ACB demands JB-Lutepo CCTV copies from Malawi govt

The Anti-corruption Bureau  (ACB)  has queried government to formally submit  the  CCTV footage of former president Joyce Banda’s 23 meetings with chief Cashgate suspect, Oswald Lutepo, and other senior People’s Party (PP) members at four different state residences in the country as government claimed.

Kondowe: Submit the CCTV footage

Kondowe: Submit the CCTV footage

Government though its spokesman Kondwani Nankhumwa said last year that they handed over the footage to Malawi’s corruption-busting body for forensic examination and further action.

But the bureau insists they have no copies of the CCTV footage.

On Tuesday, ACB Director General, Lucas Kondowe told a news conference that there is no record of the CCTV copies at the bureau.

“We have been very consistent and explained our position. We have not yet received the said files,” Kondowe told reporters in Blantyre.

He said ACB wrote government to explain its position on the alleged CCTV files but there was no response.

Kondowe has since described the issue of the CCTV files as “speculative” at this moment, adding “We don’t know what is in the files”.

“It’s difficult at this stage to determine how relevant the CCTV footage will be. If they are handed over, we will analyse what the footage is trying to prove,” said the anti –corruption Czar.

ACB Director of Investigations, Dan Mponda added: “The bureau has high interest in the CCTV if really they do exist.  The ACB has mandate to make inquiry why such allegation was made.”

Nankhumwa maintained that government handed  the CCTV footage to ACB and also documents that prove that Lutepo booked and attended the meetings with Banda between December 2012 and September 2013.

Banda, through her personal assistant, Andekuche Chanthunya, said the government’s claim about the CCTV footage is a desperate attempt to divert people’s attention away from the worsening economic situation.

He said the Malawi government is determined to implicate Banda, in the scam through various means.

“It’s not strange that Lutepo and other senior PP members had meetings with Banda because Lutepo was an executive member of the party,” Chanthunya said.

He added that the CCTV cameras at all state residences have not been functional for some time until the time  Banda left office as Head of State.

“At Kamuzu Palace, for instance, the CCTV cameras stopped working in 2010 during the reign of the late President Bingu wa Mutharika. It is, therefore, surprising for government to claim they have the said CCTV footage,” he said.

Nankhumwa has however dismissed fears that government is on a political witch-hunt against Banda, the country’s first-ever female president, saying they handed the alleged CCTV footage following L utepo’s allegations in the local media that he was used as a conduit to siphon off billions of public funds through dubious deals by the former president.

But Banda argues that the move by government vindicates her fears that some quarters are using Lutepo as “a pawn to drag her name in the mud”.

Lutepo confessed on radio that he was guilty swindling the state, but said  he had personally delivered  some cash donations  to Banda during her term as president for her party campaign.

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61 thoughts on “ACB demands JB-Lutepo CCTV copies from Malawi govt”

  1. zandile says:

    Kondowe is a very professional man. NK is liar.

  2. Symon says:

    arrest Nankhumwa to tell Malawians the truth. Malawi dziko la umbuli

  3. Mukunamatu inu.Bodza silimasowa.KHO be careful,this is mw’ politics it turns around

  4. Patriot says:

    CCTV ya Nankhumwa as Producer.
    Dausi as Co-Producer
    Lutepo as First Actor.
    And a Dummy representing JB.
    Nankhumwa just honourably RESIGN

  5. Malawi says:

    This cctv saga is complicated. We should not only point our fingers to KN. He is just the Minister of Information who did not exercise wisdom when he came up with this whole issue.
    I would really like to know how the tapes ended up in KN hands. He admitted watching it . Who else was there watching with him. Who authorised the tapes to leave the state house premises? Whats part did the Chief of Staff play in all this?What prompted this and whose Idea was it to go and look at the cctvs. Upon finding out this vital info, was the President being the Head of State informed? Did the President himself watch it? KN knows the people who were sent to go and deliver the tapes, why not ask them. Please do not cook up another story blaming the strike. From the look of things this issue wont go far because there is no way such things could have by passed the President. Ad a result to avoid more embarrassment, the issue will just be swept under the carpet. BUT expect some suing . The weakest link is KN. Without proper thinking he s put his neck on line. One vital advice to Mr Nankhumwa ” Wisdom is the Principle thing , in all the getting please get Understanding. However, you can only get Wisdom if u have the fear of God. Take it or leave it. Its only an advice.

