A government under siege in Malawi

Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18

It never rains, but it pours! That’s the only way to describe the predicament that has befallen the APM administration barely 6 months into its term of office, with increasing revelations of unethical behavior amidst a national financial catastrophe. It has, over a very short space of time, engendered a crisis of confidence that threatens to topple its credentials to lead the country.court strike

Following the continued withholding of aid by our donors, the operations of the Malawi government are slowly grinding to a halt as the economic and fiscal scenario continues to deteriorate at an ever-increasing pace. The situation has been compounded by incessant calls from the judiciary for an increase in their salaries and wages as the support staff strike enters its third week without any compromise in sight.

The APM administration has also been hit by embarrassing revelations of unprincipled access to funds from the National Aids Commission (NAC) and allegations of attempts to bribe members of the media fraternity that have sparked  calls for the impeachment of President Peter Mutharika. The appointment to the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police, of a senior officer that was apparently involved in the suspected murder of a Polytechnic student – Chasowa – during Bingu wa Mutharika’s tenure, has also sparked outrage from human rights organizations, civil society and members of the NGO community. All these have seriously dented the image of an administration that seriously needs to salvage its reputation.

It is highly unlikely that donors will return soon and the DPP administration will need to come up with extremely creative ideas to overcome a negative fiscal situation that appears to have few options in terms of solutions. The camel’s back could well be broken by a potential nation-wide strike given government’s sensitive disclosure that civil service salaries for November will be delayed. This, coming as we approach the festive season, is an emotive issue, especially that arrears have not been paid since October, 2014. Government needs to seriously avert this situation by ensuring that salaries are paid soonest, come hell or high water.

In the midst of all the brouhaha, President Mutharika and his ministers have been eerily silent, creating an impression that there is no one in charge of the affairs of the country. The lack of effective communication and action from the top has prompted speculation of a leadership vacuum that could trigger calls for the government to step down; we are in a precarious situation that has potential to lead to unprecedented actions in the history of our nation.

In a previous article, this column advised President Mutharika to wake up and smell the coffee and to take remedial measures that could include forming an inclusive government with members of the opposition in order to mitigate the impact of the crisis of confidence in his government. The administration would be well-advised to heed this call sooner than later. In addition, the APM administration needs to engage the Malawian people honestly and openly about the country’s dilemma with its finances and developments in the economy. Effective communication and exemplary behavior are key to regaining the trust of the people.

On another note, whilst admitting government’s failures in some respects, the demands for immediate salary increases knowing that there are no resources to support the adjustments, is both unhealthy and reckless. The parties involved need to come up with an acceptable compromise to unlock the deadlock. A scheduled, staggered increment over a number of years might be a suitable alternative to a one-off increase that will break the bank and result in non-payment.

The current stand-off with the judiciary staff has far-reaching implications in the delivery of justice that is affecting ordinary Malawians in terrible ways and further creating the picture of an inept and clueless leadership. Furthermore, the situation has stalled defining cases of people allegedly involved in the MK24.0 billion CashGate fiasco. The speedy handling of these cases is one of the pre-conditions for resumption of much-needed aid.

To the administration once again; the allegations of unethical receipts from NAC, the apparent attempts to bribe the media and questionable appointments are sufficiently destructive to warrant timely damage control. President Mutharika needs to take immediate action to rescue himself and ensure that heads roll for the serious lapses in judgement. He also needs to come out clearly on what his government is doing to arrest the economy’s free-fall.

Strong, principled leadership is always a legitimate expectation but citizens expect it even more in times of calamity. Malawi is entering a period of crisis and President Peter Mutharika cannot afford to adopt the ostrich mentality when his government is under siege.


(Chikavu Nyirenda is a Senior Lecturer in Banking and Finance at The Catholic University of Malawi and contributes, in his personal capacity, a weekly column, ‘Views from the Sunset,’ which is published in ‘The Daily Times’ every Monday).

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31 thoughts on “A government under siege in Malawi”

  1. Fathi Alshab says:

    To most malawians what woukd be playsuble us reverssl if wring things e.g the floststion if the kwacha, get the chinese out if the mlw economuc development , get our mlw rsilwsys bck and air mslawi &lakaservice. suspend the quotdr system at univerdities.Yes get new cabinent sppoint which sjows invlussivity of all groupings, ethnicity etc.then magbs we could trust him not othdrwise.
    stop his wife being sn edtate mgr for hubby just keep her atound during officisl stste functions basi,dont allow comosnies yse her for beit to evade taces or cashgate prisecutions.
    Yes stop sppeasing part folowers to parastatal bodies as board mbrs etc…use professionsls only.relook at employee benefits some of these are pure theft whst dies a highcourt want a vx8 car for ? crazy nation mr president smell the coffee..

