An MCP-led House draped in shame: The painful context to Malawi democracy

The current status of Malawi National Assembly in the eyes of the populace is that of an institution which has run out of shame in how it is misspending public money willy-nilly without any iota of humanity.

Chakwera and Msowoya (L)

Chakwera and Msowoya (L)

Only last week were Malawians informed that the three persons in the Speakership office managed by Richard Msowoya and Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, have just acquired a new fleet of four vehicles, one for each, to a sickening amount of K300 million.

An immediate reaction to the transaction was disappointment from the public who view this economic lean period as a prerequisite to austerity at any level of the government structure.

As if that K300 million saga is not enough, the honourables have done it again, more shockingly this time around.

The revelations that Parliament is failing to account for over K213 million of public money thickens the plot. It leaves citizens wondering at what cost we should sacrifice ourselves on the altar of petty legislative politics.

Shocking is the fact that Parliament blew all this money under the pretext of convening committee meetings and foreign travel.

Ironically, only months ago, Msowoya spoke through the media that they are failing to carry out some duties due to lack of funds.

At the end of the day Malawians now know that there were no committee meetings and no foreign travels but K213 million went in the drain.

Interestingly, even after such shady operations, Parliament is still demanding from Treasury an extra K1.2 billion for among other things, the purchase of a new fleet of pool vehicles worth K900 million.

What wisdom is this when someone wants to spend K900 million just after an expenditure of K300 million has already injured the soul of the nation?

Any demands by Parliament as things stand is tantamount to disrespect to the Malawians in view of the performance of the economy.

Though this issue involves the National Assembly, the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) needs to dig their faces in their faces because the Speaker and Leader of Opposition constitute their presidency.

An imprudent Parliament speaks volumes of its leadership and in this case Msowoya and Chakwera have a lot of explaining to do on many of the decisions that are being made at the National Assembly.

What disturbs many is how hasten this August House is breaking negative records at an alarming rate. From the dawn of democracy in 1994, all contingents of parliamentarians have been led by eminent Speakers who have always been accountable to Malawians both in political and administrative terms.

The likes of Rodwell Munyenyembe, Louis Chimango, Sam Mpasu, Davies Katsonga and Chimunthu Banda executed their duties with willful professionalism and maturity.

Where Msowoya gets it wrong is that he mirrors himself first as MCP Vice President before being Speaker.

Whenever an issue raises that demands parliamentary explanation, he is quick to misfire with political statements as his defence mechanism.

As for Chakwera, he has rapidly descended from being an admired pastor to a politician with little or no clue of his role to Malawians.

The pastor should rise above pettiness and realize that his rhetoric against government provides a yardstick with which he is going to be measured at all times.

It makes no sense for someone to attack government left, right and centre only to later on feign ignorance on what has been happening in his own office.

In the face of this maladministration at Parliament, does the MCP leadership really count on the trust of Malawians?

They better put their house in order and offer leadership at National assembly level before they can even start talking leading the whole state system.

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55 thoughts on “An MCP-led House draped in shame: The painful context to Malawi democracy”

  1. malawi says:

    it can not take one to b expert to know… current MCP leadership can not offer this country any good. let me advise central pple Chakwera is selling MCP to northeners…even if MCP wins,chakwera wil not finish his term.. he wil b killed & msowoya shall rise..thats the only way wakumpoto angalamulire dziko lino, and all chewas in MCP wil b buted out.can’t u c? a chewa azanga chakwera asatipusitse! mudzifunse mafuso bwanji kamuzu,muluzi or bingu sanayikeko wakumpoto as first vice. amayi anayika khumbo sanamuchotse? amayi akanawina bwezi khumbo ali president lero. a chewa opusa kwambiri inu simukumva akuti ndi ma founders a MCP. simungadabwe or tembo anayamba wayikapo mtumbuka vice? eeee? mchewa dzuka kenako upenye 4 once. anthu a kumpoto ndiwoipa zedi or mulungu amadziwa zimenezo

  2. Disappointed says:

    Is chakwela mad ? how can he delegate khumbo to represent him in the north yet his vice was there in the north? kodi abusa mwatani ? Dont u know that he is pp? Or where was njovu ? Koma abusa mutithandiza? Aliyese munapikisana naye akhale mdani? Chipani mwaonongatu ichi. Chitani manyazi ndithu anthu tikuonatu.

  3. marvey marvei says:

    Big minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events/the weather, small minds discuss people.

