ACB push for Malawi corruption court

Malawi’s Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) is pushing for the establishment of a special corruption court for the speedy trial of such cases.

Egritta Ndala: ACB  wants special corruption court

Egritta Ndala: ACB wants special corruption court

ACB argues that many corruption cases are taking time to conclude due to lack of such a court.

Other special courts include the Industrial, Commercial, Child Justice and the constitutional.

ACB spokesperson Egrita Ndala said apart from the establishment of the special courts the anti
graft body is also pushing for the bureau to be able to issue warrant of arrest when they have reasonable suspicion of corrupt practises other than going trhough the court to obtain warrants,

“Establishment of this special court will not only help us reduce the backload of cases pending court appearance, but will also reduce the costs that the bureau incurs particularly due to delay in cases being settled,” she said.

According to Ndala, besides monetary costs that come due to transfer of some prosecutors or witnesses to places away from the presiding courts, delay in administering the cases has led to the bureau losing some cases after a witness dies.

“Since corruption cases fight in our courts for space just like all other criminal cases, most corruption cases stall for months or even years as a result, we lose witnesses to cases, and it is very costly on our side,” she said.

She, however, stated that the bureau is doing everything in its power to ensure that cases are brought into court as fast as possible so that concerned parties together with the general public get a clear conscience out of the cases.

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18 thoughts on “ACB push for Malawi corruption court”

  1. Manzy says:

    Mufune musafune it can not work bz voto is u who ur working in offices kuba bas

  2. patricia says:

    Here we go again with band aid proposals. have you looked at the current situation. Why are the cases taking so long? Is it due to lack of judges or court space? I do not think creating special courts is a solution. Lets work with what we have. We know that those arrested were involved . Why do we need a year to try them? This is the problem with corruption. Most of those involved will always buy their way out in unjust system like ours.

  3. Jelbin mk says:

    I don’t support the idea simply because there is selective justice hence no need for such an expensive idea, and what we are lacking is not courts as such but we are lacking real justice which do not recognize individuals with their political affiliation. Do you mean it is this very reason that corruption cases such as those of Muluzi,Kaliati and Goodall are not seeing the walls of the courts? If yes then your proposal is valid but if not then deal with these cases first before opting for something you won’t be able to manage.

  4. jongwe says:

    Egritta Ndala.,,,,,,looking good

  5. Atcheya says:

    Seems a half-baked proposal to me that is being instigated by cashgate issues. Have u ever checked how long it takes to prosecute a case in the current special courts? And how many such courts are we going to create? Why cant we strengthen what we already have rather than creating a problem to solve anothet problem?

  6. Nelson says:

    That’s good development if it wil happen soon

  7. Nelson says:

    Good development if it is to be implemented soon

  8. wba says:

    Zophoda zachokeraso kuti abale

  9. Pata phiri says:

    Wawa ACB go on v r with u

  10. Moya says:

    ACB issuing warrant if arrest? Hell no it will be abused by government. Every critic of government will be arrested under corruption charges. We say no and only the courts should determine.

  11. jame says:

    She is a genuine Africa women.

  12. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Let us not have a proliferation of courts. What is necessary is for the Executive branch of govt to provide adequate resources to the judiciary so that more Judges are appointed. The problem is that there are very few Judges to cope with the workload. It is the Executive that is seriously underfunding the Executive.

  13. Tengupenya says:

    Go fight for all you need to add value!

  14. wena says:

    Awa nde samaphoda olo lipstick olo

  15. Zosautsa says:

    I guess it is not the number of courts to be established that can have speedy conclusion of the cases but rather efficiency and effectiveness of the courts. I would suggest that you consider beefing up the present courts to take up cases in parallel sessions and even overtime including working over the weekends.

    My fear is after the cashgate cases I don’t see any impetus to maintain the courts you may wish to establish.

  16. Shushe says:

    That calls fo more consultations.

  17. mona says:

    Good to hear that

  18. precioo says:

    I 100% support the move.

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