  2. chosatheka says:


  3. chosatheka says:


  4. George Zibophe says:

    Some people say; The so called CASHGATE scandle existed only during the reign of MAMA Chanazi( Joyce Banda). It might be realistic talk, but the surprise is; Money was everywhere, and the situation was not as worse as it is. Now we are in a clean and fresh GVT, anti-Cashgaters, No money plundering and squandering. But why are we in a such sad time-zone of which it takes a man to see money? Our taproots started cutting off their assistance-commonly termed as Donor- Aid-support during Banda’s period. So where she got the billions? And cashgate is no where, has kicked the bucket and the Question is WHERE ARE THE KWACHAS??????????????

  5. This government has lost direction needs someone to direct it. Peter has no where to start ruling hahahaha timuonera mumene athere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. bvumbwe boy says:

    Wina akuti amalawi mukufuna kukwezedwa malipiro pomwe ndalama palibe nanga 8miliyoni ija nkafuna kupasa atolankhani? Ijatu iku kwanira aphuzisi aku primary opotirira 50 ndiye muziti palizeru apo anthu akuvutika iye akutenga ndalama eti akati gulire ka chasu ku muhlakho wa lomwe. Am originaly from Thyolo but I can’t let some one mess my country just bcoz he is my tribesmen NO! This man is not seriously I regret my vote two month i have not seen my pay sheet but he pretend everything is normal hence no they is no drugs in hospital everyday price of commodities rise ooooh shame!

  7. the nana hanke says:

    malawi weeeee!!!! Dzikolanga!!! Mwadzina lako tili paMalawi amotooooo… Signs of th time, can’t you see??? Aaaaaaa my people, read tthe Bible,,,kaya

  8. Mulungu si muzanu ndi zimenezo people are watching you and more demos and strikes are coming people are not happy ndikukwera kwazithu

  9. Malindima says:

    Iwe Chikavu, it is easier said than done. If Malawi was a profit making business, it could have filed for bankruptcy by now. Even if the Leadership can be vocal, that does not mean anything if the resources for funding are dry. Where does the Government that has no money meet the strike demands? You have suggest the Government should strike a deal to spread payments of the demand over a future period of time but again this could not be sustainable as the sources of done funding for the future would uncertain. People Must just understand that Malawi has no money and they should stop bringing unreasonable demands that can not be met at this stage! No any President could have brought miracles to turn around our current situation within 6 months. Things started deteriorating from the day donors stopped funding Malawi in the JB admin. Kumalemba osati kungolemba nkhani za tulo ngati izi.Tsamalani mukhoza Kutsowa nazo izi!

    1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      Boza ilo, JB was running things smoothly despite donor withdrawal. But your idiot Pitara aka APM, said he would make sure donors are back to support Malawi and that he and chilima would improve economic situation in this land. Where are those promises now? look, everyone is crying in the country. You will solve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. NYAKWAWA says:

    APM samva malangizo a munthu. Musaiwale TB Joshua analosera kale za kulandidwa boma ndi asirikali.

    Ma donors akulephera kuthandiza chifukwa APM akumasolola ku NAC nkugula ndege ya Madam, kupereka ku Beam Trust, Mlakho ndi kugula atolankhani.

    Komanso ma Donor athandiza bwanji poti munanena kale kuti 2014/15 budget ndi Zero Aid?

  11. Palibe kanthu says:

    Tizinenabe. Palibe boma linalangizidwa ndikumvera malangizowo, inu mungalitchule?

  12. lakwathu says:

    My fellow Malawians, let’s put politics aside! How can you ask for increase in salaries when you know our country has no money? Even for paying some of your brothers and sisters under you! Are you being logical? Ooo Malawians! Behave like educated people and true citizens! Show that you love Malawi!

    1. ndevu za mlamba says:

      Anthu analonjezedwa kale pa kampeni kuti APM will reform the civil service so that their salaries will be more better than in private companies. People are asking for what they were promised. That is why they voted for him. No excuse.

  13. John says:

    Passive leaders dont do anything but atleast they allow their subordinates to lead themselves. The operating word being…..LEAD! The problem is, no one is leading within the APM group! Infact, the mess is just too much that they absolutely have no idea what to do, hence creating more mess on top of the already mess they have.

  14. C says:

    Boma munthu ukatenga mobera Mulungu amakulanga chonchi2, Bwampini akugona koma galimoto akuiona kuti ndi off road!

