African Union to honour Joyce Banda, four others as ‘Living Legends’

Malawi’s former President Joyce Banda will be among five leading African women who will be honoured by the African Union (AU) at its 25th Summit, which will be held at Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa from June 11 to 13, 2015.

joyce Banda : Malawi ex-president to be honoutred by African Union

joyce Banda : Malawi ex-president to be honoutred by African Union

The five will receive the ‘Living Legend’ Award.

Banda will be honoured alongside Nigerian Dorothy Anyiam-Osigwe, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia and the first female Head of State on the continent, Dhlamini Zuma, current AU Chairperson and Winnie Mandela, South African anti-apartheid heroine and wife of former President of South Africa, late Nelson Mandela.

An entrepreneur, activist, politician, and philanthropist, Banda was President of the Republic of Malawi (2012-2014). She was Malawi’s first female president and Africa’s second. She is married to retired Chief Justice Richard Banda.

Voted as Africa’s most powerful woman by Forbes Magazine for two years running and voted as one of the most powerful women in the world by the influential Time Magazine, Banda is a strong advocate for women, children, the disabled, and other marginalized groups’ emancipation and empowerment. She is a prominent civil rights campaigner.

Before becoming President of Malawi, Banda served as a Member of Parliament; Minister of Gender and Child Welfare; and Foreign Affairs Minister and Vice President of the Republic of Malawi.

While serving as Minister of Gender and Child Welfare, Banda championed the enactment of the Prevention of Domestic Violence Bill in 2006, which provides a legal framework for the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls.

She is a recipient of more than 15 international accolades including the “Hunger Project Africa Prize for Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger” shared with President Joaquim Chissano of Mozambique in 1997. Using part of the prize money, she established the Joyce Banda Foundation in 1997.

The Foundation provides integrated rural development services to hundreds of thousands of resource poor beneficiaries. The services that the Foundation also provides include free secondary school for orphans, early childhood development and orphan care, youth development, food and Income Security, Maternal health and Safe motherhood, Water and Sanitation, Women’s leadership, Economic Development for women.

According to Dr. Erieka Bennett, Head of Mission (AU) Diaspora African Forum Committee, the continental body chose Anyiam-Osigwe, the only non-political leader among the awardees, “because of her commitment to the political, social and economic impact on Africa and the African Diaspora”.

The theme of the 25th Summit of the AU is ‘Year of Women Empowerment and Development Towards Africa’s Agenda 2063”.

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75 thoughts on “African Union to honour Joyce Banda, four others as ‘Living Legends’”

  1. Malawi says:

    May God continue to protect Mrs JBanda. Please God send angels to surround JB. May those hunting her be hunted, exposed and humiliated in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. George Mabvuto says:

    Kodi akati African Union ndiye kuti chiyani. I need to be schooled on this.

  3. blessing lipengs says:

    yet above all the accolades receiving around the world Malawi still the poorest country in the world! under her emergency clueless leadership she miserably failed to lead the country. All I will remember of her is the distribution of cows and chickens and no tangible projects that could change the lives of us Malawians .I will never forget how she traveled the country everyday wasting taxpayers money ,I will never forget how yo her son Richard became a billioner overnight .Banda was the waste curse we had in Malawi .African Union is a dead organization and a toothless boby!!! not moved by Joice Banda no matter how many accolades she has received.

  4. Bombo says:

    Congrats mama JB! Bounce back 2019.These fools must really go!

  5. Ackim Mhone says:

    Congrats mama JB,you are the real mother Malawi.

  6. edda mwalweni says:

    Congratulations JB you are a Malawian femail achiever. We can bear a true testimony about you.

  7. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    this is the leader malawians want, not the current gabbage that is making poor malawians getting more poorer, shame on you, God will punish you!!!

  8. chisangalalo says:

    Amai! Amai! Amai!!!!!!

  9. mulhomwe wakwa Goliyati says:

    Amayi omwewo basi palibenso!!!!? JB we love yu so much, keep on achieving more & more!!!! PP yanyamuka!!!!!!

