5 Malawi Police officers jailed 14 years… they robbed rest house guest of K450,000

The First Grade Magistrate Court in Chitipa has convicted and sentenced five police officers to 14 years imprisonment after being found guilty of robbing a guest who lodged at a rest house in the district of money amounting to K450, 000 .

The convicts are No A9845 Sub/Inspector Patrick Nyirenda , No A8336 Sub/Inspector Solemn Chunga formally PRO for the station , No A9088 sergeant Siza Hara , No A8026   Sergeant Khaza Kaludzu and No B2258 constable Mphatso Zinjani all from Chitipa police station.

The jam packed court sitting on Thursday before First Grade Magistrate Julius Kalambo heard that between the night of 22 and 23 March this year the 5 convicts broke into the rest house and hit the victim [ Meston Chiona 30 years of Mwandenga village in the area of Traditional Authority Mwakawoko in Karonga District ] on the head with a metal bar before robbing him .

According to court records the five pleaded not guilty to the charge of Aggravated robbery which infringes section 301[2] of the penal code leaving the state with no option other than parading 8 witnesses who testified against them bringing a total of 20 witnesses including those of the defense.

However, the presiding Magistrate, after critically analyzing the facts before him, said prosecution had successfully proved their case beyond reasonable doubt.

Senior Superintendent Christopher Katani prosecuting pleaded with the court to mete out a stiffer sentence on basis that, the convicts despite being the first offenders but they committed one of the serious offences in Malawi.

He further told the court that the government through the Inspector General of Police has been lamenting with the acts of police officers who commit criminal offences .

The prosecutor,said that it is sad to note that the people who were supposed to protect life and people’s property have become threat to the society by robbing them their money.

In mitigation they five asked the court to exercise leniency with them adding that locking them away would render their families and dependants to languish in absence of the breadwinners and that they have automatically lost their job.

The presiding Magistrate, in his ruling concurred with the state that the offence committed is a felony which attracts a capital punishment [Death/Life imprisonment]. He said that the law exempts first offenders from custodial sentence but there are some exceptional circumstances that the court can take into consideration like in the case that the offence was committed in a company, the money stolen was not recovered and that the victim was injured with a metal bar and was lack that he survived.

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42 thoughts on “5 Malawi Police officers jailed 14 years… they robbed rest house guest of K450,000”

  1. MELINDA says:

    Mbuzi zaku ma M.C.D.E zilibe ndi MSCE, ,DIPLOMA,DEGREE,nde mumati zizitani?maybe this time around kuli ATUPELE MULUZI,mulemba anthu ntchito potengera maphunziro.

  2. Davie Mapwelemwe says:

    a Police ambili amagwila ntchito yabwino koma ochepa mwaiwo ndi omwe akuwononga mbiri ya police Malawi muno choncho awa omwe apezeka olakwawa alandile chilanga choyenela nsinkhu wawo

  3. Mtonga wa pa phata says:

    Tazunzika ife ndi akuba all these years not knowing they are mbava za a police kutengela mphamvu kuti ndi asilikali. Mxi

    Ku Limbe PMF aliponso amene akubera anthu mu dzina la police komanso ku limbe police station kuli langson mumufufuze. amawopsyeza anthu mwa kachere mu ngati zenizeni. Ali mmadzi.

    Koma 14 years zachepa ikanakhala 20 i would have been happyier. Komabe well done a court. Akuti mabanja awo avutika, nanga amene amubera nkummenyayo?

  4. amakhosi mukulugenzi says:

    Very sad news

  5. akilen says:

    He!he!he!!!!ulu!!!mwazichita bwino mbava zimenezi,this will set a clear message to their colleguese.

  6. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    It is wrong these guys need to be punished but the sentence is harsh since its driven by their superiors! They are first offenders and its applicable to everyone regardless he/she is a policeman/policewoman. However, what were the grounds for them to engage in this malpractices? Very pathetic salaries from their paymasters. Address the problem from the root instead of only punishing struggling souls. Judges need to discharge their duties independent of any influence!

