ACB arrest Financial Intelligence Unit boss in cashgate ‘breakthrough’

A manager at the national Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Fumbani Mhango, is the latest high profile person to be arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in the public graft case known as Cashgate, Nyasa Times understands.

Fumbani: Arrested

Fumbani: Arrested

Mhango is manager at FIU monitoring and analysis.

He is suspected to be a conduit of the cashgate affair.

Investigators of the country’s corruption busting body told Nyasa Times that the arrest of Mhango is a “breakthrough” in the ongoing Cashgate prosecutions.

ACB’s senior public relations office , Egritta Mdala, has confirmed the arrest.

Mdala said Mhango will be charged for misuse of office contrary to Section 25B (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act; aiding and abbetting contrary to Section 35 of the Corrupt Practices Act; improperly disclosing information contrary to Section 25C (1) (a) (b) of the Corrupt Practices Act and money laundering contrary to Section 35(1) (d) of the Money Laundering, Proceeds of Serious Crimes and Terrorist Financing Act and tax related charges.

Several high profile people have been arrested in the cashgate affair including Paul Mphwiyo who was a budget director during the period when the government lost a lot of finances – that was between April and September 2012.

Paul Mphwiyo was a government witness in Cashgate trials after surviving an assassination attempt in September last year by people he believed were unhappy with his stand against corruption at his work place.

Others arrested but yet to undergo trial include former Malawi Defence Force commander Henry Odillo, director of the Public Officers’ Assets Declaration, Christopher Tukula, former publicity secretary of the former ruling People’s Party, Hophmally Makande and a lawyer, Ishmael Chioko.

There have been concerns about the “slow pace” at which the trials are moving.

Mwiza Nkhata, Dean of Law at the Chancellor College of the University of Malawi, told a local radio station the government should tread carefully on the arrests being made to avoid lawsuits which could later cost government a lot of money in compensation.

“Good practice requires that you should not arrest people unless you have built up a substantial case against particular individuals… If you are planning to arrest people you must have completed investigations ensure that the government does not expose itself to suits for malicious prosecution or false imprisonment,” said Nkhata.

The ACB authorities maintain the arrests are made after thorough investigations.

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90 thoughts on “ACB arrest Financial Intelligence Unit boss in cashgate ‘breakthrough’”

  1. choka phiri says:

    Every Malawian have contributed to corruption. Bribe is corruption. Why do u give someone who works for ESCOM money to connect electricity? Or water board. MRA. Instead of reporting them u give them money abd say kwayamika for what? They are employed and get paid for doing that job. I have fault with that but get nowhere. People say ndi ku Malawi. They defend this. I dont get extra money when I serve a customer. Its my duty. For Gods sake. If all could say NO. I Remember during Kamuzu Banda it coulf not happen. Iam for Chajwela not because heIs the best but clean at rhe moment. He did not steal from us.

  2. choka phiri says:

    They might be all judges from Tumbuka and so what. If the Tumbukas are fit for the job they are working for the nation. What is wrong with Malawian? You look into tribe rather than interst of the nation. Start now teaching students about love for nation and one nation. If we contineu picking each other for trubes we will never go forward. Do you know how many langauges Tazania have? Never hear them talk about where one TZ come from. That I call peace not Malawi peace. Tribalism creates civil war. Many examples. Love your nation, Unit, Peace.

  3. choka phiri says:

    When Malawian will rise and go on the streets and say enough is enough. These so called politician never learn. They would rather risk to be humiliated like khadafi than let it go. Once I head Muntharika won I knew what was out coming of It.

  4. mtumbuka says:

    Well done Fumbani

  5. Charlie Hebdo says:

    There is nothing hot in some comments Nyasatimes labels as such. Any comment that tends to stereotype Tumbukas as thieves is tagged hot. What is your problem Nyasatimes. Bring hot issues not comments based on hate and jealous. Every tribe in Malawi has its share of thieves. Any idea what Pareto Analysis is? On the surface Tumbukas may be demonized as thieves but do you know that the most corrupt are politicians especially those in power? Isn’t it only two days ago that we read of deputy speakers fraudulently getting rentals they are not entitled to? Are they Tumbukas? What about late Bingu Muthalika? If it is really true that his wealth is over MK60 billion Kwacha from a mere MK150 million declared, how many Lutepos, Kalongas, Senzanis, Mphwiyos will make that much, yet Bingu is just one Lhomwe. Make your analysis from Kamuzu Banda to APM and see where it gets us. Only then you will be justified to label a tribe according to the results of your analysis.

