64 percent of Malawians say no to federalism, says PAC, CCJP

Malawi quasi-religious organisation Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and Catholic Commission for Justice and Pace (CCJP) say 64 percent of Malawians have rejected the federal system of government advocated mainly by some political leaders from the north.

Malawi quasi-religious organisation PAC

Fr Mulomole: The minority favour federal system

According to PAC’s Father Peter Mulomole, his organisation conducted a poll recently across the country following meetings PAC held in view of sentiments expressed y some Malawians including some political leaders who said the way forward for Malawi was federal system of government after the 2014 general election.

Mulomole said the survey shows only 36 percent of Malawians want the federal system of government.

“This shows Malawians are not ready for the federal system of government,” said Mulomole.

Officials from CCJP said during the dissemination of the findings of the survey on Thursday in Blantyre that the views expressed in in the survey represent the views of Malawians on the issue and must be respected.

But the Forum for Advancement of Federal System and Rural Development in Malawi (FAFSRDM) has howled PAC, describing it as a spent force in as far as speaking for the voiceless in the country is concerned.

The forum, through its chairperson Dr. Bina Shaba, told Nyasa Times in an exclusive interview that the “committee was no longer dealing with what people want.”

Shaba said it was unfortunate that PAC was now “siding with government.”

He said people in Malawi wanted “a federal system of government and reject the current unitary system that has left the majority of citizens extremely poor and promotes inequality in the sharing of the national cake.”

Shaba said the fight for federal system will go on, saying only a referendum can give a true picture of what people want.

PAC said the adoption of “fully-fledged” federal system of government would be too costly for Malawi’s economy and therefore urged government to embark on progressive devolution within the current system of government

The organisation also observed that concerns that motivated calls for federal system of government and their proposed solutions are attainable within the current unitary system of government if they are accorded enough political will and leadership that is more concerned with the country’s long term development and sustainability

PAC, an interfaith organization that promotes human dignity through advocacy, civic education and conflict transformation, also said calls demanding for its position or side on federalism and inclusivity were misplaced and premature as the intention of PAC was to facilitate consultations and dialogue as opposed to taking and debating positions on the issue.
“In any case, at the material times, there was not yet enough evidence and analysis of the issues to enable PAC to pronounce itself on the issues. However, on the basis of the results of the consultative process that was undertaken, PAC is now in a position to make observations and recommendations,” said Dr Milton Kutengule, Lead Consultant, who took the delegates through the report.

Kutengule said a total of 169 issues of concerned were independently identified by 14 groups of delegates–two groups at the national conference and four in each of the three regions.

“These delegates identified issues that caused discontent, discomfort, disappointment and despair among Malawians in relation to the country’s political system and system of government and governance.

“That the totality of factors that cause discontent among Malawians and are understood to have motivated the call for federalism are genuine concerns that should merit the attention of those who govern and require redress,” Kutengule.

According to the report on the “Question of Inclusivity and Federalism in Malawi”, nine priority concerns that motivated calls for the adoption of federalism are inadequacies of the electoral system; unsatisfactory implementation of the decentralisation/devolution programmes; significant concentration of executive power in the presidency by the Constitution; prevalence of region, ethnic and tribal divisions and latent animosity without an appropriate mechanism for enhancing national unity; continued fusion of political parties in power with government systems in which party considerations appear to influence access to public resources and development in favour of segments of their supporters while marginalizing opposition parties from playing their rightful role; inequitable distribution of development projects, often in favour of the region where the ruling president comes from; lack of continuity in development policies and programmes as each incoming government comes with its own development agenda or strategy; inadequate and weak accountability mechanisms in the period between elections; dominance of nepotism, political party affiliations, tribalism, and regionalism in the appointment of public officers at the expense of merit in terms of capacity to deliver in those offices; and marginalization of other organs of State, especially Parliament, by making them subservient to the Executive.

However, PAC observed that there are already on going reform efforts that need to be harnessed and reinvigorated for authorities to effectively respond to the issues and been seen to be addressing the concerns.

The interfaith organization also says there is “significant lack of knowledge and in-depth understanding among many stakeholders (both proponents and opponents) about different forms of states and governments, especially their implications and governance dynamics.

The report also says the implementation of decentralization has been sub-optimal and unsatisfactory and that better implementation with some significant reforms or modifications could help address concerns related to the distribution of development projects and delivery of public goods and services at the gassroots.

