Admarc CEO Mulumbe, DO Kantonga placed under suspension over ‘maizegate’

The Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) board has placed chief executive officer Foster Mulumbe on suspension following recommendations to the board made by the two commissions—one instituted by President Peter Mutharika and the other by Parliament—to begin disciplinary proceedings against Admarc’s senior management over  the Zambia maize deal – the ‘maizegate’.

Admarc CEO Foster Mulumbe: Suspended pending disciplinary hearing instituted bythe board

Mulumbe was implicated in the maizegate scandal that he may have indulged in corruption together with fired Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Minister George Chaponda.

Admarc board chairperson James Masumbu confirmed on Monday the board resolved Mulumbe should  be “suspended” pending an internal disciplinary hearing instituted by board directors after an extraordinary meeting which took place on Sunday in Blantyre.

Deputy Chief Executive of Admarc, Mrs Magret Mauwa  has been appointed by the board to be the acting CEO for the State-trader, according to Masumbu.

The Admarc board has also suspended Director of Operations (DO) Feckson Kantonga.

The report, issued by the commission of inquiry set up by Mutharika and headed by retired Chief Justice Anastasia Msosa, faulted Admarc management for not following government procurement procedures and fraudulently entering into contracts.

Admarc reportedly bought maize at K26 billion from the Zambian company and it is believed that Malawi could have saved about K9.5 billion if it had bought the grain directly from the Zambian government.

On the other hand, the joint parliamentary committee discovered that Admarc’s contract with Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF) was fraudulent as it was backdated to June 17 2016 when it was signed after a month just to get approvals from Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP).

Further, the committee found that Admarc’s alleged fraudulent activities extended to the internal procurement committee which recorded that the chairperson was present when in fact he was in Zambia at the time.

Mulumbe was named as the key person in the flouting of the procurement procedures.

He denies any wrong doing in the maizegate.


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21 thoughts on “Admarc CEO Mulumbe, DO Kantonga placed under suspension over ‘maizegate’”

  1. mtete says:

    Next destination: a position at some Malawi embassy to continue looting on behalf of DPP gurus.

  2. punish them all.send a message cashgaters

  3. George says:

    Why just suspend him? Is that enough when you have proof of the whole scandal? Terminate him with immeadiate effect and hand him over to the Anti-corruption Bureau for transmission of his case to the court of law, otherwise you are playing a childish game. Do not treat us childish.

  4. Lute says:

    what about the logistics manager

  5. Lute says:

    maiyu ndiye wamudya mabwana ambirimbiri kwa Admarc iye samaziwa the word NO
    wadyetsa mokwanila let her be promoted

  6. Lute says:

    Kunali kulimbirana mabwana amenewa maia ameneyu mpkana kupezererana kuchimbudzi

  7. mabulera says:

    what about the logistics manager

  8. mabulera says:

    What about the logistics manager why has this person left out??
    The person was at the helm of over night meetings.

  9. Ba says:

    Suspension only shall be meaningless,aMulumbe komanso uja adapezeka ndi ndalama m’nyumba,afufuzidwe deeply by ACB then brought to book$return cash if found gulity.

  10. mtete says:

    There is no way Mulumbe and others acted the way they did without arm twisting by DPP Gurus. The suspended staff are merely the legendary Sacrificial Lambs. They will be back in office with a light warning. Mark my word.

  11. Wangu says:

    Give them a chance to defend themselves guys. You can’t just be condemning people. The accusations are there but give them that chance. We are good at judging people. Leave the judgement to God. To me the 2 reports were good but we’re influnced by public opinions while the other was just an emotional report which accused everybody.. let them respond to the allegations for the cause of justice..

  12. Mika Kumbire says:

    ADMARC inatha more than 10 years ago on recommendation of World Bank and IMF. Kodi ndi boma liti lidzangobvomera kuti ADMARC inatha. In the liberalized economies organisations like ADMARC cannot survive. That’s why Governments in the democratic era now just use such institutions to syphon funds from the treasury. The say the truth ADMARC does not make any money. How can an institution buy maize at MK255/KG only to sell it at MK150/KG and we expect them to make profits. Please close ADMARC and phase out the FISP then we can move on to some important initiatives,

  13. big boy says:

    i know feckison kamtonga, he has mansions in mzuzu.

  14. zatonse says:

    Mulumbe, under normal circumstance shouldn’t have returned to work after the maizegate scandal koma chifukwa chakuti deal ija ndi ya chipani cholamula (DPP) that’s why anapezekaso wabwerera pa ncthito. Anthu awa kuba too much ati kuti azawineso 2019. mtundu wanga wochitisa manyazi……..he should go forever now…………never ever to come back again…………..shame!!!!!!!

  15. Dyomba says:

    kodi panja kunali Mr Mlamba , kodi mkulu ameneyu alipo kapena basi zinatha

  16. Chimanga says:

    Too late!!!!

  17. Thyolo Thava says:

    Kufela chipani cha dpp. Ndalama zogulira mafumu ndi a chalichi

  18. Chakhalira says:

    Ok! Amadikila chani? Komatu watch out , paja mu zaka za m’mbuyomo kuli the Friday Jumbes’ kunali General Manager wina zitavuta anathawa. Sindidziwa, mkulu uja anapezeka????
    Makosanawanso asathawetu.
    These guys were lying too much during inquiries. My message to Mulumbe is: ” Akulu pafika zinthupa musabisenso tangowululani chomwe chinachitikadi. Zikomo wawa!!!”

    1. Munthu Wankulu says:

      Mulamba amene uja. Uyu Mulumbe?????

    2. Wa Moyale says:

      mukunena Mulamba bwana?

  19. Thyolo Thava says:

    Akayendetse ntchito zachipa chawo cha DPP ..akapume anthu akuba

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