Analysing Ntata’s ‘From a looting to a kill’ report

On Tuesday, August 18, Allan Ntata delivered his widely publicized public lecture on curtailing corruption and released his long awaited Cash-gate analysis report entitled, “From a Looting to a Kill: Analysing a Legacy of Institutionalized Corruption in Malawi.”

 Z. Allan Ntata: Released a report

Z. Allan Ntata: Released a report

The report was built on facts gathered from his previous Cash-gate report, “Licence to Loot” which exposed corruption between 2012 and 2014 during the administration of Joyce Banda. Ntata also analysed facts from the Baker Tilly audit report which Joyce Banda had commissioned and PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s (PwC) analytics report commissioned by Peter Mutharika to audit government from 2009 when DPP was in power.

Before I render my analysis, which will focus only on what I feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the report, let me congratulate Ntata for his endless effort and courage to fight against corruption and bad governance in Malawi. The task is indescribably huge and feared by many, but he has proved over and over again that his spirit is unconquerable.

As usual, Ntata has done a commendable job on the report owing to his vast experience and scholarly expertise in anti-corruption and governance, and also his talents of eloquence and analytical reasoning. Right from the packaging of the document, from the cover page, through the six chapters to the very last page, Ntata has excellently designed and presented the content in a manner that lives up to his profession and ingenuity.

His exposition of loopholes of IFIMIS and financial operations in government departments, and his practical recommendations on the needed reforms to create a fraud-proof financial management system is very impressive. His brilliant arguments against the abuse of Executive powers by political leaderships and how that facilitates corruption in public and private sectors of our society cannot go unacknowledged.

Ntata has also presented a highly imperative statistical analysis of the human cost of corruption in Malawi in Chapter 4, which illustrates, how as a donor dependent nation, Cash-gate has left our nation poorer and underdeveloped through perpetual aid withdrawal and misappropriation of funding. My favourite, however, is Chapter 6, “People Power” where Ntata has with so much regret, decried the passivity and ignorance of the citizens of Malawi which has enable politicians and crooked civil servants to loot government coffers, in the absence of strong demand for transparency and accountability. Ntata has also challenged young people to fight against corruption in government by exposing corrupt practices even through the social network to ignite an anti-corruption revolution.

But the report has its own disappointments and disturbing areas too. The first disappointment is that the report is a mere analysis of facts already known. Of course, Ntata himself made it very clear in the foreword that he was not going to provide a forensic and audit report, because he is convinced that the previous forensic reports have not done much to curb corruption.

But his analysis document has cheated the public because Ntata’s mega campaign and publicity for the launch of the report suggested that he was going to expose and tell Malawians what they did not know about Cashgate. He made it look like he was going to spill some beans. Therefore, though the analysis is just brilliant and convincing, it has failed to meet the expectations of Malawians who are craving for answers to the mystery behind MKW 570 billion Cashgate between 2009 until 2012, and had hoped he would resolve that to a reasonable extent.

Of course, Ntata did hint in the report that he did not intend to expose much considering that there is already a forensic and audit report going on by PwC and he would not interfere with it. But I recall Ntata did not have problems with interfering with Baker Tilly when he released his “Licence to Loot.”

A controversial part of the report is Ntata’s own confession that his earlier report, “Licence to Loot “was faulty especially on the role of Paul Mphwiyo in Cashgate. Ntata has confessed that Mphwiyo was not part of the Cashgate looters, and was indeed shot because of attempting to fight against the corruption.

I honestly applaud Ntata for his ethical conduct and professionalism to exonerate Mphwiyo after bumping into more credible information which contradicted his earlier report. Ntata has faulted his sources at State House and the Ministry of Justice for plotting to mislead his report, and also the media for twisting the story of Mphwiyo. However, this does not only question Ntata’s position when he was investigating the 2012/2013 Cashgate scandal, but also raises a few questions on the degree of the involvement of Joyce Banda in the Cashgate and her connections to the looters.

Banda was the first to exonerate Mphwiyo soon after the assassination attempt. Banda announced that she knew individuals that attempted the assassination, and that they needed Mphwiyo dead because he was about to bust a corruption syndicate.

It is my feeling therefore, that by exonerating Mphwiyo,Ntata has given the public a new perspective into the honesty of Banda, even smeared by chief Cashgate culprit, Osward Lutepo that he surrendered Cashgate spoils to her.