  6. mbani says:

    mbava I remember this face at poly

  7. Truth shall never proverbs. Do what is needed. Am stupid to day because I don’t have food, bad condition houses and many more.

  8. Dr. Mango says:

    A Edward Thom Phiri, just remain quiet. Some people will talk much about your evil doing.

  9. namchuchule says:

    Atumbuka mwaonjezatu kuba!! Choncho ndiye muzilira kuti dziko silikutukuka chonsecho mukungokhalira kuba? I am very very woried of tumbukas who are still working in govt offices. It seems their plunder mission has just started. Check ma DC achitumbuka mmene akubera eish!

  10. Zakeyo says:

    The majority of Malawians have very low IQ. Instead of trying to figure out what’s going on here, they just rush into baseless conclusions!!! Any thinking human being would first of all try to ask some probing questions before commenting!! If you don’t know who is doing what and why, just keep quiet and save itself the embarrassment when the truth comes out!! Don’t forget that somebody at ACB had 2 million deposited into his account!! Does Fumbani have info on this? Think a Malawi inu, think!

  11. Atubu samapezeke mboma chifukwa ndi athu amene sakonda dziko la malawi ndi chifukwa amati akangomba amathawila maiko akunja amangeni onse amene akugwila ama o office mwachinyengo. Tundu oyipa uwu

  12. Daniel Mhango says:

    I see the curse of the woman here. Monaosyile kukonda things. Am sure my brother Fumbani was under pressure to get money to maintain this monster of a woman.

    Mukamakwatila ma guy avoid mahule akuti ukakhala ulibe cash azingonyengetsa kwa mabwana awo. ONANI TSOPANO ZAMUCHITIKILA FUMBANI

  13. Mavis says:

    ACB mumangenso mkazi wake wa Fumbani. Dzina lake ndi Monaosyile Masepuka Mhango. Ali ku Accountant General. Mbava yowopsa yayikazi.

    komanso Hule mu ofesi. Mzimayi oyipa mtima komanso moyo. Mzimayi odzadzidwa Nkhwidzi ngati satana amene


  14. Tamandani Safuli says:




  15. Tendai Makwale Jambo says:

    Sheee! Zafika pakuti Fumbani kugwidwa? Dziko ndi lozunguliladi ili!

    ACB khaulitsani mfiti imeneyi. Mbava yoopsa iyi ntchito kukwata azungu ku Hurrys Bar.

    Ku RBM anachotsedwa ataba muofesi katundu wa office mate wake.


  16. Roida says:

    He will be sharing a mat with phwiyo very soon.Kodi Namathanga ndi Caroline Savala mbava zachi zimayi ndi atumbuka?Why do u hv so much hate for Tumbukas.Court siliyang’ana mtundu.Wokuba aliyense anjatidwe basi.Nkhani siyatumbuka apa.Fumbani Mhango do not represent all Tumbukas the way phwiyo and other southern thieves do not represent all southerners.

  17. Decent Citizen says:

    Ngati kuli ndi umboni onse ingolsndani ma properties onse built from cashgate.Ana Ku Malawi akuphunzira pansi pa mtengo mu 2015 because of these greedy people.Ana amasiku ano amafuna kugwira ntchito for 5 yrs ndipo chilichonse kukhala nacho unlike kale people spent years to acquire things.This has been a trend with this new generation.We need to crip this behaviour from the bud.Arrest all cashgaters please.

  18. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    The issue here is not about atumbuka.Every thief in Malawi should be jailed and all proceeds from cashgate should be forfeited to develop Malawi.Even Muluzis wealth should be forfeited for stealing 1.7 billion.Pitala too has been swimming in billions from nowhere.They are alot of cashgate people in Dpp and we haven’t heard a single soul dragged to court.Malawi should stop selective justice if it is to develop.Apa mangani aliyense osaphetera nkhope kaya ndi Ana amayi kaya ndani as longer as we are to clean the system for the benefit of Malawi.We don’t hv problems people building houses with 100 jacuzzis and stairs reaching the heavens as longer as they hv sweated for it than stealing our taxes.So Tumbukas should not be an issue here.Please clean Malawi of all thieves and they should shamed publicly to deter the would be cashgaters.Ku Rwanda sakuzisekelera zimenezi ndi chifukwa Rwanda ikutukuka koposa Malawi.Malawi has few people with stairs and full of dusty roads.Koma chumadi ndiye chikubedwa ndi anthu ochepa while the rest of Malawians are struggling with poverty.