  4. If i have wronged her please do not hestate to call me or inbox me. I can as well come up with several write ups for this yakumbuyo diehard Yolanda /Chilanda/ Snatcher. Come to equity with clean hands osati manja anu ali ndimanyi ndiye muwapakize anzanu ena. Ndakwiya nawe kwambiri. Remember what you did with that lecturer after failing ICT module paper. Sunachotse mimba iwe ya miyezi folo. Samala usagwiritsidwe ntchito kulemba nyasi pamene iwenso uli nyasi.

  5. Yolanda the prostitute masquarading as a journalist. Remove your trash. You deleted my post for yesterday with reasons best known to yourself. I still stand by what i said that you are a daughter of a bitch from a father who is a womaniser. You turned to prostitution at a college. You are a political condom protecting the vagina from infected sperms. Zip up your holes by trying to write balanced articles. Satana amakonda zonyasa koma iwe wekha atha kukukwiyira. Chonde nyasatimes i do not just speculate the issues here as such do not delete my post for the sleeping mate yolanda to see.

  6. Lion Chigamba says:

    Again another useless article only meant to promote strife and hatred ! What is the issue here? Why is MCP dragged in this issue?
    The story is full of malice and anger ! Only small minds can believe this! Nyasatimes do you take time to analyse the CVs of your reporters?
    You are now turning into a platform for the promotion of hatred and misery!

  7. PM says:

    The reason why people do not use facts to argue is because they write with motives. anger or emotions. The current debate is nothing but emotions deliberately raised by government to drawn its own iniquities. When parliament presented facts, people are still stuck with falsehoods advanced as truths. It is interesting that respected journalists, columnists, writers haven fallen prey to a simple propaganda

  8. wankhaya says:

    This is crazy. It is “Parliament” not Chakwera and Msowoya. Why is the leader of the house not included in the story? Where did you do your journalism? Did you even study? Remember, Mass communication is not Journalism

  9. Chiluwa says:

    Leave Chakwela and Msowoya they are not in pod

  10. Jose says:

    A Malawi tadzukani ku tulo tofanatotu. Magalimoto mukutchukitsa nawo Chakwera ndi Msowoya ndi a boma osati a Chakwera kapena Msowoya. Enanu mukukokeramo MCP. Kulakwa kokhakokha. MCP palibeto gawo lomwe likuwakhudza. Umbuli okhaokha.

    Now nkhani ya magalimoto, boma linayenera kuvomereza kugulidwa kwa magalimoto asanagulidwe komanso a parliament ayankhapo kale kuti magalimoto amenewa adayikidwa mu budget ya m,mbuyomu therefore being govt vehicles there was no point for the two to refuse because that is an entitlement to those positions they are holding. They are not their personal vehicles. For those of you calling for the withdraw of the vehicles that’s just nosense the positions call for those vehicles period.

  11. Uche says:

    Politics is a dirty game. Hw could someone like chakwera start well and ending up in these stupid messes…money is evil i’v nw believed… not even one can justify chakweras mission of venturing into politics..its none other than personal gains and enrichments…

  12. MKANDAWIRE says:


  13. kagawi says:

    Jessie Kabwila, can you make noise again on the scam which your bwanas are in. The so called caring MCP, if indeed you were caring, would you allow spending all these monies for galimoto when aMalawi ali munjala imene umayimbilapo nyimbo iweyo.

    The true God is there to reveal your stupid plans of gaining political mileage on natural disasters. panopa tell malawians zija munkawauza zija now.

    Remember that as you point a finger to your friend, how many points at you!!!

    For you Chakwera ngati former man of God, be mindful of speeches and political approaches as people get confused with your combination of careers.

    Take care!!!! Malawians are watching and waiting for your explanations!!!

  14. chikho says:

    Atolankhani ena inu mukuononga ntchito yanu because I can not believe at all what is written in this news. There was no any other day in Malawi where an opposition overtook the government in making decision of procuring government’s assets.
    Investigate before you write. What does the constitution say? It was an error committed by the government which authorize and approves. After all, if the government is concerned what about the issue of cashgate which is being implemented by the DPP government right now. Peter has been Ben Phiri to get money from Indians and other contractors. for his own pocket. Donot Malawians, Listen Peter Mutharika and your crew you will die a shameful death if you do not change ur behavior.
    Take care. iam no longer interested in voting for you come 2019. Iand i regret for my vote in 2014

  15. Boyd Kilembey says:

    All these are issues that the COP can answer. I really wonder how Chakwera and the Speaker come into this. These are NOT the administrative heads of Parliament
    Ndale zavuta pa Malawi.

