ACB says politicians influencing sale of Fisp fertilizer, Admarc maize

Graft busting body, the Anti -Corruption Bureau (ACB) has expressed concern that some politicians in the south were influencing the sale of tax payer funded Fisp fertilizer and Admarc maize.



The ACB’s crime prevention officer Susan Phiri told the media after she made spot checks in some Admarc depots in the south including Thyolo and Mulanje.

“In some places, we found them in groups with their people,” said Phiri.

Admarc public relations officer Agnes Chikoko said her organisation has received the report and forwarded it to relevant authorities.

In his new year address, President Peter Mutharika told ACB to uphold professionalism and independence and spare no sacred cows even in his own government.

Meanwhile, police have arrested 16 people in Mulanje and Thyolo. They were picked on various offences including corruption in the administration of Fisp and sale of Admarc maize.

The arrested included Admarc staff.

  • Matter of fact:

Earlier we had quoted Phiri as having mentioned DPP.  It was inaccurate.

She did not mention a political party but said politicians.

We unreservedly apologise to the Susan Phiri, ACB for the error. –Editor


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29 thoughts on “ACB says politicians influencing sale of Fisp fertilizer, Admarc maize”

  1. Kachapila says:

    Mbava izi zaonjeza.Kodi Amalawi kupusa kwathu ndikotani? Its time to take action.

  2. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    How did DPP party functionaries end up with fertilizer and ADMARC maize? Isn’t the fertilizer subsidy scheme and mauze sale handled by the Ministry of Agriculture in conjunction with ADMARC?

    That is why when there was news about the silos being full of maize, I commented that, that was not a guarantee that there will be no shortages of maize. I stressed that there was need to ensure a transparent and efficient distribution system and above board pricing mechanisms in place.

    This type of deplorable mismanagement of fertilizer and maize distribution and pricing calls for a Parliamentary enquiry in addition to a criminal investigation.

  3. English Guru says:

    What else is new?


    cheers kudontoni.We know of course that you know the truth of the matter but atleast you have not defended your disgruntled members.Kutsalira whatever you call him minister of something is definitely coming to explode denying this even without finding out.This is happening and for sure Muthalira cant be aware because is not the one in control.Mwanamveka,George Chaponda,Henly mussa are the ones in control.Malawi not in safe hands

  5. kangandiwamba says:

    Shameful people.

  6. Nyanga bira says:

    Mumangetso a T/A

  7. amuna says:

    That’s Malawian politics l know. This program is not 4 the poor but the few dpp leaders .

  8. Chidzukulu says:

    Tisansmizanepo apa with or without politicians being involved our ADMARC is rotten, corruption too much and it is not in in the southern region ndi kulikonse ACB just do your work to control the situation

  9. Munyalika says:

    is it possible for DPP to stop airing what they are airing on MBC against JB plse urgently stop uwl be ashamed becaz we have the whole information and DPP will be shamed we have the details of the whole schene if u want names we can disclose can u plse keep quiet we are burning with anger

    1. Beast Msonda says:

      Then burn to ashes. otherwise if you had the whole information you would have given us the names rather than wasting your time here.

  10. Charles Tunthuwa says:

    I ask the DPP boma to seriously deal with the officials of likoma district assembly who spends millions of boma funds just by staying for two months at mainland Malawi as if working and claiming huge allowances at the end of the day. Their offices are of no service as they spend time on mainland Malawi drinking in mzuzu expensive bars.

  11. mowee says:

    Please arrest Charlres Mchacha and his brother village headman Ngomano for stealing coupons from people of Ngomano village.

  12. Ddp ndiyaku mozambique??

  13. mbuya says:


  14. zimkambani says:

    I do not understand. No comment? This is the very comment we wanted. You are behind it. The unfortunate part is that the victims are ADMARC Staff and not those who give directives. Help the staff they are at crossroads. Arrest those who issue these directives. Cry the beloved country Malawi

  15. Beast Msonda says:

    Sketchy story that leaves many questions unanswered.

  16. zimkambani says:

    No comment what do you mean? This is enough comment because you know what is taking place. The Staff are at great risk. They know the policy and they get directives. Those who make directives are never arrested. The unfortunate ADMARC Staff they become victims. Give us direction

  17. Mapwiya says:

    Its an open secret that since the introduction of FISD the program has mainly benefited the ruling party gurus and the elite.

    That is our Malawi at 51 oh no at 52 years.

  18. George Kamanga says:

    Agalu anjala amu DPP asowa pokuba. awona Ku ADMARC kuli zochepa zoti asolore. a DPP ndi mbava zotheratu. APM chonde wonetsa tii Agalu tako poti tisusepo. DPP mbava woyeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  19. Beast Msonda says:

    Why is this story so sketchy? Please write something that can convince critical minded readers. How are DPP officials influencing the sale? Do you mean finding DPP officials in groups with their people at the ADMARC is illegal or criminal?

    Among the 16 people arrested, how many and who are ADMARC staff or DPP officials? What are their charges? Are they all charged with the one and the same offense? There are many questions that need to be addressed here if you really want to convince the non-political partisan critical minded readers. Otherwise, I have just wasted my time reading this propaganda.

  20. Mapyiya says:

    Nanga Masangwi ya ku MRA ija ndi ya khuni ,kanyoza ,chinsendenji muwatenga liti ACB

  21. Gugulety says:

    Just go pa msika wa kwa Bvumbwe…

  22. Malawian!!! says:

    At the home of Dpp, why is it happenin there?

  23. levelheaded says:

    The first time for ACB to bite the ruling party in the history of Malawi. Thumbs up APM.

  24. Chigawaneni says:

    Bola zizioneka mathedwe ake zimenezi. Chisakhale chiphamaso. It’s a move in the right direction.

  25. tvendort says:

    Kkkkk khoswe ali pa chabe!!!!

  26. Safari Wakumudzi says:


    “No Malawian will die of hunger” when practically referring to his party followers!

    Malawi ndi Dhilu

  27. Kumamvetsa says:

    Bwanji osakagwila akuno ku Malombe ndi kwaMtuwa kuno ku Mangochi? Cashiers are charging extra K2000 per bag!!!

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