  6. Mmmmh zaboza olo mumumipitse mmaiyu,tizamuvoteraba baso 2019 JB boma

  7. Mr Nankhumwa Please just step down and reflect on your life. Its never too late to make a u turn and be an ordinary citizen says:

    Tiuzeni zoona Mr Minister.

  8. Murray says:

    Inu mtima mmalo…. katundu adakali mnjira

  9. This government is full of lies because they are not there to lead us but punish someone who they hate and you see the way they are doing.full of Satanists people

  10. This government is full of lies because they are not there to lead us but punish someone who they heart and you see the way they are doing.full of Satanists people

  11. Baba says:

    The best thing Mr President can do is to go back and start all over again with the selection of people required to work with him for the good of this country. I may be wrong but I feel APM is surrounded by people seeking their our interests not for the Country. He is surrounded by people who are tarnishing his image day by day. People who are full of anger and hatred. With this sort of attitude, Malawi will struggle to move forward and develop. Where there is unity God commands a blessing. These people are busy seeking favor from APM appeasing him yet indirectly they are destroying his reputation. Please Mr President, listen and seek guidance from above. All these mistakes the government is doing is because of the people the APM is surrounded by.
    With this issue of CCTV and the World watching, keeping Nankhumwa in that post is a grave mistake. We cannot afford seeing Malawi being taken as a Nation of Fools. This is so embarrassing for the govt and the Nation. It is just proving that there is something the Govt is hunting at whatever cost. This is interfering and making the ACB job difficult. Now I doubt if Malawi will ever know what really happened to the 92 &20 Billion. Malawi is struggling and the more this case takes the more strain it is putting on Malawi. Just drop it as we are not going anywhere and lets start a fresh.
    How I wish Malawi was united. How I wish Malawi was to bury the past and move on with Development. How I wish.

  12. Nyabinghi says:

    NSA has all the footage and they gave this to MW Govt, this is peanuts to NSA and JB thought azungu ndi amzake. We will see who is fooling who.

  13. pierra says:

    In order to ascertain credibility, shouldn’t ACB be worried where the tapes have been since being declared they had been handed in to them. If indeed they hadn’t, where have they been and what are the prospect of them being tampered with. And with such evidence missing for no apparent reason, with its whereabouts questionable, can it still be admissible as such knowing fully well it may well have been tainted?

    Is ACB for real?

  14. sabiti says:

    The whole minister failing to substaciate his claims may he resign or be fired becoz Mw cant trust and spend our tax on such zombie

  15. Mercy Gogoda says:

    Mine is just a reminder “Remember one Innocent Mawaya?” He is the one who will reveal the answer to the jigsaw puzzle. Do you think those daily accounts about Joyce Banda’s underhand activities in state houses were coming from a person living in Ndirannde/area 18 or Katoto? No the supplier of that crucial information was originated by an insider and it is that same insider who will break the ice …. Inu pheeee!!!!!!!!

  16. ndinayake says:

    leaders in charge.!. Its like ur happy playing ur stupit tricks with innocent pipo. U know the truth but remember u*ll be judged when that day comes. Ndye timve zit? Money ikukulamulani.!? muzingotipusisa! Bullshit!

  17. ANALYST says:

    Nankhumwa’yu watitopetsa bwanji ndi CCTV footage yakeyi!!!!!!!!! Kodi atsogoleri akuMalawi munakhala bwanji kusamva?????? Vutonso ndi aMalawi omwe amasankha dzi-anthu dzosamva dza DPP!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. dyton Chiwaya says:




  20. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    I am informed that this minister of information has a MSCE obtained after several attempts at a night school and a certificate in journalism from some cheap college. Useless minister wasting our hard-earned taxes!

  21. Jose' says:

    I bet most of us propagating that there is no CCTV footage have good reasons to think that way. I also agree that nankhumwa is not fit to proceed as minister IF indeed he cooked up the CCTV story. But on the other hand; Why should he?

    Why is JB on the run? Malawians, are we not able to smell a rat in her absence on the local scene? Until when shall the world offer her assylum for no case at all? Who is paying for her upkeep wherever she is? I have a premonition to think that there is something devilish about that girl, Joyce.

    By the way Malwaians, what would you be your answer if you came upon a question : “Who is the only person who ruled Malawi without being voted into power?” I mean, even Kamuzu came in through the ballot. Are we not surprised that she ruled for hardly two years and ran out of ideas? Why should she be a saint now, that she is no longer relevant?

