Mwayamba KUTENGA ANTHU NGATI ZOWETA ETI? swine zanu.Stupid police dog

  10. Iyi ndiye misala iyi pamenepa mulandu uli pati?

  11. musisipala says:

    This is not an issue for the police. Look at the corruption by traffic police. admit that the govt has failed.

  12. Tengupenya says:

    10 kg for a family of ten will not last three months. Is there not enough maize…? Why nick only the buyers and not the seller(s) too?

  13. Mawa says:

    We should deal with the situation of food shortage instead of focusing on such cases. Poverty its all poverty we need to deal with. How can 10kg worth maize service our large families? These three men fell into temptation and may be after bribing the officials. Again from their hard earned cash to some well paid admarc officials. People are in dire state. People need bail out. People need food.

  14. Chaz says:

    Very unfair!
    Who is suposed to b arrestd betwn admarc clerk who went against his company’s rule OR the hungry stricken buyer who otherwise required to buy a bagful?
    Why does admarc/govt shield their corrupt staff in their depots?
    Its no secret that admarc staff at all levels r corrupt nxt to police!
    God will surely judge u fo penalising innocent souls!

  15. Bongwe says:

    Mutu ngati nyamata wogulitsa maungu

  16. HEHE YAAA says:


  17. Chamba cheni chenitu ichi?

  18. psatapsata says:

    osamakonda zakuba. kod simutha kulima?

  19. jedida says:

    ODADANDA, boma ndiye limenelo ubwino wake amanga akwao

  20. Wabwino Kamanga says:

    Imagine, look at other families they accommodates about10 people and can they be enough with so called 10kgs of maize. Please release them be merciful ndikwanjala kunja kuno.

  21. Elson Kamuyanga Mabowa says:

    Chilungamo chimafunika chidzioka kwa munthu omvutika amene alibe pogwira. Koma mavenda akumagula matumba ndikumakagulitsa. Chilungamo chisamaonekera kwa osauka. Kuti tionetsetse maina a anthu amenewa sanamvekepo ndikale lonse, koma chifukwa choti mufuna muoneke ngati mukutsata chilungamo. Akukukanikani amene asaukitsa dziko lino kuti mubwere nawo poyera. Mwasowa potchukira , mukayambireso. Mwangozuza miyoyo yosalakwa.

  22. Chingolopiyo says:

    Mwati mlandu wake ndiwoti chani? Ndiye ndalama anagulira extra 10kg ADMARC ibweze times 3 kenako muwaimbe mlandu. Ndimaona ngati kuti amaba. A Police athu, kagwireni anthu a ku Ministry of Health osati munthu wogula yekha chimanga kuti akadye

  23. [email protected] says:

    The story is lacking information so that we understand it better. Where is the one who sold them? Worse still the already starving families, mwangowaonjezera mavuto because the little that they expected that their bread winners will bring home on that day, did not come since it has to be used as the exhibit at the court. Unfortunately, those cashgaters who messed the economy for us to be in this mess, are out there as free beings. Ife tikulimbana ndi anthu awa, innocent souls, kaya waku Thyolo kaya kuti, but are human being who do not deserve this sort of punishment. Moreover, reports were heard that we should not be under panic as the country has enough maize. Teach me then, if this story in Thyolo is an indicator of a country that is having enough maize. Tikupita kuti Malawi?

  24. English Guru says:

    Did the three people buy the maize beyond the recommended ration at gunpoint? If not, then what happened to the person who sold it to them? As far as I am concerned, the recommended 10kg is not enough to sustain even a one person family, therefore given a chance, people will do anything to buy more than 10kgs. Other than that, the story lacks detail and clarity.

  25. Gadabwali says:

    Mesa advert yawo pa MBC TV akumaonetsa a maximum of 20 kg per person per day? Ndiye anthuwa alakwitsa chiyani? If that is the case advert’yo ayichotse.

  26. English Guru says:

    Did they buy the 20kgs each at gunpoint so as to warrant arrest? If not, then what happens to the one who sold it to them? The story lacks detail and clarity. The way I see it is that 10kgs is just not enough for even a family of one, and as such as a buyer, given a chance to buy more than the 10kg, one would jump and take it.

  27. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    palibe mlandu apa apolisi asowa zochita

  28. Kenkkk says:

    What about the admarc official who sold these greedy cheats the maize overage? What is to be done to him?

  29. mabulala boyz says:

    Kusowa zomangana eti?

  30. komkobb says:

    Alomwe kunjatana tiyenazoni

  31. komkobb says:

    Dzimanganani ndinu a Lomwe okhaokha

  32. Kunta says:

    Thats funny

  33. opportunist says:

    But if these bought this item for consumption i don’t see any problem

  34. MULOPWANA says:

    Nosense! why arresting these innocent hungry men just becoz they are buying something for life and not stealing??? i mean why? BE SERIOUS GUYS, 4 how wrong can a family of 5 feed on 10kgs of maize? pliz ATULUTSENI

  35. Patrick Fred says:

    10kg z too little

  36. lackison says:

    Apa zakuvutani kumanga anthu oti agula osati aba

  37. mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa says:

    mwasowa ntchito a police,imeneyi ndi nkhani yamangira munthu, wogulitsayo bwanji sanaawaunikire kuti mukufunika kugula 10kg osati 20kg
    iyenso anangolandira ndalama ya 20kg yo. mmmh aprezident atulutseni anthu anjalawo chooooondee. palibepo nkhani pamenepo nchifukwa cha zavuta kuwa charger.

  38. Awatulutse anthuwo nd osalakwa

  39. juli mchape says:

    Sizabwino 10kg angadwe masiku angati

  40. DR.CASHGATE says:

    Osagwira ogulitsayo bwanji? Nanga anthu anapha wa polisi mnzanu uja munawagwira ?

  41. Aaaaaaaa! Apolosi asowa ntchito ndithu
    athuwa chamangacho mukuti agula osati aba olakwa ndiogulitsayo.
    Kodi 10kg nyumba ya anthu 8 angadye masiku angati,nonsense

  42. Angoni apaphata says:

    Did i not hear the other day that we have a lot of maize to the point that we want to export some. So why can’t we buy enough to eat. 10kg kudya kangati?

  43. Janta Manta says:

    Shame,shame!!ungadye masiku angati 10kg,mukumasula amathanyula nkumanga wanjala shame!shame!

  44. the watchman says:

    us crime in this country distributed by region or something? i wish chanco could do a study on this….

  45. dumerang says:

    Hahahaha are you sure ???? manyazi bwaaa

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