Abortion is pure murder, Malawi shouldn’t legalise -Undule

In Hosea 4:6 God is saying “My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge, because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children”. God is speaking to us, urging 6us to seek His wisdom and knowledge. But the world today has become more rebellious to His word, truth and holiness. We have taken God for granted and listen more to the lies and tricks of the devil.



Gods speaks very clearly in the bible on the value of unborn children. He says that personally He made each one of us and has a plan for each life. In Jeremiah 1:5 He says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”.

Everybody nowadays hears a lot about the issue of abortion which has become very contentious not only in Malawi but worldwide. Abortion advocates are championing for policy and law reforms and this has brought divided opinions.

We all know human life is a precious gift from God and that each person who receives this gift has responsibilities toward God, self and others. It is paramount that society through its laws and social institutions must protect and nurture human life at every stage of existence. We cannot run away as a society because life must be protected with utmost care from the moment of conception.

In this modern world human rights are proudly proclaimed and the value of life itself given public affirmation, Yet “The very right to life”, is being denied and trampled upon, especially at the more significant moments of existence. That moment of birth and the moment of death.

As society we must make commitment never to intentionally kill, collude in the killing of any human life and unless we repent God will not spare those responsible. No matter the motive behind abortion, it burdens the woman conscience in life, her soul in death, but thrice guilty to who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the act of innocent killing.

The more we debate and understand abortion, the more we realize it is anti-God, anti-human, anti-life and anti-woman. This affirms abortion is direct killing of an innocent life and is always gravely immoral.

Life as a gift from God should not be taken away. Be reminded God is “Pro-Choice” but He tells us clearly the only acceptable choice to make. As in” Deuteronomy 30:19 “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”

Therefore believers with God’s voice must pray for dignity of human life. They must give urgent attention and priority to stand against pro -abortion advocates on behalf of victims who are the most vulnerable and defenseless members of human race.

This word of wisdom is for the sake of humanity and God’s Glory.

  • The author is former Executive Director of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and now a Nyasa Times columnist
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48 thoughts on “Abortion is pure murder, Malawi shouldn’t legalise -Undule”

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Abortion is bad and the followinfg too are bad; homosexuality/lesbianism, onanism, &c All these are based on selfishness, self~centeredness, -vices.
    God is love. The opposite of the above.
    May be Undule has come to believe in God.
    Is he another Paul who was a killer of Xtns but later an Apostle of the one he persecuted?
    Bravo Undule. Now u can change ur name to Salcvation Mwakasungula.

  2. Nasimango says:


  3. Francisco says:

    Undulele Is a Pure Chammeleon. you cannot trust him by his tongue

  4. Fanny says:

    Muchedwa nazo zolimbana ndi Undule.Remember Saul to Paul?God uses the fierce opposers to fierce warriors.Mukadabwa Undule ali munseu wa Golode ine mukukuta mano nkkumati bola tinakwera ya Undule.

  5. Aubrey Kudzala says:

    Ine ndine okwatirakoma ndili ndi chibwenzi ndiye ndinapereka mimba ndinamuuza apange abort. Nthawi zina kupanga abort ndi chinthu choyenera kutero nanga apapa akazi anga ataziwa zingakhale bwino?


    Undule, abortion is wrong and yet in the same breath you support gays???? Stop being stupid and JUST SHUT UP!!!

  7. Kavuluvulu says:

    I thought it is the same Undule who said there is no God and he does not believe in the Bible ?

  8. fedrevolution says:

    Very proud of you UNDULE God is working wonders may his name be glorified

  9. Magadi Mwase says:

    Mwakasungula….what does you Bible say about gays and lesbians?

  10. Undule usatinamize za Bible apa chifukwa iwe wemwe ukuti boma libvomereze maukwati a SAME SEX-ndiwe wa SATANIC

  11. Bololo says:

    Koma u gay ndiye sitchimo?

  12. Malongo says:

    Koma mathanyula/Gay si tchimo?

  13. Jozza says:

    Sounds total truth

  14. BEXTRA says:

    Inu a chekambewa,tamandani,ndi bikonomicks! Be careful of what you utter why giving out lame excuses to support you mind burnt ideas are you sure if someone considering your beliefs aborted you there could have been no problem? Or are you blaming your misfortunes on those who parented you? Forget about those who raped you!!!!! Am failing to distinguish the both of you! you! all lack compassion

    Insteed of pointing out fingers, let’s face the reality together SIN is SIN no matter who is the victim or who is the Most offender!! and you who are you to mock GODS chosen better you know UNDULES stand point that he is BA nthawi yobonera does not matter provided you are able to show the FRUITS of repentance YOURS ARE ROTTEN!!!! I support you UNDULE oneday I will call you Pastor UNDULE MWAKASUNGULA! God willing don’t put out the flame you have ignited STAY BLESSED

  15. We already know that wasowa nkhani Gay activist

  16. Benson Chirwa says:

    Whether one aborts or not, will not affect my Christianity. People are still aborting, does that make you less Christian? But it is happening so have your opinion and Le others do otherwise.

