Advancement in technology negatively affecting Malawi music industry growth-Lucius

Veteran musician, Lucius Banda has attributed the fast growing technological world to piracy saying it has become very easy for culprits to make copies of their music.

Lucus Banda:   Remembers us

Lucus Banda: Remembers us

The artist also known as the soldier of the poor complained on his Facebook page saying back in the days when there were only cassettes, artists used to enjoy the fruits of their work.

“Back in the days when we were using tapes, when one recorded a tape the sound quality was very poor so people had to buy an original to enjoy our music,” he said.

He added: “We managed to buy cars and build homes from proceeds from selling the tapes among many other things.”

The musician also complained that nowadays even live shows are not that viable because a lot of people want to get in free of charge and that according to him the industry is dying.

He then sent a plea to Malawians to remember their musicians and support them.

Lucius Banda has recorded 18 albums ‘Thank You’ being his latest which came out last year.

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The problem is not technology. With the same technology, artists in the west are made millionaires. Not in MK but in USD. The problem is the lazy culture in Malawi. Everyone wants to get everything for free even his/her on living. This includes your citizen #1. This will change for the better once we realise the fact the that we have to work, earn and pay for anything in life. Ndangodutsamotu ine

Nagama Chitekwe Gelevulo
Nagama Chitekwe Gelevulo
Lucius, ask Great Angels Choir, they are raking in millions of kwachas in the same environment. Malawians appreciate talent. When you give them the best, they will not hesitate to give you their kwachas. In those times you were making money not because of cassettes but you were producing best songs. One could listen to entire album without fast forwarding any. Nowadays, it is different. Half of the songs in your recent albums are not “Original Lucius” quality. Zambiri ndizomvera 30 seconds.. kenako next! You remind me of late Lucky Dube. Up to now people listen to his earlier albums… Read more »

If Properly managed entertainment industry could have absorbed a lot of jobless youths! However someone in govt is deliberately sitting on a bill to protect artists from piracy thru dishing out very tough punishment to offenders unlike now.


Technology is the future and here to stay. All we need is to enforce cyber copy rights laws so that artists or musicians get some benefit from Internet downloads proceeds.

The musicians in the west are getting a lot of benefits from Internet downloads of their music because cyber copy rights are strictly reinforced. Or the musicians themselves agree deals directly with the download Internet sites so that they don’t lose completely.


Soldier is rt, we no longer value it in the first place.
We should accept, ndi nthawi basi.

Eddy Gomez

Koma Ndiye Wauswatu…iiii!!! Pepani Sindimafuna Kutero.Ishiii Komanso Ine Guyz, Kaya Ndinakhala Bwanji Kaya.

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