Analyst asks FAM to intervene on Bullets, Nomads rivalry

Football analyst Charles Nyirenda has pleaded with the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to step in and find ways of bringing long lasting unity between the longest local traditional rivals Bullets F.C and Mighty Be Forward Wanderers.

Nyirenda: Fam should intervene

Nyirenda: Fam should intervene

Nyirenda made the call through Zodiak Radio’s TNM soccer show monitored by Nyasa Times.

Violence led to a premature end of a pre-season friendly game between Be Forward Mighty Wanderers and Silver Strikers at the Kamuzu Stadium, Blantyre on Sunday afternoon.

The game marked the launch of Japan car dealers Be Forward’s MK70 million ($=MK420) sponsorship for Wanderers.

However, in front of Be Forward officials, anti-Wanderers fans suspected to be Bullets supporters pelted onto the pitch in the 74th minute protesting a red card which referee Waneck Mlenga dished out to Silver midfielder Ndaziona Chatsalira for fouling Cameroonian substitute striker Lionel Asu.

Tempers started boiling in the 73rd minute when Mulenga red carded Silver captain Lucky Malata for fouling Wanderers’ striker Jimmy Zakazaka who won a penalty.

Substitute Cuthbert Sinetre stepped forward to beat Silver goalkeeper Blessings Kameza with a cool shot to the left.

The goal cancelled out the lead Silver had snatched through Blessings Tembo’s wonder direct free-kick which blasted past Wanderers’ goalkeeper Peter Munthali who had, earlier, come in injured Richard Chipuwa.

Policce had to fire into the air to disperse the angry crowd. Some three fans linked to Wanderers’ rivals Big Bullets were arrested on suspicion of perpetrating the violence.

“What happened was very bad because it gives a bad impression to sponsors and what I can advise is that ganyu should end in stands; it should not extend to the field of play” said Nyirenda.

“I am calling upon FAM to step in and I am as well calling upon Bullets and Wanderers supporters to sit down and talk to end all this mess,” he added.

According to Nyirenda, this can be achieved by re-introducing the Supporters Security Network which he claimed helped a lot to curb violence during his days at FAM.

He said violence can only end by using people that can speak one language with ordinary supporters.

“There are people who can talk to the supporters and understand each other, it is not people who put on their nice suits and sit at the VIP stand no! Supporters themselves can choose right people that can maintain peace in open stands and arrest anyone who causes havoc” said Nyirenda.

Meanwhile, Mighty Wanderers have described what happened at the Kamuzu stadium on Sunday as unfortunate.

General Secretary Mike Butao said he believes this was caused by people who do not wish the Nomads well and are not happy that they secured sponsorship.

During the fracas, police arrested a number of supporters that were dressed in red and white attire and were sitting in stands that is usually occupied by Bullets supporters.

But Bullets chairman Kondi Msungama has dismissed the claims that club supporters were involved.

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47 thoughts on “Analyst asks FAM to intervene on Bullets, Nomads rivalry”

  1. mmmm says:

    Anyamilandu tatopa nanu muchokepo pamupando mwaubwino tisanayambe zinthu zina plz

  2. OD says:

    Neba sanje ndipo sadzathekaso basi. NOMA woyeeeeeee!

  3. Charlyboy says:

    Ignorance yakula ku big bullets omwe ukuza chifukwa cha umphawi

  4. Supporters for masikini bullets are jealousy. How could they throw stones into the pitch like that.
    Sort out with kondi first for the mess. Shame on u isis hearted people


    a bullets sanatengepo mbali pa ziwawa zanuzo munagendana nokha osanamizila ma fans a bullets ayi. a noma ndinu zitsiru mumazitenga ngati odziwa mpira ndi backing ya nyamilandu yanuyo musova chaka chake ndi chino cup iliyonse simuipeza.

  6. dennis nsonjola says:

    Guys BB supota tisiyen ndi aganyo meaning a surestrim kaukau & BB analiko wy pointing BB only

  7. golo says:

    How can we conclude that the perpetuators of violence in this game were Bullets fans in a game not involving their team ? Silver and Wanderers have a history of violence between themselves .Remember what happened in Balaka?

  8. felix kapoloma says:

    Ndizoona those who wearing suits and sit at VIP can’t solve ploblm bt same supporters need 2 choose fell supporters 2 b the guardz

  9. Willy Maliro says:

    Silver ndi Noma amadana kale ndi kale sangasewere mpira osamenyana sizingatheke

  10. MASO A USIKU says:

    AL HAILL ikubwera komweko. muzalowenso mugilaundi

  11. paul Nkhoma says:


    1. aledi nkata says:

      Ndi uchitsiru kutukwana Big Bullets.Tikondane ndi za Mpira izi.

  12. Christopher says:

    They are not supporters but thugs. If wanderers supporters can throw stones in the field of play during their CAF games, what will be the result? Bwinotu mbanda inu. Ndipo zikufunika kuphunzitsidwa kuti munthu wamkulu Kondi Msungama kuti adziwe kuti amagenda ndi ma supporter awo? Manyazi mulibe kumango bakila zilizonse? Tikudziwa kuti kwanu kwathu ndiye you dont lose anything kwatsala ndikungofuna musokoneza.

