Africa’s richest man sets business sight on Malawi: Aliko Dangote

Africa’s riches man, Aliko Dangote who is worth an estimated $15.7billion , is expected in Malawi as a prelude to prospective investment in the country.

Aliko Dangote: Africa's richest man

Aliko Dangote: Africa’s richest man

Dangote is also into cemente business

Dangote is also into cemente business

According to Malawi’s Minister of Industry and Trade, Joseph Mwanamvekha, while in the country, the Nigerian businessman will hold private talks with President Peter Mutharika during which investment prospects will be discussed.

“His visit to Malawi will inspire both private and public sector on how he has succeeded in his businesses,” he said.

He will also participate in the first ever Malawi Investment Forum scheduled for 29 to 30th June in the capital Lilongwe.

Dangote owns a group of companies operating in Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Togo, Zambia and Benin.

He is also bidding to buy Arsenal Football Club in England.

The 58-year-old is the 67th richest person in the worth according to Forbes.

He started his business at 21

After graduating, Dangote returned to Nigeria to start his own business. He received a loan from his uncle and launched the Dangote Group.

He initially traded in rice and vegetable oil, but soon diversified into materials to be used for infrastructure projects, plus sugar and other products.

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32 thoughts on “Africa’s richest man sets business sight on Malawi: Aliko Dangote”

  1. Benson Chirwa says:

    I’ve no problem with Dangote visiting Malawi but why meet APM? Pajatu our presidents always want to get something from investors. Please stop this madness. Ma president adyera wanting to influence decisions.

  2. James mkoko says:

    Ndi bwino kuti abwele kuti mwina Anzathu amene ali kumudziko komanso AMENE abwela kuchokela KU South Africa mwina ndikupeza nchito TSOPANO KU Nyasaland

  3. ndadabwa says:

    Why have a private meeting with the president if the investment is in the public interest . Does it mean we don’t have potential businessmen and women in Malawi . Malawi is a sad country .

  4. john telford says:

    He is a crook All Nigerians are crooks, It is the only nation in the world that teaches fraud at school as a subject. However he disguises it he is evil. Malawians beware . better ban all Nigerians from Malawi. I have personally worked In Nigeria and know how they operate They are spreading over Africa like HIV evil people as a nation.

  5. Issa Kabudula says:

    Malawi going very steady towards it realisation of development – political parties must work hand in hand, in assisting the development of mother Malawi.

  6. alizi says:

    Chidongo j std 8 drop out. Do your research before publishing ……

  7. nyasa boy says:

    OK zikumveka koma chamba ayi

  8. clear eyes see best says:

    That’s our home boy from Naija! Build a big cement plant, as all cement is imported at high price, and nobody is investing, just talking.

  9. Chidongo j says:

    Musiyeni munthu abweretse chitukuko a malawi umbuli or ku Nigeriako kuli eni ake okha akupanga invest kapena kuti South Africa si awa mukuwaona aSalanje ndi Bushire ndi aku Joni. Thokozani kuti mukhala ndi macompany amene amapezeka kumaiko ena osati machina koma advert building yonse what is the use of media now eg radio and news paper. Zangavute maka pali makampany amene amapezeka maiko ambiri amene eni akenso ndiolemera sangabwere kuno kwathu ngati maresterant otchuka kwambiri a KFC, Mac Donald, strees, nandosi kweni kweni woolies even Pick in pay. Kumagula mafuta ndimapapasi kwa azimayi abussinees four times as much chonsecho za expayadi kuchokera kwa ma pikistan ku african wholeselar jumbo ndi ku dragoni muli za ku joni. nzungu sagadye za mapikitsani kapena kuti shoprite imene mumaigomea kunoyi ndichifukwa chake ili kuno ku Malawi ndi pep yomwe. Inu anduna a trade BRAVO kumeneko ndiye kubwera. mubwerenso ku rsa mudzakabe nowo pa pakistani kuti abweretse mashop awo kumeneko anthu azizagula mochipa ndiosavuta mafuta ophikira tidzagula 2 litter K500. ndinakamba now kale mundipatse phone yanu tilumikizani. ndiponso kupanga ndalama kuti isamaturuke ikhale yamphavu. DPP woyee

  10. Nangozo says:

    I like the hard working spirit of Nigerians. They work hard in everything. We Malawians spend hours watching their films, prophecies, prayers etc instead of working hard as well. We believe that miracles happen without working. No wonder our country is getting worse and worse.

  11. Level playing field says:

    Shall all prospective investors have a chance to meet the President? If not what is the criteria for choosing who meets him?

    1. Helo says:

      creteria is to bribe Ben Phiri

  12. mangochi kabwafu says:

    BTW, his riches are estimated at $18.4 billion.

