600, 000 children out of school in Malawi: Minister concedes education standards down

At least 600000 school going children are out of classes in Malawi but government can’t pass a law to make education mandatory because of appalling conditions in public schools.

Dr.-Emmanuel Fabiano: Educsation standards have gone down in Malawi

Dr.-Emmanuel Fabiano: Educsation standards have gone down in Malawi

Education activist Benedict Kondowe noted that most public schools are still not conducive for learning as they lack basic things like infrastructure.

“In addition, 40 percent of the workforce is not there,” said Kondowe, adding in some cases there is a teacher pupil ratio of one to 250 instead of one to 70.

Although the ministry of education is one of the major recipients of the national budget, most schools have inadequate infrastructure forcing some pupils learn under trees or in grass structures without even chairs.

Minister of education Emmanuel Fabiano conceded education standards, especially in primary schools, have completely gone down but urged parents to continue sending their children to school to mould them into useful citizens.

President Peter Mutharika said he walked almost a distance of 30km to attend school and one day he was nearly mauled by a leopard but he persevered and got the highest education becoming a university professor and now Head of State.

He promised his government would improve the dwindling education standards but fell short of saying how his administration would get the 600 000 out of school children back to classes.

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9 thoughts on “600, 000 children out of school in Malawi: Minister concedes education standards down”

  1. pure activist says:

    aaaaa za mkutu basi…………..

  2. petulo dzimphuno ngati mauna a mbewa says:

    subsidy ya malata ndi cement za ziii koma nkumapanga anthu nkhaza za school. kupereka subsidy ya malata zither pompo mukapanga subsidise education people will get out of the poverty trap mbuzi za dpp ndi udf no clue whatsoever on how to run government. Boma lokubatu ndi choncho kusowa nalo chochita. nkhanitu gwelo lake ndilakuti dpp ndi udf ndi mbavaaa baad. kutereku kukanika kuyendetsa masukulu kupanga push burden kwa makolo opanda chilichonse koma inu izi nzomvetsa chisoni.

  3. Mr KNOWLEDGE says:

    Dr Fabiano when have you realised that education has gone down? you have been a vice chancellor of rotten chanco but you failed to initiate those so called changes? you know all thise problems. dnt be surprised today…….

  4. Dr Banda wad really a visionary leader in Malawi he new that not all children will make it. He introduced hand work ,needle work and crocheting knowing that those who can not make it can be making phasa, mipini, kuluka, kusoka ,kupanga mademgu ndi malichero ndikumagulitsa ndikumapeza ndalama. Koma pano mwana akalephera school basi akwatiwe kumamgonkhala Ali ndine mphawi kumangopanga Ana kusowa ndi mphasa yogonapo yomwe kukachitika zovita ndiye nyanye. Bakaliki anaononga school kwambiri ndiye ndikusithanso silabasi yonse ndikulira Malawi wanga mayo!

  5. Distance doesn’t matter at all. We all used to walk along distance than them either and it’s part of exercise no wander these days no people to go to Olympic games from Malawi. Pansi pa mtengo or mkasi it doesn’t matter we all went through it. These so called sanitary pads all is nothing what matters is quality of education. You can’t build those school overnight.well trained and skilled teachers are need. Parents must be paying school fees so that the teachers must be well paid and in time. Displine and respect must be replace in our school. Those so called DEC it’s just introduced to pass the children’s hour more especially the poor people they behave like animals not human. Parents must feel the pain of paying school fees. Amene akufuna school aphunzira osagunawo akhale azaifuna patsogolo.

  6. Jendayekha says:

    “President APM said he walked almost a distance of 30km to attend school,” idiot stop worshiping this useless liar goat called president. These speeches were order of the day when Kamuzu was president, now you want to bring us back. Where were you and your clueless thief president when we fought for democracy, idiots benefiting where you did not sow.
    If you want to improve quality of education scrap QUOTA, let students compete based on merit after all they are all Malawians, what are you afraid of?

  7. wika says:

    Theres no need to send children to school because the fees IS TOO EXPENSIVE for poor families. How can can we pay 75000.00 yet our salaries=20000.00/month??????????. we shall meet 2019.

  8. Paulos Banda says:

    Koma chimechi chinakadydwadi ndi kambuku.

  9. aabwino says:

    We have professors today who started learning under a tree. We cannot wait for air conditioned classrooms to make primary education mandatory. Introduce technical subjects in primary schools for subjects like bricklaying, carpentry, tinsmith, shoe making, motorcycle mechanic.

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