Airtel Malawi and Google join hands on Google Search

Leading mobile telecommunications operator Airtel Malawi has partnered with Google in a move that will see members of the general public become more aware of Search and use it more.

Kamoto: This partnership shall be instrumental in educating people on how using Google search

Kamoto: This partnership shall be instrumental in educating people on how using Google search


Breaking the news in Lilongwe on Friday, Airtel’s Chief Commercial Officer Charles Kamoto said this partnership shall be instrumental in educating people on how using Google search can help improve their lives.

“We have produced educative videos on why internet is essential and how Google search can help one find answers to queries related to day to day life, adding internet is not only for the elite but for everyone,” said Kamoto.

In a statement from Airtel and Google, free educative videos and Google search tips will be available on the Airtel website.

“Customers can visit the Airtel website for free and go to the Personal and Internet tabs where there will be able to search with Google.

“Browsing and watching on the Airtel Malawi Website will be free of data charges for Airtel Malawi customers, however any links away from the page will incur normal data charges,” reads the statement.

According to Kamoto, Google search can bring information at just one click, and as a leading mobile internet service provider, Airtel strives to help people understand how utilizing Google search can be used to improve their daily lives and advance knowledge and research.

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16 thoughts on “Airtel Malawi and Google join hands on Google Search”

  1. davie hendreson says:

    bvuto lili ndi ife sitidzi ai!

  2. Ove says:

    timazidziwa kale zimenezo airtel ife

  3. Airbrown says:

    Airtel yasowa zochita ,mwinanso ndi njira imodzi yofuna kutikawa .Paja aMalawi ndife osasukusula

  4. Maliseni.. says:

    Away from google search..can authorities at City Centre National Bank do something about improving there efficiency please.Customers are kept standing on long queues for long hours in a bank without air conditions before bank tellers who work at a slower pace than a snail,with many cubicles without tellers.We should not be spending the whole day in a bank thereby leaving other equally important business to a stand still.

  5. Dan Munthali says:

    I knew this when I was in STD4

  6. Chiku says:

    Timazidziwa Kale Ife

  7. Sagna says:

    Mwabwera nazo mochedwa; pali yemwe sakudziwa zimenezi?

  8. Funzo says:

    On the one hand, the majority do not have the technology or money to access search engines and, on the other, those not in this category may not use it as efficientely as is possible.

  9. Alan Mbatata says:

    Tinakuuzani I’ll sidziko lokhalako wanthu wamoyo. Zoona google ngofunikanso civic ejukweshoni? Hahaha!

  10. Peter nkosi says:

    Using an Airtel dongle, I tried to access this link given in the article:

    My browser told me: “Unable to connect”

  11. human says:

    Koma abale it is clear that the writer is unaware of issues he is talking about. Koma teaching free googling mpaka? everyone can Google and this is no partnership with Google. Odi uko, musatitenge ife Amalawi ngati mbuli

  12. Afana APM says:

    Koma abale you mean you have to teach people to enter a search term in Google text box?

    My six year old searches Google on his own either by using voice or text. And is able to access kids videos without much help. What’s wrong with Malawi?

  13. Kadesh says:


  14. Nyamkaka says:

    Is this news? Who does not know how to use Google search? Umbuli chiani?

  15. Joe wa Kalunji says:

    I hope yo will also look back at your data charges. You may wish to revise them downwards. It is so expensive to stay on the net for long especially when using your dongles. K1,000 is used up even before you are connected. Now if you are talking about searching using google, it is not just one second and then you have the information you are looking for. It requires several searches and that means more time and this means one will have to pay through the nose. Seriously, you must look into your rates again.

  16. Tiyenazoni. Komatu anthu akumangoch zainternet sadavepo

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