Among the recommendations, PAC says government should take due cognizance of the issues that cause discomfort, discontent and despair among Malawians as they clearly constitute a recipe for anti-system or anti-establishment movement and are genuine that require attention and redress by the authorities.

“The government should, through relevant authorities, pronounce itself on how it will address each of the key factors that cause discomfort, discontent and despair among Malawians.

“The government, through the PSRC in collaboration with the Public Administration Sector Working Group and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development should find innovative ways for implementing in full the National Decentralization programme covering the devolution of political and administrative authority as well as fiscal decentralization to the local government councils, particularly of the development budget.

Rather than a radical migration to a federal scheme of the state, government should embark on progressive devolution within a unitary scheme,” says PAC in the report.–(Additional reporting by Owen Khamula, Nyasa Times)

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91 thoughts on “64 percent of Malawians say no to federalism, says PAC, CCJP”

  1. tan'gatan'ga says:

    The 36 percent ties up very well with the votes Peter won with. This is not just a coincidence, but a reflection of which group is not in favour of federalism – the oppressors.

  2. tan'gatan'ga says:

    Meanwhile, we all need to realise that PAC has no Constitutional legitimacy to decide on national issues. Theirs are only opinions and therefore not binding. The oppressed have the right to take another avenues in order for them to rid themselves of the oppression. Militant if necessary.

  3. fula says:

    there was need for civic education before PAC came up with the report. Ccjp please help in civic educating the masses since the catholic church has dioceses operating on almost federal model

  4. Is this 64% coming from the oppressed Northerners or our oppressors from the South? It is the Northern region that feel we have been oppressed for too long and it is time now to part ways or we go into FEDERALISM. Hitler Peter Mutharika and his tribal party, DDP, have been committing unspeakable crime against the Nyika people in the North region of Malawi. These atrocities include: ethnic cleansing in education—to make sure the daughter/son of a Northerner doesn’t succeed. They have introduced quota system in education as a tool to oppress us. They use violence against the Northerners to suppress them. Yes, we do have sellouts like Ben Chiza Mukandaweri who Peter Mutharika has bribed him so nicely to shut his fuck-up. The only way Northerners can realize their dreams is to peel off from Malawi. We can do this through the armed struggle. Our oppressors will never let us go. It is time Nyika people to attack our enemies from all angels. Let 2016 be the year of action until our total emancipation from the bond of slavery. We are not free until Nyika people have their own country. We came up with a solution of a fair federalism but this was rejected with intimidation and violence against Nyika people. The Solution was fair and equal for everybody. We wanted only three provinces (South, Centre, and North). These provinces will rotate the presidence and all other ministerial positions. There must be strong provincial governments that will make decision how to develop the economy of their province, there must be a point system where a presidential candidate needed two provinces to win the president of Malawi. This current unitary system benefit the Southern region only, and they are dominant in Malawian politics. Minority groups are being oppressed with impunity. This nonsense need to end. Let the Southerners keep their Southern region and we keep ours, the northern region. We are not interested in being in union with Southerners—these are our sworn enemies—we can’t live together. What the Northerners need to do now is to completely fight for our own independence like what South Sudan did. We tried to be in the union with a fair system, federalism, but their respond is more violence against our unarmed citizens of the Republic of Nyika. Let us intensify our struggle until we are totally free from this bondage of oppression. Viva Republic of Nyika! Amayibuye Nyika!!!!!!!!!

  5. tman says:

    pac is just the same as fifa and fam you can’t trust what they say. they are just fooling their donors. we all know that their has been no such survey. and how do you ask someone about something he doesn’t know about?

  6. mleme says:

    Mwagwa nayo atumbuka!

  7. Zikatha says:

    Why not just call for a referendum? We never heard any sensitisation about your survey. You just cooked results and a report in your bedrooms with your wives

  8. pido says:

    Who said PAC should conduct a survey? I thought they were supposed to conduct sensitization Programmes? Zopusa eeti. Kumangonamiza anthu ndife anthu a chilungamo , kuba ufiti, zigololo and chinyengo zili tho


    Federalism could definitely help the country.
    Results in your survey are not particularly surprising. Those who are against Federalism hold this view out of ignorance.
    I understand that early this year NICE and ZBS signed an agreement to roll out a mass education campaign on how Federalism works, in comparison with our current system. For all I know, the campaign has not gotten off the ground.
    My plea, therefore, goes to NICE. Please enlighten the people so that they make informed choices about their destiny. Ignorance and Fear will not help us. There is no way Malawi will get out of its poverty entrapment while in the current political settlement. It’s not gonna happen.

