Aford unveils MP Mwenifumbo as member

Alliance for Democracy (Aford) on Thursday unveiled Karonga Central MP Frank Mwenifumbo as its member at a glittering ceremony at a hotel characterised by great speeches and party attire.

Mwenifumbo (left) welcomed by Chihana

Aford members on party revamp

Looking energised, Mwenifumbo, flanked by Party President Enoch Chihana and party chairman Guta, said he is not rejoining Aford to wrestle power from Chihana but kick out the Peter Mutharika administration and bring in real democracy.

“Our democracy is at cross roads. The future of the country hangs in the balance,” said Mwenifumbo to the applause and handclapping from the national executive committees and party members who filled Lilongwe Hotel’s Bwaila room.

He said successive governments, including te Peter Mutharika administration have failed as they fail to meet aspirations of ordinary Malawians.

“The health care is down to its knees, only the few rich people can afford treatment in private hospitals. The poor are left for their survival,” said Mwenifumbo.

He said once voted into power, Aford would ensure there are enough medical drugs in public hospitals for ordinary people.

Mwenifumbo also lamented of poor education, poor prices for produce, continued late salaries for civil servants, the rise in cost of life.

He also accused the government of tribalism, saying this was why the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government introduced quota system for the selection of students to public universities, saying this was discriminatory.

Mwenifumbo also accused the DPP government of nepotism, saying all top jobs in government are given to one tribe.

He therefore said when in power, Aford would deal with all the problems the country is facing.

“Aford is the only party without the history of corruption, Aford is the only party without the history of violence. Yet this is a party full of history. It was the first registered party in multiparty democracy,” said Mwenifumbo.

He said Aford has now devolved from a regional party to a national party.

The Karonga Cemtral MP also said decentralisation would be a priority for the party once it gets into power in 2019.

“We are coming back in full swing, we are the only party that can rule the country much better. Together we can move the country to desired levels of democracy,” he said.

In his speech, Aford president Chihana said the party is coming out stronger, energised and ready to get wrestle power from the DPP.

Chihana said he was not under threat with the coming in of Mwenifumbo and others, saying Aford was founded on true democratic principles.

Turning to the new Aford catch, Mwenifumbo, Chihana said: “You joined the party 15 years ago, you worked with the founder of the party for many years. We would like to tap that experience and expartise from you.”

Turning to the DPP led government, Chihana said this was not the democracy his father, Chakufwa Chihana fought for.

“The whole system is in tatters, beyond reforms. It is as if we are in Somalia. The leadership is clueless. As Aford, we have the mission to turn around things,” he said.

“If Chakufwa managed to bring to its knees the one party state, we are here to bring sanity in government,” he said.

He said Aford problems, the power struggle is now over.

“We have survived the storm, we have survived the turbulance, we are now moving forward,” he said.

He described the elections in Malawi as tribal elections as one tribe always wins because it has the numbers.

Chihana therefore said Aford is not for northernors  only but all Malawians.

He therefore said the presidency of the party would be up for grabs during the party convention.

Mwenifumbo brought in 20 constituency leaders from his Karonga Central constituency to show people that he has the blessing of his people to rejoin Aford.

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dee Kay

Good one Chihana. Kugwirira ntchito DPP for mpando wa minister


We don’t need any new party or reorganising those that r dead bt a well fortified one that can snatch power frm these llomwez. Just join hands with MCP that seems 2b atleast powerful enough. without that let’s stop visualising a better future. Imagine north+centre=(south-2million)


The way things are, UDF has the highest probability of snatching leadership from DPP. DPP has expired and can not deliver politically. UDF and MCP are currently the only strongholds in Malawian political landscape. Study the political arenas and understand issues from political perspective, your mind will tell you that iam talking the truth. The rapid assessment i conducted recently concluded that UDF, MCP and PP will hotly contest in May 2019 and not other parties.
Bravo UDF and MCP.


Frank this is your home and you have chosen the right direction and I have no doubt that 2019 AFORD will increase the number of MP.BRAVO Tumpale……




wanthu wakati AFORD ilikumara AFORDDDDD!!!! Victory


Watching ! I can see DPP playing their cards well.


AFORD is a chapter in the history books of Malawi.

Hahaha.. if anybody ever tells you that they are joining ‘Afode’ just know that game yavuta. This party needs overhauling​, it was constituted on marginalising structures, it was constructed with the pillars of exclusiveness based on tribalism. It’s purpose was before the multiparty era. It saved it’s purpose as a pressure group but it was never meant to live on post the first general elections due to its unfitting non accommodating isolative structures of it’s fundamental establishment. Post multiparty when the party had outlived it’s ‘sell by date’, it staggered along by jumping from one coalition to another, typical of… Read more »
Rift Valley

Is it because there are no able minded Malawians in the North that you keep clinging to vagabonds like Mwenifumbo or Kachali to take centre stage in politics?

Come on good people. Aford is dead. I know the realisation is painful but I believe it’s time you faced reality and consider seriously joining hands with the likes of MCP to fight for a better Malawi where people can regain their dignity.

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