  7. Congrats to mr Julious Kalambo you indeed fulfiling what God send you,that was one of the critical case since had many eye witnesses with different views but you manage,thanks for your profecianal.

  8. Democrat says:

    Very harsh punishment if you compare with cashgate case punishments. Any way, because they assaulted some one as well. How do magistrates arrive at sentences ? Subjectively ?

  9. mlomwe2 says:

    dziko lapansi eeee ndiloopsa sungalimvese

  10. Daniel Phiri says:

    I must commend the magistrate and police prosecutors in Chitipa for making sure their fellow officers are convicted for the crime. Here in the South, a police akhala akutibela koma sakumangidwa. Crime is rife in the South now because of the corrupt Mulhakho police. Government itself is sending wrong signals. Mulli has failed to pay back a loan of K5 billion and nothing has happened to him. Why can’t government seize his assets and sell his companies to recover the cash? Instead Givernment has decided to forgive him the loan. Amakala anthu wamba the Banks ask for collateral before giving out a loan. But not for these mulhakho thieves. With this type of state sanctioned robbery will crime ever end in Malawi? I putty the police officers for going to Jain for peanuts.

  11. Anyodo says:

    A wish is a wish and most of the tym never come true, letting go criminals and putting in jail innocent pple sha mulungu akuona chilungamo chizaziwika tsiku lina

  12. Kulibe kantu says:

    Thank you magistrate and prosecutors for your good work. You guys can work in South Africa where the judges are no nonsense. They give 20, 30 even 1000 years sentence

  13. zphiri says:

    koma bwanji chilingamo chimafulumira kwa anthu opanda ndalama? anthu azipani, akuluakulu a boma aba ma BILLION a ndalama zanthu ndi ma doners koma akungocheza ku makhoti ndi ma lawyer. CHILUNGAMO MUDZIKO MUNO MULIBE BASI!!

  14. Concerned citizen says:

    Bottom line is that civil servants are not being remunerated adequately. This is why it is nonsense to talk of a presidential jet. Grow the economy so that we do not rely on donors, then you can make such decisions. As soon as we start producing aluminium and petroleum within our boarder, then we will be able to flex our muscles. It seems you are surrounded by advisors who have no clue.

  15. Nde zakumalawi says:

    K450 000 anthu 5 nkuwapatsa 14 yrz. Zoona zimenezo. Cashgate anthu anaba ma billion nkupatsidza 6 yrz. I wasnt suppozed 2 compare komabe, zanyanya.

  16. Zingalume says:

    Congrants FGM for Chitipa. Ena amalowa upolisi ndi cholinga choti akhale ndi access to mfuti yoti akabele nayo. Trainng yamtundu wanji ya six weeks. Why not prolong the training period to not less than two years so as to deter those that think that if they join poiice, they will just be on training for six weeks and then have access to rifles which they can use for sinister moves.

  17. Chimani. Game says:


  18. Jimmy juga says:

    Gud news kalambo i wish all cashgate cases were tied in chitipa, pple would have no appertite t steal govt money.

  19. Vaanwyk ku Mzuzu says:

    mwandikumbusa nthawi ya angwazi. There was no patience for nonsence! Majestrite kalambo ndimamziwa alibe masewela. Bravo again to prosecutors for not siding with their fellow police officers. ndagha fidyo wapinyiwa abakwiba aba.

  20. Inu mukunenena kuti malalipiro awo akuchepa ndunu mbuzi,6 weeks training ndiye aziwapasa 100000 .chinaso simunabeledwepo

  21. mtoloboy says:

    Police are supposed to be examplary 14 yrs zachepa….kkkkkkkj

  22. MCP Yeniyeni says:

    Asiso, o julius takaweluzako o lutepo ndo kasambala, ozanu owombera munthu owamasula kuti olibe mlandu, inu 12 years opanda nkachitdulo, ndinu onkhaza dala

  23. dzengelengo says:

    Mukawa sova mundi uze ndi Atumize ku boko-haram akaphelethu.

