Matemba says Kondowe ‘lied’: ACB bosses rift grows as political interference divides Malawi graft busting body

Graft busting body, the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) top two bosses are clearly divided in what commentators say  is as a result of high level political interference.

Kondowe: Controversial ACB boss

Kondowe: Controversial ACB boss

Matemba: Kondowe lied

Matemba: Kondowe lied

Deputy director of ACB, Reyneck Matemba recently refuted remarks by his boss, Lucas Kondowe, that the deputy director gave a legal advice to Malawi Regulatory Authority  (MRA) contract.

“I did not take part in advising the case of MERA as reported by Kondowe. In fact it is Mike Kalonga who is handling that case so it is a total lie,” said Matemba.

“Our working relationship is just good that is the only thing I can tell you. But on the report that I was among the legal adviser to the MERA case he was lying,” he added.

In an interview on Tuesday, Kondowe insisted he consulted Matemba but Matemba said he was never consulted.

Kondowe described Matemba as somebody who failed to understand things fast.

“You know there are some people who fail to understand fast, I don’t know what he is denying. But any way, my office and his are in good relationship,” argued Kondowe.

Let by Kondowe’s personal involvement, ACB is restricting MERA to give a K6.8 billion contract to Terrastone Limited to construct MERA office complex of which the Lilongwe magistrate court refused.

Sources close to ACB said it was even surprising that the Auditor General Stephenson KAmphasa gave the names of the seven cabinet ministers allegedy involved in the K236 billion to Kondowe in the absence of Matemba.

“The former director of ACB never did this. He involved his deputy in every undertakings unlike this one, Mr Kondowe.”

The sources said Kamphasa and Kondowe exchanged the cashgate names in the absence of Matemba or other senior officials which is very unusual in the set up of ACB.

Kondowe is a financial expert whilst Matemba is a lawyer by profession and also lead prosecutor for ACB.

Recently, Matemba shocked the nation when he recused himself from the high level corruption case of former president Bakili Muluzi.

Some people cited the political interference as the main cause that is dividing the two top heads of the graft busting body.

The differences of the two bosses, high level political interferences coupled with poor working conditions and poor remuneration has led to 13 members of staff resigning in less than a year.

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15 thoughts on “Matemba says Kondowe ‘lied’: ACB bosses rift grows as political interference divides Malawi graft busting body”

  1. Chimwemwe says:

    For an organisation like ACB, this sort of advice if indeed given must have been put in writing. Can Kondowe just produce the written evidence already? Or Minutes of meeting where this legal advise was given? Kondowe please?

  2. Mukatopa Ndi Utsilu Mutiuza says:

    In Chichewa this is what is referred to as kuyaluka. Usually dishonest and crooked people do their thing in hiding. When you see them come out and talk about their stuff in public places then know that their time is nigh!

    Keep going, mukatopa mutiuza.

  3. Maunisi says:

    So what is this Mr Mathanyula happening at ACB. This is curse.

  4. Angel of Doom says:

    There are so many ways of saying the same thing, and the same thing appears differently to different people.

    We have been condemning certain traditions that occur in this country, but as we drift away from these traditions, some of us can see the aftermath and I believe we are what they call in English “ Kutaya madzi osambisila mwana, ndi mwana yemwewo”

    I am not sure which part of Malawi Matemba comes from, but in the days of old, hewould have already gone through the tradition of “Kubvinidwa”, this tradition taught young men how to get out of tricky situations unscathed, and without embaracing anyone.

    The word “lie” is a very strong word that should not be used lightly. If someone is mistaken, like in this case ,Matemba is saying “no it was not me but it was in fact Kalonga”, that can not be construed as a lie, someone gave advice, within then ACB, and the first name that came to Kondowe’s mind, Matemba.

    Kondowe was receiving advice, therefore the advice must be coming from somewhere. The only logical office, if offices follow protocol is the deputies office. Offices have, or should have a hierarchy, a cleaner can not see the CEO without seeing the deputy CEO first. If someone came to me as CEO without recommendation from the deputy CEO, I will not see them, because that will undermine everyone that is under me.

    No wonder Kondowe is also insulting Matemba by saying he is slow, if someone is “Slow”, in English that can mean, dull. (Kusabvinidwa)

    “You know there are some people who fail to understand fast, I don’t know what he is denying. But any way, my office and his are in good relationship,”

    “ Sources close to ACB said it was even surprising that the Auditor General Stephenson KAmphasa gave the names of the seven cabinet ministers allegedy involved in the K236 billion to Kondowe in the absence of Matemba.”

