A must-watch! ‘Msati Mseke’ music video by Patience Namadingo

Multi-talented gospel artist, Patience Namadingo, is stamping his authority in the music industry after his comeback from a long break with latest video song “Msati Mseke” becoming a hit sensation on YouTube and radios.

Namadingo: Msati Msekeh

Namadingo: Msati Msekeh

Now Patience is way on a certain level than he used to be.

‘Msati Mseke’, which is vernacular Chichewa, simply means “don’t dare laugh” at how people present themselves before God because God does not look at cultural backgrounds to accept people into His kingdom.

Full of Malawian dance elements, Gule Wamkulu from the central region, Beni from the southern region and Malipenga from the north, this song is the next big hit in Malawi and is it well unveils what people should expect off his upcoming album “Lero” due this November.

As he preaches the gospel, singing about how amazing the Bible says we all are regardless of our cultural differences, Namadingo amazingly tries to sell the enchanting Malawian dances in this song. It is definitely a song for all.

Watch the acoustic performance of the song below:

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19 thoughts on “A must-watch! ‘Msati Mseke’ music video by Patience Namadingo”

  1. Good Citizen says:

    The ploblem with malawians is that we criticise before hearing facts… read the lyrics below as say that the song is not gospel!

    Verse 1 (Gulf wamkulu)

    Msati mseke akadzola matope pepepe pepepe
    Atavala chigoba choseketsa kunkhope pepepe pepepe
    Amathamangitsa mpaka wina atope pepepe pepepe
    Nkumukwapula mpaka wina atope pepepe pepepe
    Ndalama yake awafupe pepepe pepepe
    Amasamba kudambo osati pampope pepepe pepepe
    Amati iwo nvilombo nvilombo nvilombo nvilombo


    Koma onsewo baibulo liti awafuna
    Awafuna a-a awafuna
    Eee awafuna a-a awafuna
    Abwele avinile iyeyo awafuna
    Koma onsewa Baibulo liti awaitana
    Awaita-ana awayitana
    Awaita-ana awayitana
    Abwele avinile iyeyo

    Verse 2 (Beni)

    Msati mdabwe mkaona asilikali lili lililili
    Atavala zawo koma zaasilikali lili lililili
    Nsapato zawo atapolisha phuli phuli lililili
    Akuvina monyada koma cham’mbali mbali lili lililili
    Matupi awo atayaka ngati moto kubuka ngati moto kubuka Lhiiiiii!! Lililili
    Pang’ono pang’ono dansi nkumakolela ngati ndi mlili lili
    Sangavine yekha amavina kagulu ambili lilili


    Verse 3 (Malipenga)
    Msati mdabwe mkaona atchenetsetsa tsatsa tsatsatsatsa
    Kabudula ndimalaya zoyeletsetsa tsatsa tsatsatsatsatsa
    Stonkeni kampango koyeletsetsa tsa tsatsa tsatsatsatsa
    Amavina monyang’wa koma monyang’witsitsa tsatsa tsatsatsatsa
    Amamwetulila ngati akujambulitsa tsatsa tsatsatsatsa
    eee sungati ubele olo utayang’anitsitsa tsatsatsatsa
    Koma sungati uvine olo atakuphuzintsa tsatsatsatsa
    Koma Yehova baibulo lati mtifuna
    Mtifuna a-a mtifuna
    Ee mtifuna a-a mtifuna a
    Tibwele tivinile inuyo
    Mtifuna aaaaaa mmm mm
    Ati koma inu yesu baibulo lati mtikonda
    ee mtikonda a-a mtikonda
    eee mtikonda mmm mtikonda

    Or it depends how you define gospel kwanuko…kodi mbusa akatchula dzinyanu mu ulaliki ndiye kuti he is not preaching gospel? I begin to question your integrity guyz!