  24. mwanangu says:

    If a police officer is caught in such malpractice he should automatically be killed because they put lives of innocent citizens in danger.kill them please.

  25. hen ban says:

    Shame to de police officers who know no law,who insteady of protect, are victims of law breakers.give tough penalty 4 there mates to get a lesson

  26. Malipeya says:


  27. Douglas says:

    Amenewo alangidwe basi, how stupid they are? ndi amene amabweretsa moyo wa chifwamba mziko lino,koma tikaganiziranso zosezi zimachitika kaamba kosalipiridwa malipiro okwana thus why amalawi nkhani za usiru ngati izi sizitha.

  28. George Lihoma says:

    Thumbs up for First Grade Magistrate Julius Kalambo. Mwina makhobha aziopa. Hahahahahaha!

  29. Thyolo Thava says:

    14 yrs thats too much…K450,000. basi. Senzani woba K69m 3yrs imprisonment …Ndovi wa cashgate K40m mwammanga 8 yrs. …….I wish all cashgate cases were tried in Chitipa. Kukanatuluka ma death sentence by firing squard

    1. ruth warren says:

      atumbuka tsopano chilichose choipa ndi inu kunyera mu nseu, kusetera anthu mmutu, kuba kkkkkkkkkkkkk amafunika kudulidwa mbolo atumbuka amenewo

  30. Izi ndiye zofunika. Apolisi ambiri ndi akuba. Amanamizira kuchepa kwa malipiro. Nanga a cash gate mukuwalekeranji. Pliz awonetseni mbwadza amenewa.

  31. Hardson says:

    Stupid!!!! This is trash.

  32. dreda says:

    The dough was worth the robbery.police is just lyk any other guy

  33. chejali says:

    14 mwachepetsa ikhale 20 kuti ena asapangeso kkkkk ngakhale 14 sizocheza ndikubwela komko yemwe ali ndi mkazi okongola ndizasoka mtima uli pheeee

  34. Stupid officers go & rot in jail

  35. Blessings says:

    A Police amalandira ndalama zochepa aganizireni izi zichepe


    Atumbuka ku mpoto mwatani paja mumadzicha kuti ndinu ozindikira nanga wa polisi weni-weni kumabanso? Lekani kunyoza anthu a ku m’mwera zitsirunu, mbava, vindere vakufikapo.

  37. Jenifa says:

    Just wondering why they were not charged with attempted murder also.

  38. Dr. butros-butros gurlie says:

    Ngati ukuyaka wauwisi kuli bwanji ouma?

  39. mwanapeter says:

    Guys tiyeni tidziyamikira zinazi. 14 years simaseweratu, enanu zazakuezani ndi moyo. komabe lets this be example, anthu amenewa kuba bribe too much. Ine kumadabwa kuti apolice apano akumakhala onenepa osaziwa kuti mukuba eti. pliz pliz amenewa ajaila heve arrest them. inu kafikeni bwino n die there.

  40. Tengupenya says:

    Garu akachita chiwewe timapha (when a guard dog gets rabies, it is put down). Police officers and men who join the other side of the fence between criminal delinquency and regular social behaviour and actually commit felonies must get the maximum sentence if and when successfully convicted. In this case, the minimum could have been 20 years custodial sentence for each! All the same well done Mr. prosecutor! It is not easy to prosecute erstwhile work colleagues.

  41. chigongota says:

    guys police offcers r stupid,dealers,n human traffck,n aiding agents and lastly r robbers punish thm n 14 yrs yachepa.last week padali nkhani yoti driver amene amayendetsa NOA yomwe idanyamula ma refgz u cnt believe tht the driver adatulutsidwa n anamuwuza apeleke ndalama athawe u cn go ku police cell ina ili yonse mmalawi muno simumupeza driver ameneyu

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