  16. Mngoni says:

    Yolanda Munthali. ….wadyetsedwa masikono eti! Your a very big disgrace to journalism. ..
    How did you find yourself in that carrier. …I can’t make any sense of your column. ..what message were you giving us? ???
    If malawi is failing it’s because of foolish and useless people like you….how can you talk of government mistakes and subject them to Chakwera. .???
    Why don’t you query government on his failure to handle too many issues failing the country???
    Was it deliberate to allow parliament to buy this vehicles just to be a way of diverting their, dpp leadership failures? ??
    Talk sense my friend or your are as useless and a mistake as those who sent you..!!

  17. ngulenjet says:

    DPP ndi amene akuyitumikila zawavuta akusowa pothawira ndiye akufuna athawile pa MCP koma a Malawi akuziwa sipikala ndi MCP Palibe cholakwa apa come 2019 u out you failed government

  18. Max says:

    Shame on you Yolanda,kambani nkhani zoti dziko limve apa osati zopusa zanuzo,analiponse anzako ndi ma propaganda awo koma alikuti?ndalamazo inde idyani koma chilungamo chidzayimabe basi ngakhale mutamba zotani pofuna kudziphimba.

  19. Oswald Thambala says:

    So they should give up their entitlements while DPP is wasting money? No no no!

    Chakwera, Msowoya and deputy speakers please hold on to your vehicles

  20. We all know Parliament report and is part of executive arm of Govt, ndiye Mcp or leader of opposition mikimupaka bwa?why? Msganizo auve!!

  21. jp says:

    Yoranda Munthali, ukunama ndipo mwina alipo amene ukutumikla nzosadabwitsa masiku a no maka maka nd I Boma la dppp zimenezi ndiue ntchito zamanja awo. Parliament siya mcp ayi, muli amri a boma including leader of the house himself, why are you to tanish image ya mcp?

  22. dreamteam says:

    The issue is not whether parliament approved or not – we all know these things are approved by treasury.

    The issue is whether Chakwera and Msowoya feel comfortable travelling in cars that cost taxpayers K300 m when Malawians are starving.

    These two have bn rightly accusing the president of the same, even though the president does not right his own cheques or approve his own expenditures. They should also allow people to judge them by same yardstick. I thought the opposition is a government in waiting and if they can not lead by example there, where will they lead by example. If I was Chakwera and Msowoya, I would give back these vehicles and ask that they get second hand cars just like the rest of us Malawians. Then I would know that they understand what Malawi is going through.

    Otherwise, they have no moral right to criticise the president

  23. Galu Betele says:

    Inu mayi, musawaseweretse amalawi with information that lacks citation. do your homework then come and present your argument. this is total nosense

  24. Mahera says:

    Yolanda, udzifufuza kaye nkhani usanalembe…. U r feeding Malawians yo sensless info…. If u r a DPP writer don’t write it here. Who approved the purchase of vehicles if I may ask? Is it chakwera or govt? Do u know how much money were used to buy ministers VXs? Better to have a pastor as president than yo gay-activist.

  25. NDIKAMVA “MCP” ndimakumbuka magazi okhaokha koma mkuti mbusa Chakwela ngwamagazinso? kani malilime aja inali nyambo yotibela etiiiii? kkkkkkkk olo chauta atatsika mawa MCP singalowetso mboma chifukwa muli ziwanda zambiri eeee! Tufyakwa!

  26. Eye Witness says:

    Yolanda!!! You are stupid

  27. Mlomwe Ozindikira says:

    so MCP is becoming a master at spending mastery of DPP, so cheap propaganda for kids

  28. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Perhaps the first step in solving the conundrum of mismanagement by the Parliament is to get a new Speaker in there. It should not be too hard to remove Mr Msowoya; as he demonstrates unwavering partisanship, in favor of his Party, MCP. MCP does NOT have a majority! Almost everything he says or does is in favor of that Party, one way or another, and against others. Not fit for a Speaker.
    He also seems NOT to have the political skills, nor the analytical skills required of complex issues. So unlike most of the Speakers we’ve had since the end of Kamuzu’s and MCP’s dictatorship.

  29. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Kafunse amako, Badall Gondwe ndi Pitala za ndalama zaku Parliament akakufotokozele!

  30. H,Chitumvi says:

    Please Tell Us the truth does MCP ruling the opc and haveto force other responsible portfolios to siqn their purchases in absence of excutive? The artical written shows that MCP has all powers of administering the parliament and excutive has nothing to refuse its decision if not, becz Msowoya ndi chindele chachilungamo chikukana kucpatsa paketi la sugar.Mawa akadzalankhula kuti samadziwa kuti boma mudawapatsa pa manja muzikati aukira CHIBWANA CHINALANDITSA NGUWO YA NJUZI

  31. Kenkkk says:

    We all condemn abuse of taxpayers money but this is utter rubbish reporting. It shows the writer still doesn’t grasp the issues of 300mn, let alone parliament expenditure. To me it seems, dpp thugs have sent you to tarnish the image of another arm of govt. Is it a competition? UN trip is still rattling you dpp thieves and wasters of govt money.

