8 arrested in FMB robbery, says Malawi Police

Eight  people suspected to have been involved  in the  robbery of about K100 million at First Merchant Bank (FMB) Livingstone Towers in Blantyre on the night of December 23 2014 have been arrested, Police in the Southern Region have confirmed.

Gondwa:  We received tips

Gondwa: We received tips

Southern Region Police spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa identified the eight as Felix Malope (35) from Chitengu Village in Traditional Authority (T/A) Bvumbwe’s area in Thyolo, Peter Malunga (48) from Musa Magasa Village, T/A Machinjiri in Blantyre, Keston Mbewe (28) from Makunje Village, T/A Machinjiri in Blantyre and Felix Khozomba (40) from Likumbo Village, T/A Likoswe in Chiradzulu.

The others are William Chirwa (54) from Nzikuola Village, T/A Mulonyeni in Mchinji, Edward Kamiza (28) from Lizulu in T/A Gomani’s area in Ntcheu, Limbani Hope (35) from Malope Village, T/A Nsanama in Balaka and Martin Malimwe (39) from Kalongonda Village, T/A Mabuka in Mulanje.

“We have been receiving tip offs from the public and we carried our investigations which led to the arrests,” said Gondwa.

He said among the suspects, Malunga is a husband of a senior police officer. Nyasa Times in an earlier report indentified the officer as Blandina Chanika.

Gondwa said Constable Makina, the female police officer who was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) after being shot in the robbery, is in a stable condition and has been discharged from the hospital.

Another police officer, Sergeant Patrick Mvula, was shot dead in the robbery.

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89 thoughts on “8 arrested in FMB robbery, says Malawi Police”

  1. the Northern speech says:


  2. Nantchengwa says:

    Lets gv much support to police by gvn em tip offs if we no dz criminals.dnt waste tme kunyozana here my Brothers

  3. Mandanda says:

    Now lets say are these Tumbuka…….?? All these thieves and LAZY BASTARDS see where they come from…. kuba basi…. go to school and get your education. use your quota system to the benefit….. vimbuli imwe….

  4. dumakude says:

    Angozo mwanena bwino, don’t constrede to trible let’s help to put our opinion on what went wrong and deal with the issues. We really need to solve this problame of robery in the country,,,

  5. Richard E.L Banda says:

    Very bad, why stealing not sweating. The law must do on them.

  6. Kodi Amalawi Mwatani? Zomwezi M’paka Mwalowetsa Ku Ndale. Shem

  7. charles says:

    No connection to government mukuyesa mnza Cashgate

  8. yohane says:

    Chirwa zaka zonsezo you mean you can’t something better to feed your stomach? A Chirwa wo akakhalitse Ku ndendeko kuti anzawo atengelepo lesson.

  9. B man says:

    Mbavazo zimphedwe bas.

  10. Angozo says:

    Mine is a warning to all who read our best of the best Nyasa Times that please do not be as stupid as Padoko who untill today is not know the difference between political party and tribe. Padoko is very stupid why the whole of him say he will no longer support DPP because of some lomwe people who are being suspected as armed robbers who stole about 100 million. More over he is not suppoter of DPP and is a nobody in the politics. My question to stupid Padoko is that are the people who stole 500 million from Standard Bank las year lomwes? Do not be stupid Podoko am a lomwe by tribe but have no bad record of any crime galu iwe eti. Enanutu mudzaona malodza tsiku lina timakudziwanitu ngakhale mukuti ndinu a Padoko koma ineyo ndikukudziwani dzina lanu lenileni

    1. golingo says:

      Iwe Angizo!!! Ndiwe phwala wamva!!! Ukukwiya chani fisi iwe!!! Pa nyo pako wamva!!! Padoko sakunama alomwe ndinu mbava afiti anthu a chigololo inu!!!! Pa tumbu panu!!!!!!

  11. Komanso says:

    Tikufuna chilungamo chichitike basi

  12. Keen Follower says:

    We have very competent Police when it comes to investigations. Keep it up !!!!! Charge them accordingly

  13. Mbanga says:

    Mwana akuti Kamiza ndi zabodza. He is not involved at all. He is Fmb staff and found himself at the wrong spot at the wrong time.

  14. matalala says:

    Lamulo ligwire tnchito no bail p/s chonde

  15. Vavlov says:

    Deal with these thieves adequately including castrating them to avoid propagation of their deviant genes in society.