    JB, come back home and face the music. The cameras were there and you never knew they were. We know everything and we are nailing you down. Let your goons who are castigating the government that came in through the ballot continue sugar coating situations. Koma ukathawathawa uzabwera tikukwizinga m’mene timachitira ndi mbava zinzako zonse. Sinzinantole wathazi iwe! Shupiti zako!

  22. Kanyimbi says:

    Which one can we trust? The government or JB? Someone is saying he has the CCTV footage while someone is saying the CCTV stopped working? Now my question is what did JB do when she knew that the CCTV were not functioning? Why did all the CCTV in all state residences stopped working? Does it means the Chief of staff or the head of security were not worried with the security of the state houses?

  23. Kadakwiza says:

    Joyce Banda adalola kuti ndalama zimene zidabedwa nthawi ya ulamuliro wake kuti afufuze ndipo anthu amene adaba, adapazeka ndipo anthuwa akuzengedwa mulandu. Pano nkhani ndiya ndalama zopitirira K92billion zimene zidasowa nthawi ya DPP. Ndalama zimenezi zifufuzidwe kuti ma donors ayembenso kuthandiza, kuti boma liyambenso kuyenda bwino. President professor Peter Muthalika alole K92billion yifufuzidwe. Ndalama zimene zidabedwa nthawi ya Joyce Banda, anthu adamva ndipo akudziwa. A DPP bwelani poyera ndi nkhani ya K92billion.

  24. Koma sinanga akanabwera kuti adzidzakanira konkuno amangwetu^

  25. Mwama Du says:

    Nkhani yalero mutu wake ndi `NANKHUMWA APEREKA UMBONI WA BODZA.`

  26. Peter says:

    One Road traffic officer impounded a truck going to Chinkhwawa loaded with goods and passengers, he charged them a fine of K 50,000.00 but he received 15000 and released the truck without issuing a receipt. Government would have made at least 15000 from this offence if it wasn’t for this corrupt officer.

  27. Chitotoka says:

    Boma likungoyesa kupeza njira zomangira jb koma larephera kupereka cctv yawo. Osayamba zinthu mukudziwa mulibe nazo umboni. Mwalephera eeeeeeeheeeedeeeee!

  28. Peter says:

    Kondowe at road traffic cashiers are issuing fake receipts please Government is loosing revenue something needs to be done.

  29. Peter says:

    Kondowe we are also loosing alot of money through a 20/80 syndicate by civil servants through the use of Malswitch cards. They go to filling stations and collect 80% of the amount drawn from the card and give 20% to the attendant. We u to use secret service officers to curb this practice.

  30. Peter says:

    One day all this will come to an end . Remember God will reveal all secrets and who ever is involved will be put to hell fire if there is no repentance.

  31. Magede si Wandale says:

    Kondwani nankhumwa is George Deleza. The real nankhumwa died long time ago.

  32. Paulina Jones, USA. says:

    This only shows how uncivilized some people can be, please don’t display your ignorance in public.

    It is undeniable and a known fact that most heads of states the world over, especially African leaders are corrupt, but no head of State receives cash from corrupt proceeds openly.

    Malawians wake up this is 21st Century!

  33. Pelekanotu ma movie anuwwo

  34. chindi says:

    jb musiyeni poti ndi mzimayi yambaani za bingu ndi peteryo watenga ndalama za nac big foo

  35. tuvitwana says:


  36. The Truthful One from the West says:

    This is now very sickening. ACB publicly challenging Govt on CCTV.. Between Kondowe and Nankhumwa one of them is lying. Another issue requiring Peter Mutharika’s intervention as this is badly damaging his reputation. If Nankhumwa lied to the nation Peter Mutharika should fire him immediately.

  37. chatty man says:

    Nankhumwa you are a disgrace to the country. You will be shocked shooting your own foot.

  38. Wapa Monkey Bay says:

    Nankhumwa paja ndiwakuti ? ndiye eeee ma information minster ena awa ndi ochititsa manyazi dziko mpaka maiko pyandikana nafe kutitseka. should be fired immedIately.

  39. Makiu says:

    the dates on the meetings will coincide with the dates when cheques were cashed as after stealing he went to deliver the loot to jb. dont think jb is clever if she comes there is a big bomb. we all know that she is a fugitive from justice

    1. Justice delayed is justice denied

  40. tonde says:

    What is the qualification of Minister if Information?

  41. Njolinjo says:

    Don’t confuse Malawians with your so called CCTV footage. Lutepo was an executive member of PP. Unless he is caught on camera camera counting the loot, the footage will be of no relevance to ACB.