  10. bob says:

    Congratulations JB. You are an achiever in spite of having “lost” a highly controversial election. Continue to mind your business and put to shame those opportunists who earn their money by standing on an ant hill and insulting you

  11. James Phiri says:

    congrants mai banda!

  12. Che mokwata says:

    Its not by chance but by the grace &favour of GOD.Who are we to case what GOD has blessed.Congrats mama

  13. kamfana says:

    Congrats JB!!! A nsanjewo anene zonyozazo koma Inuyo zikukuchitikirani zenizeni. May Almighty God lead U.

  14. Malenga says:

    Don’t mess with JB,she’s in a league of her own!

  15. Chidongo j says:

    Galu wachabe chabe. ulindimilandudi ukuopa chani?

  16. Ndepele says:

    Yes! Thats why u r called JB. Let the Angels surround with love. We love u mama.

  17. chosatheka says:


  18. mikongoni says:

    Kungoziwikikatu kuti AU imangomveseka maina aeanthu akuchukidwa chukudwa Kenako nkuti eya koma uyu, zopusa basi, mgwileni mumtumize kumuzi tikumfuna Ku khothi ife, demeti!!!

  19. Sunga says:


  20. Issa Kabudula says:

    While I cerebrate the heros and heroine of Malawi, Joyce Banda being one of the heroine – she is a big and respected persona in the world but not in Malawi, with many reasons and some being the following;
    1. She wasn’t at the inauguration ceremony of her successor Peter Mutharika.
    2. She did not personally recognise the new president due to her absence of handing over the thrown
    3. Left Malawi almost a year now, and did not come back – why no one knows
    4. She speak less on Malawi except putting blames on others
    5. PP at home is getting torn out, and she is still out side the country
    6. Spending more time on the Foundation and less on her own party and so party memebrs are running away – these facts and many still will dent a bad picture on Her Ex-President Joyce Banda for years to come.

    Ndatha ine wanu – I thank you.

  21. zintonana says:

    toooo long in foreign land amayi

  22. SENTI Chimoka says:

    Pipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yanyamuka odi ukoo amayi adutse a Peter akhale pampando

  23. Petar Mathanyula says:

    Ma award ndiye mbwembwembwe koma kulamulira dziko kash gate yokhayokha. Za ziiiiii!!!!!

  24. Helistar says:

    Congrats Masten.God bless you

  25. Omex70 says:

    Open Letter to Amai:
    Dear Amai Banda,
    First of all I would like to congratulate you on the award which you are to receive soon. I would also want to than nyasa times for breaking this news because I know the DPP mouth piece MBC Radio and TV will remain silent on this. They only talk when it is bad news.

    I am writing to let you know that since you left Malawi some months ago, life has been so hard to many Malawians. People are also living in fear because the crime rate is high to the extent that even our men in uniform are being killed by thugs. Civil servants will continue to receive peanuts because they are told that their salaries will be increased in December 2016 according to minister of finance.
    Therefore I am requesting you amai to come back home because children get encouraged when the mother is around.
    I know the grand papa and his wailers will try their best to tarnish your image but they will fail because no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Nankhumwa will try try his best to bad mouth you but he will be ashamed and his lack of wisdom will vividly be seen by everyone.

  26. gloria says:


  27. magaula says:

    very proud of you mama.May the good lord guide you

  28. Kapolo Sakwiya says:

    Sindinganyadire Ngati Zikundikhuza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. kp says:

    amayi munagwira tchito yotamandika, timakunyadirani.

  30. Namagagula says:

    Nyali yowala palibe angaizimitse, mpulofeti samalemekezedwa kwawo, Munthu amene ambuye wamudalitsa palibe angantembelele!
    May the Good Lord continue fulfilling what he has bestowed upon your life your excellency! takunyadirani!

  31. Simon moyo says:

    Vili makora amama Chiuta wakutumbikeni chifukwa wanthu watenge mwamalakweni wonani ivo wachita Chiuta muli pachanya

  32. mkaidi says:

    That’s the Yao’s for you my friends they just don’t talk but actually do it

  33. khakhakhakha says:

    Others take a lesson, osamangolankhula things out of jelousy. A Kweni mukumva? Lets learn to respect ntchito za anzathu. Kutchuka ine az a MW’an ndye kuti Mw az dziko lili pa map.

