A walk through the sharp edges of ‘Dzuka Malawi’

I was bitter and angry. The young men had just stimulated my orgasm of shame. I was so ashamed for not knowing. They explained in simple, but clear terms the hardships that my clan faced.

Kalawe in Dzuka Malawi music video

Kalawe in Dzuka Malawi music video

They spoke with authority and determination, recalling the good things that our ancestors enjoyed many years ago when the land was still on its virginity state.

The young men explained his bitterness on how we have abused the land, taking away the dignity for nothing. He mentioned the growing corruption practice, disregard for the rule of law and the attrocities being committed under our guard.

I felt afraid. Afraid for their  dear lives. What if the CEO of suffering heard them. Whats better than death, fearful than fear, I coughed my fears away and gave him my ears. They now had my full attention as they continued beating ignorance out of our poor souls dwelling in a rich land.

One of the young men narrated of his Uncle’s big shop that had turned to a mare Canteen following the coming of a mysterious man from a far land who started his selling joint as a Canteen, only to end up a wholesale, swallowing that of a local, poor Uncle. Truthfully, similar to scenarios that my first grade teacher called “Vice Versa” each time he assessed my home work.

The young man, in his 20s continued to school us, explaining how foreigners from distant lands had impregnated our Mother land with their astray semen making us look barren for producing nothing worthy their recommendation after years of struggle.

According to the young man, they have deemed us useless in the presence of our very own giant creatures that dangled between our legs.

In the end, the young man, with his friends preached of unity, peace and pleaded with all of us to have a burning desire for success to better our lives and claim back the lost glory we had thrown to the dogs through the very same “rights” we are entitled to, including what the the rest of the world term as “the right to VOTE.”

He was just bitter and worried that we were still going to elongate to moment of suffering through the very same “right to vote” that the world bestowed upon our naked knowledge.

As I was beginning to recognise their voices, respect their knowledge and join their good call for action, I heard a knock on my door. I woke up, realised it was just a dream.

Simultaneously, the knock kept on and I forced myself out of bed, went out of befroom straight to the front door, opened it. I saw four young men I had seen in my dreams telling me they are on a journey to wake Malawi up from the sleep of shame.

The youngmen were Fredokiss, Kalawe, Martse and Mwanache, carrying a very big and old styled radio cassette listening to their remix “Dzuka Malawi.”

I have risen from my sleep and joined the fight. Malawi needs to wake up and fight for her second freedom. Look at all these levels of unemployment, foreigners’ dominance, unfulfilled dreams, internal insecurity and many more.

The radio cassette is now on my shoulders listening to the song of the moment “Dzuka Malawi Remix” that can be downloaded on this link –http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=3239

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Dr love

who tald u we are sliping b4 u someone came tald as the same story today thesame zuka zuka malawi haiii look at u idiot people

mtate mike rsa

The article is samething very specail and it is well articulated how deeply malawians are feeling at the moment im in rsa but i read nyasatimes everyday im alwayz woried and fil sorry for my country malawi.I want to encourage my fellow malawians
to get heed of this article and comprehend it pray for malawi and verysoon God almighty is going to answer to our prayers.My advise to my fellow youngmen in the name of KALAWE,FREDOKIS,MWANACHE,MARTSE BIGUP WE R BEHIND NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.all the best in watever move you make preach on.

Zanga Phee!

Good job the writer this what we expect from you guys Nyasa times is the best ever news ever but you guys you don’t know.See my name.

Demo Wabhunu

sort of good piece, i really like it

mdub urban way

Eeeeee!! Palembedwa zakuyatu apa.. I like Fredokiss verse in the track… Fredo has to do his own version of Dzuka malawi…ingakome ndithu…


chishango is a symbol for a fighting spirit and not for ngoni per se. analyse issues in context please!!!


The writer is very good. This article is the best publicity masterpieace i have seen in centuries…

Am forced to download the song… will come back later when I listen to it.

Ghetto Salvation

This is an awesome article. I was also sleeping Dzuka Malawi Dzuka… Kalawe on board


You talk of unity yet you display a ngoni symbol. Malawi is not ngoni.true unity will only be achieved when we abandon the tendency to glorify tribes. Lets glorify malawi

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