    FAM ans Sulom why handle silver players with kids grooves, akuzolowelatu mpaka kumugwila refee? I thought zinthu zampila zimakhala ndi malamulo. A silver akudzitenga ma jetu eti. Ndiye mutilole tidzithana nawotu

  13. Nyerere Kuuna says:

    Mr. Nyirenda don’t be clever for nothing. You failed to deliver at FAM during your tenure in office. You are a Bullets supporter, and you want to cheat us. Zimene umalankhula nthawi zambiri pa Zodiak pakopo ndi za ziiii ndipo zopanda phindu. Fotsekeeeee

  14. Nyoni-nyoni says:

    Kodi mmene mumaphana ku balaka muja kunali bb? Osanami apa mumadana ya manoma + mabankers ikhuza bwanji ma ule? Zangokuvutani basi

  15. waganyu says:

    Manoma are behind Sudan team

  16. Jenks says:

    Wanderers palibenso kkkkkk

  17. osato says:

    He is an analysit, let him give a practical evidence on where on earth have football rivals been united,

  18. osato says:

    He is an analyst, let him give evidence on where he has seen football rivals being united…

  19. Mishyck Gwazani says:

    This rivaly habit can b solvd first from oficialz den down to suppotrz.

  20. J Warrior says:

    rivalry cant end mr nyirenda….

  21. Lutepo says:

    Vuto lake majority ya bullets supporters ndi mbuli, ma savage even if there can be talks mbulizi sizingasithe

  22. Danny says:

    Maule woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. bbsupporter says:

    Whether FAM or SULOM try to unite these two,they will remain rivals forever.

  24. English Guru says:

    how is the picture related to the story??

  25. Palestina says:

    Timu yathu ya Bullets imayendetsedwa ndi mbuli and mbava- Kondi Msungama ndi mbava yaikulu mu BT and ndiye anatuma anthu kuti apenge zimenezo coz iwowo alibe kenakalikonse apart from ngongole. Mumvabe kuwawa coz Be Forward siingatenge inu a Bullets coz of usalvage and awonjozela ndalama za Noma kufika pa 120 Million inu mukudya deya- Mbuli ma official, masupporter onsenso ndi mbuli kulibe club ya zitsiru mudziko lino ngati Bullets-

  26. T/A Ngongoliwa says:

    Dressing in red and white does not mean you are a fan or supporter of Big Bullets.One can dress in red and white for the love of the colours or you are a fan of either Arsenal,Liverpool,Manchester United or even the flames.Let’s be serious when we are making some accusations the other issue which have to be noted is that Silver Strikers is also a big football club it has supporters who enjoys the freedom of dressing as enshrined in the constitution hence they can dress in red and white.Red and white are not protected colours for BB alone.Wanderers fans can also dress in red .

  27. E sk banda says:

    Vuto si masapota koma oyimbira ndi amene amapangitsa zonsezi ndiye mulakhure ndi oyimbira osati ife osapota

  28. padoko says:

    very unfortunate for malawi teams who hunt for sponsorship. How can we impress sponsors if violence can not be stopped. Pls officials, supporters and players lets hold hands to stop this madness

  29. Anjiba Tomali says:

    Nobody can diffuse the rivalry between clubs in football circle but let’s condemn violence at matches this is unacceptable and ugly! Stop that! It’s barbaric!!!!!

  30. BENGO'S FANS says:

    akambirane ma timwo bansi.

  31. BENGO'S FANS says:

    Akambirane Bansi Matimuwo.

  32. watipaso says:

    Zikuwoneka kuti Kondi akusangalala ndi zimene anachita anyamata awo kkkkkk, komaaa

  33. player wa silipasi says:

    atolankhani onetsetsani polemba nnkhani zizikhala mutadzitsata bwino chifukwa sudali mpira wa 1. bullets ndi noma 2. zovala za red ndi team ya bullets yokha pa dziko lapanse 3. kuli ma t-shirt ofira ambiri monga ena amavala a man u , asernal ndi ena ndie amenewa ndi abullets okha

  34. Njolinjo says:

    Rivalry is acceptable but should not extend to hooliganism.

  35. Tiferanji Phiri says:

    Too sad indeed.

  36. cbk says:

    paja bullets ili ndi game tsiku lina.

  37. mbani says:

    Which football that’s why we r failing even in our region waste of resources in supporting fball in Malawi dziko la agalu mbava

  38. Geoma says:

    Mr. Nyirenda there don’t make a mountain here, the issue was Silver players misbehaved a situation that forced the ref to flash 2 red cards and that supporters of Silver got angry, why talking Bulletsas if the game was for Bullets. You mean people shud not sit on the Bullets stand even when they are not playing?. Silver shud take the blame PERIOD??

  39. Ganamba says:

    Tell me Mr Nyirenda, which country has no rivary teams and is big in football history? Rivary makes the game of football to be competitive. The issue here should be a civilized rivary as earlier mentioned.

  40. True patriot says:

    There is no logic here.Is it only BB that don in red and white?,Can a robber reveal his/her identity before,during or after the operations?Am convinced,this is the work of Yona Malunga camp.Mark my words.

  41. SOOTH SAYER! says:


  42. Come to Comment iwish icould find the the page being closed comment so that idont comment

  43. zipitso says:

    osamangoti aBB The peoples team ndi ya mtendere

  44. F says:

    Rivalries are what make football an interesting game you cannot end a rivalry but you can ask for the rivlary to be observed in a civilised manner

  45. Aphiri says:

    Not possible to b freinds unless BB n wanderers join to make one team
    Every where there is rivalry

    1. Jentle says:

      Yes rivalies are there but not what we are seeing in Africa especially Malawi. We know Manchester United and Liverpool are traditional archrivals but when Manchester City plays Liverpool, Manchester Utd supporters dont pelt stones even if they think the decisions are not right. Wake up Malawians awa ndi masewera chabe shame on you perpetrators. Apolisi amangeni amenewo anthu odana ndi entertainment.

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