Aford needs rebuilding – Chihana

Alliance for Democracy (Aford) president Enock Chihana says his party needs rebuilding and has vowed to resign should the party fail to attain more than 10 legislatures during the 2019 elections.

Aford president Enock Chihana and his wife, Tadala

Aford president Enock Chihana and his wife, Tadala

Chihana remarks comes while the party has been failing to win convincingly for the past two electoral calendars following the death of the party Czar and founder Tom Chakufwa Chihana who died in June 2006.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times amid accusations that the Aford president has killed the party, Chihana rejected that.

“We have reorganized the party, the party is strong and am determined that AFORD will get more MPs come 2019 and should the party fail to attain more than 10 MPs, I am ready to resign as president so that someone can take over,” said Chihana the Rumphi Central Parliamentarian.

Former AFORD Secretary General Khwauli Msiska resigned from his post and also withdrawn his membership from the party when he claimed Enock Chihana is using the party for self-serving on political interest.

Msiska said the party is virtually reduced to serving interests of an individual, putting itself at the mercy of a highest bidder.

Aford was founded by trade unionist Chakufwa Chihana (father to Enock Chihana) in 1992.

In the 1994 general elections, the party swept all the 33 seats in northern region and three others in central region.

By the time Chakufwa Chihana died in 2006, the party had only six parliamentary seats.

Currently, it has Chihana as the only lawmaker.

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kamkazi ka bho koma mamuna mbola kukonda kunyenga akazi a weni wake basi why inenso ndikulanda wakoya.kunyasa nkhope ngati chimazii

My dear Enock keep clinging to power, so that north should not have a well defined political party. Tumbukas are wasting time fighting south and center instead of organizing yourselves. Imagine all those tumbukas who talk rubish in parliament and outside. If they were talking of organizing north, you could have a strong regional party. At least one day or another you could have grabbed the leader of opposition from center. For presidency obvious its for south by blood. All Tumbukas seet down and staring converting north into a very strong political block for 2019. That is what we people… Read more »
George Lihoma.

The wise thing you Chihana guy can do is resign now, and not wait for post 2019 elections. You have failed AFORD by clinging to your personal political interests.
Look. Nearly all elderly wise people that were working with your respected father, have resigned or ceased belonging to AFORD(the Party they helped form with your father)
Malangizo sindimagulitsa,ngati uli makutu umvee! Hahahahahahaaha.

Mdicai Longwe
Nyoni and Ngwazi achalume, I think you are out of order. Chihana is a Malawian and has the right to find love and marry from anywhere in the country and even beyond. We also have women from the north who are married to the South or even the center. Let me remind you about the Malawi beauty Contest in the past. It was ladies from the north who were dominating as the countries beuaty queens. Mrs. Kholomana the owner of Nali, Betty is from the north. She once served as Miss Malawi. There was also Msiska from the north at… Read more »

Udf and dpp aford aaaaah !!!

Panopa dpp

Zonsezi za ku ntundu
Nde wanthu panopa wanapenya
2o19 zonsexi mxiiiiiiiiiiiii

Keen Observer

R.I.P Afford there is no resurrection for this party don’t fool yourself.


Koma iwe Chihana mkazi wakoyo tizalanda pompano.. mkazi wabwino ngati uyu kutengana ndi mtumbuka ngati ameneyu?? very bad


Bwana Chihana zikuchita kuoneka kuti Tadalayo munamtenga kumwera kapena pakati. Simtumbuka ameneyo. Kakaladi kabwino koziwa kuyang’na mwachikondiyo angakhale mtumbuka. Ndipo tilibe Tadala ku mpoto.Is she your first wife? I dont think so, she is likely to be your second choice. mbambadi mwana namwali anabadwa.


My advice to Hon. Enock Chihana is that he better resign now to pave way for other to take over. We want AFORD to form the next government after 2019 elections not just 10 Mps

No retreat no surrender

Tiyeni nazoni popeza kulota satumana. Koma mukazapanga resign ndiye chipani chanucho azatenga ndani bwana chihana? Chipani chimenechi mukanangochikakamira nokha mpakana chithere mmanja mwanu bwana. Kodi mesa chipani munachipinyolisa kale ku PP ichi?

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