Aford gears for revamping as the party attracts 10 MPs including Mwenifumbo

Alliance for Democracy (Aford) the first party to register after multiparty politics in 1994, is now set for revamping to get its lost glory.

Chihana: Rebuilding Aford

Owen Mumba, acting chairman of Revamping Aford Movement (Ramo) said Aford supporters are now fired up and wants the party to be great again and formidable in 2019 elections .

“We want the party to sweep all the 33 parliamentary seats in the north, get some seats in central and southern regions and get Aford in office,” said Moyo.

He said so far the party has roped  in 10 members of parliament  one is independent MP for Karonga central Frank Tumpale Mwenifufumbo who would be unveiled on Thursday at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe.

Moyo said Ramo is closely working with party president Enoch Chihana and other national executive committee.

He said the party is set for a convention in September where all positions will be up for grabs.

Asked the names of the members of parliament who have joined or rejoined the party, Moyo responded: “We have an agreement with them not to reveal their names because some of them still belong to other parties.”

He said Ramo with Aford is mobilising resources in order to rebuild the tattered party.

Chihana said Ramo is working with the full blessings of the national executive committee.

He said his mammoth task is to rebuild the party which fell on its knees due to internal power struggle.

“When I came from South Africa to take up the party leadership, I found that Aford was already dead. My task now is to restructure it and reposition it ahead of the elections,” he said.

He said the party is set to hold a women’s conference and a youth conference before the main convention where party elections would be held.

Asked how a dead party like Aford can be resurrected, Chihana said: “We have over 45 political parties in the country. Most of them have come and gone but Aford has always been there, limping though.

“The parties that seem to be strong have been in government or are in government. They use tax payers money to rebuild their partiesm.”

He said political squabbles that retarded the party growth and development are now over and all eyes are set in rebuilding and restructuring the once mighty party.

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18 thoughts on “Aford gears for revamping as the party attracts 10 MPs including Mwenifumbo”

  1. i wish government to revamp the skills developments starting from primary up to the technical colleges. i support government for its work done ,but it should also embark on training the trainers who will be instructors in these schools.

  2. Wa Kajera says:

    My plea to all Northern Malawi beloved sons and daughters is to ask them embrace this reform and rebuilding exercise so that we may get all the seats in the north to ensure we have a say in Parliament. This will also ensure development comes to our beloved region.

  3. RoyK says:

    The excessive greedy attitudes by the leaders killed the party

  4. winston msowoya says:

    So far Northerners and other Malawians in diaspora,are grateful that AFORD,the founding father of multi-party democracy in the country,is now breathing the air of resurrection.The first attracted MPs ten in number,is very promising for the Party which was pronounced dead some few years ago.In the first election campaigns in 1994,Bakili Muluzi called AFORD the Party of Tumbukas in the sense that 95 per cent of the exiles were the Northerners and another 5 percent came from Southern Region and none per cent from the Central Region.In the first multi-party elections,AFORD won 33 seats almost swept the whole Region.Since then the Party had been swept into the dust-bin of history in the sense that,tribalism played a devastating role.The task now if AFORD needs a good number of seats in the Parliament,is to attract formidable leadership through democratic proceedures and not as it is now.Members must elect the candidates and not impose them on the people.Right now,Enoch Chihana is the President of the Party,from father to son,in UDF also from father to son and in DPP,from a thief brother to a corrupt brother,where is democracy in Malawi? For AFORD to attract membership must recruit beyond the North,not all Central and Southern Malawians are tribalists in fact,when I was in exile,many of my friends came from the South including the leaders such as Prof.Attati Mphakati,Augustine Bwanausi, Dr.Harry Bwanausi,Jomo Chikwakwa,Thengo Maloya,George Michongwe,Ali Sikelo,James Chiwaya and many others.Myself and many others in diaspora,support the intiative the AFORD has so far taken and may GOD give you strength and wisdom to build our loving mother Malawi and we must condemn tribalists to the strongest terms of the word.GOD BLESS MALAWI AND AFRICA!!!!!!

  5. MYAO says:


  6. chatonda Mvula says:

    Next parliament will be chaotic because some prostitute MPs are already moving to other parties silently as mentioned in this mail. Rachel Zulu for Mchinji South is busy here in Lilongwe having meetings with people from Mchinji because she wants to return to MCP. What a shame, I hope the people of Mchinji are very clever enough to boot her completely out of politics because she is useless and she does not speak in Parliament. She was listed the most absent MP in parliament with Noel Masangwi because they are afraid of speaking English in Parliament. Mwenefumbo is not going to AFORD but MCP, just wait and see. Let them be aware that DPP is watching and section 65 is very active and eminent, wina alira. Already some of the MPs are using CDF money for campaign instead of development and the list of such MPs is ready to be released soon by Nyasatimes and other media houses to expose them more and shame the devil. DPP, get ready to fire such MPS through the simple section 65 basi game over

  7. Achalume says:

    wayamba kale wayamba kale, wayamba kale kunjenjemera!
    Atangomva AFORD yili kudzuka njenjenje kunjenjemera.

    lyo lyo lyo lyo!!!!