  2. Kingster Bella says:

    Mr. Analyst
    Don’t be obsessed with irrational eccentric behaviour. Take it easy, it’s a matter of opinion. The only worry here is the extent to which one deviates from even the norms of natural centrist or Natural Reasons.
    The issue at hand isn’t about how one understands Christianity or the gospel of Christ through the eye of research. We have so many great scholars in the subject of religion or religious studies who may understand a little inline better than an average christian but it doesn’t make them disciples of Christ in understanding the gospel.
    The gospel is so unique & can’t be mixed with the worldly view of religion. Putting up verses together to prop up one’s defense doesn’t prove one’s understanding of the gospel.
    You would have to be truly the disciple of Christ to truly understand the scope of the gospel.
    Isn’t my intention to put an argument regarding the gospel however, I would love to just explain a couple of things in relation to the argument at hand.
    The centre of the argument isn’t about the code of anything or the kind of dance acceptable for Christians..shows how limited one’s understanding is.
    Don’t tell me you don’t know Christianity requires order & attests itself to a certain level of credibility or integrity?
    Firstly, Nyau isn’t just a simple kind of dance. In its form it is related to some magic, hence occult. secondly it’s a form of religion which in simple term may be described as a cult. Thirdly, besides the secret practices on which the whole system is pivoted on, the outside cover is central & defies logic to amalgamate nyau dance with any ordinary dance let alone relating nyau with Christianity.
    Now the gospel calls everybody to the foot of the cross including nyau dancers.. The question is, how do you integrate nyau dancers into Christian fold..so simple, like anybody else: Come to Christ.. ‘Leave your old ways..’ (Eph. 4:17-31). It’s about the Holy Spirit in you & manifests outside.. ‘all unrighteousness is sin..’1 John 5:17.. It doesn’t matter who does it.
    Anything involving occultism is spiritual & any spirit besides the Holy Spirit is evil spirit. Now if one is a gospel singer & a true believer (Christian) must firstly understand the word of God in order to trade carefully otherwise he will prove his ignorance & impinge the same thing he wants to promote.
    Promoting culture is different from promoting the gospel through the means of culture. Anybody or even anything will have followers and others so passionate like Mr. Analyst to this guy called Namadingo.
    The gospel is the gospel!!

  3. themistocles says:

    I don’t know how people describe gospel but some of these genres are not gospel in nature. The Bible describes something which has a pargan origin as unGodly and remains thus even if it’s fused into God’s. It’s ONLY MAN WHO CAN TURN AWAY FROM SATANIC TO GODLY. Christianity is not dynamic whether we like it or not. Jeremiah 6:16 gives an incite of what people we’re and how we’ve turned against GOD with the pretext that the acts of the Holly Spirit has changed the set up of christianity. GOD SHALL REMAIN THE SAME AND HIS COMMANDMENTS WILL REMAIN UNCHANGED FOREVER AND EVER even if man changes his ways whilst claiming to serving God.

  4. Judge me not says:

    It’s not easy to sing and let all and sundry like your song no matter how talented you may be. in this world no one is perfect in everything unless you are God Himself. I know you are not but you err. For Namadingo all I can say is keep on singing and praising your Gid the way you can till death do you and music part. Let Chilungamo and his team of Gospel Music judges do their work for they are just good at it. By the way have they ever sang or atleast even a line of a song in their lives? I wonder where they muster the strength to analyse other pweople’s work other than their own. Do something and let the world talk about you Chilungamoless. I like the song and as I am writing this stuff am listening to it. Wandisokosera nkulinga utamva. Akunama amenewa nawonso nyimboyi akuikonda, nanga aimva bwanji ngati sanayikonde? Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!

  5. Kingster Bella says:

    Mr Analyst:
    To my observation, Chilungamo is very right. You may try to spin it but the gospel is the gospel. Chilungamo isnt disqualifying anybody, so the “Holier than Thou” narrative is out of place. everybody has the right to opinion especially when publication appears in public domain.
    The guy might be talented however he has questionable judgment hence misplaced talent. The fact that someone mentions the name of God/Christ in the song doesn’t necessarily mean the gospel is being preached. its funny, you stand as an informed person but from the look of things, you have shall understanding of the word of God (gospel)..
    Keep it up though!!

    1. Analyst says:

      Again you have failed to describe what the real gospel music is. What is the real christian dance, tune, audience or dress code for gospel music? you may enlighten us. Is it that because one is Chewa and grew up in the Nyau traditions, then cannot dance his way out for the Lord? How does Christianity embrace the cultures of the world from America, to Latin America, then Europe to Asia and let alone Africa? How are all these people supposed to sing, dance to be make it gospel? What kind of message should be in their songs? That would make a lot more sense. Or you can just give examples of some artists whom you think are real gospel musicians. Romans 15:18-21, Ephesians 3:7-9, Romans 1:14-15, 2 Corinthians 5:11-14, 1 Thessalonians 2:6-9, 1 Corinthians 9:19-23, all these verses tell how the gospel ought to be spread. To the Jews you become like a Jew, to those under the law, like wise, to win their souls. Then we can take it from there. I have heard and seen most Born Again christians dancing to Benjamin Dube music, even singing his tunes in church in praise and worship. But Benjamin Dube is just a professional artist singing in the way of some gospel appeal. Try to hire him one day and you will see he is in fact doing it for business. On the other hand I note many of us ‘believers’ try to put restrictions to the places and occasions a gospel artist is supposed to perform. But do we restrict who should come to our so called gospel shows at say ICA Marque or Robbins Park? You may be surprised that a good percentage of those who mostly attend these shows are imbibers and sex workers. Still they are gospel shows. We believe the word is preached. So I see Mr Chilungamo’s assertion as being misinformed, out of hate and prejudice. That is my view. You can do your research

