Analysts hail Malawi VP Chilima on ‘Njoka saweta’ advise to DPP

Malawi vice president Saulos Klaus Chilima has been commended by political analysts for his open advise to President Peter Mutharika against “taming snakes in the party”, saying that would result in his administration losing direction and damaging his image.

Chilima:  Confusionists in DPP

Chilima: Confusionists in DPP

Speaking at a development rally held at Ndirande Malabada Constituency in Blantyre, Chilima warned the DPP to be extra careful with some party “confusionists.”

“Mr President, njoka saweta (snakes cannot be reared)….ena anayesera kuweta nsato koma mapeto ake anawadyera mwana(some tried to rear a python but it ended up killing their child). Those joining us should just come to help build the nation,” this is what Chilima said and the comment was widely covered by Malawi media as well as trended on social media platforms; Twitter and Facebook.

Boniface Dulani a renowened political scientist based at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, said by openly speaking against “confusionists” in the DPP, Chilima may have observed old-school politics which he wants to change.

“We should expect that a party [DPP] as big as they are, they are bound to have differences. But of course you can also see that there is the old school DPP politicians used to the old style of politicking. And maybe that difference is what the Vice-President is trying to advocate.

“So, inevitably that is likely to bring tension and it is understandable. But I think the DPP needs to manage this well by not alienating the new breed of politicians while also making sure that it has strong support among the old-school politicians,” Dulani as quoted in The Nation.

Dulani said DPP need to address issue raised by Chilima.

Chilima also urged  “all confusionists to have self discipline.”

He said: “A good President has welcomed you, why don’t you just give a hand where necessary. Aliyense anamugawira ntchito yake (the President gave each one of us a specific role to play).”.

Francis Bisika , a philosophy lecturer at Blantyre International University (BIU), said by advising the President and party members publicly, Chilima may have done so to demonstrate that it was done in good faith not malice.

Mutharika picked Chilima from private sector to be his running mate in the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections.

Bisika noted that Chilima may have brought the issues out because of his corporate world experience which promotes adherence to job description or portfolio.

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I don’t akweni liked the speech.

Chris katengeza

Njokadi samaweta dzimvere mumtolo mr president.


i hear njokayi ndi UDF? kkkkkkkk


We needed Chilima type of political leaders 20 yrs ago.


Dzimvere muntolo mr president,,,Njoka sitimaweta, Ikakulumani kukhala kusamva kwanu koma mwana wanu apa nde wasamba mmanja& ali ndi backing chifukwa dziko lazimvera lokha,,,Njokazo plz mr Zipheni

big boy

Chilima by that speech has just attracted enemity from the old school dpp politicians. They will hurt him

Mau says

I hope Chilima said that in true and good faith.

You must know!!!!!!

People must know that Chilima is a ” Contemporary Politician” who doesnot like vuvuzela politics being practisized by elizabethian Politicians full of malaise. Problems anthu ena ku DPP amatenga ngati Ndale ndi Career alibenso kothawira. Ndale muzilowa muthampunzira. KKKKK wakumana nazo chilima, DPP madeya okaka basi. Ahaaaaaaaa

DPP guru make sure all those given opportunity to express themselves at rallies should put everything on paper including APM himself. he is not above the DPP constitutions.All those communications should be discussed at round table because Malawians are very sensitive.Yes you are supposed to discuss whatever, to avoid statements like taming snakes coming from your own camp.To me it was a good piece of advice from Mr Chilima and it has treated thoughtfully.No repeat at all. Those who fit themselves as snakes should check their mouth. Remember you have wize people who feel that this is time for development… Read more »

chilima dump them and form your own party..uone mene ungazawinilemo landslide victory in 2019 polls. you deserve presidency

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