ADMARC claims it has enough maize stocks

Malawi grain marketer Admarc has assured that the country has enough stocks of the staple food to reach the harvesting season.

Maize prices have shot to the roof due to scarcity in Malawi

Maize prices have shot to the roof due to scarcity in Malawi

Maize is a much sought after commodity on the market

As hunger bites Malawi, maize is a much sought after commodity on the market

There are confusing statements being issued on the food status of the country.

Admarc Public Relations officer Agnes Ndovi also assured that no Malawian will starve as they are doing everything possible to make the staple food available to all.

“We appreciate that there are sometimes challenges in maize distribution,” said Ndozi.

She said the distribution process has gone well since January this year.

According to Ndovi, they have managed to distribute 50 bags of maize in Ndirande Township, 100 bags at Zingwangwa Township, and 75 bags of maize in Chilomoni Township.

She explained that Admarc has been sending maize to the townships every fortnight due to high demand.

At a time when there is maize scarcity and hunger across the country, Admarc officials are facing accusations of conniving with vendors who buy the maize for resell to desperate Malawians at exorbitant prices.

President Peter Mutharika issued a stern warning that his government was going to deal with vendors who were conniving with officials to “steal” the scarce commodity.

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14 thoughts on “ADMARC claims it has enough maize stocks”

  1. Optic Computer says:

    l Just hope she meant 50 tonnes. But 50 bags a fortnight!

  2. mwa wa du says:

    Chimanga chake chiti? Chapansalu ndi mma T-shirts a DPP sichimanga. Mulibe mitu eti?

  3. The Intellegentia says:

    This Ndovi woman is completely useless and out of ideas. Where is the maize? She mentions Ndirande and Chilomoni, how about Mtakataka, Likoma Island, Chipoka, Thalire, Nsanje Lalanje. We need supply of maize to the extent that there are no long lines of people and no one faints or a child stampeded on.,

  4. 50bags? Or 50 tonnes collect me here plz!

  5. mkulu zikaoneka says:

    Thats baseless comment .U mean how much will the jobless people manage?Ngati mulibe zoliuza dziko just seat back in your office and eat taxpaeyers money.Ndizowawa kumauzidwa kuti palibe atafe ndi njala when a bag of chimanga is about 13,000 mk.What mechanisims are you using to stabilise the price?

  6. Jobe says:

    This is another joke of the year. Ndovi, what and how do you mean by the assertions thou hast made? Any seriousness with you!!!!!!!!!!

  7. chemuyaya says:

    mai kaya ndi chani kaya

  8. Kadakwizaj says:

    Are we serious? 50 bags for Ndirande, and 90 bags for Zingwangwa? Does it mean we are in the situation of hand to mouth. This can’t be, we are country. And what about rural areas?

  9. Zimkambani says:

    This is mockery to Malawian Nation. How many families can feed on 50 bags? Maximum 50 families and then talk of Ndirande. How many famies? Let us be serious we are dealing with lives God given. Resign if you can not manage. Read Joseph story in the Bible and will appreciate distribution policy

  10. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    She must be sick in the head,what is 50 bags of maize to the population of Ndirande township.Are you a Malawian or a foreighner.

  11. jumapili says:

    shame on you admarc compare your statistics, how many pple r in ndirande, zingwangwa, chilomoni aganst there suppy, total big shame pple r starving

  12. thom says:

    Admarc says there is enough Maize, reserve Bank says the forex reserves are the best it has ever been, but reality is that there is no maize at Admarc and there is no forex in banks and therefore standard bank is devaluing the kwacha every single day.

  13. koyo Luni says:

    ADMARC is filled with clueless and intellectually handicapped managers who do not know their duties. How often have you carried out supervision visits to your depots to see how your market officers are treating people? Who are buying the produce? Wake up and don’t talk nonsense here on the net.

  14. says:

    50 Bags of maize to Ndirande Admarc???? Are you joking with the Malawians or what? What is the population of poor people in Ndirande alone?

    BE ashamed of yourself…………………..Damn

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