Activist Duwa rejects board appointment

Executive Director for Pan African Civic Educators Network, (PACENET) Steve Duwa has turned down the offer to serve  as a board director for Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Esom), saying doing so would be contravening the dictates of his organization that prohibits its employees from political alignment.

 Duwa ; No, thank you!

Duwa ; No, thank you!

“I would rather opt to be where I have been so that I provide the checks and balances on the government operation without any compromise,” Duwa who also heads Malawi Electoral Support Network,  told Nyasa Times.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika recently appointed several people including rights activists as board members for various statutory corporations without  consulting them.

Among them is the government critic, the Executive Director for Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) John Kapito who was appointed while outside the country.

A political scientist at the Chancellor College of the University of Malawi,  Boniface Dulani said recently that the appointment of the civil rights activists into the boards of statutory corporations is government’s ploy to weaken the civil society organizations and rights campaigners that have been critical of government.

Dulani said the move would likely  jeopardize politics and human rights activism in the country.

“I can also say that the appointment of some civil rights campaigners into the statutory corporations in a move by government to please their loyalists,” he said.

However activist Billy Banda says his appointment as a chairperson for Malawi Gaming Board will not compromise his stand.

“I just feel honoured to be appointed, but this will have nothing to do with my role a human rights campaigner,” he said.

Government spokesperson Kondwani Nankhumwa says the inclusion of civil right activist in the various boards shows that the ruling DPP is an inclusive government.

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38 thoughts on “Activist Duwa rejects board appointment”

  1. felix says:

    bwana duwa safuna cv yawo pakhale political appointment.ndi retired and educated solder.mungowapatsa aboard chair anu

  2. Oluza ali m'boma says:

    One day you will regret to have turn down the offer, aliyense aise amadya pakhomo pake, umenyera ufulu wa ndani? Umufuse John bwebweta man Kapito

  3. Calisto Phiri says:

    Mr Duwa is right there is no way he can join these political events otherwise his organisation activities wil be compromised simunthu wadyela koma ofuna kukwanilisa cholinga cha bungwe lake

  4. chiduma says:

    Several board members, what for? What role do they play? Onse aja muwapase misonkho yathu?

  5. Chipapwiche says:

    So being a board member is political alignment! I need to be educated on what political alignment is otherwise I don’t think Mr Duwa has a point. Several people have been appointed and worked as board members over the years and understood their roles and responsibilities. You should have been the first person to jump on this opportunity to help in the electricity problems we face as a nation. I just think this man has no clue on what he is supposed to do or is a coward. We shouldn’t cheat each other on the appointments closing peoples mouth. This is the right moment they can speak not to the media as they used to do without offering solutions,but to fellow board members as well as government officials on how best things can be improved…. What are checks and balances for,anyway!

    1. basa says:

      Your brain is thicker that your memory is low and can not contain this even if you are educated 100X. Sizofunikanso kuphunzitsidwa izi. These targeted appointments aim to weaken the activities of the other side. You can not serve too masters having different activities at a time.

    2. illiterate says:

      Epic fail. You don’t really make sense. How many able and critical minds have gone into the government and its affiliates and ended up on a pile of ineffective bootlickers?

  6. APM says:

    Ndimaopa kupanga za mchimwene wanga akayamba kundipanikiza. ndimayesa pobela masankho basi ndili boo! koma shee! apa ndiye nkhanga gonna die on 5th april also.

  7. Zachilomwe says:

    This is an agreed move with Peter to fool us, this stupid guy was the first to release his stupid statistics during the election time. I hate this Mlomwe. I divorced my Lhomwe Wife of 16 years after the elections because I hate DPP and their tribalistic tendencies.

  8. zoshola says:

    Duwa asatipusitse ndi wa DPP.Anadya zambiri pachisankho lero afuna kuoneka mnjelo?

  9. Cymru says:

    Every person has a right to accept or reject an offer. There is nothing strange. May be in Malawi it is news.

  10. Mfwethu says:

    For a government to be inclusive it does not mean that it has to rope in human rights activists. Why can’t they look around for malawians of good standing in society who can really help the country run these statutory corporations? Koreia Mpatsa, Mpinganjira etc should be people that should come to the president’s mind when thinking of people who can help this country.
    Look around the good people who can help malawi, don’t think of silencing dissenting views just cause you wanna hear something good being said about thyself. Bob Marley sang:

    “why boast at thyself oh evil man, playing smart and not being clever, oh no”

    So here appointing these civil rights individuals is being smart but not necessarily being clever.

  11. Shepherrd says:

    Duwa, you’ve got a well trained conscience.

  12. Tatyata says:

    Duwa running away from responsibilities;Zimakhweka sitima akamayendesa wina,why not go and repair the damages if you are 100%saint

  13. Ma says:

    A Billy Banda you know that you are finished by accepting this position umunamize ndani? Umphawi wakuvuraza. Even Kapito if he accepts this then he is thevmodt stupid guy around and will lose his influence.
    Bravo Duwa…hope others will follow you.

