Analysts hail Malawi VP Chilima on ‘Njoka saweta’ advise to DPP

Malawi vice president Saulos Klaus Chilima has been commended by political analysts for his open advise to President Peter Mutharika against “taming snakes in the party”, saying that would result in his administration losing direction and damaging his image.

Chilima:  Confusionists in DPP

Chilima: Confusionists in DPP

Speaking at a development rally held at Ndirande Malabada Constituency in Blantyre, Chilima warned the DPP to be extra careful with some party “confusionists.”

“Mr President, njoka saweta (snakes cannot be reared)….ena anayesera kuweta nsato koma mapeto ake anawadyera mwana(some tried to rear a python but it ended up killing their child). Those joining us should just come to help build the nation,” this is what Chilima said and the comment was widely covered by Malawi media as well as trended on social media platforms; Twitter and Facebook.

Boniface Dulani a renowened political scientist based at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, said by openly speaking against “confusionists” in the DPP, Chilima may have observed old-school politics which he wants to change.

“We should expect that a party [DPP] as big as they are, they are bound to have differences. But of course you can also see that there is the old school DPP politicians used to the old style of politicking. And maybe that difference is what the Vice-President is trying to advocate.

“So, inevitably that is likely to bring tension and it is understandable. But I think the DPP needs to manage this well by not alienating the new breed of politicians while also making sure that it has strong support among the old-school politicians,” Dulani as quoted in The Nation.

Dulani said DPP need to address issue raised by Chilima.

Chilima also urged  “all confusionists to have self discipline.”

He said: “A good President has welcomed you, why don’t you just give a hand where necessary. Aliyense anamugawira ntchito yake (the President gave each one of us a specific role to play).”.

Francis Bisika , a philosophy lecturer at Blantyre International University (BIU), said by advising the President and party members publicly, Chilima may have done so to demonstrate that it was done in good faith not malice.

Mutharika picked Chilima from private sector to be his running mate in the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections.

Bisika noted that Chilima may have brought the issues out because of his corporate world experience which promotes adherence to job description or portfolio.

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65 thoughts on “Analysts hail Malawi VP Chilima on ‘Njoka saweta’ advise to DPP”

  1. mwenecho says:

    I don’t akweni liked the speech.

  2. Chris katengeza says:

    Njokadi samaweta dzimvere mumtolo mr president.

  3. mwinyere says:

    i hear njokayi ndi UDF? kkkkkkkk

  4. Jahh says:

    We needed Chilima type of political leaders 20 yrs ago.

  5. Zatonse says:

    Dzimvere muntolo mr president,,,Njoka sitimaweta, Ikakulumani kukhala kusamva kwanu koma mwana wanu apa nde wasamba mmanja& ali ndi backing chifukwa dziko lazimvera lokha,,,Njokazo plz mr Zipheni

  6. big boy says:

    Chilima by that speech has just attracted enemity from the old school dpp politicians. They will hurt him

  7. Mau says says:

    I hope Chilima said that in true and good faith.

  8. You must know!!!!!! says:

    People must know that Chilima is a ” Contemporary Politician” who doesnot like vuvuzela politics being practisized by elizabethian Politicians full of malaise. Problems anthu ena ku DPP amatenga ngati Ndale ndi Career alibenso kothawira. Ndale muzilowa muthampunzira. KKKKK wakumana nazo chilima, DPP madeya okaka basi. Ahaaaaaaaa

  9. phodo says:

    DPP guru make sure all those given opportunity to express themselves at rallies should put everything on paper including APM himself. he is not above the DPP constitutions.All those communications should be discussed at round table because Malawians are very sensitive.Yes you are supposed to discuss whatever, to avoid statements like taming snakes coming from your own camp.To me it was a good piece of advice from Mr Chilima and it has treated thoughtfully.No repeat at all. Those who fit themselves as snakes should check their mouth. Remember you have wize people who feel that this is time for development not politics. I expect one day Jessie will talk to her Reverend to stop calling others as baby sitters other than entertaining everything.I mean wash your own nguwo before washing that of your neighbor.

  10. Dadada says:

    chilima dump them and form your own party..uone mene ungazawinilemo landslide victory in 2019 polls. you deserve presidency

  11. Kavuluvulu says:

    If we had politicians who reason like Saulos , this country would forge ahead. But alas ! what do you expect from mahule ngati Kaliyati, akupha ngati Kudontoni ?