  10. Bandawe says:

    PAC should understand the reasons behind the push to go for federalism and urge government to abolish stinking stupid policies that oppresses those who feel oppressed otherwise you are not killing the snake but scotching it, it will come back round and more vicious than you think, At this time it will not be termed.

  11. zamkhutu Umbuli says:

    The people who conducted the research had done so after being sent by government of the day, the very source of the problems they sought to address. What do expect to get in their
    report? What FEDERALISM requires is indeed implementation of decentralization but this process in essence, reduces the power of the executive eg the state president. Federalism is about mphamvu ku anthu. All regions are likely to benefit, koma you cannot send a nepotistic person to solve the problem of nepotism. Dr Bina Shaba, you trusted the very people you are fighting against? Come on get serious MAN!!!!

  12. Winikolo says:

    Atumbuka ndi anthu ozikonda PERIOD! I hate them. Go to YUNECO, all the top positions are occupied by atumbuka. In many organisations, all the senior positions are occupied by the tumbuka’s. Where is ACB? This is a stupid country!

  13. John says:


  14. BUMBU MCHUMA says:

    Zabodza basi a chisoni ndi Amulomole wadya chisikono .idyani zimenezo mwakachetechete

  15. Citizen says:

    This is the way to go PAC. All CSOs who claim to speak for Malawians on so many things and policy actors should emulate PAC before making decisions and voicing their stand on pertinent issues by doing independent research and consultation. The study gives more power to PAc to say federalism is not the the way to go with the evidence on the table. Before someone accuse PAC of siding with Government or others sectors of our society, they first need to expose the flaws in the research process and conduct their research that will vindicate they stand. And whilst claiming PAC is a spent layer not mandataed to speak for Malawians, where is the mandate of those asking for federalism coming from? Going the PAC way, of open independent research and consultation gives some mandate to some extent. Big up PAC!

  16. MacKnowledge says:

    Kkkkkk,,, eish!Why Federalism? Malawi is too small.

  17. Mzozo kununkha says:

    Atumbuka which national cake do you want to equally share? which majority are talking about? whats wrong with that research? what is the objective of your motive? I don’t think PAC is siding with Government but rather airing out their findings. either way is all the things government is doing wrong? come on the so called Dr shaba.

    It only shows that the big box on top of your shoulder has a thin brain inside it even though others call you Dr.

  18. Magetsi says:

    PAC zilibwino akufuna kuyima pa yekha ndi olephera wakwizi, odzikonda, kanga ndi wamba, mfiti. Malawi is one

  19. mulopwana says:

    even if their indicated 99% favour federalism,what would these two organisation do.Force the GVT to adopt it? These other issues are not important to conduct .It’s a waste of resources.
    Remember there is bad thing majority favour it.Simuzapeza kuti pamene pasonkha kagulu ka anthu majority nkukhala a nzeru ayi.AMACHULUKA NDI ZITSIRU.

  20. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Mulomole’s PAC and Chisoni’s CCJP survey. Indeed? Very laughable.

  21. Zabwino says:

    The people who have commented on this article have commented well because there is none who has attacked a group of people or region. Keep it up. Our comments should be based on the article.

  22. Chimlomo cha Petulo Mathanyula toothless says:

    Che Mathanyula got 34% votes why then is he president? 66% of Malawians rejected him, then it means he lost!!! Let him step down and PAC initiate his stepping down NOW!

  23. Maloto Mapwiya says:

    Federal government siyabwino konse ku dziko losauka ndi la jerasi miseche ndikaduka. Zamsogolo mwache kumachiti zinthu zosakondweresa monga kwa ntundu wa amalawi okonda kudekha ndikumvera malamulo okomera dziko lawo.

  24. Mchewa says:

    Kaya,ine kuyambira January 2016 I will cease to be a Malawian,so i don’t care!People wanted to adopt a system of government imene imagwiritsidwa ndi maiko olemera pa dziko lonse lapansi,koma m’Malawi wakana.

