ACB arrests accounts officer over K2m abuse at Blantyre District Health Office

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has arrested Steven Kamphangale-Banda, an accounts officer at the Blantyre District Health Office (DHO), for allegedly awarding himself a K2 million loan he was not entitled to.

ACB's spokeswoman Egrita Mdala: Confirmed the arrest

ACB’s spokeswoman Egrita Mdala: Confirmed the arrest

The bureau received a complaint claiming that the suspect, who is responsible for salaries at the Blantyre DHO, awarded himself the loan and deposited it into his account at Mudi Savings and Credit Cooperative (Sacco), according to ACB spokesperson, Egrita Ndala.

She said ACB’s investigations also established that offence was committed.

Ndala said Kamphangale-Banda, who is now out on bail and ordered not to interfere with State witnesses by himself or through his agents or any other person, is expected to appear in court on February 17 2015.

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Egrita doesnt give us all the information. meaning Hebrew and Egrita are fools!!!!!!!!!!!!! zina akamuuza kuti asanene samanena. tikumudziwa ndife omwe timagwira naye nchito

nyika boys

Balaka district assembly is also too busy stealing especially becoz its councilors ndiatulo. Development money is being stollen at the DC office and suprisingly the ACB does not rise to investigate Balaka. Kapena poti akubawo ndiatumbuka anzanu?


“Ndadabwa” you are a fool what’s wrong with the ACB spokesperson “Egrita Mdala I thought her duty is to tell the nation what’s happening ? So why are you accusing her? If you are corrupt and a thief, you will be on the lime light! You will run but you will never hide. The devil is a liar


Balaka frustrated guys, mind your business. Fish rots from the head, you want them to open estates in BLK to enrich themselves? They went to school, the civil servants, don’t look at them to always be sufferers and if they buy a loaf if bread them they are thieving.
With this mindset, you will not develop. Nsanje basi, hee kuno uje uje akuba ACB bwerani, ACB is also corrupt.

galu wa galu

Chief magestrate ndiye babva ku BALAKA. Please transfer these people.


Yes taking the money and paying himself a loan!! No one to authorise and countersign. Theft is corruption but not all corruption is theft. This behaviour of someone paying himself a loan from govts coffers is probably going on in all similar offices throughout the country and no one buts an eyelid!! It is time this corrupt practice is stopped because already millions of kwachas are being lost through such corrupt practices and ACB is right to intervene regardless of the amount money involved.


egrita dont behave like yu r an angel. kumbuka zako umachita zija


You frustrated guys from Balaka Council, sort out your mess konko musatinyatsepo apa nditinkhani tanuto. Ngati akuba why not report them to ACB than making noise here??


when success is being built around you, two fingers will always point at you: an admiring finger or a jealousy one………..when such comes your way just know you are recognised every time you see these two fingers………..few will come to appreciate. failures will always raise failures alarms.keep rising if you got substance. this is for haters


The abuse of office, I was waiting to hear something only to be told it is a loan. From people’s comments it is sickening to hear of rampart corruption in the Government. Please, ACB pounce on the people without failure and not on this loan you are talking about, after all you know where the money is. I am not justifying the loan, but to arrest somebody for the loan, it does not make sense to me unless somebody schools me.

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