  16. sothini says:

    @ 54 years of life on earth, a full grand PAPA, shameful. Means entire of his descendants re like him. Police go at his home and arrest everyone. Chirwa `s not serious


  18. Kika Kanawe says:

    Cry for the beloved country Nyasaland!

  19. mzamba wamkulu says:

    ndiye money zapezek?? anthuwo hw did they access the codes?

  20. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Ndekuti akapita ku Mhlako kwawo kuja amakapangana za umbava ndi president wawoyo?

  21. chimwemwe chana says:

    Mabvuto alipo agwide basi wina ana ake akumvutika pano chifukwa chaiwo

  22. Izaak says:

    It’s about time. Koma kumamalizisatu milanduyi. Osati mukangopeleka bail basi womwewo, ati akupangabe ma investigations.

  23. ntchende mbewu says:

    Alomwe mbamva basi

  24. makape mukunena za alhomwe bwanji apapa atumbukanso ndi mbamva, uja anadula machende amunthu ku mzimba ndi mulhomwe

  25. MJ boy says:

    Apolisi inu,musamanene kuti we have arrested some after a tip,just say we have arrested 8 people,chifukwa kenako ndiye mudzatchula dzina.chifukwa apolisi ena amaululatu.unprofessional officers

  26. Namalila says:

    These notorious thieves must be castrated their balls and hanged to death in a full view of the public to set up an example to other would be perpetrators of the same.

  27. Chirwa waku mchinji alindiziwanda zoopsa zaka zonsezo kumachita zupusa??

  28. King shafick says:

    MY INTEREST no 25s below but 28s above k100m kuba kwa akuluakulu osati za wanazo ayi

  29. Nantchengwa says:

    System nids a complete overhaul

  30. Nantchengwa says:

    Shame indeed!

  31. Paul Macmillan says:

    Very funny indeed the majority from Lomwe Belt of Prof APM?

    1. thoko says:

      Pamenepo alhomwe ndi awili basi wa Likoswe ndi Mabuka Cz and MJ respectively wa thyoloyo ndi Ngoni

  32. waliko says:

    Kikikikiki all these thieves from lomwe belt

  33. Galiba says:

    Amangwetu yeleyo

  34. Padoko says:

    Pano ndasiya kusapota DPP government. Full of thieves. Ine padoko

    1. zikusowekera mapemphero

  35. Jeke says:

    Komadi lilongwe police officers mwawonjeza friends with thieves mu 36 mu 18. Bwanji kodi

  36. dyabulosi says:

    Lilongwe police Cid women are all thieves and prostitutes. Uhulewo akupanganso ndi mbamva

  37. Padoko says:

    Pa Lilongwe police a CID onse mbamva zokhazokhatu. Tazipangani transfer. Akudziwana maka tazimayito

  38. Padoko says:

    Alomwe ndinu akuba kwambiri. Mumugwetsa mu lomwe nzanuyu pa mpando wa president. Nayenso ndi mkazi wake akuba ku Nac

  39. bing says:

    Gwirani ntchito baxi afta a cashgate m’bwalo

  40. Go deeper our police

  41. nankhoma says:

    Is there anyone among the 8 working for the bank? How did they manage to break security and locate the counting room?

  42. nelson says:

    Gud job cops make sure u arrest and then kill them all

  43. alukosyo says:

    Akaulula anzawo kill them too zonyengelerana ayi. Osati wina wa ma human rights aziti mfwee mfwee apa..chaka chino zonyengelerana

  44. Mavunga says:

    Malungayo waonjeza mpaka akumadya katundu wa senior officer

  45. Sammy says:

    Kubela bank was a gud moove,bt zinalakwika killing a police man…mukhaula..

  46. PMK says:

    And these guys called lawyers will be lining up for these hardcore criminal suspects in their defence in courts for them to be accorded the so called fair trials?
    God forbid!

  47. hoitty says:

    Bravo police. Charge these thieves and killers with as many crimes as possible so that they get 500 years as they do in south africa



  49. Well done nde tinve kuti mwawapasa belo.

  50. Thenjiwe says:

    Among these suspects, is there anyone who works or once worked for FMB? If none, how did the robbers who were dressed in FMB golf shirts know the code for opening the door? Please give us more details.

  51. Ngwenyama says:

    Pls pls am saying pls we will need the truth on this if u want us not to take low into ur on hands

  52. tafotokodzani bwino nkhaniyi mukungopita pamwamba bwanji

  53. mlomwe original says:

    ndiye timve mmawa mwawatulusa pabelo azabenso.Akutinso ndi mwamuna wa senior officer wapolice. A police ndiomwe akusonkhesera umbava

    1. dumakude says:

      whatever u call urself, ur telling the truth here. Police r number one criminals in this country specially in the borders, road brocks, and traffic officers, u can blame the president but also u’ve to look at police commanders wat r they doing abt this? Where is their readership and skils of these comanders? They r collectiing a lot of money from goverment just for sting in their office. Lol.