  25. gule says:

    That’s being stupid PAC. Come here in Central and see how Tumbukas have grown roots. We want Federalism. We want Tumbukas to go back to their North. We don’t want them any more. I can’t accept these results

  26. Katong'ongo says:

    If you put one teaspoon full of sugar in 200 litres of water and stir the mixture, the test will obviously be equated to nothing. This does not discount the fact that in that mixture there is no sugar. There is still sugar in 200 litres of water. Even if you come up with your cooked up 36% for pro-federal, it will remain the fact that a section of our population is irrevocably polarised and you will never reverse that. Be reminded that Malawi is a boiling pot but the government is forcing a lid on steam. Fellow northerners, do not fear of threats from this devilish kingdom. Let’s advocate for cessation. We need to stand alone. I know, most of us northerners in the south and centre are afraid of unexpected reprisals. No-one will chase you from work anywhere else nor grab your property. The international community is watching just as they did with Sudan. We need to rise up for our children and future generation. It is for posterity. For the past 51 years, Chewa, Lomwe and Yawo children have been initiated at birth to believe that their enemy is a northerner i.e. even in this age, their children still claim kuti anthu odzikonda. This is an incurable wound in Malawi. Let’s break away. Let’s go for cessation and a referendum will only be for northerners. PAC will be toothless. Imagine, the same judjmental overtones made here in the south and centre are carried over into our region as if we are aliens in the land. We have our home and have to support our people. Do not let your sons and daughters marry these cursed tribes. In doing so, you will be supporting their mothers, uncles, unmarried bunch of in-laws, beggars etc. We are going forward and not relenting an inch. Even the cooked up 36% is a strong warning shot. Wherever two or more Chewas are, be at work, church, partying, know that they are busy discussing someone. Always paranoid and no confidence in themselves. They were stealing govt money and got rich with strong business empires in their regions. Where did your business magnets in the south, east and centre get the money? When it comes to a northerner, they shout aloud that northerners are thieves. Let exams be admistered outside Malawi and see if you can compete with the northern brain. If federal is bad, why do you flock to South Africa leaving you land of milk and honey. In closing, the stupid federation Kamuzu was referring to was that one which margilased Malawi among 3 countries. What Kamuzu did was to secede Malawi from continuous oppression and suppresion. So, what is wrong with North Seceding. Be reminded that one the north break away, in just 15 years, your population will rise to 30 million. One idiot claimed that northerners carry baskets on the head while inside a moving bus or lorry. Education and civilization started in the north and that is why we flood the industry. I for one have never gone to live in someones home. I have been working where my forefathers invested. Not where Che Maulidi, Bakali or Kalowakadza settled.

  27. Chidantere says:

    PAC you are a bunch of idiots!! Imbeciles you can only delay changeooo but you cannot stop it. Which Malawians are you referring to? Is it you papa and mama? Or your mathanyula one toothed bull who talks like he has shit in his mouth? Let us vote, call for a referendum, nonsense. We need federal system in Malawi bastards!

  28. Ghadhaffi says:

    Iwe mtumbuka usamnyoz mlhomwe,mesa nonse ndi amaganizo aupandu nokhanokha? Timitundu tatsankho,mtumbuka iwe limbikira za federal govt zakozo mwina nawe nkulawako kulamula kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,ikakuona ndi litsirodi siikata paiwe imafuna ikutsukuludze litsiro lakolo. Ukazasiya kuzikonda mtumbuka uzalamulira Malawi.

  29. Phodos says:

    Please Tumbukas just trust the findings and life has to go on. Probably that will be possible in the next life not this life. Federalism is not only for north, but the whole malawi. As such sampling north, south , east and south malawi with in-depth research was enough. I support the results. reseacrh does not necessarily mean that the research should formal with Research proposal including all 5 chapters. No that is for academic. Bravo PAC for making such a successful reacrh. Keep it up. No federalism in malawi. No more debates for that useless ideas from Tumbukas. I am from south and I am proud of PAC. It is a genious association serving the interests of malawians.Its now the duty of government to make sure that no body is talking such nonsense. Even if refendurum is to take place, rememmber that Mbendera will handle you Tumbukas professionally. There is a clinche that one who wants to kill a monkey never dare to look into the face of the monkey, you may feel sorrry and give up. But just strike the nail on the head of the monkey. PAC has just done that. And Mbendera will follow suit in referendum. Muli m’madzi akhwithu.

  30. Benford says:

    Federal government is good, PAC first of all broadcast the message to the Malawians the advantage and disadvantage of this system,then conduct the survey,PAC did you came to Dwangwa to survey that we want federal or not, You answer is NOOOO, Please don’t tell us lies.
    We want federal system of the government.