    Who in their right mind would include a slow person, in such delicate issues?, I wouldn’t.

    And stop blaming the auditor General, he was a visitor at ACB, he was taken to the Directors office and gave the names to the right person the director, it is up to the director to share with his deputy, and it is bull shit, for these two (Kondowe and Utaka) to claim they are in good books with each other.(one is calling the other a liar, and the other is saying he is slow)
    The solution is to remove both of them, and bring in a fresh pair of hands, if there are any fresh pair of hands in Malawi.

    All this could have been done in-house, then use the proper channels, I believe they have Kitty?, at ACB?, she should be the one talking to the media. Universities are offering qualifications in “Corporate Communication” so corporations can have people whose job is to deal with the public, and avoid grown men calling each other SLOW and LIAR, (Play ground language)

    My take, Matemba believed he was going to get the Directors job, being the longest serving member, but then he does not know he is slow(Dull).

    Media should also not dwell on this kind of thing.

    1. dean\'s list says:

      Angel of Doom, your analysis is very intelligible and quite humourous at times. However, you sound biased in your last but one statement which made me withhold 15 from your essay. So you get 85/100. You avoid the bias next time, and 100% is yours.

    2. Jarred says:

      One cannot use terms like “…we are in good relationship…” and “…he lied…” on same topic. Something is not right here.

      Either the journalists/reporter is trying to spice up an evident rift between the 2 offices from the recent news that made headlines on MERA saga by deliberate mosquoting the Deputy Director – this is not unusual, by time the re-tract misrepresented facts, the damage has been done ….

      OR …..

      as you have put it; someone needs to be disciplined on how to talk about domestic matters outside the confines of your home. You dont wash linen in public.

      But evidently, things are not laker at ACB and especially between the 2 offices – the Deputy’s and the Director’s.

  5. Vyaluta says:

    Mulungu si munthu more to come muululana God in control agalu nonse. This body is now useless

  6. 577 Billion says:

    We entrusted dogs to guard our meat
    We entrusted robbers to guard our money
    We entrusted thugs to guard our life

    We employed storytellers in our media houses
    Crying for my beloved Malawi

  7. tiko says:


  8. Anaphiri says:

    Lucas is a loser in so many ways and treats his wife badly!

    1. Emeneka says:

      Zauchitsiru what has Kondowes family life got to do with the ACB. Where is it said that names should only be given in the presence of a lawyer. Kondowe is the boss and he can receive aby document without the involvement of Matemba. Prosecution is something different. The problem with Matemba is that he takes advice from the Solicitor General Dr. J. Banda who is very inefficient and biased and seriously bent on bringing down DPP. This fight starts from Ministry of Justice where Samuel Tembenu and Janet Banda are working against Kalekenj Kaphale it then extends to the ACB.

      Malawi must also understand that Kampasa is an idiot. He personally told PAC that seven Ministers are involved and he sought Kalekenis advice on how to proceed and he is now holding press conferences trying to back the President. Kamphasa left Govt as an EO how then can he come back as AG? If you listen to Kamphasa explaining issues you surely detect lack of intellect. Joyce Banda goofed in appointing this buffon he rushes to the press just to please donors. Read the personnel Audit teport you will see what am talking about. The report is a clear indication of idiocy, lack of understanding of what a personnel audit is and exaggerated expertise. You can also read the report about the MOH scandal.

      Malawi must engage competent people osati akuti ndimkulu wampingo ku CCAP columbus amapemphera ndi JB. You write a report confirming that Director of Finance Maganga stole money at health and then you send her to Accountant Generals Dept komwe kumalembedwa ma cheques. Isnt this a sign of complete stupidity. It means these people did not steal or they could have been interdicted.

    2. Jarred says:

      You friends with the wife?

  9. prof. Odiyayo says:

    Mr Kondowe tell is Matemba a fast talker or honest guy?

    1. Must a says:

      Time is the teacher muululana osadera nkhawa a Malawi daikonlitu ndi la Yehova ndizokhalamo zomwe,amen

    2. Must a says:

      Ngati simuulula mufa ngati akufera amnzanu bcoz a problem shared is half way solved

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