ACB puts six institutions under fraud, corruption watch

The Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) has put under microscope about six government institutions perceived vulnerable to fraud and corruption.

Kondowe: Corruption crackdown

Kondowe: Corruption crackdown

ACB which, currently is on pilot-phase, enlisted the institutions under its project aimed at detecting fraud and corrupt practices in the State agencies.

The screened institutions are Central Medical Stores, Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom), Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Health, Roads Authority and Safety Council and Smallholders Fertilizer Revolving Fund.

ACB Director General, Lucas Kondowe disclosed the institutions were selected due to their perceived vulnerability to fraud and corruption.

“The activities of these institutions are critical and of importance to the social wellbeing of Malawian society. It is therefore imperative to ensure that such institutions prescribe to prudent financial and resource management,” said Kondowe.

He further said that the anti-graft body’s main focus would be on the institutions’ procurement process.

“We are very much interested in the procurement activities these institutions undertake. Any procurement of K5 million or greater will have to be scrutinized by the bureau. We will assess if all procurement procedures are followed; and they will file the bureau with summary of their decision.

“The bureau will be able to respond to them within 72 hours,” he added.

ACB is expected, according to Kondowe, to enlist more government institutions under the project to detect fraud and corruption.

Kondowe said the initiation of the project would deter potential fraudsters and close down all corruption and fraud loopholes.

Meanwhile, only six out of about 60 parastatal institutions subscribed to Tip-Off anonymous, a procedure used to detect fraud and corruption within institutions.

In 2012/13 year the ACB received 1,637 tips/ complaints related to corruption and fraud, between 2013 and 2014 the bureau received 1,152 tips/complaints.

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66 thoughts on “ACB puts six institutions under fraud, corruption watch”

  1. Chintengo Amfumu says:

    I propose an independent office to scruitinize the performance of ACB first. The Beauro maintains corrupt people including the director. its duties are selective. Include OPC and Education if you are serious.

  2. lackson banda says:

    tonse monga a Malawi mukuona kuti zimene amapanga anthu ali pamwamba pathuzi pomapondereza zitukuko mu dziko muno mkumadzilemeletsa okhazi tingathane nazo bwanji?

  3. Reasonable Man says:

    kodi awa kukamwako ndi chani? akukhala ngati amadya nyini bwanji

  4. Alex Lokoswe says:

    You have just missed immigration and police. These two counsin. Good idea though. Viva Mutharika

  5. chefourpence says:

    mahulenso akhale pa list!

  6. believer P says:

    would you also the ACB findout the monthly electricity billing rates?r they real & genuine?with daily blackouts,whts their transparency on this?probe them indeed.

  7. nyika boys says:

    Balaka District Assembly is where stealing of Govt money is so rampant simply because it is full of ambwenumbwenu bosses who don’t care about Achawa, Alomwe of this area. Nawo mafumu ndima MP ali phwiiii tulo tokhatokha. Eg, the whole of Machinga has no District secondary school and yet they have chiefs, abusa, mashehe, ma MP who don’t see this as suicidal. Msonkho ndiye chikhomelecho.

  8. chisale says:

    Ine pa Mapanga pompa mpaka zaka 5

  9. NYAKWAWA says:

    Mwaiwalako awa:
    7. Local Govt thru district assemblies who swindle Govt money meant for development. And also Chiefs who abuse their powers and offices thru unlawful coronation of village headmen

    8. Education thru DEM’s offices who fixed-deposit lots of millions meant for Leave Grants thereby accumulating interests eg here in Lilongwe.
    On top of that TTCs also misuse odl teachers’ allowances thru fixed depositing.

  10. pido says:

    Sports ikanaikidwanso. Simasewera koma umbava

  11. GONANI says:

    I kind of like comment no 46 by Mwana Mulopwana. Please tell me ; Our country is a home of all races by either birth or naturalisation which implies that there are citizens of different races. But why are government departments filled with one race only? Where are the white Malawians? We need development based on the input of all Malawians not only corrupt black Malawians.

  12. Ku ESCOM kwavuta connectyion yamagetsi ikulipiridwa katatu, Koyamba you have to corrupt kuti chingwe chibwere , kenaka you corrupt kuti meter iikidwe then kuti magetsi ayake.

  13. Matemba Matemba says:

    Nanga ma Assembly bwanji mwawasiya. Pali Ma DOF AKUBA KWAMBIRI MMIDZI MUNO KOMANSO ma FA Mbava zenizeni. Bwelani pa Balaka muzaone

  14. koma a Malawi ndi vutodi bwanji osangoonjera pomwe kondowe wasiya kuti zinthu.Kodi masukulu wa ndiongokhalira kususa chilichonse chomwe wina wanena basi,wina akuti bola azungu, iwe azungu alibe corruption? masewera eti? ndizija zosusana wina akuti state of emergence wina kukazitsekera nyumba ma buku mbweee amvekere state of natural disaster, kwa America kwafa tianthu tingapo kuli emergence yomweyo, musiyeni kondowe apange mwa plan yake isa !!!,kale munalikuti fwe fwe fwe ndi ma definition shit.

