Africa richest man Dangote to attend Malawi Investment Forum

The most richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, who is worth an estimated $18.4billion, is expected to attend this year’s Malawi Investment Forum (MIF) slated for June 29  at Bingu International Conference Centre in the Capital City Lilongwe.

Aliko Dangiote for Malawi Investment Forum

Aliko Dangiote for Malawi Investment Forum

PS for trade Cliff Chiundira briefing journalists

PS for trade Cliff Chiundira briefing journalists

Speaking at a news conference in Lilongwe, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Cliff Chiunda said apart from Dangote , several other very important persons have also confirmed about their coming.

Chiunda said Southern African Development Community (SADC) Executive secretary will also be in attendance which will be opened by Malawi President Peter Mutharika.

According to the ministry, the aim of the forum is to showcase Malawi investment opportunities to the global community in order to attract companies that can establish their business in Malawi.

Currently the forum is targeting 300 delegates of which, 100 are foreign based companies while 150 are local companies and 50 will be government officials.

Meanwhile, Chinese Business Community has given the Government of Malawi money amounting to K18.1Million to assist in the preparations for the i Investment Forum .

Malawi investment is intended to be national and annual event in Malawi that will bring foreign investors, local investors, heads of public institutions and development partners together to collectively discuss the business environment in Malawi and to identify prospective investment areas of interest.

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17 thoughts on “Africa richest man Dangote to attend Malawi Investment Forum”

  1. Frank. says:

    Iwe ukuti nzakoyo buluzi iwe ndye ndani finye ngati iwe. The issue is Dangote is coming here to invest if he get satisfied with Malawi.

  2. kantiki says:

    This is a very good start and I hope the country will create an enabling environment for investment; that is improving energy capacity, improve road infrastructure; upgrade the railway line both Nacala and Senna to standard gauge to make transportation of raw materials in and export of finished produce cheaper. Our colleagues in Kenya have even gone to County/Province or our case Regional International Investment Conferences such as the Meru County Investment Conference where investment amounting to 250 billion Kenyan Shillings is expected; that is about 2.5 trillion MK for County Investment. What big strides our friends have made. We need to look around how our neighbours are fairing and not just at ourselves.

  3. kantiki says:

    This is a very good start and I hope that the country will create an enabling environment for investment: energy,road infrastructure please upgrade the railway line to standard gauge to make transportation of products for export cheaper. Our colleagues in Kenya have County international Investiment Conference Meru County: that is investment conference for a province/ district amounting to K’shollings 250 billion or 2.5 trillion MK for a county/district investment. What development our friends have achieved.

  4. mcp for macp says:

    men and women, do not let MCP dream of leading this country. Let this happen only if Chakwera goes back to the pulpit. DPP is the party I will vote for in 2019 because this is the only party that has the development agenda for this country. When this man Nangote comes here, tell hill this country needs part of his dollars invested here in terms of tourism, mining and infrastructure under the leadership of APM and DPP, the southern region party.

  5. C2K says:

    Ahaaa now you are TALKING, by doing may be Malawi can be rescued B U T pls like China has given this K18 million you must not take K10 mill into your pockets pls Leaders of Malawi remember there are so many people who try to help themselves like small farmer in the poor villages where they rely on farming e.g Cotton and Tobbaco farmer pls try to buy them in a good price because its done once in a year and when their Money is finish they have no other options where to get the money until the next Cotton and Tobbaco harvesting season.Finaly I wish you a good day on this 29 June when you will be discussing big Issues on how to bring back Malawi on its Feet again
    WARNING: The More you HIDE donors money into your pockets ,The More you are taking beautiful Malawi to Grave by many people staying in Neighbouring Countries its a shame if your own SON always beg food from your neighbours

  6. Hmmmmmmnn? says:

    Probably they are auctioning the impoverished nation to him.They will be no corruption with his lead because he will bring the merciless boko haram to chop off the rotten heads of all looters.

  7. Zoonazake says:

    Buluzi iwe isiye MCP, kalimbana ndi dpp yako yaukawalala

  8. mwanamulanje says:

    pa 10 Junu munkati he has about 15.7 billion dollars today after just 14 days wafika kale 18.4 dollars? a Nyasa be reliable

  9. chisombezi likhunya says:

    Dpp must be ashamed. How can a party plunder K577 billion from its country and expect the country to develop?. This forum is just a smoke screen for dpp thugs yo steal government money. Shame Peter, shame dpp

  10. manoah says:

    Well done, guys, this is the way to go. We are living in the Global Village.I support you 100%

  11. john says:

    We needed such initiatives way back. In fact we should have been having these forums every five years. By now, Malawi could have been somewhere. This is good and worthy supporting.

  12. opportunist says:

    Chuma cha mkulu ameneyo ife ndi budget for more than one decade .

  13. mo says:

    Dangote is a rich boy,he has got a company that produces cement very cheap cement ask Zambia pipo,we can benefit, koma MRA yawonjeza ma guyz awa will not do business,MRA muithetse then zienda,even me am failing to invest coz of your MRA

  14. Malawiana says:

    What really are we intending to showcase during this forum other than the speeches and power point presentations? I dont think we have bankable projects ready for this ill timed forum. Educate us MITC if there is anything tangible on the table other than seeking personal favours.

  15. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  16. Nyau Isthobwa says:


  17. Mhesha says:

    That’s good news. Only development cautious party DPP can initiate, plan and indeed host this forum. Dictators of MCP think Malawians can develop thru ngodya zinai basi.

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