After all is debated, budget passed, parliament adjourn sine die: It is a dog eat dog Malawi!

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein.

After a gruelling 9 weeks, the Palriament adjourns sine die. The Malawi nation has been exposed to the most exciting House of all times both positively and negatively. However, on the whole, we can be proud to say it was a job well by the trio of Speakers of the house and members thereof especially Opposition for not just being another number but a force to reckon with.

President Mutharika with the Speaker Richard Msowoya when he opened the sitting if parliament

President Mutharika with the Speaker Richard Msowoya when he opened the sitting if parliament

The highlights though the passing of budget was the main one, have been two (am tempted to say controversial) issues. One is to do with the much awaited cashgate K92 billion forensic report by PriceWaterCoopers which was to cover the period of 2009 to April 2012.

What appeared as a motion on order paper on the same turned out to be a data analysis of K577 billion after all, covering a period up to 2014. This clearly, ignores the Baker Tilly Report done by our British learned colleagues for the period of April 2013 to September 2013.

The question that comes to mind is – Is it really TORs gone wrong or some foul play at play? That is the big question that still lingers in people’s minds to this day.

Fast forward, another motion appears on order paper on Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) and the recommendation is made that the bank be recapitalised. Mind you, this is after the State President Professor Peter Mutharika had announced two weeks or so earlier that the sale is suspended to allow for vigorous consultations.

One so called consultation indeed took place at Capital Hotel with a select few CSOs and some self-acclaimed experts on investment/banking matters. People of Malawi waited with abetted breath that further consultations to take place to at least allow for a proper conclusion on the way to move forward with the matter. Alas, this never happened but instead a day after parliament’s recommendation for recapitalisation, the deal is signed and delivered not in any business office but at Kamuzu Palace.

All this was taking place while MPs are in session oblivious to what was taking place. In short, deal was done behind their backs and of course the Malawi Nation as a whole.

While the DPP led government celebrates the pulling of wool; the jab in the back; the blow below the belt, ordinary Malawians cry in silence. Ironically, this happens soon after the first ever Investment Forum which brought international potential investors from 31 countries most of them with representatives locally who continue to monitor the goings-on with keen interest.

I shudder to think what they are now thinking and concluding with all this. The question that is clearly on their minds is – Is Malawi still attractive for all intense and purposes knowing very well that an enabling environment in doing business is required not just as lip service but in practice? At Macro level, they understand fully well the critical role Politics plays.

I would like to believe that any sane Investor worth his clout would not just rush in to invest in a place where interest rates are as high as 40 percent or thereabout as well. We should therefore not be surprised, with the latest developments, to hear the deals or expression of interests that were there have gone cold. They say charity begins at home. If Malawi cannot get their house in order first, it remains a tall order to attract any serious investor. Would the dust really settle or we begin to brace ourselves for turbulent times ahead? Is history repeating itself?

Well, let time and time alone judge us together with the world at large while the ordinary Malawian continues crying and the world joining us in either crying too or laughing at a leader and government that have decided to embrace moral and ethical decay and don’t give a hoot.

Nonetheless, I remain comforted by the Speaker of Parliament, Richard Msowoya, in his closing remarks when he said and quoted Bhudda “Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”

Linda Kunje is a Business Development & Strategic Consultant, Part-time Lecturer, Political Analyst and a Gender Activist.

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za ziiii. a whole creature called lecturer busy kumalemba form 4 composition. Choncho a president akamati you lecturers are useless, you eat jovial, sleep jovial, talk jovial etc instead of doing tangible researches nde muziti APM mfwemfwe mfwe


Since when Linda is all that…? If u bark loud are u deemed intelligent?

Linda Kunje pasaizi yanthu walemba tava basi; No reasonable investor need come to Malawi. We have problems with our electricity, water, transport (out roads are pathic) and taxes are just too high. For you to licenced you will have to bribe government officials. The investors that we have now are always in problems with Malawi Revenue Authority(MRA) . Most of them are tempted to declare false records/performance of business just to save a little something. Otherwise all the profits go to MRA in taxes. Some investors even corrupt MRA officials. So far we have no private company that is operating… Read more »

Nyirongo Batwell, I think you’re not in Malawi. If you’re indeed in Malawi, you’re detached from what’s happening on the ground.

kwake nkuluma

Is The Author Really A Lecturer? Her Writing Sucks

Dannie Grant Phiri
Linda, I’m not as optimistic as you’re about our parliament. So long as we don’t get rid of executive arrogance, a cancer that’s plagued Malawi since independence, our parliament will forever remain largely ineffective. For example, Parliament was ignored in the so called sale of MSB. Will the sale be reversed? Will anything happen to the pawn in this saga otherwise known as Goodall Gondwe for lying to and ignoring parliament? How about the main beneficiary of this whole charade? Didn’t parliament blew its top regarding the tax on data and SMS? But what followed? Talking of which, the just… Read more »
Jelbin mk

Good article but not deep enough to tackle what happened during this session of parliament in details

Nyirongo Batwell
Liar. The sale was not done at Kamuzu Palace. Investors dont like Government run banks. You say the consultations were done with self acclaimed experts. There Chancellor Kaferapanjira, Prof. Ben Kalua, Lawyer John Suzi Banda, Henry Kachaje, Billy Mayaya, Thom Khanje from Namisa, Lyness Nkungula of Bankers Association, Jimmy Lipunga. Who among these is not an expert in his. MPs Alexander Dzonzi and Rhino Chiphiko were there too. Pano ndiye you are trying to discourage investors you think atavutike ndi ndani. Its you and meand our relatives. Mwanyanya nsanje ndi kaduka a Linda Kunje. Paja kuli njala, nthenda ndi nsanje… Read more »

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