  19. Basikolp says:

    Atumbuka love defending each other even a thief. ACB do your job and arrest thieves without fear or favour

  20. Mchesi says:

    Atumbuka are the most successful group of people in Malawi. Going through comments one can clearly decipher the level of envy by other tribal groups towards Atumbuka. People have no issues with failures……it’s only successful people that are hated for example the Jews. Despite the massive hatred Atumbuka continue to progress massively. MCP even tried to restrict them to their region but that only provided impetus for more progress. Mukamalimbana ndi Atumbuka when you can’t remain in a classroom from std one to eight and when your girls continue to marry at the age of 14 you’re just causing pain to yourselves. The best way to deal with Atumbuka is ensure that your children remain in school and flood the labour market apo ayi you will groan for life.

  21. Straighttalk. says:

    Iwe the truth and Alufeyo.Tachokani apa.Inu mukufuna kuonetsa ngati anthu anzeru bwanji.Ndichifukwa anthu amatenga mortgage for the house,loan for a car knowing that you can only rely on salary unless you are in viable business.You don’t need to tell us of unprintable words just because u r coward hiding behind a keyboard.They r very few people who are doing things out of their salary.Something is not adding up with things in Malawi.Umbava wachuluka kwabasipa Malawi.Even maiko mwa azungu where they hv stable economies,they use mortgages for houses and loans for cars.

  22. Nganga says:

    Ndimadabwa nyumba six months yatha,

  23. katakwe says:

    Commentators busy defending MHANGO because he is Mtumbuka. ACB dont spare anybody. Do your job. WE have seen the Namathangas being arrested. Grab Mr Mhango. Mbava ndi mbava basi.

  24. mbutuma says:

    Mona mkazi wa mbava imeneyi anaba zambiri.

    ACB mangani mzimayi woipa mtima kwambiri ngati ameneyu

  25. Dan Mtunduwatha says:

    Fumbani uli pamavuto. Mkazi wako Monaosyile anayamba kutchayitsa kalekale kwa Kandoje ali Accountant General. Pano wamangidwa akukwatilatu mkaziyu

    Ungoyesetse kuti poti nayenso ndi mbava yoopsa ku Accountant General amunjatenso kuti muzikangokwatana ku Maula

  26. Alice Namata says:

    Mona usalile kwambiri, ndinamva kuti unkatiseka Maxwell Namata atamangidwa nkutsekeledwa kundende.

    Ndi nthawi yakuti iwenso uzigwile ndipo ukonzekele forensic Audit ikangotuluka nawenso kumangidwa. Tizikacheza limodzi ku Maula.


  27. Edward Thom Phiri says:

    Monaosyile and Fumbani can not afford 3 houses in area 47 in just 6 years ayi osatheka unless akupanga business which we know samapanga.

    So, olo musokose chotani, 3 houses worth more than k500million ndimulandu wakuti amangidwa basi. Money Laundering pamenepo yakwana basi.

    They also have expensive cars like peugeot, twin cab hilux and Benz. Boma lomweli? GWILANI NTCHITO ACB KOMA MUMUSIYE MONA YEKHAYO NAFENSO TIMULAWE!

  28. Edward Thom Phiri says:

    mwanyelabe atumbuka, munjatidwa koopsa, Monaosyile mkazi wa Fumbani amadyetsa kale kwa Accountant General Thom Makiwa.

    Akangomumanga achita kumupatsa mimba ndithu Fumbani ali ku Maula. Mona yo ndi okongola ndipo akuti amatha ntchito yaku bed koopsa. wanhokhala mbavaso naye kuti wabela accountant general zambiri.

    nthawi yakwana yakuti akhaule koopsa. uhule wake uwonekele poyela.

  29. Judge Joash says:

    I am waiting for the day you will go to prison so that I must fuck your wife freely.Tichinde basi akazi a mbava zonse.Mwaba kwambiri agaru inu.