  31. Berson says:

    Sometimes it is good to swallow our pride.those who advanced fedalism issue did not do so in good faith but out of frustration after they lost the election and no sane malawians can be taken for a ride.one wonders as to why chihana did not think about the same when he served as sports minister in PP regime??????????????

  32. pijama says:

    pac you are so stupid together with your cooked research, don’t ever think that you tricks us it’s just a matter of time you will understand when the time has come north ll b a standalone country bullshit with your findings. I know now you are the ones inciting differences n you think you are sent by God while saving satanic.

  33. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    This is not believable: those who know the pulse of Malawi politics, and the political sentiments suggest that a well designed survey would show at least 80% opposition to federalism. NO less.
    And bao players even claim as much as 90% opposition. This is plausible because not everybody in the north would vote “yes”, and not everyone in the center and the south would vote “no”. Because of basic demographics, the votes in the center and south would easily trump those in the north.
    The only way federalism would be voted for is if only northerners, and nobody else, were allowed to vote. Malawi will stay intact for a very long time.

  34. chipie says:

    Koma maliseche enawa. Mwaona maliseche andani? Poti tonse kudera lakwathu kuno nafunsa ine koma palibe uyo wapangidwako maliseche mukunenewo. PAC and CCJP mwavomereza kusankha kut amalawi tipirire kuvutika. Ok, zabwino zonse. Amen!

  35. Yes, those 64% are from the south and center and 36% from the north and that’s why us people from north Malawi say just leave us alone ,do you hear me you fools from PAC?

  36. bav says:

    Inu a pac peter akupasani bread,mene anthu akuvutikila pa malawi ndi chipani cha alomwechi,i for i i want f s of government

  37. Nyembezi says:

    Publish comments

  38. Dickson says:

    Malawians has spoken with a loud and clear voice….
    MCP, PP and my friends up north, do U have anything to oppose?????????
    The Clergy has delivered the message from the malawians.

  39. munthu wa munthu says:

    In as much as i give due respect to Pac my understanding is that it is not an authority in research which i can rely upon, simple reason is if it was an aurhority they could have publish the methodology used, the population,sample size, the significance of the data collected and based from where the problem originated then a conclusion may have been drawn. For example its well known fact that the region proposing federal is a minority as far as country population is concerned,if the study was done within that region and came with that results then i could have agreed with that, but where it is obvious that its a minority then conclude that it is a true representative of the entire population i can disagree on that conclusion.if the conclusion was based that within this minority the results are these then its a true reflection of the study.

  40. DEMOCRAT says:

    I doubt the merit of PAC’s findings. I smell a rat in its research. Many pipo do not even know there was such a research. By the way, who were the target group? mmmmm……???

  41. Kodi ? says:

    This is not believable .
    First they must tell us what question was posed to the people
    Secondly they must tell us how they selected the areas where the questions were asked
    Thirdly the educational qualifications of the electorate and the qualification of the enumerators.
    Otherwise this was designed to serve the Govt which paid them.

  42. Ronaldinho says:

    PAC leaders were clearly bribed

  43. simulemba says:

    Why accross the country. Did you expect people in Mulanje Chiradzulu Phalombe and Thyolo to support federalism. PAC and CCJP both headed by Lomwes. Do it Scotland style if you want legitimacy. Zopusa basi.

  44. Zanako says:

    Our sister country Kenya d
    Have this federal system of government .they are not happay with it but they can’t come out of it .we better not go that way .we will end up with four or five president s one from each region and then state President each president will need Parliament .Soon there will be calls for independence we as a nation we are not ready for this its just greed that is forcing us this way

  45. Katchende ka walter says:

    Who did u interview? Labodza report limeneli. Lets have referandum

  46. padoko says:

    Any survey in favour of the north will not receive a nod from this the Govt. PAC is now a spent force to determine our will.

  47. Zoona says:

    A PAC mukutinamiza ndi ma % anawo. Kodi survey yanuyo munapangira malo ake ati and can you for example just mention some exact places in malawi where u did ur survey. Amenewo ndi maganizo anu osati malawians. Gone are the days when u could cheat people anyhow not now. Kungokwanilitsa zofuna zanu basi osati za anthu amene akumva ululu ndi mmene zinthu zikuyendera. U r disgrace and evil minded people for u always not stand on what voiceless people are crying for.