  12. Mr VP.
    Its good advice but dont pablicise to the nation, the best way you just have at the round table with the president and discus what is needed to be done. Keep it up.

  13. Zondiwe says:

    DPP needs Chilima more than he needs DPP.
    Chilima cannot be crushed politically. It is not possible to do so.
    If DPP sacked the VP, they will see their demise come sooner than later.
    Talkative ‘politicians’ like Kaliati are proving to be irrelevant in the modern era.
    It is all about the economy now.

  14. Bongo 11 says:

    Thank you Mr Chilima for your timely advice to the state president and his team. You deserve to be a neutral politician. Indeed you are a good presentation of the private members in politics. But i am afraid if Jessie Kabwila is representing UNIMA as Ted Kanyongolo expected. Please UNIMA academicians advise Jessie to talk like some body who has perused so many books, yes books for various academic and professional disciplines. To me Kabwila and Chilima, Chilima is more civilised and more educated.With such thinking type of Chilima, we can think that we better change our leaders to private leaders not those academicians/lecturers. Of course there are some neutral academician like Ted Kanyongolo.For Jessie, know that we dont extinguish fire by another fire, remember two wrong things will never make a right thing, kumbukanso kuti sumatchosa chisoso m’maso mwam’nzako pamene chisoso cha hybrid chili m’maso mwako.You are a kind of advisor who says follow what I am saying not what I am doing.How can you advise somebody by insulting her IQ (intelligence x metal age divided by chronological age)The way way Chilima has commented on his party’s issue, who can get angry with him, non even MCP can not.While you , Jessie you always make emotional communication. Bwanji maphunziro samasintha khalide lamunthu.

  15. Jay says:

    Chilima thank you for opening the presidents eyes we need people like you not stubborn people I hope Mr President will take your advice!

  16. SHAKA says:


  17. Snake Hater says:

    Tell a female njoka Kaliati.She is just making dpp to become unpopular with her useless sentiments on Chakwera.Please remove some fangs on this female njoka before she destroys the whole party with her poisonous venom.Congrats Saulos for talking sense.Ndikale tinamvako politician akuyankhula za nzeru.

  18. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    Indeed there are many pythons in this political party, even the president himself knows this. Yes mr President you know this!!. Those guys who killed ACB officer, you know them, one day they gonna kill you and they gonna kill the party too.

  19. says:

    EYA kaliati njoka ndi Ben phiri

  20. baba says:

    Chilima keep it up. Peter pangani zinthu ngati akulu anu a bingu osati zawuchisilu zimene m kupango. Khala ndi vision

  21. thom says:

    Kudo Chilima Lets Change as a nation ndale zachikale za Bakili zithe moreover ife tatopa ndi umphawi just tell us zimene mwatikonzera ngati Amalawi. Chakwera ngati muli naye nkhani munamulephera ku parliament. Koma Chilima u have my vote. Chilima wise person we need such people as leaders keep it up man U future looks bright kumayika dziko patsogolo osati chipani ngati tikufuna dziko litukuke

  22. Mishe says:

    Chirima I feel u r wrongly placed….. I think u can make a good team if u work wth Chakwera come 2019. Immagine yo boss who wil be omost 80 by then says he wil stand again… Do u think he will listen to yo advice?

  23. omwale mwale says:

    Mwanayu watopa nkuwalangiza kuchipinda madoda ndiye wangoti atiuze kuti samamva

  24. memory chanza says:

    I agree let’s develop malawi than politics we are still having mcp hangover of politics let’s have a break of mcp politics for sometime

  25. YAMELA says:

    Njoka ikuwetedwayo ndi yani munchipani cha DPP?

  26. Tundu says:

    Chilima is talking about those who have joined DPP like UDF he is not talking about owners of DPP read properly

  27. kenman says:

    Muweta njoka?

  28. Mike says:

    Advise or advice?

  29. wez says:

    We are in a good hand after this speach well done my president. Maybe someone ask kaliati to wach her mouth when she speak, we don’t want what is happening in Burundu to happen to us here. We are pple who love one another.