  30. anabel mitawa says:

    Mamuna wa Monausile uyu. thieves. not too long ago they paid a Blantyre based lawyer k10m cash for a basic corolla reg number BR2872

  31. John kamwela says:

    Fumbani was a key player in cash gate. Lutepo mphwiyo and kalonga would give him 10 percent of any amount cashed.
    It was FIU which was clearing cheques and not RBM.It was him and director atuweni juwayeyi who were sharing the cash

  32. thetruth says:

    This is so stupid, zopusa basi, muntu shouldn’t have an upstairs house nde kuba!!!! Zopusa!!! You people commenting zopusa about his personal life are stupid!!! What does it have to do kuti he knew his dad mu college eh!? So kalani chete, Mona sana lakwe! Fumba ndi conduit basi mwina samaziwa antu inu ndi opusa, mu kagwe kumanda kwa azi gogo anu. Ala

  33. Alufeyo says:

    Inu a Edward Thom Phiri ndinu achitsiru chenicheni. Who told you that kumanga nyumba yammwamba is evidence of theft. If you are not building its because you are daft. Kodi why do you spend your time kumakanda machende instead of working hard. Remember that building a house is not a function of how much you het salary wise. Nsanje basi. Ine i have thirty eight houses ndipo an adding five nrw ones. Mufa osauka.

  34. jj says:

    U cant trust mtumbuka, unless u want to do that at yr own risk. Mtumbuka will steal anything anytime. Give him space he could even steal your sugar from your ready made cup of tea. kikkkk

  35. baba says:

    Palibe zosakha mtundu a ACB gwilani ntchito wakuba ndalama za misokho amangidwe. Zikoli ndilathu tili tukule pothesa cashgate

  36. Big papa says:

    angakhale maso ake okhawo palibe zokaika kuti ndi mbava.

  37. Afana Zedi says:

    Fumbani a high profile official? And what exactly did he do? And you call this a breakthrough?? Sounds more like hot air and only fools will get excited about the arrest of such small fish on flimsy charges. How much of our tax money did Fumbani steal? We have the Paul Mphwiyos and Bakili Muluzis who are being left scot free

    1. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      Do you know what a conduit is?

  38. OOH! says:

    This young man is a Banda, his mother is Banda he has been a Banda all his childhood until he was told when he was at university that his father was Chokani Mhango.

  39. kanyimbi says:

    Koma mitujndu in ya anthu ndi yovuta zedi. Kungokupatsani zaka ziwiri kuti muyendetse dziko koma kuliwononga mpaka chonchi? Ana a njoka.

  40. The real ujeni says:

    Selective justice at play

  41. angoni apaphata says:

    This is a big embarrassment. I worked as a civil servant for ten years. Worked with hard working people. Mateauma. Kandiado. Kadammanja. Honestly people. Of course thieves like Ali phiri muluwaza kalanje…. The problem is the system. Bhatia Pali makobili ophweka kudya ndi a boma

  42. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Koma atumbuka kuba/kwiba? Shaa! Uyu ni Mhango, mununyake ni Rafaero Kasambava, na yura yura Osward Loot-e-po!

  43. Munyalika says:

    alomwe mukuti chani titi for tat is a fair play musalimbane ndi JB you cannot fool the pple all the time we know all the movements the honourable thing DPP can do is to resign otherwise things will start exposing not forgetting the rigging

  44. Bojomujo says:

    As a matter of fat ku FIU kunangodzadzananso Atumbuka okhaokha from guards ma cleaners, ma messenger, drivers kumapita ku mtunda uku. Munthu ndi Director yekha basi Atuweni Juwayeyi. Tiyeni nawo a ACB nyamulani onse.

  45. Nthuni bondo says:

    Do you that the current Director of FIU back then as Acting Director abused her office as well when she personally and unilaterally directed that her officers should ignore all commercial banks that were flouting compliance obligation requirements the period of the cashgate cheques were flying around. She was personally charging the bank gurus some behind – door penalties without legal mandate nor guidelines nor established threshold. She created her own discretion where no law gave her. She aided and abetted too. Misuse of office. ACB can you investigate this Big Fish ad well?????????? We know this happened. Inu osadabwa kuti despite FIU in existence,and bank Compliance systems in place anthu used same banks to cash huge sums of money without suspicions and alerts by FIU.

  46. Munganya Uyu says:

    Wakuba alibe malemba

  47. Kwataine says:

    hahahahaha. anzathu akumtunda mwatani kodi?. Ma company mumangopatsana ma udindo kuba ndi inunso number 1.