  6. Chilungamo says:

    Looks i may be the first comenter to hold a different view. Does the boy have talent??…certainly yes!!. Is the song Christian Gospel?..certanly no!! There is simply no Gospel in it. Classifyng it a Gospel song is a sign of a serious defecieny in knowledge of what real Christianity is all about. Similar with songs like ‘amawona kuchedwa’ done by Lawi…what Gospel is in that song like seriously?. No wonder the guy would take pride in perfoming at an Unchristian festival such as lake of stars!!..back to the song in discussion…true that God invites all of us to come to Him despite of our backgrounds, but what happens after taking heed to the call??..we cast off our sinful ways!!!!…be it traditional or whatever, we leave it and start following Christian traditions and norms and thats what we call being Born again!!..am from Kasungu and i know how develish nyau cult is, you cant tell me to be a Christian and continue practicing nyau in the name of onse abwere….Serious??..eish!!…this is horrible!! But the ppo wont mind i know, they like being fooled and cheated. Talent?? …yes!!!..Gospel??..NOOO!!!…The song is against the very principals of Bible Christianity…in other Words …it is Anti Christ!..Nyau ndiza mizimu…in others words..ziwanda…these are the things we repent when coming into Christianity…Patience, this is not, and will never be Gospel song!!..i know that some people here after JUDGING the song and finding it to be ok with them, they will tell me kuti DO NOT JUGDE cause am saying the song is not right…This Is not a Gospel song one trillion times!!!!

    1. Analyst says:

      I see you are missing the point Mr Chilungamo and perhaps you are one of those confused. You are probably among those who are confined to some belief as a result of brainwashing. The song is clearly about the people of different backgrounds coming together to dance for the Lord. There is nothing wrong with Nyau as a dance as long as it is not attached to any evil belief, but rather in praise of the Lord. There is no prescribed christian dance. May be you may teach us one day. There is not christian way of dressing. Nowhere was it prescribed that you have to wear a suit, a shirt or a necktie to be seen holy. We just devise these according to our selfish tastes. Even music, there is nothing like christian tune, neither is it that praise and worship songs should be a slow RnB tune, or Jazz for one to praise and worship as we are made to believe in these days. As the song portrays it, with the various dances, it calls for people to dance for the Lord in their diverse dance skills. It is all about people putting in their best style and skills to dance for the Lord. I see this as a call for those who were lost in the Nyau beliefs to come forth and rejoice and dance in the Lord with their skills and energy. But your comment and your thoughts are clearly full of hatred and prejudice. The sort of holier than thou. Interestingly, you have fallen short of defining what is the real gospel music in your view. As far as I am concerned, the gospel is any good news that is spread to bring people closer to God. And this song does exactly that in the name of calling everyone to dance for the Lord regardless of background. And the message goes further and reaches out because of the immense talent in it just as in Lawi’s ‘amaona kuchedwa’. Your hatred goes further to judge Lawi for performing at some events. You are contradicting yourself as Jesus himself did not confine His work in the church but rather he went for the lost souls right in their backyard. Even embracing some fornicators. Get your facts and at least open your mind

  7. Observer says:

    I agree with Marvin Hanke: we can finally be proud of this music video. Typical Malawian song depicting our rich culture! Lucius Banda at one time also came up with TINA music Video…. it enjoyed more air play then on our radios and TV because it showcased cultural activities. You can easily identify yourself with this song by Patience……Keep it up!!!!!

    As for our musicians please don’t’ be afraid to depict culture in your songs even if it’s gospel! Most fear kuti ati aziti ndi achimidzi or a gule while the truth remains ……. that’s who we are! I’m telling Patience can travel much just because of this song coz westerners appreciate culture more!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nadzowa says:

    You are raising the flag and keeping us on the map! To add on, what a splendid video! nothing cosmetic but the original. You are a natural Patience. Love your work.

  9. True Malawian Citizen says:

    For the first time to see a true Malawian Traditional Piece of Music. The rest, its a waste of time to watch. keep it up man. This is great.

  10. Wachitumbuka says:

    Woooooow this is a beautiful song!!!

  11. Leroh says:

    Wow! this is amazing. To God be praise and honour for the wondeful talent. God bless you Patience

  12. mbaswiche says:

    This is nice stuff, lets support him

  13. aabwino says:

    This is good !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like it

  14. Kingster Bella says:


  15. Marvin Hanke says:

    As a former broadcaster and music critic I get asked the question:What will it take for Malawian music to break through the international boarders. The answer: Msati Mseke by Patience Namadingo. If all our great musicians dropped the fear of losing their current funs and took the path that Patience has taken, they would win them back and even create more. Congratulations Patience. You make us proud.

  16. DPP Boma says:

    Excellent staff! Keep it up young man

  17. nanaphiri says:

    walowa nyau uyu,,,,kkkkkk

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