  34. Stanley says:

    Keep on doing good things

  35. The Brains says:

    Congrts amai. We love and miss you.

  36. Kondwani says:

    Iwe Pajero ndiwe munthu wopusa zedi sindikudziwanso ngati ulimunthu. Presdent mumafuna kuti azitani kuti mudziwe kuti muli ndi presdent? Lamulirani ndinu ngati muli ndi Nzeru.shit!

  37. Mapuya says:

    Zoonadi ndinu mulera nkhungwa Amayi Joyce Banda. Kuno ku Phalombe tikukufuna kuti muzatimangire chipatala ndi nseu Madam JB. God Bless.

  38. Inglid says:

    Honestly speaking Dr Joyce Banda is a force to reckon with no doubt. That’s why these DPP thugs are scared of you here

  39. Muyande says:

    We miss you a “mayi”!

  40. straight Talk says:

    Congratulations amayi timakunyadira, ntchito zanu zimaokera pa dziko lonse la pansi. Mwatikweza a Malawi tonse okonda atsogoleri athu.

  41. Mbuya says:

    Atcheya Bakili Muluzi ndiye Ali kuchipatala ku Capetown atsala pang’ono kuti siya mbava imene ija. Moyo wangwiro amai. Long live JB and congratulations our living legend. Kaya enawa adzatchuka ndi chani kaya

  42. nenazako says:

    Proud of you Mama, GOd continue guiding and protecting and giving u wisdom.

  43. Isuzu says:

    Stories we love to read, JB may th good lord keep blessing you

  44. Pajero says:

    Gods time is the best, congratulations Amayi we are proud of me and we missing you here. Malawi is now on auto pilot, we don’t know if we indeed have a President in this country

  45. Vakabu ya amphawi. says:

    Mai tchito zamanja anu zikukuchitilani umbuni. Olo wina atakuyipitsani chotani inu zanu zinayera kale. Inu mwamangira anthu manyumba, kugawa ng`ombe, njinga zamoto, zakapalasa kunena za chimanga ndiye ndichija munagawa mpaka ena omwe amawona ngati kukhala njala chimanga chinawakhalira. Chichokereni inu a mai umbava wafika posawuzana apolice akungophedwa chisawawa. Komanso chaka chino kuli njala ya mnanu ndiye sindikudziwa ngati mkulu owumilayu atagawire anthu chimanga chaulele ngati momwe inu mumapangira muja.

  46. PIKICHALAYO says:

    All the best Mama Banda. But,I wonder with that picture or photo behind you!!! Does it represent one of places in Europe like Italy or just around our own Bangwe/??? Why not trying to show the beauty of Malawi. Secondly, can our leaders sometimes take the vacations locally???? Vising Lengwe, Majete or Mwabvi won’t be a mistake !!!!

  47. Mphatso says:

    Congratulations mai.

    Kuno tidakali momuja munatisila muja, kupatula chitukuko chakuba ndi mfuti. Icho ndiye chapita patsogolo.

    Koma mudzabweranso ku Malawi mai?? A Kasambara akuwoneka kuti zambiri akunama nkhani ija, bwanjibwanji alowa. Mwina mukanabwera inu mudzalongosola zoveka ndinu. Pakadali pano a Mphwiyo ndi a Kasambara, onsewa akuwoneka kuti amabadi ndalama za boma.

    Komatu mudatisila mavuto. Ma donors adaleka kutithandiza. komanso adalowa m’malo mwanu aja, kaya mpata 2029 tisitha. kumangoyakhula basi ndiye kwawo.

  48. matako says:

    well deserving Dr Joyce banda. Unlike the fwee fwee fwee muti bii Bwampini corrupt professor wonna be APM who is busy trying to find ways to steal from Malawians, you are out there doing the right thing. The greedy and clueless DPP hand clappers may not wish you well but the world is watching. You may not have closed your chapter positively in this country but the truth be told, you tried your best and continued the plandering of state resources from where your predecessor left off. Sadly politics has become the way to amass wealth for our leaders. They continue to blame their ineptness and failures on your cash gate. That is while they are sitting on their own MK92 billion cash gate which they are afraid to investigate for fear of self incrimination. Corruption and crime has been institutionalized by this DPP administration.