  14. kambwali says:

    Atinamize kuti chani uyu

  15. I give you five stars for that decision.. I wish if others could follow you. Malawi will not move forward if rights activists are compromised with their work. Who will defend the poor if the NGOs are politically shuttered down.? So many Qualified people out there who are able to serve in these positions. I wonder who was advising the president for all these appointments. This absolutely shows failure to run the government.. Malawi.. Malawi.. Malawi.. I always cry for my beautiful country but we are being led by greedy people who doesn’t want good for the country. When will our leaders wake up? Small countries are developing why Malawi?

  16. Wabodza ameneyu anadya kale nthawi ya masankho and this is chikumbumtima

  17. Patriotic says:

    These are the type of people we want in this country who can not be swayed by cheap scones

  18. thamsaqa gabuza says:

    bravo!!!!!!!! dont allow yourself to be used by these mlakho thugs, continue doing your good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Fathi Alshab says:

    Gentlemen,what i am hearing outside &inside are cracking noises and sometines thundering as if its going to rain…but alas we are in a reall mess created by awo inde awo mumati ndiwo anabweretsa demicracy etc…ah! taonani tikudya sheet kunwa mikodzo…
    Chenjerani a malawi koma ntendere ndi bata likhalepobe.

    The turning down of Board appointments is window dressing exrcise these guys already messed us during the voting…awo ama court already enjoy higher salaries than other department in Govt…so step one VEEL shud harmonize civil servats perks… i would however prefer salary increase each year not less than 07pct but not exceeding 15pct…but lets fix the economy first and stop the looting on our coffers..period!

  20. Kubatana says:

    Mwaluza magetsi aaulere

  21. Sosolani Chingolopiyo says:

    Steve Duwa yemweyo!!! Kuti wawawawa!!! Kumeneko ndiye timati kubwera… Billy Banda ndi wadyera ndi ndalama, musiyeni.

  22. Dzukani a Malawi. says:

    Munthu wanzeru kufuna kuthandiza osauka zimene akulira tsiku ndi tsiku VIVA DUWA.


  24. Zondiwe says:

    Well done Duwa.
    You need to provide a sensible and balanced view, and you cannot do that if you sit on one of the Boards.
    I just hope some of your colleagues will take the cue from you and respectfully decline to take up the Board positions offered to them without consultation, including the vocal John Kapito. Are people not surprised that Kapito is saying nothing these days? He has compromised his position, and Billy Banda too needs to re-think his position.
    One cannot serve two masters at the same time.

  25. Craniwell Yabooka says:

    We have heard some including clergymen telling us that they were not consulted. Tikudikira kumva kwa inu. Mzanu Duwa wasanza chintuwitsa cha blue.

  26. Boko says:

    Duwa you are a man of integrity and too smart for Pitala and Malawi politics. Let these greedy colleagues of yours that masquarade as activist yet they are doing it for personal gain. You can see how they jump at just a signal to be given a board post. They are only interested in money and not human rights. They wolves in sheep’s clothes. Billy Banda don’t cheat us, you have never been an activist and this has been proved by yur accepting this position. You are after money. shameless pig just like your fellow friends that have been swallowed by Matanyula becoz of money. shame on you all.

  27. bypartisan says:

    Well done Major Steve Duwa(rtd)! Kudos also to Martha Kwataina for rejecting appointment of board director at Maneb, for Heavens sake Martha was Chairperson of Macra, the appointment she has been given at Maneb is a demotion! By the way what r the academic qualifications of the new Board Chair of Macra! Osatipimpha mmaso kuti mwachotsa mzimayi ndikubwezera mzimayi! We want quality strategic leadership of all Boards!

  28. tsetsefly says:

    This is very embarrassing and school me abit please. What is the process of appointment like? Do you just appoint without consulting the individuals? Who told you that everybody would be interested in working with thieves? Please learn to follow simple rules of consultation and stop silly assumptions.

  29. Jumani Macus says:

    The danger with accepting these political posts is that your whole career may be compromised. This government knows that tough times are yet to come so that why they have decided to plaster the mouths

  30. mabuluku says:

    Mmmmm I think this guy is finding himself in a situation where I can name him as a failing one as he know that escom is a sensitive board and he can fail to meet the public demand coz ngati iyeyu ali shasha akanapita kuti tione udolo wake. His contributions might have positive impact on the progress of the board

  31. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Kodi iwe, Duwa, ukadya kuti? Kapena ku chipatala eti?

  32. VYOTO says:


  33. Pacharo says:


  34. Chikutumbwe says:

    Duwa ulube Nzako wakhwana

  35. Jelbin mk says:

    That’s maturity Mr I salute you sir not those selfish Kapitos who are ready to sell their loyalty to the masses for a price on the table.

  36. Ine says:

    Good move. I hope this has nothing to do with the request to declare assets!

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