Alarm over increasing death rate in Malawi Prisons

Whether guilty or innocent, people jailed in the country’s prisons are still people. Their cries for help should not go ignored. Officials from Prison services have pressed an alarm button over the increasing death rate of convicts due to preventable diseases.

Overcrowding in Malawi prison

Overcrowding in Malawi prison

Prison official Ian Chadza said it was pathetic that prisoners are dying due to communicable diseases like TB which he said is rampant in prison cells across the country due to poor sanitation.

He also said most convicts are living an uncomfortable life due to scabies and asked well wishers to come and help the situation.

Chadza said the current death rate in prisons in Malawi stands at 10 deaths per 10,000 prisoners, saying this is a high rate considering that the prison has a population of 13,000 inmates.

Prison Department, just like any other government department, is facing huge budgetary cuts due to economic problems the country is facing following the withdrawal of budgetary support from Malawi’s traditional donors.

Medicins sans Frontier has since signed an agreement with Malawi Health School of Sciences to provide volunteer health personnel in prisons to help provide health services to the prisons.

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26 thoughts on “Alarm over increasing death rate in Malawi Prisons”

  1. ishumaelchimbali says:

    This is bushit kundende sikumanda Boma lichitepo ka2 ngati zilizoona plz iwe Peter

  2. Mato says:

    I just want to shoot all government leaders for stealing money which could been helping thise vulnerable people. Those people are so because of the government. It breaks my heart and I cry fit poor people.

  3. sam says:

    anthu tichitepo chanthu ndi anthu awa


    Very very sad story any poti Ena ndizofuna koma kwa iwo adakanika kuyankhula mzovetsa chisoni.

  5. Mbava Ndi Zifwamba Muvutike ,ngati Anzake A Pelekani Malunga Muliikonko Mupite Kumanda Mukamulande Mfuti Mumabera Zija

  6. wa batman says:

    Ndende zathu mmmmmmm mkumanda

  7. Yaya kumudzi says:


  8. its sad looking at the conditions in our prisons.

    But its vry pathetic kuona boma litangokhala osapanga consider but what we forget is that we are all humans and oneday will be our trn

  9. A Nyasa times musamatinamize picture imeneyi ndi ku prison kapena ku jando, the walls look made of nsungwi ndikuphoma ndi matope, chamba eti?

  10. Chimbirazowa says:

    Govt should turn one of its state house into a prison,so many state houses for nothing.

  11. chimbirazowa says:

    The government should turn one of its state house to be a prison. So many state houses for nothing.

  12. Tony boy says:

    stop crime !!!!!!

  13. Never says:

    Nchipululu simofela ndimongodutsa osadanda joy comes in the morning and one day u will the daylight

  14. Mandela says:

    If you want to be free be a fool on other pples properties osamangotola tola katundu wa eni ake

  15. Sapitwa says:

    Our prison laws are archaic. We have that same old mentality of ” punishment ” instead of behavioral correction. That is why we still call it Malawi Prisons instead of Malawi Correctional Services. Mutharika should have been better placed to change this pathetic department after he got couple of mosquito and lice bites breathed stale oxygen at Maula.
    He must quickly reform this department: it should be self serving thus people should be corrected, trained and come out good citizens. This is the place where a community colleges befit. Government departments can hire artisans from the “prisons” and pay for those services.
    The government can also test the models from other countries where “prison” department are privatized and they operate very well.

  16. Hansou says:

    Prisoners are people just like us… Err, minus the cashgaters. Can’t the 10 that die be cashgaters please!!!

  17. Tengupenya says:

    The baselines are that the general population has a sick health service, and the prisoners have a much worse health service. Whoever is imprisoned is condemned to restriction of his oe her freedoms and certain rights. There austerity measures everywhere, as the tax money cannot go round enough. Key fundamental questions. Does the state takes upon itself responsibility for the welfare of the imprisoned citizens to a greater extent than its responsibility for the welfare of free citizens? Children are dying of malnutrition, treatable infectious diseases and immunization preventable infections. The state is jailing criminals including petty ones and over crowding the prisons. Can the judiciary not take proactive progressive action and only jail criminals that are dangerous to society like those who rape, or pilferage the state treasury or public medical stores, and other resources, maim or kill fellow citizens, terrorize other citizens or launder money? Community service to clean hospitals, other public places and building drainage systems in outperform towns, municipalities and cities could be used for not dangerous criminals. Better to outright hang the murderers, rapists and other criminals convicted of capital of fences than torture them to death with diseases.

  18. Chatty Man says:

    Human Rights were are you? This is pathetic.Action needs to be taken.

  19. Jump start the economy has also failed this is worst Government I have ever seen in Malawi

  20. Mphangela says:

    Thats not bad asova anthu amenewo ambili ndimbava

  21. ndata says:

    The question is what is this silly gvt doing about the situation. Is this unprecedented cluelessness extended to such situations? Kodi anthu inu where on earth did you pick these idiots?

  22. Billiat says:

    Zoom in this picture and you will see Kasambara

  23. Do you offer , .managing rural &community development?

  24. redeemed says:

    The condition in Malawi’s prisons are indeed alarming and unacceptable. Some few years ago the SABC in one of its reality shows called special assignment broadcasted a shocking footage of one of the Malawi prisons and was declared the worst prison in the global. Not only was it shocking but embarrassing to the Malawians living in RSA. One could not but to feel ashamed as we were seen as the most heartless, inconsiderate and coldest people in the planet.

  25. Zovuta kwambiri ndie inu aboma mukupangapo chian

  26. The Analyst says:

    10 deaths per 10,000 prisoners per what period? Per day or month or year? Can’t you see that this information is important yet missing? Do you think it matters if the 10 deaths are per 50 yrs? Details are important in stories ka! A a!

    Also you seem to worry that most convicts are living unconfortably due to scabies? Trust me regardless of reason, we dont expect prisoners to live a confortable life! Infact, if a chance we had; we would also breed flesh-eating mosquitoes, butt-biting lizards and pant-dweling snakes in those prisons. Anyapala inu ndinu anthu osowetsa mtendere kwabasi! Only a poor fool would side with you! Koma amene ali ndi ndalama or amazilimbikira mmoyo and anaberedwapo or anapangidwapo chipongwe chilinchonse cant sympathise with you.

    Anyway . . .

    Our justice system is also to blame. The only punishment that our system knows is locking somebody up in prison even for petty crimes like kuba nkhuku. Its high time such laws were reviewed and have other punishments for petty crimes e.g. a million lashes pamsana or muakatumba in an open air beamed on TV.

    Sadly, there is no one to review such laws. The MPs are busy discussing the shortness of the SONA calling it a tweet or Whatsapp messg; while others are not yet done praising its critic. The Law Society is equally useless. Pepani a nyapala inu! komabe ndinu anthu osokoneza!

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