  48. kukhala says:

    PAC & CCJP are liers and not independent on this issue . The current government has given scones and can not deliver on this federal debate . We require a referendum from on regional levels and right answers therefrom. AMEN

  49. Freedom fighter says:

    Iwe kutengule, pac and father mulomole ndimwe vindele vyakufikapo.

  50. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    One hopes that the survey coverage was sufficiently extensive. But this is one such survey. It would be helpful if a similar survey would be conducted by another impartial organization to cross-check the findings.

    However, the issues raised for improved inclusive governance and enhanced checks and balances in policy-making and governance in general are extremely important. Any Givernment would be well advised to list the causes of discontent as markers for the design of its programmed of governing.

    The search for solutions to the concerns should not be left to only the Government of the day. Rather, it should be a collective effort to build consensus around workable practical solutions to address the concerns. Civil society must work hand in hand with Givernment in designing proposals and modalities for their implementation. No reform can succeed unless its content enjoys the support of the majority of the people; and such support comes with consultations at each stage of the process.

    Some suggestions:
    1. A head of State must not belong to a Political Party; he/she must be elected for a one 7-year term on a rotating basis by region: North; South; Central. Must have power to call a referendum for the removal of a Prime Minister who should be head of Government (a politician) based on general election results and must serve only a maximum of two terms.
    2. At any given moment, the President ( as head of State, not head of Government) and the Prime Minister must not come from the same region; this will discourage regionalism and tribalism;
    3. To win an election; the winning party must gain a minimum of one-third of votes from each region; this, too will reduce tribalism and regionalism;
    4. Cabinet and civil service must be manned by a minimum of the share of the region in the national population up to a maximum of one-third from each based on requisite qualifications;

  51. anjolinjo says:

    koma ine sanandifunsetu

  52. Alex Likoswe says:

    Good job Pac. But borrow a leaf from the Catalonians and Scots. Not all of us are interested. Interview those concerned. Then your report will be objective. We are tired of this issue.

  53. Tomtom says:

    Shupitii. We want a referendam on federalism and not the useless PAC ideas. Where was this survey conducted, when and by who?

  54. blessing lipengs says:

    South Africa the richest country on the continent has a federal sysi and it works to the very best,USA has too and its the powerful country on earth.

    Why not allow us to vote on this issue openly? Malawian ruling parties thrive on maintaining umburi .I know DPP has influenced this outcome from onset.

  55. fula says:

    It took 30 years for malawi to embrace multiparty state. It will also take us another 20 years for us to realise the ills of unitary state.

  56. mtumbuka1 says:

    You ask a few people in the streets of Blantyre who are probably vendors from mangochi and you call that a bloody survey?? You better be kidding me! In the first place, who are calling for the federal system of government? If it’s the people of the north then go to the north and conduct the so called survey…this is common sense. 90% of the people from the north wants it so it makes no sense for the people of Blantyre to speak for them. Why is the government and it’s president having butterflies in the stomach each time people from the north pushes for federalism? What have they got to lose since they will still keep their London they have in Blantyre? The whole thing here is contradictory cos every time we hear people of the south asking tumbukas to leave their Blantyre and go back to the north? Why all of a sudden change of hearts today that 64% of people in the so called Blantyre are against it? This survey is a total waste of time. People pushing for federalism happens to be from the north but you take your survey to Blantyre…is that common sense? Greedy useless people no wonder you have kayerekera mine in karonga but the offices are in Lilongwe so you can easily steal through cashgate at the capital Hill. You dpp fuckers you’ve got to know that if it wasn’t for what bakili muluzi was smoking bingu and dpp were not going to be there, and if bakili muluzi was not born Malawi would have been a better country as we speak….better off than most of our neighbouring countries who experienced wars at some point. Malawians are a peace loving people and have been without any sort of war and got independence some good 50 years ago so why the hell are we still the poorest in the world? Mr bakili muluzi and bingu can answer this question.

  57. george says:


  58. Alungwana says:

    Iam also a Malawian. I was not asked by either PAC or CCJP on what I think about Federalism. I aske 10 people around me if either PAC or CCJP officials approached them but they are denying. Which Malawians did you ask fr Mlomole?

  59. Jayjay says:

    PAC failed to come up with clear explanation to Malawians of what federalism actually means. This has been evidenced by what the majority comments on the topic; comments have been completely off what federalism exactly means.
    Really PAC has been given something.

  60. Peter says:

    36% is large percentage of our population and should not just be ignored! Remember, the current government was voted by similar percentage and the remaining 64% accepted it.