  48. Nganga says:

    Inu mmafuna atani. Mkazi wake amagwira ntchito ku Accountant General. Ndiye asauze azizake kuti zivuta manganic malamba

  49. Mtunda says:

    Tiyeni nawoni! adya za eni basi! asaaaaa!

  50. Achitauni says:

    Why is RBM governor not being arested? Chuka has a case to answer. He would have protected govt purse.

  51. Pata phiri says:

    Ask British government to give n sponsor us 3 scotland yard guys to work with the ACB n then v see the results guys i am sure Chakwera could have 100% done that

  52. Lazaro Chakwera Akazi says:

    Fumbani Mhango and Chipeta adya over K100,000,000 from amwenye. The one who introduced them to amwenye is Ralphu Kasambava, coming from the same Nkhatabay village. We knew time would tell.

  53. mhangofum says:

    ahhh ndi mamuna wa Monasyile yemwe ? ife Monayo tithana naye ku office kwake kuno. akwatidwe basi .

  54. mabi says:

    atumbuka tsopano. ofunikadi federation agalu amenewa

  55. Edward Thom Phiri says:

    His wife at Accountant General Department called Monaosyile Mhango should be arrested as well. These prople are crooks. They have 3 houses in area 47 2 of which are upstairs. ARREST THEM!

  56. Zabwino Bwino says:


  57. half trillion says:

    munthu ali ndi nkhope ya ugamba ndikale yet munamulemba ntchito. just look at him

  58. certain fool is saying becouse there is no JB and APM on the list then the guys are doing nothin. Why a Malawi kuganiza mopusa choncho?
    Thats why mukutsalira ka anzanu akuchangamuka kunjakutu. And there is no way some of you should comment here coz muku Commenta zopusa, do you see any connection ndi atumbuka apa?
    I’m from ntcheu for your own info but i hate this thing to do with RACE when it comes to do with development. Stop this trash guys and lets together develop malawi

  59. Mwapheranjiru says:

    #9 musathe mawu mkamwa , nkhani siidathe. Mwaiwala maulendo a busa Chakwera ku State House nthawi ya Amai? Muzalira ngati bulu, dikirani, moto ukupita kemene kwasala thengo. A cashgeti onse amwa temeki chaka chino.

  60. straighttalk says:

    Joyce Banda was aware of all what was happening in Malawi by then even though she wants to pretend like she was not part of it.I hate this country to shit.Its all rotten.Malawians like glorifying thieves.The justice system itself is very crap.The prisons are full of illiterate people who cannot defend themselves by having a lawyer by their side.I don’t ever think this country will ever develop with all this greediness of getting rich quickly through dodgy means.Shame for Fumbani Mhango with his big ego.

  61. decent citizen says:

    Ife tatopa nawo usipa ngati achina Fumbani,mphwiyo ndi achina Thole.Where are the chejumos like Bakili,Pitala,and Mayi wa Chilundu uja?.Nkhani yavuta pa Malawi ndi kumanga nyumba za ma tiles kuyambila pansi mpakana kudenga mu ma area umu.The govt should forfeit all their properties to use for essential services that will benefit all Malawians.

  62. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    DPP we want to know how far is the issue of the MRA computers which we are bing cheated that they got stolen at the headquarters in BT and yet all those Asians involved in invading billions of Kwachas are safe because the government is hiding all the information for the Asians who are the main the financiers of DPP ? Can it be true that MRA can not have a back up information ? God forbid !!!

  63. Boma ngati lili la DPP palibe mulomwe angamangidwe, musasefukile po commenta, nda ngati ali mbiri zakuba alomwe nda ngati amangidwa nikisi, zakumachende basi.

  64. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    Are mphyiyo, this lady serving a two year jail, atcheya (mukuwachinjiridzawa), 15 bn ndata house all tumukas?

    Only stupid and senseless souls will attack a particular tribe. the bottom line here is that this is not a breakthrough. it is going to be breakthrough ngati big fish zonse kaya from UDF PP DPP have been tracked down. Stupid ACB

  65. Zoonadi a tumbuka okhaokha akumangidwa, amangidwa bwanji a Lhomwe pomwe bambo wawo akulamulira ndi mu lhomwenso a ACB alowera pati mapeto ake ndiaja amaphedwa mwakhaza ngati nzanthu uja wachisilamu uja. Amangidwe apa ndi aku North kapena central osati akumwera, nkhani ya mulli ndi MSB inali ponseponse munamva zoti wamangidwa? Iyi ndi quotas so yina yochosera a tumbuka ntchito basi.