  17. namchuchule says:

    Murderer mwakasungula akuti kudzigulira malo shaaaaa. Walemba mmadzi gay advocate iwe.

  18. Joice Bandah says:

    Shame on you undule

  19. NICKY says:


  20. zamba wankulu says:

    It seems he doesn’t know human rights undule, I dint know if he is aware of the magnitude of women dieing due to unsafe abortion! ! If a woman decides to abort whether the law alows or not she will have it, the issues is we want women to decide for her fate why should men decide for them yet they are they on who carries the it for 9months, dont decide for women let them make a decision. The whites who brought us this law they have changed coz they know its a bad law. Go to gynaecology today only the poor are suffering coz of this law yet you go to BLM to abort we know that, why should the law be selective? ?? You mean only the rich deserve life?? Ask for statistics from dictors they will tell u .WE WANT THE LAW REFORM NOW.

  21. KAMBWE says:

    but same sex marriage is legal

  22. Muheziwa says:

    Stop wasting your time there is no God. Man created God in his own mind because he doesn’t understand where he came from, let alone where he is going.

    1. ophiri says:

      God should have mercy on u and may He open ur eyes to c His glory and power

  23. Chiko says:

    Wanzeri WA Kummawa, consider bestiality under the laws of Malawi in the first place. Secondly, I don’t think you can reduce human being to a mere animal like chimp. I pity your argument…

  24. Sapitwa says:

    What if the pregnancy poses life threatening to the expectant mother?
    Women with serious heart conditions
    BP scary conditions
    Other medical complications

    If the Doctor recommends abortion to save the expectant mother would you deny her the right to life?

  25. TruFactor says:

    So the bible does not condone abortion but it does condone same-sex marriage? Which bible are you using bwana?

  26. TruFactor says:

    So the bible abortion does not condone abortion but same-sex marriage? Which bible are you using bwana?

  27. Malawi wavunda says:

    Chomwe ndawona ine mchoti satanac akugwila mtchitodi tawonani ma coment anuwo zikuwoneselatu kuti athu atiyilila kukonda dziko ndi ndalama basi kuchosa miba ndi tchimo ufune usafune ose amene muku panga lamulo ili ndinu ana asatana ndipo iwe bingu ukango vomeleza izi tiziwa kuti mzako ndi obama satanic maufumu apa dziko lapamsi

  28. Jelbin mk says:

    That’s true Mr Makasungula because if a farmer plants maize in a field and after those maize grains germinating (but before coming out of the soil) then some one comes to exhume them and destroy them by pounding them before throwing them away and when presenting the case before the court it will be likely mentioned that the perpetrator will have to pay for damaging the farmer’s maize despite the stage of a developing cotyledons. I would like to also differ with someone who says some pregnancies are acquired by mistake. This is not true because God was not stupid to have a woman start releasing an egg and a certain age be it 14,15 or 16. God would have made it possible that a woman to start going through menstruation at the age of 5 but he knew that such individuals will have no enough knowledge of taking the responsibility of their actions pertaining to the needed care for children, they would not be matured enough to carry out the task. Thus why he made sure that both a man and a woman should be only able to reproduce at their appropriate age so that they can know how to nurse their offspring therefore my sister don’t be encouraged that what you did by committing abortion was good and heroic instead feel sorry for yourself for killing your own child you were supposed to protect from all dangers and that you became a traitor to your own child and you should immediately ask God for forgiveness because to got every sin is forgivable. I also want to challenge another commentator who gave an example of a chimpanzee raping a human being till pregnancy’ that the thing he is talking about does not and will not happen in this generation so there is no need for us to legalize something of which its probability is zero. It only shows that the person who wrote that comment had run out of ideas because chimpanzees do not ha feelings for humans and are not attracted to us not a bit.

  29. nabanda says:

    Women have a right to abort just as men can choose to run away from pregnancy and never see their own child at all in life. NO ONE of thse masquendering church people talks about this as a sin. Indeed, men like Mwakasunguala should stop telling women what to do when men run away from responsibility. It is time women have the right to abort and its good government is considering legalising abortion. Machimo si abortion yokha.

