ACB says still no JB, Lutepo CCTV footage 

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB)  has said it still has not received the  CCTV footage of former president Joyce Banda’s 23 meetings with chief Cashgate suspect, Oswald Lutepo, and other senior People’s Party (PP) members at four different state residences in the country as government claimed.

Government spokesman Nanhumwa addressing a news conference  at COI - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Government spokesman Nanhumwa addressing a news conference at COI – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Government though its spokesman Kondwani Nankhumwa said last week that they handed over the footage to Malawi’s corruption-busting body for forensic examination and further action.

But the bureau has said they have no copies of the CCTV footage.

ACB boss Lucas Kondowe said on Monday, the bureau has no copies of the CCTV footage.

“Not yet with us,” he said, adding that  they will  “analyse” the evidence if it comes.

The ACB  deputy director, Reyneck Matemba  also said there is no record of receipt of the CCTV footage or any documents from Nankhumwa.

“We do not have such materials at the bureau,” Matemba stressed.

But Minister of Information Nankhumwa maintained that government handed  the CCTV fooage to ACB and also documents that prove that Lutepo booked and attended the meetings with Banda between December 2012 and September 2013.

Banda, through her personal assistant, Andekuche Chanthunya, said the government’s claim about the CCTV footage is a desperate attempt to divert people’s attention away from the worsening economic situation.

He said the Malawi government is determined to implicate Banda, in the scam through various means.

“It’s not strange that Lutepo and other senior PP members had meetings with Banda because Lutepo was an executive member of the party,” Chanthunya said.

He added that the CCTV cameras at all state residences have not been functional for some time until the time  Banda left office as Head of State.

“At Kamuzu Palace, for instance, the CCTV cameras stopped working in 2010 during the reign of the late President Bingu wa Mutharika. It is, therefore, surprising for government to claim they have the said CCTV footage,” he said.

Nankhumwa has however dismissed fears that government is on a political witch-hunt against Banda, the country’s first-ever female president, saying they handed the alleged CCTV footage following L utepo’s allegations in the local media that he was used as a conduit to siphon off billions of public funds through dubious deals by the former president.

But Banda argues that the move by government vindicates her fears that some quarters are using Lutepo as “a pawn to drag her name in the mud”.

Lutepo confessed on radio that he was guilty swindling the state, but said  he had personally delivered  some cash donations  to Banda during her term as president for her party campaign.

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44 thoughts on “ACB says still no JB, Lutepo CCTV footage ”

  1. Wachuluka ndi umbuli pa malawi and malawian a good listening to lies at the end you will harvest problems and I can forsee and smell hardtimes for malawian ahead.

  2. bvumbwe boy says:

    This DPP govt is taking us no where but down. we need to act fast my fellow Malawi our country will be more worse than it was with Zimbabwe

  3. Mike says:

    We want delivery of de manifestal not propaganda.

  4. Zondiwe says:

    It would appear the tapes do not exist, and that is why they are taking time to reach ACB offices.
    Cameras were apparently not working, so where will the images come from?
    Let us wait and see what comes out.

  5. Kadakwiza says:

    Oh! Anti Corruption Bureau have not received the Joyce Banda, Lutepo CCTV footages, so is Kondwani Nankhumbwa is a liar? I don’t think so. Government don’t lie. May be Nyasa Times guys are lying on this issue.

  6. pierra says:

    Its no doubt still at FOX studios for editing and special effects dab!

  7. Chithumwa says:

    And now the ACB is shutdown due to a strike over pay. Is it just me or is there a method to this apparent madness? Why should the two main institutions dealing with cashgate cases be paralysed and the Govt not seem to care? Could the paralysis actually be the work of the Govt itself? Are we being sold ‘dogmeat’?

    I am asking these questions because the procedure for dealing with Courts and ACB salaries when there has been a salary increment in the civil service are clear. Why was the Govt not interested in dealing with these issues at that time. The cabinet meets as a group, why did the Justice Minister just sit phwii knowing fully well how his ministry would be affected?

    We are making noise on a daily basis lamenting how inept this government is. But maybe, just maybe, we are the ones who are inept in not seeing that this Govt is actually fooling us all: That there is a grand plan behind the madness?

  8. Baba wa Boyi says:

    I thought they are on strike? So they are talking as what?

    You can not have your cake and eat it.

    When you are on strike you do not enter the office, thats my understanding of a strike, so how does ACB give official information?

    1. koko says:

      Akanadziwabe…nanunso kupusa.The two(kondowe&matemba)are senior bosses who ought to know.

      Kodi ngati munthu wakhala pakhonde,sangadziwe kuti mnyumba muli alendo?