  61. munyenyembe says:

    Mwaluza basi bvomeleza we are all malawian mpaka yesu azabwele

  62. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    If no

  63. Munthusoni says:

    there is no mention of sample size and what was the rejection like according to regions

  64. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    36% is enough to give a president mandate to rule in Malawi. Peter Mutharikha is a 36% president. Therefore the views of the 36 % federalists must be equally respected. Malawians are for federalism.

  65. H.CHITUVI says:

    This reflects that majority knows nothing about federal system of government. If am not mistaken people know shupiti chitaganya Rhodesia and Nyasaland not newly chitaganya which is stll in prossece. Chilungamo nchakuti anthu sakudzima zoona zenizeni pa nkhaniyi ndipo amadziwa zakuipa kwake pokumbukira kuti kale tidathetsa njirayi tisanalowe m ufulu odzilamulira, Atiphunzitse tsatanetsane kenako adzatifunse maganizo athu koma apa ngati sitikudziwa tikufika 36%ndiye kuti tikufuna ndithu osatigwira pakamwa pakudzera njira yoti sitikudziwa chomwe tikukana kapena kuvola

  66. Mwakipiki says:

    Hey Nyasa times! You can’t report about a survey without saying at least what it’s sample size was, how the data was collected and what challenges or shortcomings of the survey was.

  67. wawa says:


  68. Mwakipiki says:

    Hey! Nyasa times. You can’t report of a survey without saying what it’s sample size was, how the sampling was done and what challenges/shortcomings did it have.

  69. Kenkkk says:

    Coincidence and data doctoring? 64% rejected Peter, the same reject federalism. 36% voted for Peter, now the same embrace federalism. It is just a simplistic explanation guys for a laugh!!!

  70. The Analyst says:

    But this Forum for the Advancement of . . . is a strange collection of strange collections indeed.

    . . . How do you ask PAC to initiate debate on federalism n later on accuse it of conducting n facilitating a below par debate?
    . . . And later on after conducting a survey n realising the results are not favourable, you accuse PAC of no longer representing the views of people? Which people? Are the 64% n 36% not views of people? Or they would only become views of people if the reverse was true? Strange! I thought you asked PAC to do this so you could have a feel of credible views of people?
    . . . Would you have accused PAC of siding with govt had the results been favourable to you? What a strange survey that has an apriori as an answer also.

    Now instead of wasting other people’s time, why didn’t you just conduct the survey yourself and bring forth the results, if you knew already that any result a centimetre short of your expectations, would be looked askance at.

    Strange minds!

  71. Shyman wa fedulo says:

    The has not answered many questions
    1. Who conducted the study?
    2. Who were the participants?
    3. What was the theoretical framework?
    4. What data analysis tools were used?
    5. When was it conducted?

    I take it as a cooked study…I say yes to federalism. Achewa imwe ndimwe abeleweza chomeni.

  72. That means His Exllencey Arther Peter Mutharika shall win with 64% come May 2019. MCP, UDF, PP and briefcase parties will share the 36% of votes. Atumbuka munya muwona. You can continue with your habit of stealing govt money at capital hill and that of aided cheating during exams. . Koma tikakupezani tikumangani!

  73. molande says:

    Any sound Minded person would see the need and the importance of federal system of government. See the wasted 51 years we have spent without remarkable development. If we had embraced federalism right from beginning we could have enough water, electricity, colleges, jobs and good medical facilities for each state. We wudnt have cashgate.

  74. BRA says:

    I think PAC lacks Wisdom and Mathematical skills. Yu see, if the issue of Federalism was propagated by Northerners, then the outcome are Valid and significant. But if it was a national wide concern, then you would say Malawians don’t nid it. In my view, the 64% represents Central and South while 36% represents Northerners and ofcourse some concerned malawians from Centre n south. Therefore, from common sense perspective, yu can clearly see the whole north need federal n the best way out is breakaway.

  75. Chingolopiyo says:

    I am disappointed with a PAC. Where did you conduct these survey? Were you mandated to make survey? What about the debate? Why are you imposing your ideas on the people of Malawi? If you have been palm oiled zikutsamwani2 anthu a Mulungu

  76. Winikolo says:

    The sample choosen for your polls does not represent the malawi population and is FAGE. PAC and CCJP ! remind you that someone is enjoying the presidency using the same 36%. The only solution is referendum period! That is total nonses !