  30. chibwatiko mbekamachuni says:

    Tamanda Sauna, unatenga mimba mwangozi? Palibe angakumveli izi zonse zimachitika umadziwa. Siunadzuteteze, umadziwa kuti nthawi imeneyo utha kutenga mimba lero udziti ngozi! Izi zikhalabe ndi iwe mpakana utalapa ukachitanso masewera siudzabereka iwe

  31. Manga says:

    The same goes to the same as Undule said the abortion advocates are very strong while you pro life guys are just speaking online..what strategy of you have ? Non ..basi inu ndi panyasatimes basi…

  32. Manga says:

    Guys I see you are confusing this article to the homosexuality one. In the homosexual article Undule never talked about legalization on same same sex, he spoke of co existence of the homosexuals so that they can be delivered. If we say homosexuals are sinners then let us bring them in the church and deliver them. Homosexuals needs spiritual help and it will only happen if we bring them closer. Undule did not say let us accept homosexuality but let us accept them so that we change them but not condemning them. Read undules homosexuals article between the lines guys… Don’t rush in commenting without understanding the issues. Bravo Undule , Bravi to Almighty God…

  33. Good. says:

    Undule you are now my man. Izi ndiye nzeru izi. In the same manner, repremand sodomy as the Bible forbids it. You are really a born again.

  34. Chekambewa says:

    eeeeeee Aundule mwa bona eti? what has happened to you by changing tunes like that. Take care with your HRCC friends muzafa infa yowawa mukamasewera ndi Mulungu. y then do you encourage maukwati amuna okhaokha kapena akazi okhaokha? do you know that its a disgrace before God? repent before you are no more

  35. Tamanda Sauka says:

    I speak from experience, mimba zina zimabwera mwangozi. I was impregnated and could not continue with it. I aborted and life now goes on.

  36. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    Mr Undule is entitled to his opinion.
    We live in a world full of assumptions. In some cases those assumptions lead us to the reality or truth.
    Assuming therefore hypothetically that a woman is raped by a chimpanzee (which is can happen anyway) and she conceives. Would it still be wrong for her to abort?
    Would it be right for the woman to deliver that baby in order to preserve life?

    Everyone has the right to sex. Would it therefore be right to have sex with any woman whether your wife or not? I guess it wouldn’t be right. Look, our life is guided by set rules. One of the rules is that sex should be done orderly. It is disorderly for a woman to have sex with a chimp and deliver the baby. In this case it would be orderly to abort this chimp baby. Hence it is not entirely true that abortion is pure murder given such considerations above.

  37. Bokonomiks says:

    How does that look Mr Born Again Human Rights defender… Murder is a no go area while homosexuality is allowed. Do you know that God abhors both in equal measure, sin is sin in the eyes of the almighty

  38. Dalitso says:

    Well said Undule; keep it up. Abortion is taking someone’s life and no one has a right to kill anyone even worst murderers needs to be rehabilitated.

  39. Dr Bright Msaka-Cypress University says:

    Awa nde agwape. Mwakasungula Unapanga accumulate ndalama zambiri za umathanyula lero nde ukuti chani? Upepese kaye ku mtundu wa Malawi pobweretsa alien cultures in this country like same sex marriages. Gwape iwe wamathanyula. Hypocrite first class

  40. Kwataine says:

    God is an amazing God. Bwana undule Mulungu walankhula kudzera mwa inu. Chisomo chake ndichopambana. Zaonekeratu kuti mu ufumu wake muli malo ambiri tonsefe titaleka uchimo Mulungu wathu angatilandire mu ufumu wake.


    HON UNDULE,it seems u know de truth,bt u deliberately chose to do the oppsite 4 de sake of fattening ua pocket.
    what does the same Bible say on same sex marriages?

  42. myao says:

    Abortion is a sin just as umathanyula

  43. mbuyuni says:

    Mwabona a Undule eti? Some of the rights we made to exercise are ungodly,making us paint a man to look like a woman, forcing us to use a very wrong place for sexual rights in case of msm, later on they wil tel us to make a hole on the abdomen to be used as a placebo for the lovely anatomy God made. Welcome Undule, God have mercy on Malawi

  44. Jupiter says:

    koma aloreze Mathanyala eti?.
    a Undule ife tikudziwa ku za mulungu mudaziyamba motumidwa kuti musokoneze anthu.

    Ma ufulu mmakakamirawa alibe gawo pa maso pa Mulungu
    nanga maiyo atati ali ndi ufulu osakhala ndi mwana?

    Anthu sitingakwanitse kusanja malamulo.
    tikwanitsa bwanji pomwe a eni akefe sitimadzidziwa kuti ndife chani?.

    Undule! Liuze Dziko kuti Abortion,Homosexuality ndizinanzinazo mulungu akukana

  45. Jintha Jembe says:

    Pure gospel he who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says.

  46. chepetsani says:

    Iwe Kodi akukutuma ndi ndani? Bible limene umawelenga lakuno MPOTO Kapena kuti. Usatinyanse wabva. Mathanyula ndiye sichimo. Koma Amako alimoyo iwe? A Nyasatimes you are very greedy. Osamu chotsa bwanji? Nyasatimes muli a mathanyula etiiiii?

  47. myao says:

    I agree entirely with this article.

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