    2. MMALAWI says:

      Management doesn’t go on strike please abale! ACB Director and his deputy should be working full time, strike or no strike

    3. Umphawi says:

      With this level of ignorance displayed by Baba a Boyi, it will take a century for Malawi to reach where Lwanda in now. I feel like disowning my beloved Malawi-mbuli zachuluka and they are dragging Malawi backwards. Ayayayaya!!!!!!!!!


  10. Chief Strategist says:

    Chakwera has said that DPP is just obsessed with JB instead of focusing on running the country

  11. Atupele Keba says:

    Good question #8. My guess is that the CCTV was disabled deliberately by Bingu to hide his criminal and immoral activities at the statehouse. Unfortunately, this has allowed his enemy number 1 JB to escape, assuming she was involved in any misdeeds at the statehouse during her reign!

  12. matchonisa says:

    Paja Nankhumwa was amongst the treason archtects, now he wants to react back. The problem is that treason charges were real while all the charges against her excellency Dr Joice Banda are fictious. Mind u , treason charges might resurface very soon b4 five yrs.

  13. Nkhani says:

    ACB ikuti sikudziwapo kanthu za cctv footage, ndiye iwe Nankhumwa ndi anzako, mutiuze ACB imene mukunena ndi itiyo.. Uyo wa Green card akungokupusitsani mulibe chilimo mu mutu mwakemo, mawa zizakuvutani MCP ikadzatenga boma..

  14. preckad says:

    Power play…….i can see the famous mid-night six still colluding to take out JB from her social circle…. Why she gives them the jitters is beyond everybodys imagination…..!….Wake up..! u are now ruling Malawi.

  15. Favour says:

    ‘Yes we have received the cctv footage’ you expect the ACB to answer you this? What did the government say through Nankhumwa?Now what do you want to hear again?This question will remain unanswered for obvious reosons.Believe me.

  16. Patriot says:

    Akulimbana ndi mayi amene analiphula dziko pa moto. Anayendetsa dziko mobvitikira wina atawomolamo K92 billion.
    Akulimbana ndi mayi amene anachita chothekera kuti mafuta apezeke mbwe mbwe mbwe pamene pulofesa analephera kutero.
    Akulimbana ndi mayi amene amachita alleviate umphawi mmidzi.

    Taonani, pansi pa pulofesa wachilomwe woyamba uja Mafuta osiyana siyana Kunalibe, ma company ankaseka….
    Pansi pa pulofesa junior wachilomweyu (mphwache), madzi kulibe komanso sadziwa kusova mabvuto tiri nawowa.

    Tikamadzafika 2019, Malawi itaonongekeratu kuposanso mmene anasiyira pulofesa mkuku wake uja.

  17. Tozer Tsono says:

    Cashgate is about stealing and laundering government funds. Nankhumwa is making fun of this very serious case. The evidence you want to show is the stolen and laundered money.
    If the CCTVs don’t show the stolen money, Nankhumwa along with Lutepo ought to be sued for libel. Provide evidence in court or before ACB. ACB need to take Nankhumwa to task.
    Fabricating lies is as criminal as plundering government resources. They should both be punishable by law. During Dr. Hasting’s Banda or Bingu’s reign, several Malawians lost their lives because of careless statements by political leaders. ACB needs to hit hard on fabricators to prevent poisoning the case.

  18. Sidix says:

    JB akhale konkio kunja.Ma strike ati mbweewa akanati ndi JB akupangitsa akanakhala kuti ali ku Malawi.

  19. TIMOTHY says:

    Chipani cha dpp muli usatana wofunika kupempherera not vulayo ibwera bwanji? chipani chakupha, choononga, chosafunira anzake zoipa maka osinthana naye boma , last time bakili alimbana nayo eeeee matenda pafupi pafupi pano apanga edit cctv za boza akuti JB anali ndi Lutepo while munthu anali axecutive member wa chipani asakumane? I beg God allah to treate zis government so zat aziwenso kuti mulungu sakondwa ndi mtundu otere, but JB dont come back bcz chili chose chikaonongeka aziti ndiwe, mvula kusabwera JB ndiwe wanga, economy kuvuta aziti ndalama zili ndi JB, chitetezo ku sowa aziti JBb akutuma mbavazi ziziba kundionongera zikoli pano akusowa chonamizira mzao akudya zantown ku US be zea mama we still remember u, by mudzi transformation, one cow one family, kukumbuka akumidzi pano dziko likuwawa zedi. I ll not support zis goverment bcz amakonda kulimbana ndi anthu…..

  20. Khansala says:

    May I ask plz, av been away for sometime. Who is the head of ACB at the moment? Coz all I hear is Deputy Head all along – Reyneck Matemba.

    1. Elinesi says:

      Did you read the article?

  21. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    APM and his brainless DPP supporters are you serious that you will finish your five year term ? Especially you lunatic president how can you allow all these cheap propaganda as if your are still on a five year tripartite campaign and yet you are already ruling and you are remaining with 54 months if at all you have wishes to finish ?