    First of all you have to compare like for like expenditure on the same periods for all three arms of govt. Compare the 300mn for cars with what the president and cabinet have also spent for cars during the same period. If parliament can’t account for 213mn expenditure, can the govt account also for every penny or all its expenditure during the same period? You will be surprised that abuse of govt money is still going on in this dpp govt.

    And why do you involve mcp as if parliament is mcp? All MPs of all parties plus the speaker office are responsible for the alleged expenditures. You can’t just put the blame on the speaker. Eventually the whole blame goes back to the govt. Unless you imply that parliament money has gone into personal accounts and you have evidence to that effect, what you are telling us is stupidity.

    You also stupidly compare with previous speakers who were operating on a different environment without any serious scrutiny. We just don’t know how much was stolen or abused by previous speakers, am certain they had their own cash gates then but never caught.

  32. richard says:

    Kodi inu mwalemba article imeneyi wakutumani ndani? Kachingerezi kabwino ngati ophuzira koma osazindikira. Chakwera chikumukhuza ndi chani pamenepa. Even Msowoya mukuona ngati amangotenga ndalama ngati za mnyumba mwake. Ngati simukuzimvetsa tangosiyani osalemba zopanda zeru ngati mwachita apazi. Next time zafuseni azanu kaye azakuthandizeni.

  33. Matako says:

    This is one of those misplaced articles written by a some desperate DPP poppycock stooge. When did MCP bear authority to purchase vehicles? It is this kind of reporting that Malawians do not need. Any one with grey matter would know that the treasury issues checks for budgeted items. As a Malawian I get angry when people try to mislead us through cheap propaganda. It is a well known fact that OPC approved the purchase of the vehicles for the said individuals. Why all of a sudden it has become an issue beats me. What the writer does not tell us is that even the ministers were also given new vehicles purchase around the same time the opposition vehicles were purchased. Did I say it was government that bought the vehicles and not MCP?

  34. Zoonazake says:

    Ma propaganda a uchitsiru muzingolemba ukakhoma kunyumba kwanu osati apa timawerenga ambiri. Zauchitsiruzo muzingokamba tvm pompo coz anthu anzeru adaleka uwonera tvm ndikuvera radio 1 azeru tidasiya. Zopusa mukuona ngati mupusitsa ndani ife sitikunyengererani munya muona. MCP yake ino siyilora zaugaru zanuzo

  35. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I did not know that MCP is the ruling party in Malawi

    Imagine MCP is spending government money through OPC.

  36. Khwethemu says:

    Za zii lembani zina

  37. johnm says:

    As far as I am aware and my familiarity with the Malawi Government systems, it is wrong to accuse the speaker and the leader of the opposition of mismanagment at parliament citing the missing K 200 million as the a point in case.

    The controlling officer for parliament is the Clerk of Parliament, so how can the speaker be accused of mismanagement? The one answerable for mismanagement at parliament is the clerk of Parliament for he is the one in charge of the day to day running of the office and not the speaker and the leader of the opposition.

    Similarly, the controlling officer at a particular Ministry is the Principal Secretary and not the Minister for the PS is the officer in charge of the day to day running of a Ministry.

    It is clear that Yolanda, the author, is naive and ignorant of Government systems.

  38. SONG says:

    Stupid DPP mukuyesa ife ndi ana. Munatenga anthu 300 ku New York lero mulimbana ndi MCP pamtumbo panu nonse. Munya muona

  39. Sapitwa says:

    You can’t discredit this writer. There is plenty sense to some of us who can analyze by connecting loose ends.
    On Nyasa Times, we were told that MCP had a huge unpaid bill for rates at the City Council over many years; khaya zikutha bwa? We were also told that they went into huge debt to meet the costs of 2014 elections with the hope of paying back by cashgating when in government.
    Now Musowoya is the Head of House of Assembly and MCP Deputy P to Chakwera. He can manipulate the budget for the house for the benefit of his party- nzotheka osati pang’ono ai. MCP is at the center in the story because even the clerk of parliament can not question his/ her boss on expenses.
    Today here we are with the Preachers who practice the opposite. Ikokeni nkhaniyi kuti tiwone mathero ake, sha!