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22 thoughts on “Analysing Ntata’s ‘From a looting to a kill’ report”

  1. Joseph Moyo says:

    Ntata ndi mlakatuli,komanso amafuna kukhala oziwa pamene palibe chomwe akuziwa.amene mumawerenga zolemba zake ndi anthu osowa chochita sikukunyozan ai.taonan adalemba zot mphwiyo siwa cashgate panochifukwa chot ena adaulula part adachita play mu cashgate akut iiiiiiii ndwa cashgate.why wasting your time with such amad person?kod APM akadamsankha iyeyu kukhala AG bwenz akulakatula zimene akulakatulaz?kod ngat amalifunila dzikoli zabwino ali mu ulamuliro wa dpp adaululapo chani?corruption yayamba lero?ndidalembanso kut he is not befitting kukhala wazamalamulo chifukwa amanena zinthu zopanda umboni mot atafunsidwa walembazo akuuzan ndidamva nanga ngat umawamva amanama wanamza dziko as for i cant trust him.after all njira yochitra assess kugwirisa ntchito mayeso syabwino chabe kut palibe ina yabwino..nde akangot lawyer ife njenjenje za ziiiiiiiii.ndidaonapo nurse akundipasa brufen ngat gawo la treament yet iye yemweyo adandpeza ndi ma ulcers ndipo brufen amachita activate ma acids.kuphunzra kwa mkalasi koma kukanika kuwonesa mzintchito .ndidangot ndi ma ulcers mankhwalaamenewoszimagwirizana.yet iam administrator not a doctor

  2. Man FE says:

    Ntata is a frustrated man. He is one of the beneficiary of 92billion during Bingu,s Era. He wanted also to be part of Peter. Asatiputsitse apa

  3. Friday kamanga says:

    Ntata. Malawi needs 14 more pipo like you and we would be home and dry.

  4. Patriot says:

    Why is Allan Ntata Shielding/Protecting/Defending Mphwiyo?
    What is Allan Ntata afraid of?
    Is it because Cashgate started in 2009 together with Mphwiyo?
    Is it because if Mphwiyo is arrested, Mphwiyo will mention big big DPP Fishes?

  5. Chimwemwe says:

    And just after he “exonerates” Mphwiyo as a fighter of corruption, Karonga is convicted having confessed that he was working with Mphwiyo to steal government money. What investigation is Ntata doing? Ine ndadabwa.

  6. JB Overseas Supporter says:

    Good thinking Mr Sibande. Well analysed, well written. And I like the happy conclusion: that JB has been exonerated. Ntata uli mmadzi, nanga wanena wekhatu apa.

    A Lutepo amangoyankhula chiri chonse only a fool can take him seriously.

  7. Steward says:

    Ntata has proven to be a great patriot.I like his style of writing, and the way he presents facts.Mr Ntata you really went to school! by the way when shall you complete your PhD? keep it up!

  8. Tango says:

    This is total bullshit. Ntata people dont want to listen to your movie script anymore.

  9. AMBUYE says:

    Z Allan Ntata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!useless

  10. John says:

    My feeling reading Ntata’s report is that he is using the saying: An enemy of my enemy is my friend”, hence he has found a new friend in Joyce Banda and Mphwiyo. By the way, how sure are we that this time around, he will not retract his own findings considering he just did that over Mphwiyo?

  11. ras says:

    Eeeh comments kukula kuposa report koma abale

  12. jojo says:

    Ntata is indeed a confused man, may be he has pocketed from mphwiyo. A man with all senses cannot clear Mphwiyo of wrong doing. Sindizawerenganso umalembazo. Uzialembela akazako>

  13. Truck says:


  14. malume says:

    you are wasting time talking about ntata aperson who dont like his country like jb

  15. nachisale says:

    Ntata is confused. His analysis is driven by the quest to smear his enemies and exonerate those he tries to appease that is why he apparently made a mistake. There is some powers behind his current report. Unfortunately, he is corruptable just as the people he is trying to expose. Corruption is not only direct stealing but wrongly benefiting from clandestine activities. Ntata is pursuing a political fight and time will tell whether he wins or not. To suggest that Mphwiyo is a victim of cashgate is ridiculous! It just shows the worst hypocrisy.