  66. Munyalika says:

    wakufa saopa kununkha atumbuka mwatitola mokwana payele payele

  67. Munyalika says:

    nthawi yakwana yoti DPP yiyaluke now the game has begun

  68. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Is this breaking news? I am tired of seeing juveniles being arrested.

    And charges are misuse of office, aiding and abbeting. If Fumbani is convicted, he will only get community service as punishment.

    Kumakasesa ku police, ku court kapena ku chipatala basi.

  69. GRM says:

    Great Cashgate Hunters. Hunt them down

  70. Byron says:

    DPP was never a party before 2004 and its founder Bingu was pushing wheelbarrows and collecting change as a minibus conductor in Lilongwe while his younger brother now president was a low-level university teacher living from paycheck to paycheck.How then is this party able to win elections and establish structures while it’s leaders never created money from businesses or writing books as professors?

    Cashgate money has strengthened DPP and it is absurd for the anti-corruption bureau to target small fish while the main culprits are shading crocodile tears and are enjoying what the poor contribute to the nation’s coffers.Enough of these arbitrary arrests please.

  71. Nganya Kuba says:


  72. Nganya Kuba says:

    Nganya Kuba like my name. mumufunse za K92 billion ameneyo. siwa intelligence? Anganya kuba basi. Ndichifukwa chake mukufuna federation. Sizithenk ndipo sizizathekanso.

  73. mbuya says:

    search me the names tell a story. My foot ndiye federation iiiii mavuto they will cashgate even their own pants what a tribe! Shame

  74. Pata phiri says:

    Ok good work keep it up may God bless u all ACB.
    Now were is the issue of Lido karim batatawala ACB can u take over as
    MRA want suffice this case honestly
    Were is the case of mk850 million were to be remmitted from bank give to ACB.
    And a advice to the corrupt government that give 25% gift to the ACB wen they apprehend someone and collect the revenue from the defaulters

  75. Jojo says:

    Of course the rest of the citizenry think ACB is skirting around the big and arresting technocrats….big fish is what will be a BREAK THROUGH

    But Fumbani ????????????

  76. chingolopiyo says:

    Hehehehehe. shaaaaaaa! What more is you are to be trusted with the running of the country? I concur with Mwiza. ACB take your time to dig deep and uproot all who are still deep, thinking like ostrich , pull them out until the whole chain out. I know most people who benefited in cashgate will make noise, let all loose areas be fixed and tightened.

  77. Sadile says:

    Well done

  78. Che BIKILONI says:

    Za ziiiiiiii! Bikiloni mukumusiya pati. 577bn ili pati.

  79. acb says:

    w r now tired ndi za cashgate zanuzo lets just accept that mafanawa chilembweyo anaba and then should we embark on costructive strategies to build up our economy kuderela basi ngati ndinu odzitsata kamutengetseni a tcheya

    1. man mulibe mzeru olo imodzi. Even God did not let Adam and Eve to go free without taking a responsibility of their crazy did. These people must face the law coz the laws have been there even before these fools were born.

  80. Khelo says:

    I’ll only be very happy if all the then pp top officials and current DPP giants are pushed into the jailcell for cash-gating my tax money and then I’ll be cooled down after Chakwera has been made the state president for his clean record. He is also the man I voted for, Ok?

  81. Soko says:

    Wow! What is his name again! What organization he worked for? The hunter is now the hunted. Was he hunting for himself or for the nation? Majority of high court judges are from the North. Take a look. Some are even related. NGOs full of TUMBUKAs.

  82. Patrick Phiri says:

    This explains why JB is hiding in self exile.

  83. angoni apaphata says:

    Tatopa mazo Uzi. Tadzi gowamangani..

  84. zaya says:

    Atumbuka okhaokha .palibe mlomwe apa

  85. kanyimbi says:

    Good start.

  86. namatikitiki says:

    What do u mean by breakthrough? This is not breaking news, tell us what is it that u think u will get from this man!

  87. Antiracist says:

    Breakthrough? When the big DPP and PP politicians are arrested that will be the real breakthrough. These are are small chambo for now.

  88. Rodgers Banda says:

    Now you are talking but one is not enough we aspect a chain

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