  13. gwadani says:

    It seems many Malawians don’t know this Nigerian business tycoon. Its as if many people just see the pleasure in commenting without having facts.komadi umbuli ndimatenda looking at some of the negative comments about about The magnetic Dangota. Malawian businessmen has a lot to learn from Dangota and malawi as a country has more to gain if Dangota invest in malawi in terms of value addition,export and job creation. The fact that some Nigerians are involved in shaddy businesses does not mean that Dangota is one of them and not all Nigerians are bad people. I put up with Nigerians and I have been to Nigeria and I can say without contradiction that most Nigerians are good people except the few I cosider bad apples. Dangota you are more than welcome to invest in malawi.

  14. Haters Slayer says:

    Malawian haters, let us sometimes sober up, put politics and hatred aside and think straight. This rich African son from Naija is what Africa needs and is welcome to invest in Malawi. The Malawi govt efforts should be appreciated and supported. Why Malawiians? Inu a MCP ndi a PP, mukuonjeza ndipo tikukuziwani. Negative Energy and Pull Down Syndrome too much at play in Malawi.

  15. Why having private meeting with the president. Peter wants to propose partnership.

  16. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Ambirinu mitima ya chikolopa. Akakhala amwenye ndi azunguwa nde njenjenje. Amangokhalira kukunyozani ndi kukubelani, kupusa basi. Let an African come and invest and may be teach you a bit of business skills. Come on Aliko.

  17. Moya says:

    Lets not stereotype Nigerians. Dangote is a respectable businessman with interest in Ghana, Zamia, South Africa just to name a few. It would be stupid of one to think such a businessman, and so recognised by Forbes would be a conman. Lets no rush to comment on issues we cannot comprehend. I know this will poke somebody’s arse.

  18. ujeni says:

    No one is bidding to buy Arsenal. Get your facts right. Arsenal is not for sale. If someone says. I woukd like to buy a team like Arsenal, it does not mean he is buying it, anyone can say that.

  19. pwpwete says:

    The world is becoming global village. But we must not forget that this has its own disadvantages. when we open doors to every Jim and Jack. For sure Dangote will open more doors for his fellow countrymen. Malawi may benefit from him. But we need to move carefully.

  20. SaneMalawian says:

    I do not see why Nigerians should be picked upon. Not all Nigerians are crooks neither are all Malawians angelic. If he has the money and wants to invest, let him do so. It’s only our responsibility to develop institutions to check against non compliance.

  21. me says:

    Out of all the people in the world one chooses to do business with Nigerians????? These guys are reap offs and they put a bait in front of you that smells nice and if you take up that bait be prepared to be reaped off for the rest of your life. Don’t be fooled by Nigerians. Do you see how many are being cheated by Nigerian prophets by being told to bring half their salaries to them? We don’t need them here and Nigerians are scattered world wide running away from their poverty and one wonders why this rich guy keeps them home. We don’t need you here.

  22. Mphatso says:

    I can’t see any reason why this person should come to invest in Malawi because Malawi is for Malawians.

    Where will Malawians invest,if Negerians are investing in Malawi. Their country is bigger than Malawi ,let them invest in Nageria. If you can, call those in your diaspora thing to come.

    Do remember what that stupid musician davido, did just in a day. We were all like….very boring.

    If our government has failed us, its our problem. Thus what we voted for.

  23. Phiri says:

    Dangote is in Tanzania, Kenya and more than 10 other countries. This is welcome and I think overdue. His products, Cement and Sugar are also on our radar and of interest to the country. Sugar is in fact one of our most prospective exports

  24. Ogo says:

    Before anthu kupanga stupid comments about Nigerians or whatever…every NAtion has crooks..even in Malawi crooks exist but don’t paint everyone with the same brush when it comes to bad habits. Same as you can’t say all azibusa ali ngati Salanje. Noo!

    Find out about this dude first..he worked hard for his success. If 21 year old Malawians get to have the drive that this guy had at 21, Malawi will not be as a sorry state as it is..!!!

    Bravo Dangote…

  25. Malawian Mom says:

    I know we may be short of money,but we need to be careful who we welcome into our Nation to be business or business with.

    Please let us try to stay aware from Nageria, if we need more countries to invest in Malawi.

    Mwanaveka you better go back to your drawing board, and think again. Stay aware from Nigerians.

    If you are running out of the ideas, just step down, and the Nation will respect you for that. please don’t bring us any more problems, we have enough of our own right now. You see all this killing, when were you born? They never was any of this killing back in the days. We have allot of Nigerians in our Nation,some of them are teaching our young one bad things.

    APM, please stop this nosense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t say we never told you.

  26. viyazi tembo says:


  27. rabiu says:

    Dangote is the industrial cesear of Africa, finally our country Nigeria is claiming it’s Natural place in Africa thanks to Alhaji Aliko Dangote effort across the African continent

  28. shaaaa! says:

    apa nde Boko Haram ikubweranso.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  29. namwali says:

    so we are venturing into dealing with NIgerians he he he let’s take care because some of them can be crooks.

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