About us: Nyondo, Muheya appointed Nyasa Times sub-editors

Creative writer and online journalist Pius Nyondo has been appointed Nyasa Times  Senior Sub-Editor.

Pius Nyondo

Pius Nyondo

Before his appointment, Nyondo, 20, was sub-editor responsible for features and special projects. He replaces Lucky Mkandawire who left Nyasa Times  and now works for Nation Publications Limited (NPL).

Nyasa Times editorial director Thom Chiumia described Nyondo’s appointment as necessary and a step forward for the country’s crop of youthful journalists.

“He [Nyondo] is not only a startlingly creative writer, but also one with admirable editing skills,” said Chiumia.

He said among his many tasks, Nyondo – also a recipient of the 2012 First Merchant Bank/Malawi Writers Union Short Story Award – will be working with more than 65  Nyasa Times’ correspondents in Malawi.

“We are rising up the ladder each passing day, and we are sure Nyondo will help us in ensuring that we’ve an admirable working relationship with our business associates, partners and stakeholders,” said Chiumia.

Before joining Nyasa Times, Nyondo, wrote for Nation Publications Limited, Blantyre Newspapers Limited and Montfort Media. He has made himself a name in Malawi’s online newspapers circles having worked for The Maravi Post where he worked as a reporter before rising up to the rank of editor as well as Malawi24.com for which he was founding editor.

A graduate student in English and African Languages at Mzuzu University (Mzuni), Nyondo has attended several courses in journalism within and outside the country.

He is also a published author of a novella, Lions from the South.

 Meanwhile, Chiumia disclosed that Nyasa Times senior journalist Green Muheya has been promoted to rank of sub-editor based in Blantyre.

A sub-editor checks over the stories which journalists write, ensuring correct grammar and that it meets house style guidelines, and fits them into the space in the website.

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25 thoughts on “About us: Nyondo, Muheya appointed Nyasa Times sub-editors”

  1. edda mwalweni says:

    Y do some of you hate the tumbukas , we r all malawians. We are also an image of God the almighty. Shame on you who r busy hating others

  2. Congratulations are in order

  3. TK says:

    Pius is very young but gifted. The boy is just 20 years old. He started writing as a very little kid. Spare the young man of the hate please a Malawi.

  4. Shyman Shaizo says:

    All the best Pius Nyondo…all the best as you climb the journalism ladder..Continue putting mighy Mzuni on the map. Proud of you mwanawakwithu.

  5. Livulezi river says:

    Atumbuka sasowadi inu mwava? No matter how educated he/she is, still tumbuka face lingers on him/her simply because they are not civilized. Nkhope zawo zimakhala zatulo. The truth pains! Remember, to be educated is one thing, and to be civilized is another. Look at him, it’s easy for faceologists ( those who study tumbuka faces) to know this guy is a tumbuka. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Kikikikikiki!!!!!!!

    1. Peter Mthiburo says:

      Mwalemba izi ndinu achitsiru. Mmayesa ndalomwe omwe muli ndima slopy looks. Imagine APM kapena Mpinganjira adakakhala kuti alibe makobili, ali othyola tea bwenzi akuoneka bwa?

  6. Busy brains says:

    But he seems not to be a chicken! I hope he is 27! By the way, how old was he by the time he started working if by 2012 he was already in the profession? Anyway, he must be a genius! Congrats though!

  7. Enidziko says:

    We need serious editing at Nyasa Times. We have been let down in the past. Waiting to see big improvement in grammar and style.

  8. osaweta jj says:

    wwwaaauuuu u rily hav a bright my dude,my free advice don’t b affiliated to politics otherwise u will loose touch like Brian banda,timpunza mwansambo…….salute

  9. Mzuma says:

    Proud of you Pius.

  10. Kanengo says:

    Someone to check grammar and spelling is badly needed. Welcome appointment

  11. Manager says:

    Hope he does not get bribed.I have noted that alot jaunalists hv bn bribed by Muthalika.Good examples are Pilirani Tambala and Steve Zimba of Zodiac.They always downplay issues against Government and are reluctant to take them 4 broadcasting.

  12. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Congratulations. Wishing you all the best.

  13. ğyu says:

    All the best nyasa but stop peddling lies and writing poorly edited stories. Now even the “mighty” nation newspaper is employing reporters groomed at nyasatimes, make online a power to reckon with

  14. jakata says:

    Pius is not a graduate but rather a Third year BA Education majoring in the above mentioned subjects. Be serious when writing these articles. Do not cheat the readers.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Is that so? Then why lie? If its is true that he is not a graduate, then we already have questions over the news content that he will be editing. can the true Pius Nyondo please stand up?

  15. Uchindami says:

    Nyondo, 20?. Mbunenesko uwu?

  16. ernest says:

    Congratulations are in order. You rock buddy. Keep on rising and may God Bless you

  17. ernest says:

    Congrats Pius. You rock buddy. Keep on rising and may God Bless you

  18. amunabawa says:

    good luck guys

  19. Mweeta Ookhwene says:

    Mwaliona tsankho. Nyondo tauzidwa zache zonse. Muheya just one paragraph. Atumbuka!

  20. Mlomo says:

    Congrats Mr Nyondo

  21. Peter Mthibulo says:

    Welcome Pius. And I am wishing you all the best.

    Now agenda njakuti wamwana upulikisketu: ukhwime apatu wapulika mnganya. Boma la mathanyula uyu likwenda mwamphuvya. Ulembenge nkhani ziheni zekhazekha za Peter.

    1. Yesaya Dziko says:

      Sad comment

      1. Peter Mthiburo says:

        Post a happy comment then, galu iwe.

        What’s sad here. Poti ndanyoza Mathanyula, a thief who together with his rotting brother emptied 92billion from government coffers.

        Tell you what, your Peter will know no peace. If he thought the office of presidency will help him hide, heeee my friend, he was dead wrong.

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