ACB nets Malawi water board official over prepaid metre corruption

Graft busting body, the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) has arrested the projects manager for Lilongwe Water Board on allegations that he offered a contract of supplying prepaid water meters to a relation.

Egritta Ndala:  Confirms the arrest

Egritta Ndala: Confirms the arrest

ACB spokesperson Egritta Ndala confirmed the arrest of the Lilongwe Water Board (LLB) official Sinos Maliyano on allegations he gave a contract of supplying 5000 prepaid water meters to his relative, Charles Fodya.

Ndala said Maliyano has since been charged with corruption and abuse of office whilst Fodya has been charged with corruption.

Maliyano was arrested on Thursday whilst Fodya, who is resident in Zomba, was arrested on Friday.

Both appeared in court and the Lilongwe magistrates court told them to give a bail bond of K100000, two surities of non cash K500000 and must not leave their areas of resident without the authority of the ACB.

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Let’s see if ACB is indeed professional here. What can’t be disputed is that the Big thief is the Big man himself at LWB who steals Big money Big time for his own many projects going on right now. He does all the stealing with perfect pretext that the money is being channeled to the uathorities in the ruling party. This is complete absurdity of this useless fool. We are watching ACB’s biasness in this matter. Fair recommendations from concerned town citizen are that the Water Board’s chief should also pave way for thorough investigations by sending him on suspension… Read more »

The bigman himself is an expert Ku mbali yakubayi and the young man was just being used as a pown though he was also benefitting. The bigman himself anaba fridge when he was a student at the Malawi Polytechnic


let others have a chance to that money too if they can perform, why kukhomelera


ACB, why going to these guys, fufuzani kaye. The bigman himself is not happy with this. Look at the guidelines and papers which were put by Procurement committee. He qualified and the one who was favoured by the big man was far away and he just registred the company because of those crook businesses. Do not arrest this guy please. Mukusiya anthu ali mu boma ma ministers, the big night 6 and you arrest hese kuti muoneke abwino nooooooooooooooooooooo. ACB is not independent.

Pilizi, pilizi a Malawi, munthu amene ndiwakuba ku Lilongwe Water Board mukumusiya. Ameneyu ndi munthu wankulu kwambiri kumeneku amene amayesetsa kuti makontilakiti akuluakulu onse aziperekedwa kwa makampani amene iyeyo alinawo mgwirzano makontilakitiwo akaperekedwa. A ACB ngati ndinudi odziwa kufufuza nkani za corruption, munthuyo mumudziwa, ndiponso tinene pano kuti ndimkulu wa Water Board. Nkhani ya mamita ku LWB muifufuze bwino lomwe ndipo mudziwa chimene chinachika. Mkuluyu wa LWB ndiwokwiya chifukwa kontilakiti yimanei inaperekedwa ku kampani yimene iyeyo samaifuna chifukwa amaona ngati palibe chimene akanapezapo mwachizolowezi chake. kampani yimene iyeyu ( nkuluyu ) amafuna kuti ipatsidwe inalephere kukwanitsa zonse zofunikira pa tenda.… Read more »

ACB do you mean we should not be competing when there is a relation at an institution which is seeking services?????
Was it a procedure violated???
Was it contract awarded to someone not in that field????

ACB come clearly please!!!!!


Egritta, if this is a genuine arrest then Maliyano and Fodya are not well connected.
Mr.. Lucius Kondowe your boss knows that ACB is crap to the head. No doubt about it.

Did you ask the Attorney General if it is ok to arrest them? Mr. Kaphale has a different view on issues relating to corruption.

Njira ya mtanda

which law bars a relation to be awarded a business contract? if he met all the requirements there is nothing wrong there a Malawi yakula ndi nsanje amafuna ali iwo mbuzi za anthu!!!!!!!


Dr Charles Fodya is brilliant and there are few who can compete with him in this area. It is not only supplying but installation and commissioning. Nsanje ndiye yakula apa. Malawi sizatheka. Show us the other people who bid for this contract tiwaone. Sadly the so called ACB is stupidly being used by whoever thief who fails to win a contract. ACB is prosecuting very competent individuals who are geared to provide a reliable service tp this country.

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