  54. chimwemwe chana says:

    Ineed the true report it is true that others are staff

  55. Chamwaka says:

    Because a police officer was shot dead then you arrest the thieves withing a week? If you were acting efficiently like this, Mr Mvula and many other good Malawians would not have died. You stupidity and irresponsibility is costing Malawians lives and money, apolice inu mwanva? Nde timve kuti mwa atulutsa bello agalu amenewa. Infact why did you not just shoot them?

  56. Awontchedwe amwewo amasausa anthu.
    Anthu akumwela nde ndi mbamva zowopya kwabasi

  57. Kawamba says:

    Lamulo ligwire tchito yake tisamve kuti mwawapatsa Bail. Amene apereka Bail ndichita naye ndine

  58. mwewo woyiba says:

    from the findings given by the police, one is bound to believe that most robbers come from the south hence there is need for the police to intensify their activities down south. ambuye 7.
    ttakawalala ambiri achokera ku. mmwera. sindidziwa kaya pa cashgate zilibwa?

  59. sapitwa says:

    We want to hear more on this.don’t give the bail.police when you find robbers shoot to kill.

  60. yale says:

    Nde mwatuluse ,oho timatcha ndithu

  61. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    How about your fellow police officer who was also arrested,where is he? We only hope that he is still under custody

  62. Nyangabira says:

    Koma ndalamazo zapezeka?

  63. Kataque says:

    Dont let them on bail, they are dangerous crimimals.

  64. john says:

    WE salute police

  65. ... says:

    Tinamvanso kuti wina anamangilira ma unyolo mbankimo.
    Mu list imeneyi wapolisi ndi ndani?

  66. Marioshona man says:

    Blandina chanika must also be arested.she must

  67. golingo says:

    Look at the robbers!! Very interesting to see that the majority are mulakhoz!!! Tikamati kantundu kameneka ndi kakuba osamakana!!!! Anthuwa kwa ndi kuba kupha ndi chigololo!!! Alomwe alomwe!!! Nophiya kunyini!!!!

  68. harry nyasulu says:

    Shame malawi has no security.God help us.

  69. Promise says:

    Alomwe omwewo kuti waaaa waaaa,gud job

  70. Tiyanjane says:

    Kodi inu aja mumakonda kulemba kuti ikawola nsomba imodzi ndiyekuti ntundu wonse ndi wobvunda, simuyankhulapo apa zokhuzana ndi mitundu ya zigawengazi? Ndithokoze abale a kumpoto chifukwa timawona kuti sikwenikweni mumalemba za mitundu. Anzathunu mumasiyanisa zochitika za munthu mmodzi ndi kumene amachokela. Enafe tizitengela phunziro panepa.

  71. ndatani says:

    A zaka 54 wo ndiye amathamanganso? Ndi ofewa

  72. NYIKA PEOPLE says:


  73. summary please says:

    Alhomwe nde mwafikapotu,ayayaya,shame on you lhomwes ,all you can think about is theft,you guys will never stop amazing me,Mmm alomwe musinthe,thus y you hate other tribes so much,now o get it.

  74. zebe says:

    And where is Kondwani Matupa on the list as earlier reported by Nyasatimes? Has he been released or it was just a hoax?

  75. Yankees says:

    Musawachedwetse ayankhe wa murder basi, wandalamawo pambuyo imeneyo ndindende yosakabwelakonso, but where z the moneys now?

  76. Bravo our police but do your home work on police discipline. Dont compromise, eleminate all robbers from police we know they are there.

  77. Grey says:

    Good work officers.

  78. George says:

    Good development by our reputable police it creates good atmosphere in our country but are there no inside sources in this needs more probing.


  80. Nyamakumutu says:

    They deserve a death sentence and no hung man but firing them as woyenda ndi lupanga adzafa ndi lupanga lake lomwero. Wokawombanso akakhale Mai omwewo apulumukawo

  81. Nzeru Zero says:

    Execute them all

  82. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    The Lomwes are topping the list. In any criminal activity if there are so many involved just know that it’s a low deal. Why so many from Lomwe trib ?

  83. Anthu akumwera umanda too much. Wa ku Mchinji must have been brought up among southerners.

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