Activist Kajoloweka calls for audit into Viphya Plantation: ‘Malawi must stop Chikangawa forest plunder’

Youth and Society (YAS) executive director Charles Kajoloweka has revealed a lot of foul play is taking place at the Viphya Plantation (Chikangawa Forest) – shared between the districts of Nkhata Bay and Mzimba – involving the illegal sale of trees, and has since called for an ‘audit’ into the dealings at the plantation so that wrong-doers can be booked.

Kajoloweka:  We need forest justice

Kajoloweka: We need forest justice

Deforestation at Viphya

Deforestation at Viphya

Kajoloweka, scheduled to leave the country mid-June for the US-Obama Youth Conference in Washington DC, said in an interview with Nyasa Times on the sidelines of a truck that was intercepted by the Malawi Police Service (MPS) at Lusangazi Road Block – a few kilometers before Mzuzu City.

The truck, registration number CA 8028 had on it more than 80 logs suspected not to be mature enough for harvesting.

Forest Officer at Lusangazi, a Mr. Phiri, is believed to have masterminded the scheme. He was arrested and later released on an unconditional bail, a move Kajoloweka described as “dubious”

Kajoloweka said it was not the “first time” that “unscrupulous” dealers at the plantation had been set scot-free.

Apparently, Nyasa Times understands, Phiri was released with instructions from “powers from above.”

Kajoloweka revealed government was “failing to embark on a comprehensive audit of the whole plant because senior public servants and politicians” were having a share of the plunder.

“Billions have been lost through unscrupulous means by politicians and government officials,” Kajoloweka.

He said YAS, which is running monitoring and evaluation projects in the plantation, wanted “an audit in this fiscal year.”

He said “lack of political will” on part of leaders including the incumbent leadership renders even Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime “suspects” as far as the sharing of the “plunder” is concerned.

YAS, Kajoloweka warned, would publish “names of some politicians and senior government officials” should government fail to do the audit.

Kajoloweka called for a halt of the “madness” currently at play at Viphya.

The Viphya Plantation is regarded Africa’s third largest man-made forest. But since the dawn of the democratic regime, the plantation has been plundered heavily with no tree re-planting happening.

According research YAS has conducted “billions of kwacha” have been lost through unscrupulous endeavors.

Almost every day, truckloads of timber from the plantation are seen exiting the country’s borders – especially the Karonga-Songwe Border.

Nyasa Times further understands that the timber is mostly “imported by Tanzanian traders” who later “export to China” for mainly “construction activities.”

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23 thoughts on “Activist Kajoloweka calls for audit into Viphya Plantation: ‘Malawi must stop Chikangawa forest plunder’”

  1. Achimwene andale okhawo ndiye asiyeni musayelekeze. Ndithu mupita muli mwana inu. Nanga mufuna zitsanzo za amalitiri omwe anafera nkhondo ngati mukufuna kuiyambiyo?

  2. musolin says:

    Dpp is the one that started plundering chikangawa forest…especially Mulli

  3. Kadakwiza says:

    Soon Malawi will start importing timber from outside our country. All because of useless leadership we had from 1994 until today. Malawi will stay poor because of greedy leaders we had from 1964.

  4. Dr Mbewe says:

    Atumbuka are a confused pipo. Dr H Kamuzu Banda created this magnificent forest in the north but the tumbukas hated him for this, and now this democracy is doing democracy in chikangawa they are crying. What’s wrong with you tumbukas?.

  5. PHIRI says:

    The Chikangawa case is sad ! The current leadership must do something about it. We know he can hardly get good advice from his senior party and government officials for obvious reason that they too are culprits. Mr. President, you need to do something about Chikangawa

  6. Tiyanjane says:

    Kajoloweka, we your elders, have followed your selfless leadership and development work from your Mzuni College days. Community work is unquestionably a Calling. Fumu Yikudangilire mu vyose ivyo ukuwachitila wanyako wa sono na wara wamunthazi. Stay focused. Move on son.

  7. Bick says:

    May b soldiers must go ther to shoot every1 amene akampeze kuchikangawako komaso tikatero anthuwa akadya kuchipatala,leave them to finish it

  8. Shebex says:

    Tembusha be humane are u sane enough?

  9. Chidongo says:

    Be courageous, hold the bull by its horns if you want impact. Otherwise good but too late and too little.