  15. Mphwache says:

    The biggest corruption players in Malawi are Ministry of Lands, Malawi Police, Road Traffic Department, MRA, Escom, High Court of Malawi, Blantyre Water Board, in that order. Bwanji enawa mwawaiwala?

  16. chrzan says:

    Are you guys having a laugh? It’s not 1st of April yet!! The whole government machinery is corrupt to the core. Go to MRA, immigration, police , road traffic, lands as a starting point. Central medical stores my foot!! Carry out some objective research before coming up with ludicrous lists of government institutions vulnerable to corruption. This country is being run by idiots indeed!!

  17. mwana mulopwana says:

    Mr Kondowe, you are talking as if you are telling a kindergarten kid, we all know what happens, the whole system need a complete overhaul including your team, if we want to talk about stamping out corruption that will not look at face, then we need to bring white people to lead that institution and handle operations and investigation, anything that has to do with black people is corrupt,

    I know the very same institution will soon corrupt your officials and they will pretend as if everything is normal, go to MRA and see , money is being paid under the table

  18. dumerang mfwetu says:

    Number 1 is police kenako zinazo

  19. Chikadza says:

    Where is Blantyre Water Board on the list?

  20. Wabonda says:

    Prizons bwa?

  21. Unenesyo says:

    Thank you for this initiative Mr. Lucas Kondowe. If it is not too late I would like you to add two other institutions- the Malawi Judiciary (courts) and the Immigration Department. Zikomo kwambiri chifukwa cha utsogoleri wanu ndi wa a Polofesa.

  22. phodogoma says:

    We are spending a lot of money by paying to even useless employees of Road Traffic even messengers, cleaners, receptionists( real corrupt people at Road Traffic). You can get your driving license or car registration through these useless guys after paying at least K45, 000 for class G driving license. This is Malawi. Yet Road Traffic is not on the list. Or Lucas are you too corrupt being. Watch out.

  23. Bigdwag says:

    That list can’t be complete with the Police more especially Traffic Police!! We know these guys from A to Z!!!

  24. Nabiyeni says:

    Why leaving out MRA and MACRA? Majority of employees at MACRA are under qualified but simply employed because they are related to either a board member, minister or someone in government. This leaves a lot to be desired.

  25. drivers says:

    mwaiwala ministry of education planning chandiwira nyirenda ndi ndi lungu

  26. Shasha says:

    Here is my top ten List:
    1. Road Traffic Directorate
    2. Immigration
    3. Malawi Revenue Authority
    4. Malawi Police
    5. Lands and Housing Corporations
    6. ESCOM
    7. Administrator General
    8. National Audit Office
    9. Judiciary
    10. Blantyre Water Board

  27. wanangwa says:

    Plz add Ministry of Lands

  28. mavuto says:

    ACB mwaiwala ofunikila kufufuzidwa a judiciary, amadya ma c6pasation a odandaula, amatchaja modabwisa ma sin visit,ma affidavit, po sign ma pasport fomz

  29. johnM says:

    Those that are saying that ACB should consult with ODPP should know that the ODPP is just as corrupt and ACB should investigate that office too.

  30. Achi says:

    Eeee ikanipo MRA mbava zothelatu

  31. Bigman munthu waMulungu says:

    come on ACB,real corrupt institutions have been left out here. talk of IMMIGRATION,TRAFFIC POLICE

  32. Paulos Banda says:

    Mwachedwa nikakhala ine Moses Malinda zanga ndinapanga kale ku Roads Authority. Even if you fire me today I don’t mind, I have everything I need in my life.

  33. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    MRA, Ministry of Water, Pesticide Control Board, Water Boards

  34. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    Audit Getrude Muthanyula most corrupt institution of Pierre Artur Muthanyula.

  35. Hakimu Banda says:

    Koma Road traffic yanyanya

  36. nuji says:

    MRA and Road Traffic pliz ACB bite them from head to toe. I wanted also to know why we are supposed to pay when claiming our luggage at DHL. I sent a parcel thru DHL and when my relations went to collect it at DHL, they were told it was with MRA and i have to pay again to collect it. Can i be taught about it pliz since i dont think thats the way to go. Shud i pay twice for one parcel?

  37. Fathi Alshdhaab says:

    But thoutvht acb deaks wifh pdoven of repofted cases..intefefring in activituss of othd organizations retfogressive.xonze sapanga munthu modzi ayii!!