  16. Jelbin mk says:

    This is great analysis but point of correction, in your article I agree with you that the Joyce Banda’s administration did commission the baker Tilly to audit cashgate but I want to disagree with you strongly that the Peter munthariKa’s administration also did the same. The truth of the matter is that JB was more than willing to expose corruption let alone her party benefiting from it. She was not forced by anyone neither by the donor community nor citizens because by then nothing had happened to pressurise her let alone the shooting of Mphwiyo because it was easy to cover up, the police could have just told us it was a robbery gone wrong and no one could dispute that and Mphwiyo could have died if not by agony then by state agents because the state owned Mphwiyo’s life at that time. The state took a good care of him including expensive operation of which on his own could not afford. What does that tell us? JB had the welfare of the people at heart.She self willingly asked the British government to fund a forensic audit of good character to burst corruption. Part B of my point of correction is that Peter did not commission the PCW to conduct a forensic audit rather the German government did so not on request from our government but on their concern about the continued mass looting of our finances. The German government knew that if she offered to fund the audit the government of Malawi would be forced to accept the audit fearing continued donor freeze and public criticism from the locals and German knew if they just pressed our government to audit cashgate our government would have given an obvious excuse “we don’t have money”. What does that tell us? The Peter muntharika’s administration does not care about fighting corruption thus why they tried their level best to conceal the preliminary report on cashgate that took place under their watch. Now about Ntata’s u turn on his findings contained in his recent report it makes the public not to take him seriously because he could not have published anything without analysing and gathering enough evidence. It also shows that he has a problem with only those in power and once they are out of power they become innocent to him remember when DPP was in opposition he could not raise any issue against them and had no intention of spilling the so called beans what he concentrated on was criticising JB and the Mphwiyo’s of whom he is vendicating now. Am not against him in fighting corruption but am concerned people might lose trust in his findings as well as his writings otherwise it is his right to express himself on matters that he feels to.

  17. Analyst says:

    Ntata has goofed big time in this so called report by attempting to clear Mphwiyo. You don’t have to dig much further for you to know that Mphwiyo is a thief. In fact Mphwiyo and the now convicted Kalonga lived almost the same lifestyle with cashgate money. Spending millions on gambling alone. Ask people who know these guys than just going through theories. You will know the truth. Mphwiyo and Kalonga are real gamblers my friend and not befitting the status of a Malawian civil servant. They cannot even explain the source of their worth

  18. stain says:

    Ntata wasted people’s time and you again are just repeated the same.

  19. Benson Chirwa says:

    Hear from Lenard Kalonga before you back chief masterminder Paul Mphwiyo. Was he shot by mistake? Definitely No No No.

  20. Thom Paul Duncan Nkalodzwa says:

    Corruption is real in Malawi. The colonial British government engaged in exploitation of Nyasaland. That was very worst than current corruption. Dr. Banda and MCP engaged in worse use of government resources for the benefit of the few ruling elite. That was corruption.Elson Bakili Muluzi and cronies were and are corrupt people. I don’t want to remind people of Dumbo Leman, Brown Mpinganjira,Friday Jumbe,Makhumula etc etc. All were part of a big and crooked syndicate of thieves and thievery. The quarrels that ensued thereafter and led to formation of NDA etc etc was around how they untreated in each other on sharing products of thievery. I should not forget this big crook called Humphreys Mvula. He sent a child to study in Australia using money from Stagecoach. Bingu wa Mutharika left UDF because he was also a crook and didn’t like some crooks within UDF. Joyce Banda with her PP was also a bunch of crooks. Crooks are many and in different camps called political parties. The best camp win and do institutionalized theft. Lyson Godwin Sibande you are also a crook and a corrupt person. What do you do for a living? I know you very well. Remember I was once DPP and used to meet you in meetings against JB. Till when I joined PP and when you clashed with Blue professional crooks. They later started sidelining u. The current crop of people in government are a bunch of crooks I.e Malopa, and many other state houses and parastatals. Zinakuphonya patipo kuti uzilongolora

  21. chijinu says:

    U guyz ur just confusing us now, we need really things really result, really looters not this long versed essays of ours now and again, asaah!

  22. Mapiri says:

    Why do u waste time analysing a shallow Ntata’s report? And what are u saying? There’s that u have said.

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