  42. Benz says:

    Malawians are not daft….we have important issues to tackle. We are waiting for the 92 billion. Don’t waste our time with the CCTV camera issue. We all know its a cooked up story

  43. Nance says:

    Mr Kondowe don’t even waste your time the CCTV cameras stopped working longtime ago.

  44. Juliet says:

    This Government is full of comedians for real kkkkkk

  45. Esther says:

    There is no CCTV footage anywhere. Nankhumwa is the worst information Minister that Malawi has ever had

  46. Voxy says:

    Desparate fools u ACB and this stupid govt

  47. Carina says:

    I think you people are sick heads, what exactly do you want. The CCTV cameras haven’t been functional since 2010 period

  48. imraan Sidik says:

    Government of cartoons. Too childish and naive in the manner these cartoons handle matters of the state. Seriously if it were in a civilized world the cctv issue would have seen heads rolling or people resigning for shaming the nation

  49. mayo izo says:

    Nakhumwa kukamwa kwako wamva, fwifwifwiwfwi wako zamanyi basi mwasowa chochita eti agalu inu bwanji mukuwakakamiza a ACB kuti munawapatsa CCTV copy pamene zili za bodza kodi anyani inu munachokera kuti osamapita ku mozambique kwanuko bwanji mukutinyasatu ife kuno ngati simukudziwa ndipo mwatikwana heavy stupid zanu

  50. Lucas you are a star

  51. Jonjo says:

    CCTV footage that does not exist kkkk my foot! Can we have the CCTV footage detailing what killed Big Kahuna. Nankhumwa come up with something concrete. Desperate government without vision. Fake professors lo! Kodi paja Nankhumwa unalekeza form chani ku night school kuja!

  52. malawiana says:

    Be prepared JB. The footages are not from the CCTV you think of but from secret hidden cameras by DPP operatives whom you gracefully employed and trusted at State House including that girl.

    1. Think Tank says:

      shut up. Just give the footages. You want to create a mystery. Such sensitive items would have been handed over with great secret pomp to the highest authority at ACB. How many kilometres seperate the offices of ACB and Government seat? It is very easy to whisper to Khondowe the name(s) of the officer(s) who handled the issue at both offices. ACB would take these to task.

  53. Zansete says:

    Inu kodi a Dpp munakhala bwanji kulimbikila zinthu zoti aliyense yemwe amaganiza bwino-bwino akudziwa kuti limeneli ndi bodza? Yambani mwafufuza Bingu,Muli,Masangwi ndi Kanyoza ndi ena ambiri amene amagwilitsidwa ntchito kuba ndalama za boma kapena ndingoti dpp yonse ya nthawi ya Bingu. Munaba ndalama zambiri kupanilila ma contract ndi ma business a boma,kugulitsana nyumba za boma ndi malo pa mitengo yongotola,mulibe manyazi? Lelo dziko la Malawi likuchita kusowa pogwila,lili pa mavuto osasimbika, osati mavutowo ayambika nthawi ya JB ai,komano anayamba nthawi ya Bingu ndi Pitala,alangizi a Pitala amulangiza kuti aziyendako kuti anthu adziwe kuti akulamulila ndie koma zimenezi sizithandiza kuti chuma chiyende bwino ndipo kukubwelaku Pitala alila pyoooooooo!

  54. Mr.Bambo says:

    Who is fooling who here?Nankhumwa is most probably fooling the Malawi Nation,ACB is not a person let him tells us the name of the officer at the ACB who received the footage on behalf of the Bureau if he is telling the truth.

  55. acn says:

    More fire Khondowe!. Thiis Govt is the worst. Floods, nepotism, Executive arrogance, 92bn cashgate. Nacgate, journalistgate, chiefsgate. I can see prophet Liabunya’s prophecy bn fulfilled on PETER very soon.

  56. Hotlady says:

    Kkkkk a nankhumwatu musokoneza ma investigations ndi cctv yanu yo judula mapeto ake mayiyu mumulipilanso cash yathu.muzingotilemelera muno inu anthu andale.mukukhala ngati mukumangana pamene mukupanga dala ma loopholes kuti mupitilire kutibela.good examples of cases you have been bluffing us chilumpha,friday jumbe,kaliati corruption case,bakili,goodall gondwe corruption case,etc mbava inu muzafa imfa yowawa!!!

  57. Denkhule says:

    Fire the minister of imformation Kondwani Nankhumwa for giving false imformation about th issue. He deserves to be sent to prison when the truth about the CCTV not working is over.

  58. ujeni says:

    Nankhumwa should be fired. What type of a Minister is he, a bouncer.

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