  40. malawi says:

    MCP sopano, leading Parliament, nde zibwana zimenezi Clerk of Parliament akhaleso mukumufuna uja ziyenda?? (Uyu mukut Judgeyu), sanakhozeso ma interview. Msikana (Grace Malera) wakhonza ma interview mpaseni mpando basi. Msikana amene uja ndi Genius hvy. Mukumuopa chani??
    Chonci SPeaker wa MCP ndinso wa Kumpoto, Clerk akhaleso wa MCP ndi wa kuMpoto ziyenda?? sitizazanako ambwenumbwenu ku Parliamentku?? sitimasolola like nobody business ku Parliamentku?? Mukufuna mupase Mpando Mbwenumbwenu komaso wa MCP (Opposition) nzanu komaso chifukwa ndi m’bale wanu a Msowoya zoonaaa?? iiiii chitani Manyazi aakulu, iiiii mpaseni Grace Malera mpando ndi wake uwuuu!! mukangompasa M’bale wanu mukut Judgeyu, a Tumbuka inu tionana muona.

  41. musova says:

    sindine wa DPP koma kutsutsa komwe a mcp akupanga kukowonetseratu kuti ndi kwa umbuli maka maka kamzimai aka akumakati Kabwira kalibe manyazi polakhula

  42. Blessed Banda says:

    Stupit writer- Zikugwerani posachedwapa. Matama akutherani. You can’t laern from your previous mistakes you dud headed headless chickens.

  43. Preciousmaulidibanda says:

    Look now, what these mcp guyz know z talking and insulting our great president, ine ndye zmandbowa. Kod kukhala osusa ndye kut kumangotukwana bas, hish i have never see this stupid party and their chatsika, koma achewawa,

  44. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    This story could be true or false. True because our systems are indeed careless and lacks accountability. False because there is an attempt by government to propagandize trying to pint the opposition as equally irresponsible on use of state resources.

  45. peter says:

    some of these issues mazilemba ngati anzeru does MCP have the power to write ma cheque s I thought boma in this case DPP NDE amalemba somewhere some how things are not balancing unless u tell mi MCP ikuyendetsa boma

  46. The real ujeni says:

    This has been written by a Lhomwe DPP die hard trying to divert real issues at hand. For starters, parliament committees are not made up of MCP members only, DPP is there so too is UDF. The failure to come clean on the UNGA delegates and chartering of planes has made this DPP government to go insane. Just another stupid propaganda orchestrated to divert peoples attention on DPP mismanagement of government monies

  47. Ambuje kukaya says:

    This is one of those terrible articles. Does the author know the difference between MCP and the National Assembly? Is the Clerk of Parliament MCP. Are all the members of the National Assembly who some of them were preparing the cheques MCP????

  48. Can you find something better than this to write please? How can our beloved Malawi develop with this kind of thinking and Dyera? We are not stupid and you will not fool us again. Ndalama akukutsanizo kuti muzilemba zopanda nzeruzi si zakubanso. This will not last and you will pay for it. Chakwera woyeeeeeee, MCP woyeeeeeee!

  49. Kudziwe says:

    I kept on wondering where they get money to go around campaigning this time when there are no elections. You must be reminded that this time we need to develop this country with you included as leader of opposition in a bid to take Malawi to another level.Do not oppose wholesale on what the government is toiling to achieve. Shame on you Pastor!

  50. Happy Eduardo says:

    Yolanda, many thanks for your journalistic piece. MCP does not offer anything to Malawians. They are fit to be in opposition after all they have been there for over two decades now. They are an experienced opposition party.

  51. Emmatuwa says:

    Atsogoleri anali kale atsopanowa ndi mbava zokha zokha palibe wabwino. kodi cashgate izatha kuno ku Malawi ndakayika ndithu. DPP akuba ndiponso MCP akubanso
    muziona amalawi mabvuto alibeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  52. Issa Kabudula says:

    Tinkanene – talking does not bring bread at home. MCP has been on the front line of making news, some news which made no sense (rigged vote), (we suppose to be leading this country) these are some and now if they are failing to account for few people, can they account the whole central region, southern region and the northern region – which need to be a country of its own?

    To be an opposition, it does not give you and me certificate of bringing havoc in the development of the people, in order to be heard, now what? Is 2019 going to be another atibela mavoti?

  53. Mzungumbuli says:

    I guess the author of this article is just another stupid Lhomwe who is never ashamed of his own nakedness. I better keep snakes and pigs other than the Lhomwes.

  54. Here in Dublin says:

    Malawians aren’t stupid, you will one day pay for this or leave your loved ones in trouble.
    Tili phee kuno kungoona zomwe mukupangazo, koma siife opepela. We know what’s going on.

  55. Bertha Chisale says:

    Ngati MCP ikuba ili ku opposition, nanji kuwapatsa boma? Awa athera ku opposition komweko awa….

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