Activist claims plot to purge Malawi VP: Advises Mutharika against ‘dubious characters’

A governance activist anf fierce critic of  President Peter Mutharika has claimed  there is a plot to eliminate Malawi vice president Saulos Chilima in and has  advised  the Head of State to ensure his deputy is protected and given due tasks to help him in governing the nation.

For your ears only: Vice President Chilima telling President Chilima something  close to his ears

For your ears only: Vice President Chilima telling President Chilima something close to his ears

Activist Z Allan Ntata told reporters  in Lilongwe on Tuesday  during a news conference under the  banner of ‘Reform to Transform’  movement that sources within the tank and file of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have revealed the plot to do away with Chilima.

The former legal advisor to late president Bingu wa Mutharika held the news conference joinly with owner of Dziko Radio Chikumbutso Mtumodzi, also a former presidential spokesman during Bingu reign.

He advised President Mutharika against “sidelining of the vice president in favour of some dubious characters.”

Ntata said there is abundant evidence of a trend that Malawians are so familiar with from previous presidents, a culture of distrust that leads to disastrous cracks in the administration.

“The final losers, in all this, are the most vulnerable among us and the tax payers,” he said.

The Vice President, said Ntata, cannot just be ignored or wished away as they were elected together.

“Impeachment, which can easily backfire, is the only constitutional way to dump him before the administrative term expires. And since this will not happen, the Vice President should be allowed to earn his perks by bringing in the much-needed fresh perspective. The media, the opposition and groups like us – Reform to Transform – are not any less Malawian. We must be listened to if not taken more seriously than the self-serving advisors,” he said.

Ntata said despite not lending credence to claims that the DPP  is ill-advisedly planning to eliminate the vice president in order to give the president an opportunity to appoint a new vice president that will be more acceptable to the politburo of the  party as a presidential candidate for 2019 elections, the movement will not throw caution to the wind.

“But since this is the talk within the rank and file of DPP, a wise President would dismiss this kind of thinking before it takes root. We urge the president to not only stand by his vice president, but to also give him space and the wherewithal to take on some of the challenges that he, the president is personally clueless to address,” said Ntata.

He cited recent delegation of some ministers instead of the vice president to international forums meant for the president such as the AU.

Recently, Mutharika has been delegating Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr George Chaponda to such meetings.

But Chaponda in a prepared statement his ministry wanted to issue to the media argued thatt “the responsibilities and domain of Foreign Ministers world over lie in foreign and international relations, hence their constant presence in foreign–related engagements”.

Ntata’s claims  has added intrigue into  Mutharika succession battle though DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila and government spokesperson Jappie Mhango have also stressed the  76 –year-old President will seek re-election in 2019.

Mutharika himself is on record saying  he will seek another mandate in 2019 .

He rejected rumours that he would only serve one term.

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Timothy Ralph
Stupifying people get ruled by hyenas in human skins is an abominable and punishable by God Himself. It is just a matter of time, The Almighty turns the dark sides of stones up and have them washed by the Free rains. When shall Malawians ever have their dreams come true? If feel like this whole set of hopeless, pathetic leadership be cleaned up. I wouldn’t care if they could vacate even the country. It is unfortunate that The Police, The Army are trained not to feel any stung however bad it might be or they could give chance to democrats… Read more »
Chipiliro Vokhiwa
Mr Chilima, my warning to you is that whatever pple are saying now will come to pass. You cheated to God through Malawians and remember what happened to Essau after he lied to his father Isaac that he is Jacob. Unless you apologise openly to Malawians, even they will call you sorts of names, but once they accept your apology you will also be a blessing in the eyes of the Lord. Remember when God has spoken nobody can argue, did you not contributed directly or indirectly the suffering which Malawians are facing to day? It is up to you… Read more »
marioshona man

Mr President,please take care of the VP.Work together and take him again as your 2019 runningmate

JB Nabanda Domasi

Chilima you really deserve this. Almighty God is not happy with all what you did to put dpp in power through backdoor and yet the winner was Dr L Chakwera of MCP. You are reaping what you sow. Malawians are suffering because of you Saulos…. Shame!!!




Wapa kaliyala mwayamba kulira, thweee mwana tchweee! Iwe Saulo paja zomwe umadziwako iwe nzoti nsato saweta. Koma chomwe siudziwa ndi umwana wakowo ndichoti chipako sitichita ndiwanthu oti adzola chitedze mmanja.

DPP has always been chipani chawanthu oderera. They never respected a vice president. When did you think they had changed. Tinkangoukonanitu mukugundika ku sapota amenewo mmalo mwa MCP. Kaya zanu unless amwalirensotu. But lighting rarely strikes twice.

George Kamanga

Chilima you are reaping what you saw by betraying innocent Malawians in helping DPP rig the election. As many Malawians are dying and suffering so you shall never have peace. Chilima you are to be ridiculed from left to right like a toy. Even your fellow APM shall never have peace at all as long as innocent souls are in great pains in this nation. All of you you shall have sleeplessness nights.


What a full in the name of Chaponda. Go and f….C the ass h.


Chaponda ndi fish!


Chaponda is a madman. He is the one misleading Peter. Chaponda is the most hated man here in Malawi even amongst his family member. This dog so called Chaponda stinks.

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