3 people kill uncle over witchcraft accusation: Malawi Police make arrests

Malawi Police in Ntcheu district have arrested three people for allegedly killing their 65-year-old uncle Hudson Banga in suspicion that he killed their 27-year-old brother Lingson Billy through witchcraft.

Witcfract killings: Neno mourns the victims of jungle justice

Witcfract killings: Neno mourns the victims of jungle justice

Lingson, according to police, was killed by a lightening on Wednesday 17th February, 2016 and rumours went viral that his uncle Hudson Banga was behind the death.

Ntcheu police Public Relations Officer, Gift Matewere told Nyasa Times that Banga was stoned to death by the accused.

“Two sisters and a young brother to the deceased did not take those rumours lightly. They went to their uncle and confronted him but later chaos erupted where the uncle was stoned and hit by different objects to death,” explained Matewere.

Matewere said the three Esnart 24, Rose 22 years old and Mac Yon Billy, 14, surrendered themselves to Tsangano police unit where a docket of murder was opened.

The suspects hail from Kamuyanga village, T/A Mpando in the district.

Meanwhile as police, we are urging the general public to desist from taking the law into their own hands and learn to refer their grievances to relevant authorities.

In January an angry mob in Neno district gruesomely killed four elderly people suspected of practicing witchcraft following the mysterious death of a teenage girl.

According to police a lightning struck to death a 17 year –old girl identified as Flora Kanjete, making some villagers to believe that witchcraft was at play.

The irate villagers then descend on 86 year old Eliza Kanjete, Elenefa Kanjete aged 76, Byson Kanjete aged 76 and 69 year-old Julius Kanjete.

About 10 people were arrested in relation to the incident.

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Christopher Blackwell

People who accuse others of witchcraft are simple murders and this is often done for selfish reasons. You cannot allow peope make these false accusations and then to murder peopleas murder itself is evil regardless of the excuse. Anyone teaching that bad luck is cause by magic is a superticious fool, and should be treated as a fool. But ifthey act on their belief they should be arrested and tried for the crimes that they have committed without question.

The Real Analyst
The so called Analyst, today you have goofed big time. The fact that Western societies have the word witchcraft in their dictionaries is no proof that witchcraft exists! In fact, the truth is that civilised countries used to believe in such things in Stone Age era but now have discovered it’s all nonsensical and pure hallucination. This is why they no longer believe in such stuff. In other words, people who believe in witchcraft are just like primitive humans from the Stone Age era. Come on, why don’t the witches prove themselves by doing just one witchy act against people… Read more »
ufiti ulipo

which law did they take into their own hands? what a contradiction i thought u say there z no witch craft? Thindwa,Mfiti yaikulu uphetsa anthu osalakwa. zoona nzoti ufiti ulipo regardless of what thindwa & our govts will say for their selfish reasons open up so that justice should prevail without that this z what we should expect from the aggrieved. Agalu nonse omwe mumati ufiti kulibe bwelani kuno mudzamve ana omwe anachita confess atatopa ndi kutamba unfortunately anaphunzitsidwa ndi munthu oti si mbale wawo ndiye mfiti inu nkumati ufiti kulibe?

son of man

I’m not saying that the man who got killed is indeed a witch but my message to who ever practices witch craft is simple the witch has no right to live these people have to be killed in which ever. we have poverty to worry about and these witches want to make us worry about them also? No we are going to slaughter the witches

Afiya Gama

This is nosensense mukamati ufiti kulibe inu mukakhala mfiti musapondeleze ufulu wa ena

The Analyst
O………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………O . . . Thindwa parades himself as a civilised and modern man who believes only in what can be proven by science forgeting that science has limits. Sadly, because of his belief, Thindwa dismisses not just the existence of witchcraft but also of God. Paradoxically, the government, (while borrowing a leaf from Thindwa); only accepts to not recognise the existence of witchcraft but refuses to not acknoledge the existence of God. Confused people! . . . Furthermore, while the govt dismisses witchcraft and wizardl claims; govet officials are 5-star witches and wizards or frequenters to witchdoctors’ places (for protection… Read more »

When people so young believe in witchcraft we can see how primitive Malawi really is. There is clearly something lacking in Malawi’s education system when it has failed to root out belief in witchcraft. This is the 21st century for goodness sake. If someone is unlucky enough to be struck down by lightening, then there is no need to be looking for some other cause of death. It is high time serious efforts were made to rid the country of such primitive beliefs as witchcraft. Incidents like this shame Malawi.

2016 welcome

@1, do you know that there is a section of people who suspect you yoursrlf practices witchcraft? But do you? Sounds too medieval! Stop this primitive thinking. In the civilized world they used to believe this crap but they realized it’s false and out of hallucinations. Third world countries create worst societies.

Zondi Banda

Mr George Thindwa mutu wawo sumayenda bwino! I think anapenga misala koma samadziwa. Akut secular humanism zauchitsiru! Ndiye nkumat Mulungu kulibe and ufit nawo kulibe? This is nonsense!! SHUPITII! Mfit ziphedwe bas!


This is the result of Mr. George Thindwa, people they know that there is witchraft worldwide. In Malawi or Africa long ago aSing’anga were like middle men to solve such problems without killing one another, so blind officials the agree to remove traditional healers now people they kill suspects practicing witchraft they would not have done that if the healers were give chance to do their work without being afraid of Mr. Thindwa .

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