  10. Munyalika says:

    atumbuka simuzawatha basi anthu kwa zaka 50 kulimbana ndi atumbuka koma palibe chimene mwapindula more fire we will never relent

  11. Coolman says:

    Some people have very low thinking capacity. I feel this lad needs support and not just writing nonses about him.Mbuzi zimadzudzula ndi zinthu za nzeru zomwe.

  12. Zanga Phee! says:

    This is brilliant, i really appreciate for the good job that you have just started time has come now as young Malawians to voice out our concerns,i hate the word leaders of tomorrow what shall that tomorrow come? it is high time we have been talking about HIV, lets concentrate on other things now we all bear in mind the positive living also depend on good environment we can not talk of Positive living without involving natural things that comes from the forest.Now a new day has come where by these perpetrators should dealt accordingly.But can guarantee Kajoloweka that this is a 50/50 campaign he can die young because involving politicians it means a dirty game whether he wants or not.See my name.

  13. Mbiri ya waka says:

    As long as you dont like tumbukas and never understand them, you will die poor and dumb.

  14. zaziiii says:

    There’s nothing said of the entire passage that one can understand.His trip to USA,the exporting of the particular product by Tanzanians and actual theme of the story lack relevance.Be mature enough and specific when presenting an article.

  15. brian says:

    Yes u cant understand us tumbukas because u r busy working in our farm kuthola fodya thats why u can not understand.

  16. Mlakho says:

    Alomwe zitsiru sanga pange audit ndi mbava izi.

  17. bwangazi says:

    Iwe tembusha!! Pa nyopako!!! Just keep quiet if you have nothing to comment!!! Pa thako pako!!!!

  18. Danny says:

    Tembusha you are a big fool!!!!!!!!!!Shame on you devil

  19. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    Stop selling ha but sell standing trees. Don’t allow milling in the forest. All timber must be cut from outside forest. Close for replanting for two months every year

  20. Taweni says:

    Some empty heads always resort to nepotistic and xenophobic comments when dealing with issues concerning northerners. Please look at Malawi as one country unless you want to imply that the president is cheating investors when he tells them that Malawi has no social differences and has not seen war. Unfortunately we are brewing unnecessary tensions with comments from ‘Tembusha’ above.

    Federalism will not affect northerners only as it will soon be a national issue to be resolved by all nationals who love their country.

    We want peace here so that the country can develop. See we have lagged behind in development because some sections of our society are left behind and are not taking part because of nepotism. Believe me I bet this country will remain the same as long as some sections of society are not participating in national issues.

    Let us make plans to ensure our resources make us the much needed hard currency so the country is lifted from the dreaded least – developed group of eight. Chikangawa has been wasted and we cannot show what assets it has yielded.


  21. commentator says:

    “Fools”? That’s unpublishable language. Please discuss the issue not the person.

    The reason we plunder chikangawa is that chikangawa has become vulnerable like a street kids whose parents also live on the street. Government must take responsibility. There was a time when mulli and our current president also operated there. One Hary Mkandawire also had an invisible hand in it. Issues came up in the press once, then dead silence. Reasons? The press is part of the conspiracy. Mzimba district council raised their voice once. Then chiefs were stuffed with a huge dry scone and they too became silent. Our chiefs are sell outs too. They are a part of the conspiracy.
    WAY forward: the reason we fight over chikangawa yet we don’t winis that we are not creative enough. Forestry can be a good investment. Let individuals and companies establish their own forests. Within fivr to ten years, they’ll already be harvesting. Forestry department should include this in their extension program.

  22. Fav4 says:

    This has to be done and will be the right direction for the country.
    In anything we do there must be accountability.
    Malawi has potential but accountability is lacking because of poverty.
    People only look after their immediate needs forget we have children who will need to use the same rare resources we have.

  23. Tembusha says:

    Ine I have given up on trying to understand mmene atumbuka amaganizira!

    I mean this Kajoloweka boy, why doesnt he just publish the names of the senior govt officials and politicians? You know the audit wont happen you idiot!

    Ma threats basi! Eh quota system ithe or else! Or else what you fools, what can you do? Eh tipanga dziko lathu!! Eh tikufuna federalism!! Eh this! Eeh that! Daily after day.

    Mudzikhala serious and act on your threats maybe people will start taking you seriously otherwise mukhala choncho atumbuka opepela inu!

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