    BRAVO RAMO,, for those of us who are old enough to testify the coming of multiparty in this country, we see this as good news. AFORD and Original UDF were the parties that carried people’s hopes. Unfortunately UDF let us down and Chihana was bought and the beginning of the end started.

    We hope this rebranding of AFORD will come along with fresh ideas but if and only if the current leadership paves its way. We need the likes of Matembo Mzunda, Collins Chizumira, Mapopa Chipeta, Mainga Mkangawire Augustin Mnthambala, Peter Kaleso. If that spirit can resurface in the rebranded AFORD, I can assure you of my vote. And again, don’t make it chipani cha atumbuka. Take Chilima on board. He has that old spirit of AFORD.

  8. wayu says:

    Aaaaaaa! Brian wagwa nayo!

  9. Rift Valley says:


    Him of Afford, UDF, DPP, PP and back to DPP.

    And he wants to repeat the cycle, starting all over again with Aford?

    Very comical.

  10. Kingsley Jika says:

    Do I not see better in thinking that the best we can have as leader in Malawi now is John Chisi? Am I betrayed by his education or his balanced approach to national matters? What is it that always makes me say if our terrain was flat that should have been the man? Why do others not see that in him? Have I perhaps eaten the insane root of opium politics? How do people measure a ‘leader’? Principles? Region? Appearance? Fame? Wealth? Beliefs? Teach me; Do I miss something perhaps or I see something others don’t?

  11. Zako izo says:

    Parliament ya anthu 193 inu mukufuna 33.amanyaka ndithu inu.DPP and UDF boma 2019.kumpotoko tizatengako 15.mark my words

  12. Bibo says:

    The north needs to regain its political position through AFORD because it has been taken for a ride by leaders of other parties. There is a growing consolidation of power existing through an alliance of DPP and UDF in the south. The idea is not to give any chance to any leaders of other parties from other regions. The problem with this is that it is promoting regionalism.Some skeptics and critics of northerners don’t see any problem with this political agreement between these parties, but will be inclined to criticize the arrangement by AFORD leaders.

    My take is that northerners should also vote for their own sons and daughters belonging to AFORD in parliamentary positions because that is what the political landscape dictates. People of the north are used during elections and vote for leaders from parties of other regions but end up being duped and become voiceless.The interests of northerners are not given consideration by Malawian leaders in power. By AFORD scooping all seats in the north, the region will have a bargaining power in its development needs and will regain some respect. DPP has been gaining some MPs from the north, but instead of using those members of parliament as pioneers of development, the party leadership is using them to propagate its agenda of divide and rule and promote radical policies that are putting the region’s development and security needs at risk. Northern MPs for DPP are being used as pawns to suffocate democratic and economic rights of the citizens.

    Malawi has parties like DPP and PP which are meaningless because they were born out of taxpayers’ money. The result of having such parties is a Malawi full of corruption,tribalism/regionalism, and underdevelopment. AFORD likewise UDF and MCP, were parties born out of sacrifice by political leaders and not out of stealing from the public purse. The strong existence of AFORD,UDF,and MCP is therefore,warranted because they have a history that comes from their distinguished mark on Malawi’s political platform. However, leadership has been a problem with these parties leading to their being overshadowed by parties not existing even after the first multiparty elections in 1994.

    1. This is a very sober statement and a painful truth to the politics development of our country. How i wish it was written in chichewa for many to know this. Our country was sold by ourselves through the rushed decision we always make. Lack of serious evaluation on our political leaders. Perhaps we can change things in the next course. Integrity is really lost in Malawi.

    2. Machiavelli says:

      Very wise words, so constructive

  13. ChangingFaces says:

    Malawi’s democracy needs AFORD or some other party to which Tumbukas can look up as their own. That way, you will be taken seriously(politically).

    But then, you want to unveil Mwenefumbo in LL? Your point being? To claim LL as your base? Mwenefumbo should have been unveiled in Karonga where his voters are. How pathetic!
    Nonetheless wishing you well.

  14. kambito says:

    Am happy that AFORD is back, still clean party. Yes make it national, Malawians should sample new ideas with new people… Champions of democracy ndi AFORD, ndiimene inabweretsa multiparty osati zabodza amanena anthu ena.

  15. Mwakipiki says:

    If this is true, then its the best news I have heard on the political landscape. We people of the North need a political identity and power base. Otherwise we will be perpetually used and get nothing in return. Yes we can!

  16. Kabiniko says:

    Asatana inu nyooooooooo

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