  49. kanyika dk says:

    koma amayi

  50. duma wa duma says:

    The mother of the malawi nation, anena atopawokha!

  51. Akulisinga says:

    JB inu ndi inu basi! no matter what.

  52. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Congrats jb koma come back tizaakonze chipani anthu akutithawatu bj wathawatu kolovikoso wangosala msonda yekhatu amene afunika akhale GS not mere spokesperson he is the rock of the psrty kaleso wangoti phe

  53. johns dumakuve says:

    Mayi tabwerani Pliz.Your loyal servant Msonda is very lonely.All the opportunists are gone.

  54. edda mwalweni says:

    Amayi, God be with you. I’m a living beneficiary of your Safe motherhood initiative. Thanks to you and your team former Coordinator Dorothy Ngoma, & former chair Senior Chief from ntcheu. That combination was super ndipo siyidzapezekanso. I’m a community nurse ‘coz of you people.God bless. Chonde kalandireni ulemu wanu

  55. While people wish her bad,God wish her well.

  56. hendrina says:

    proud of you our JB.

  57. osman usu justin says:

    Congratulations Amayi JB!koma dziwani kuti chuma chimakoma ukamadya ndazibale ako,mubwera liti kuno kumudzi amai!takusowani

  58. CB says:

    amai ife kuno ma cival servants tikulandirabe chenji chija,,,ndalama adzatipatsa pa xmas,,,,chilima woyee,ee, =D~PHI PHI woyeee,ee,,

  59. yamikani says:

    Mayiwatu ndi aphindu koma a Malawi jelasi ndi chinthu chanu chomwe moti ena sakumvetsa bwino mumchifuwa mwao.

  60. toxic loan boy says:

    thats mama jb. congrats. amene zamunyansa adye phwala

  61. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Strongest woman turned weakest woman on earth. The kutakata champion who knows the person who shot Mphwiyo (JB publications in Lunzu). Abiti Kazhigheti who is failing to return home for the fear of the unknown.

    May she rot in hell for causing untold suffering in bonyaland.

  62. Nganali Kombweke says:

    Mwangotchula ma strength okha, nanga ma weakness monga cashgate simunatchule bwanji?

  63. Apao Kugola says:

    I salute you Madam President Joyce Banda. Shaa yelembe Mlungu yangafuta jwine.

    Congrats Mayi.

  64. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians we regret now. Joyce Banda is the only person who loves Malawi and its people. She is the only leader who can develop our country. Joyce Banda the destroyer of cash gate. May God continue guiding her.

  65. jena says:

    Not Yao, Not Nyanja, not Tonga, not Lomwe. Just pure Malawian. So very proud of you JB.

  66. Malawiano says:

    JB for life. when God says NO…assasination plans are revealed. Long live JB. Mudzafa only when God says so.

    Tili pa mbuyo panu Amayi kaya wina atukwane olo asatukwane.

    Mwalandira ma Award ambiri koma MBCTV siionetsa koma atamva kuti simunafike kumudzi pa 31 May onse nje nje nje….news apa ndi apa kuchita kubwerenza. Amafuna akupangeni chani? Satana walephera ma Award akadabweranso wansanje amva m’bebe kuti juuuu!!!!

  67. palibekanthu says:

    So what?

  68. Carina says:

    Koma kumenekoooooooo

  69. ujeni says:

    Mama Joyce Banda God continue to lift you higher and higher. When God lift you high no one can bring you down not even an election fraud full of hatred. Brave JB

  70. opportunist says:

    Mayi Banda chiwongolero

  71. shaaaa! says:

    amayi inu,muzithokoza Chauta pokuchotsani pa chimpando chonona chija.nzanu kuno wayamba kuyitana atumiki a Mulungu kuti achotse mdima wa imfa,zinthu zikuvuta kuno

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