    Your so called government was supposed to get a court order if at all the courts were not on strike by then , the lawyer for JB and the ACB lawyer were also supposed to be present the time you were retriving the footage film during the time when Lutepo was handing over the money to JB.
    Where on earth can you start handing over the CCTV film to the Corruption Toll Of DPP , because if they accept to use your CCTV footage as an evidence in the court of law it means it is no more the ACB which is supposed to do its work independently ?
    Don’t take Malawians to be stupid.

    Malawians are having some doubts if APM is a real lawyer . If you read Kamuzu Banda’s history you hear that all the degrees which he got from America he was not allowed to practice medicine in United Kingdom , that’s why he was told to go back to college of medicine in UK which he did . Hastings Kamuzu Banda had to redo his degrees in medicine in UK and he passed very well as result of his good pass , he even opened a private surgery which was well patronised by whites.
    APM there is a private college of law in area 2 along Kamuzu Prossesion Road opposite Sauzade house , it will be your good chance to be going to this law university for evening studies , may be you can be helped in that way. I don’t think you are of any help to Malawians if you want to rule this country as a street crook .

  22. WAMKHUTU says:

    Kodi cctv yo bwanji is only mentioned nthawi ya JB? Cashgate yo bwanji ili patsogolo ndi ya munthawi ya JB? Kodi yabakili cashgate kuli ziii, nnanji ya malemu obisa madollars of bags kuchipinda ziko likuvutika ndi mafuta agaalimoto kuwapeza kusowa kuli cheteeeeee, mwayi maliro tayamba kupeza mafuta but busy witch hunting munthu osalakwa now they r trying Lutepo wakwathu nkumazeramo zofuna JB, wasting time @ nothing, tiziti zinthu zikuyenda.

  23. cbk says:

    ife zama kamelazo tipange nazo chani?ndiwe wakhoti?muthane ndima strike ati mbweewa?press conference kumapangila nkhani yake imeneyo?STUPID!!!

  24. WA UDF says:

    Bomali lili busy kulimbana ndi JB moti azipanga za tsogolo lawo mpake mvula yakala, chifukwa tikulimbana nd munthu wa mulungu.

  25. John says:

    Malawi is in deep trouble in all measures you can think of. We need all the brain powers to stop whatever they are smoking and put heads together to make this ship stay afloat. But not with Malawi politics. The two arms of gvt, the parliament and the judiciary are not operational and we still have the third arm, the executive, all bunching together hunting for one person, JB. Just why she gives them sleepless nights is beyond me!! She is NOT even in the country for crying out loud! Its like the whole APM gvt is suffering from SOCD- Severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, where its difficult, nah read that impossible for them to switch off between tasks, unless they finish the current one, hunting for the most wanted! OMG!!!

  26. WAKWITHU says:

    clueless nankhumwa

  27. Petro John says:

    Mukulimbana Ndizinthu zopanda pake boma likukukanikani.Dzimacamera zinasiya 2010 kugwira ntchito tsono azitenga kuti utsogoleri wabodza wachinyengo waDPP.I hate this party.

  28. Agulupu says:

    APM ndi Lutepo wakoyo musatinyase ndi mabodza anuwo. Boma lakukanikani basi, miyezi 7 koma palibe chikuyendapo. The worst president Malawi has ever had is APM wanuyo.

  29. Akulisinga says:

    Tione m’mene zithere mwina mwache nankhumwa anam’patsira messenger wa ku ACB

  30. nigga says:

    why would cctv work in private residences and not the state one? wil malawi progress an inch? i can see now why robbers can enter and exit scot free.

  31. mabodza says:

    Abwele kaye Joice yo from where ever she is then you will know the truth about the cctv footage. As long as she is out there the truth shall not be known.

    1. Aluta says:

      @ Maboza

      In this digital era you still need somebody to be physically here to ascertain the validity of your CCTV footage. Get life. You are still living in the “letter” era. This is an era of instant messaging you fool.

  32. APM zamukanika kuyendetsa boma Palibenso tsongolo loti akhoza kusintha zinthu

  33. Hhhhhhhmmmmmm ndiye?

  34. MAYO says:

    Ameneyu abwelenso pa wayilesi adzapepese ponamiza mtundu wa a Malawi.

    Three days no water in Lilongwe.

    1. nkhedu says:

      eeeish ine ndimaona ngati ndi area yakwathu kokhakunotu? nafeso bwanji tikhale serious tikawaze manyi ku LWB osati za ku BT ZIJA zodyekana banzi.

  35. Malaza says:

    This administration is a big joke!!!! No seriousness at all a bunch of thieves, liers and clueless idiots. They have lost the little credibility that they had. Seven months since they bulldozed themselves into power they have nothing to show for. We are on a downward spiral. All hope is lost.

  36. Nyapapi says:

    Shatapu musatinyanse nazo izi!

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