7000 houses in Malata and Cement Subsidy nearly complete – Atupele

Almost 7000 out of the targeted 15, 440 houses under the Decent and Affordable Housing Subsidy Program (DHASP) are nearly in the completion stage across the country, , Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Atupele Muluzi has said.

One of the houses built under the program

One of the houses built under the program

Atupele Muluzi:

Atupele Muluzi: Expressed satisfaction

Speaking after monitoring the progress of the program in Mbwatalika, Traditional Authority (T/A) Malili in Lilongwe, Muluzi expressed satisfaction with the level of work taking place despite some few challenges.

“I am very impressed with the quality of work and progress so far. Soon the beneficiaries will have their own decent homes thereby transforming their lives for better,” he said.

He said the program is going towards 50 per cent of completion and will soon be moving towards the magic numbers of 15,000 houses.

Apart from benefiting from a decent house, he said, the program is also economically empowering the locals by employing artisans from the same community to do the construction work.

The minster bemoaned the delay of the program to start in some districts like Nsanje, Chikwawa, Mwanza and Phalombe due to floods which affected distribution of materials at local level.

One of the beneficiaries, Chisomo Chadza said the program has transformed his life as he is among few young men in his village to own a decent house.

“Before the program, I was living in a grass thatched house which had some problems including leaking during the rainy season,” he said.

Popularly known as Malata and Cement Subsidy, the program was designed to provide poor and vulnerable households decent and affordable housing.

The program which is in Phase one was launched by President Arthur Peter Mutharika in December, 2014.

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22 thoughts on “7000 houses in Malata and Cement Subsidy nearly complete – Atupele”

  1. benjnes says:

    but you are a real puppet no wonder you lost. like father like son

  2. mdk says:

    Ena asangalala nazo nyumba zimenezi ndipo moyo wawo usintha pamene winanwe chifukwa cha politics mtima ukukuwawa,usova kkkkkkk

  3. mwana wa aKalitsiro kwa Mberenga ku Thyolo says:

    How many poor people in Malawi?

  4. yuona says:

    Ndi mitengo ingati yadulidwa pootcha njerwa kuti anthu apeze ngongolezi? When are we going green? Ndimaona ngatitu apanga encourage ma cement blocks kapena hydrafoam bricks.

  5. Mashamase says:

    Nyumba ya mawindo awiri, apuma bwanji wanthu

  6. Andrew says:

    Galu APM how many pple r starving with ur poor governance?

  7. munthuson says:

    mudzi transformation part 2

  8. sapitwa says:

    If I compare the house on the photo with ones built in 2013 (and already dilapidated) in Mchinji at Kamwendo on the road going to Tembwe, then indeed this one on the photo is a quality house.

  9. Ndata says:

    Koma agalu inu musatinyanse. The whole minister is satisfied with such a thing?

  10. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Bravo Our President Prof. Arthar Peter Muntharika we are proud of you. Our relatives are now living in decent houses, Do the same with irrigation schemes. Give each village water pump, I mean where the are near Good water supply such as rivers and lakes. Establish Juice factory in MWANZA and NENO so that we can be getting cheaper juice. Not forgetting Thyolo and Mulanje. We will be there one day.

  11. frank says:

    Keep up the good work!!!

  12. Mkwapu says:

    Liers houses where
    Only pilot houses in lilngwe
    Give us a breakdiwn of houses in the country under this programmee?

  13. GOOOO says:


  14. xedog says:

    mwangoba ndalamazo basi mwati mutiwonese nyumba yopanda cement ngati imeneyi, olo abale anu angagone nyumba ngat imeneyi??? ndalama mwangobapo bax za usilu,za chamba eti,

  15. Zambiata says:

    Nyumba zake ndi zimenezo? my foot

  16. nthandalanda says:

    Bola manyumba a amayi aja. Nanga izi ndiye ziti? Uku ndiye kuba dzuwa liri nyeee! Amalawi dziko sitilikonda ili.

  17. vin says:

    descent house?? a Hawker type of building, Oh my foot!! atupele, ukusekerera? anthu akuvutika kwanu ku Mselema kuja. Constituency yotsalira ndi kumene kuja. Ntaja nde eeeee amangwetu unami.
    Khalani pansi abale nyumba ngati makola ankhumba?

  18. Zovere Mtolo says:

    You call that one quality ? Is there any different project from what PP was doing ?

    You claimed that yours was going to better than BOFU BOFU!!! . That’s a continuation of the government project which was started by JB.

  19. The Analyst says:

    And the minister has the audacity to say, “Am very impressed with the quality of work . . . “! Seriously? Unless you are not referring to the work shown in the picture. Otherwise this is not impressive by whatever standard of measure! The design, roofing, you name it. And it doesn’t look durable either!

    In the days of old. Durability was the major definition of any Government-built infrastructure. What happened?

    I pray also that my ears are not greeted with revelations that these houses are costing more than K20mn each.

    I wish the minister could provide information as to how much money each house is expected to cost and how expenditures on items are being monitored. Otherwise, such projects are nothing but money-siphoning schemes. We all know it!

  20. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    What???? That is a house???? All that noise this is what you have to show for?? Really? You call that decent housing? We are soooooo pathetic.

  21. chinguwo wa chinguwo says:

    Iwe Atupele m’mesa umkati programme imeneyi siyabwino nthawi ya campaign?

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