  77. PHIRI says:

    This means 5, 760 000 ( Five million, seven hundred and sixty thousand ) MALAWIANS cast Vote of No Confidence in the current unilateral system of government, and adopted Federalism . Wowww ! This is massive outcome for the Federal campaign. Its a massive result in less than a year campaign. No single campaign can achieve such a huge success in short time. It is clear indication, Malawi will go federal way – its a matter of time.

  78. chizamsoka munthali says:

    I think akukana federal system of government ndiakumwela coz they can’t do anything on their own! Bwanji kafukufuku wanuyo mupange pa regional level or pangitsani referendum muone outcome yake if you will not be shocked. Pathako pinu a PAC

  79. Kadakwiza says:

    64% of Malawians who hate federal government are from the Southern Region of Malawi. This is not strange, the people have got everything from the DPP government. They have roads, they have water, they can go to University anytime they want. In the year 2016 there up of developments in the South. This time you go to Thyolo and Mulanje ADMARC markets you find that maize selling at K5500 is available while in other regions people are struggling to get maize especially in the northern region of Malawi. 36% of Malawians who want federal government mostly are from northern region because they want developments. This organization called PAC must be abolished. We Malawians don’t need it because it always favors people from Southern, Central Eastern Malawi. It is bias. I remember the time of Emmanuel Chinkwita Phiri, always favored UDF. Federal government in Malawi is not the answer. We need One Malawi, One Nation. But the problem is politicians from the South of Malawi, who want nothing good for the people of the north of Malawi. They would like to see a person from the north is not educated, is not working. Is not economically transformed. This is the plan for politicians from the south. NEPOTISM to much.

  80. chaponda says:

    please please please PAC stop this nonsense we need federalism in Malawi at all cost,. we trusted u in the first place but now u r corrupt

  81. Malawian says:

    This issue can better be handled through a referendum otherwise how can we trust the results of the so called survey! Some of us did not even know that there was a survey taking place!

  82. Moyenda says:

    Tell us more about the what the research question was, the sampling method, the sample size, what was the size of N and what was the size of n, at what level of confidence (confidence interval), etc? and what you will do with the 36% that want. What is the 36% are all from the same geographic location? What does the UN say about the rights of minority groups?

  83. TUDZI says:


  84. Precious says:

    When did PAC conduct debates and training about the merits and demerits of federalism? As far as I remember was agreed in the previous consultations that many people in Malawi don’t understand federalism and so before taking a survey voters needed to be educated.
    If this was not done, then I would question the credibility of the study as well as PAC itself.
    What methods were used?

  85. nicholas mkhize says:

    Am not happy with the findings.PAC is not helping malawians and i believe got something from above.In short lets do referendum as the way we did during multi part system.I remember Late Kamuzu used to say my people dont want multi party,but due to pressure He called referendum and we voted infavour of what we are today.President call referendum and see.PAC ikunama we dont want to go to street the ealier the better.

  86. NkhanaMwanasi says:

    Mtumbuka Dziko La Malawi Palibe Chake.

  87. Am not happy the way CCJP has done its svy imagine they did it in BT only and annouced the rests how abt pipo fr central,north and eatern regions what they have done its un proffetional bolani PAC took time to hears views of malawian koma CCJP just base on few ppe thus totaly not svy rubbish

  88. kadamanja says:

    Mulomole iwe and Pac pa thako pinu, This pac is surpporting Nepotism, regionalism and tribalism, ngati mwadya banzi F..k you all. You are not working for poor Malawians but enriching yourself. Ngati mwatopa siyani pansi udindo. Mulungu akukuwonanitu, You will be asked, what did you do for my voiceless and poor people?

  89. Edoms says:

    Tikamanya kuti DPP PAC ndivyo yichitenge kweni mwataya nyengo yinu pawaka mpaka referendum yichitike vya ku hotel vyinu panthazi na federal system !. PAC ndibungwe lakwimilira maghanoghano gha banthu chala.

  90. maganizo says:

    majority must rule kadziko kachepa aka chofunika ndi chikond equal distribution of the cake is needed not wakwithu, njomba, mulopwana,ambuye for development to be sound

  91. nyamazi says:

    No wonder, PAC has become a bunch of thieves bathing in cashgate this is why it does not favor Federal system of government. The unitary system will continue plundering this country and will not develop as expected. The fear factor in government circles has made the exercise useless.

Comments are closed.

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