  15. Zainno says:

    Zikuwoneka kuti anthu ambili mumangotha kunyoza kokha basi inu monga mzika nenani mfundo zoti zithandize malawi koma palibe chomwe mumanenapo chomwe mumadziwa ndikuyang’ana pavuta osakonzanso koma kunyoza nchifukwa sitikutukuka kwazaka zochuluka

    1. Malunza says:

      Langizo ndilakuti APM atule pansi udindo. He has failed miserably.

  16. Muropwana says:

    APM and DPP have lost the plot . Have you noticed how quiet most of the Cabinet Ministers are? Even they realise that nsima iyi yadumpha moto basi . No one wants to openly associate with the regime except for Ben Phiri, Nankhumwa and Mukhito .

  17. The Owner says:

    Lecturing The President On Economic Management,things You Are Not Able To Do Even In Your Homes,you Are A Failure.Do Your Bit And Show Us That You Can.

  18. SALU says:

    madoner akufuna izi zitachitika:mk1.7bn UDF,mk92bn DPP,mwatenga zama ARV a DPP mubweze mumangidwe,kulekana ndikuti muzachoke mwakhamanikhamani.IG osewo akukhuzidwa ndichasowa anamupha,madvzr anu sanakuleseni zaamenewa.mukapanga zimenezi mukhala presdent opanda banga.amangidwe amenewa ANAPHA CHASOWA.mupeze madvzr amene angamakuwuzeni zofuna athu,onse sangayamike koma okukondani azachuluka.plz mupange zimenezi,dausi achoke waipisa prerdent ndalama za aids kumamwelera ndi azikazi awo.mulape msanga tchimori.

  19. Karim Batatawalalaladi says:

    In uncertain times, it is tempting for leaders to put risky decisions on hold and seek the safe option.

    But, unfortunately, time never stands still, and neither should APM and his administration.

  20. Vavlov says:

    DPP will be lucky to govern a country beyond 2 years without financial resources. The worst is yet to come, and that will be the downfall of DPP. They seem to have no backup plan besides looting meagre financial resources. Very soon there will be nothing to loot. People will be hungry and realise they made a mistake voting in DPP, if at all they voted for DPP.

  21. Dyson says:

    Let me take this opportunity it will be better to write in chichewa so alot the can understand well.vuto limene amalawi tili nalo likuchokela kwa bakili muluzi bakili bwezi pano ali kundende.amyendela limodzi ndi bingu kenako joyce pano peter.ndizolmvetsa chisoni amalawi ambiri akuvutika kuyambira kumwela kukafika ku mpoto koma anthum akuwasapotabe akuti popeza akuchokela mbari yakwathu.kodi bakili mungapite ku nyumba ya bakili kukamwa tiyi?ena akuti joyce useless woman.enafe ngati sitinapite ku school tifuse ana.mukuti joyce adapit kukatukula maiko ena maiko amene mukunena sangafanane ndi mw ndipo mukuti dziko lonse lapansi akumudziwa, ngati anthu samadziwa kuti kuli malawi kuja,chomwe ndinganene osawaikila kumbuyo atsogoreri awa.ine ndidathawa ku malaw nthawi ya bakili.koma ndimava chisoni ndikawona abale anga akumpoto pakati kumwela

  22. Phodogoma says:

    Bwenubwenus slow down. Please I repeat slow down. We are all Malawians. If APM is punished all of us will suffer too. What you are doing is putting this country in jeopardy. Look at how UNO has picked up the issue of NAC. Please slow down. Please slow down Tumbukas.

  23. Phodogoma says:

    Personally I dont hate the Tumbukas. They are people. Image of God for that matter. But I hate and I repeat I hate their attitude towards this country. They act as if they are foreign and after putting this country in hot soop then they will go back to their country. Yet we all suffer. No sense.

  24. Phodox says:

    Tumbukas have never been good pipo at all. Read the history of Malawi. You will learn that what they are doing today is what they are good at. That is the reason why they can not make it in the presidency and they will never at all.Which can vote for these people under such move? A fool. Surely a fool can vote them.

    1. Malunza says:

      But they can bring down any president who takes them lightly because God loves us all and not just Lomwes.

  25. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    He was in hurry to be sworn in as a president of Malawi in order to sort out problems which were created by JB . The worst has come with the president who was claiming to sort out the mess and to bring good leadership to all Malawians without tribalism or nepotism.

  26. jumujum says:

    no cashgate cases without cash mawu amenewa akuthandauza chian mukawamva inu okondedwa apulezideti wathu. onse amene ali ndi milandu basi zathera pompo.

  27. mbwenu says:

    Slow but sure

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