Airtel gives Malawi Science University wireless routers

Leading mobile telecommunications provider Airtel Malawi on Friday celebrated the opening of the Malawi University of Science and Technology by donating four wireless routers to the institution.

Chavula (left) making the presentation

Chavula (left) making the presentation

MUST students witnessing the presentation of the wireless routers

MUST students witnessing the presentation of the wireless routers

The wireless routers donated to MUST

The wireless routers donated to MUST

Airtel Malawi Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Norah Chavula said her company had pride investing in the education to empower national development.

“Our continued investment in the education sector underlines the fact that the greatest resource of this country lies in its people. Apart from cultivating human resource growth, investing in the education sector is a wholesome empowerment to Malawians in our strides to escalate national development,” explained Chavula.

The four wireless routers have the capacity to connect 16 users at a time, thus a total of 64 users would be able to access internet via these routers at one go.

Meanwhile, Airtel has disclosed that each of the routers would be credited with 2gigabytes monthly data bundles for the next three months.

“We hope scholars will capitalize on this gesture to get motivated and groom their potential to global standards since we live in a global village. In this digital day and age, there are endless opportunities out there,” she said.

Chavula said as a new and state of the art institution, MUST scholars deserve the opportunity to experience and lay hands on morden access to information wherever and whenever .

She said the onus was upon the scholars to shape the future of their learning experience and drive the agenda for a dynamic and more prosperous Malawi.

Receiving the routers on behalf of the school, Martin Thawani hailed Airtel Malawi for what he described it timely donation.

He said without the gadgets donated it would be difficult to share information with different people around the globe.

“This donation is something we appreciate and we will make good use of it,”he said.

He however, urged other companies to emulate Airtel’s example.

Since May this year, Airtel Malawi has donated 150 state of the art ZTE  Tabs to 15 institutions of higher learning across the country like the University of Malawi, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Mzuzu University, Chancellor College and University of Livingstonia among others.

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16 thoughts on “Airtel gives Malawi Science University wireless routers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanx for airtel you are helping us alot in various accations

  2. mdabwii says:


  3. Ma battery a mulhakho says:

    Tribalism at its best.Martin Thawani ndi mlomwe weniweni!stupid zanu

  4. Bantu says:

    Airtel, this is tantamount to ambush marketing! The university gains but only marginally. Airtel is the real winner in this deal.

  5. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Mathew, half loaf is better than none. You people must learn to be thankful. This little gift will take MUST a few steps forward because it will not be where it was. Kodi munthu akakupatsa ufa umati akupatsenso ndiwo, nkhuni, madzi, mbale, mchere, zonse zofunikira pophika nsima ndi macheso omwe? These gadgets may look small but they cost a lot of money bearing in mind that MUST is not the only institution that needs a push. Mudatani anthu inu kusayamika? Next time akadzakumanani mudzadandaula? Be thankful for what you are given

  6. mathew says:

    What a stupid company, how can you credit a 2 gig data allowance per month for the whole uni. This ‘s bulllshit you can never even talk bout it. What do u think students will be able to do with such ridiculous data. Go away and next time never even think bout donating in Malawi coz u r useless.

  7. dato. says:

    Sometimes we suppose to be thankful malawians. There are many students at poly but that capacity is huge than at poly library. Currently, there are few pple at must university and airtel has tried there. All of them cannot enter the net at once. Ife timavaya cha ma midnit kwankhala mbali mwa library and take all the imf we need. They need to find alternatives of being on net. Penanso ti ma user 100 mb ya tnm ija yoyamba ma 12.

  8. mgwanya says:

    It is misleading for the reporter to brand the people at the function students through assumption. These are staff members as all students were in still class at the time

  9. hash says:

    Did u say 2gb per month.#WTF

  10. ndaninso says:

    Stupid company indeed!!! To hell with your “stupid donation”

  11. petrol kali says:

    Number one it seems they are all mature students. I agree with number 2 typical of indians (amwenye). The donation is not in good faith as far as i know Airtel. They just want publicity. These are thieves they are stealing from Malawians

  12. MaiMai says:

    This is shameful to Airtel I mean a company of AIRTEL MAGNITUDE can be able to donate only 4 routers which connects 64 people at one ONLY????THIS IS STUPIDITY AT ITS BEST AND TYPICAL INDIAN BEHAVIOUR. Why not just WIRELESS THE WHOLE COMPASS? WHAT DO YOU LOSE? You stealing alot with your rates from Malawians and you cant give back to just one compass which will sure be having thousands of students to scramble for 64 spaces? Bulsheet company.Internet is NOT a matter of luxury it is a MUST have in studies and if you give to 64 students access what do the rest do? You need them to start buying from you thats the stratege here…………POOR COUNTRY………

    1. They could have donate gadgets that would accommodate the entire campus and make a deal to supply services for about 5 years at a cost. You know installations and data bundles are already an issue in Malawi. I agree with #2 that this is just a joke to the university. Internet is a must for every citizen in our impoverish country for even for uneducated one can latter on figure out what to do.

  13. Kaka says:

    Are they mature students?

    1. Yobe boo says:

      We have majority of Mature entry students at MUST, including all Village Headmen, and their GVH in Thyolo and Mulanje. Remember this is our Mulakhlo University, no one should bother about it.

      1. O says:

        Yeah true that, just like Tumbukalized NZUNI.

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