Ambassador Ngwenya trashes allegations: ‘Work of frustrated recalled staff’

Malawi’s ambassador to Japan, Brigadier Reuben Ngwenya has dismissed as ‘100% untrue’ a report that said he has created a demi-god status and for himself.

Ambassador Reuben Ngwenya

Ambassador Reuben Ngwenya

Ngwenya was accused of disregarding all diplomatic protocol in pursuit of a personal agenda in Japan.

But the diplomat has emphatically denied the claims in an interview with Nyasa Times from Tokyo.

Ngwenya said it was “categorically, 100%, untrue” in what the report said, accusing the recalled diplomats at the embassy who he said are peddling “propaganda” against him.

“It’s a work of frustrated recalled diplomats who are peddling lies to turning my good image,” the diplomat said

“I do not appoint people to come to work at the embassy and I also do not recall officials,” he said.

He said the “haters” should direct their “frustrations” elsewhere other than fabricating stories for him.

Ngwenya said he will not be distracted as he will continue serving Malawi government accordingly.

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21 thoughts on “Ambassador Ngwenya trashes allegations: ‘Work of frustrated recalled staff’”

  1. Bob says:

    Tamae mobsby is cheating on her husband. But he keeps quiet as he is too old to divorce and there is no relative for himelf in his home country. It is believed that she is using the embassy money for her personal matters. The government should make an investigation immediately.

  2. Chosava says:

    Ngwenya was and shall remain a bad person. He was responsible for fabricating treason case on MITUKA and MRD CHIRWA. He is cruel, selfish , malicious and greedy. A double agent who campaigned vigorously for JB..

  3. Piche Yakiti says:

    Nyasatimes, If these reports are true, do you think the honourable can accept??? Much as you have heard his side of the story to balance the news, I still dont believe him, I would rather believe the staff team.

  4. mchewa says:

    Don’t worry, these are the frustrated lomwes vying for your position. Sorry, guys, northerners are good at their high positions. Inu za ulonda zomwezo mukhutitsidwe.

  5. A MPINGO says:






    Gadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Amen

  6. Banthu says:

    If you really want to know Ngwenya, ask the four Brigadiers who were arrested during Bingu’s time. They have a sad story to tell. Ngwenya, deep in his heart, knows the role he played. Ask him. That’s how he survives!

  7. Ufulu says:

    Is he related to Sidiso Ngwenya, the Secretary General of COMESA? They look alike, may be he is Zimbabwean.

  8. Angry says:

    This is why our country will never go anywhere. How can someone in his right mind back such a man? It’s a shame and I cry for my country

  9. Vaanwyk ku Mzuzu says:

    Ngwenya remains a best ambossador among all ambassadors Malawi have had. Men dont be jelousy! l know him. l was there in Tokyo just last month.

    He is good despite being a Tumbuka from Emoneni (near Hora mountain- lunjika side)

    Even in Malawi Defence Force he was a favourite Brigadier. Omalawi odadzala ndi nsanje onzao okakhala ponona. Mzanu mlekeni yankwana nguwo avale.

    mkweni wa Zuza

    1. Malawiana says:

      Useless comment bent on nepotism

  10. Pacharo says:

    These cannot be the only comments people could have make on this issue. I believe Ngwenya knows someone at Nyasa and agreed not to publish some of the comments. I have evidence on this.

  11. mbelwa says:

    Ife kuno anangotinamiza atitumiza ku embassy mpakana lero azibwelako galu ameneyu Ngwenya ntchito Kukwata ma Japanese basi

  12. king Gondwe says:

    Ambassador wama donation basi, zovuta kwabasI, tiuzenikoni kuti what has he done so far apart from collecting trash and send it here in the name of donation

  13. brian munthali says:

    Ngwenya is one of the best Ambassodors Malawi has ever produced.Reports have been reaching us of how hard he is working to help his country and you can take the whole day mentioning what Ngwenya has done to this country.Continue your good work Rueben and let them talk

  14. chirwa says:

    Don’t we have better qualified person to over Japan embassy not this idiot, political manipulator and self imposed intelligence officer what has military to do with embassy chonde plz abale, abwela kumudzi kuno basi

  15. amfumu says:

    Ngwenya is failed ambassador all he knows is busy on nyasatimes writing stories about himself while other ambassadors are just busy working ife tizingokhalila kumva za Ngwenya he must come home and some professional should take over Japan is too big for Ngwenya

  16. Taps says:

    the best ambassador indeed. Mu jacket saapisila tinenepo zoona apa.

  17. Matongo Phiri says:

    The article was full of slander and malice. While Ngwenya may not be innocent like many of us, I feel there are proper channels to lodge complaints instead of making serious allegations like this. Do you think he was really spending time on streets of Tokyo kufuna ma galimoto? This sounds cheap. Never burn bridges anyamata nd i atsikan when you get recalled…….

  18. Tukombo says:

    Thokozani Banda treated us like garbage when he was a Diplomat in Japan. He used to terrorize the whole office. He bought himself the most expensive cars Now he is homeless and has no job, he gets kicked out of one motel to the other. I’m just saying this to remind all bosses that be careful who you step on on your way to the top, you may need them as you tumble down from the pedestal of glory

  19. Feranji says:

    Good looking Malawian man!!!I can send you my number your excellency.

  20. The best ambassodor so far

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