  38. Patriot says:

    Mwayiwala NAC ndi Disaster Management

  39. Gogo chalo says:

    Dont forget ministry of education

  40. vero says:

    Malawi Police Force …bwaaa…sorry…police service… tipereke mayina..a traffic akatangale… ? or should l just give you audio conversation…? why police kumatilanda ma license..timakawombora kunyumba ndi ma K1,500…

  41. Bwan'noni says:

    Pokha-pokha ACB idzachoke m’khwapa mwa president ndi chipani cholamula amenewa adzingokhala Makoto chabe kapena nditi kubwebweta. Azungu adziona ngati zikuenda.Amene adzifufuzidwa ndi a zipani zotsutsa basi

  42. Agood example ku Agriculture are the AEDC interviews conducted in June,2013 where names of those who were selected on merit were released some time in November,2013 but surprisingly another list of names came out in May,2014 full of those with their relatives in higher offices both in govt and ruling party.

  43. Malawi wa Lero says:

    A list without Malawi Police, Malawi Defence Force, Lands Dept. U r not serious. In Malawi u wud have save ur time and embrasmnt if u had produced a list of corrupt free depts bcoz the list wud’ve bn obviously zero.

  44. Ku Agricultureku it’s not only on procurement but also how promotions are being awarded.Those top officials in govt in ruling party have all the mandate to back for their relatives to be promoted though they are non performers

  45. This is a joke. What about traffic police?

  46. Moya says:

    Ofcourse missing is police which has been making headlines recently, then our cabinet, MRA especially border offices.

  47. Know this Mr Kondowe says:

    Civil servants work from home or in other words they cash from home.

    A polisi a traffic amakhala ndi ma receipt mnyumba mkumatakata.
    Immigration anthu ma passport akupangila mmanyumba mkukatengela komko.

    Ma driving licence ndiye easy … just a phone call away chithunzi kungotumiza pa phone mkukaitengela kudeni kwawo by za electronic bambo.

    Malawi Sadzathekanso. Licence kungogula. Where is the safety. Find a way to clamp down this pliz.

  48. private as well like kamuzu academy. kusolola too much

  49. Lilongwe city assembly says:

    A corruption list without lands? What kind of corruption are you looking at? Mxiiii

    1. Mable kamwendo says:

      Muli mphwiii I kusiya corruption ili ku Lands. Mumaoneka ngati ochangamuka anthu a DPP ndinu ma kape. Zoti ku lands kukuonongedwa kutereko simukuziwa shupiti

  50. yonayona says:

    Nkhoma synod” bwaaa?

    1. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

      Ndiwe WA Livingstonia Synod eti

  51. Bertha says:

    ACB should liaise with ODPP otherwise it is not their job to monitor or have oversight roles on procurement matters. After all ACB has more than enough cases on cashgate to complete!

  52. Chikadzakuwani says:


    1. Mable kamwendo says:

      Chikadzakuwani ndimakuziwa ndiwe wa ku MRA trend ya ma comment ako ndinaikoweza ndipo ndiwe Lawyer mxiiiii

    2. Chigo Gwaza says:

      Ngatiukufuna list ya Mbava za ku Immigration ndi MRA nditha kukupasani Bwana. Amaziika mma office mwadongosolo kuti zizithandizira kuba

  53. PANJI WINSTON says:

    Useless. You have left those departments that are into real business of corruption

  54. Mwasowa zochita you think Malawian are fool where is MSB . MR A .among the list

  55. Bwande says:

    The top 3 corrupt institutions in Malawi are as follows:
    1. Malawi Police (Traffic)
    2. Road Traffic
    3. MRA
    . . Judiciary
    . . Immigration
    . . City
    The top 2 are out of ACB scrutiny list. Is deliberate or an oversight? Are you serious and aware about corruption issues in Malawi?

  56. Kenkkk says:

    National audit office is corrupt, it should not be allowed to audit nac. It needs highly qualified neutral auditors which cannot be found in Malawi. Some external auditors are needed in the mode of the German 92 bn audit.

  57. chimwemwe mudelanji says:

    Where does ODPP come in since they are mandated by law I hear ACB has done this without consultation with ODPP.

  58. pac says:

    Mwasiiranji mra and immigration

  59. Steven Table says:

    Why is NAC not on this list? Is it because the National Audit Office has cleared NAC of any corrupt practices. One would expect that NAC would be on this list given that National Audit Office is in the process of auditing NAC something that has taken almost 6 months now.

  60. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    Hmmmm. Should the scrutiny of procurement procedures and or other financial internal controls not rest with audit functions of organisations, both internal and external? Yes the ACB Director is an Accountant and knows rightfully so about compliance and substantive testing of audit areas. But shouldn’t that be the roles of audit. Maybe it worth noting the corporate governance arrangements in place.

  61. gogoda says:

    ACB state house bwaaaa?

  62. mzimwale says:

    where are Malawi police, immigration and MRA? They should have been among the top screened.

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