  30. Dr Mbewe says:

    Apa Chilima has outclassed peter. After all Chilima is the only reasonable person in Dpp. The party of dpp is full of chaff . Pipo like kaliati cannot articulate development agenda but talking rubbish. Keep it up Chilima

  31. pat says:

    I really wonder what Nyasatimes is up to, but they won’t achieve what they are intending to achieve. You can see that the president and his vice are in their best working relationship. But with type of writing, you want the president to start feeling jealous and crack off with his vice. Please lets build malawi and not break it

  32. He supposed to address those issues internally,what is he trying to achieve anyway?

  33. Zaya ku nkhongo says:

    Well articulated Mr. VP but I sense danger for him. These full mouthed idiots won’t leave him;they’ll try their best to bring confusion between him and Peter. I doubt if come 2019 Peter and Chilima will work together,they will dump him cause they know in Chilima they are in a big problem. Its either Chilima will dump DPP or they will get rid of him. Chilima will join another Party come 2019;mark my words.

  34. Bornface c Mwale says:


  35. memory chanza says:

    In english learning from kachipapa all political parties have snakes MCP,Pp,Aford etc you cannot be able to chase them all infact if DPP will have snakes then snakes from other parties MCP,PP can bite DPP so to avoid tHat let’s just control the snakes for future protection.

  36. Jose' says:

    ….. Those joining us…. that statement. I do not think Saukos was referring to either Peter, Kaliati or anybody who was in the party before him. He was referring to those that are bringing in confusion but joined after he (Saulos) had already joined. Read his statement again

  37. Rift valley says:

    For a change we have someone in DPP talking sense. I know a number of snakes in the rulling party.

  38. MCP Die hard says:

    am MCP but i respect Chilima a lot. He is a guy who knows his job. Actually, i wish he were our president not this old guy APM. a Malawi kaya tidatani kaya kuvotela nkhalamba imeneyi mpakana. mpaka 2019 tikukukuta mano.

    Long live Chilima udzakhala president wathu in future.. you are our only hope in DPP osati mbuzi zinazo.

  39. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:


  40. misheck jasi says:

    wakula watha chilima sunkadziwa kuti ankangofuna kukugwiritsa ntchito

  41. zoona says:

    Dr kabwira said it….it will decapaigne the party or the president .. and chilima is asmart man is not too much into politics but to make malawi abetter place for every one…koma angokanika kunena anthuwo because he is aquiet man ….

    since APM Came into power malawi has been into deep crime fueled by Politicians, using achinyamata…….This is true….achinyamata .. akutumidwa…to kill innocent people. Shit gvt its the same as Joice Banda…

  42. chatonda says:

    The advice is clear and Chilima told Mutharika tp remove the snakes in the party in the likes of Kaliati and other noise makers who are turning the image of the party.

  43. John says:


  44. tchaka says:

    Chilima must comeout clearly here otherwise we are putting words into his mouth inorder to destroy his future in DPP. BUT know that chilima is still blosoming politically. If not well advised he will be crashed politically and only then some so called political analysists will celebrate. Hope Chilima knows this. Ndangodutsamo and ndalama mumadya nokha…..

  45. Tim Masamba says:

    With all due respect it’s none of our business how they choose to run the affairs of their party!!!

  46. Alufeyo says:

    APM is very intelligent. Chilima has exposed his naivety and stupidity. You dont castigate mambers of your party in public and in addition only the president ahould do that. If Chilima is intelligent then he should form his own party bearing in mind that he is not DPP. On njoka salera its true but njoka ndani? It is possible Chilima is the snake which must be watched carefuully. In politics it is dangerous to try and look clever when in actual fact you are an imbecile. Its obvious Chilima is not comfortable with Atupele. However Atupele is not in DPP and if APM drops dead he cant ascend. I also believe that a majority of DPP would not stomach the idea of Chilima leading DPP with his arrogant attitude. Pse Chilima if you want to discipline your members do it in private not at public rallies. Dont behave as if you are at Africana. APM did not comment because he knew it was a statement coming from a man devoid of intelligence and who is bent on destroying DPP. Cool down mr vp.

  47. idris says:

    That is DPP I know full of contradictions.

  48. idris says:

    Well spoken Mr vp a great hand for you

  49. Professional Vendor says:

    I will give a scenario of Nchalo Sugar farm that happened long time ago. The owners realised that there were plenty of dangerous snakes in the farms which was dangerous to human in their thinking. So they brought in planes to sprey chemicals and were successful, most snakes died. BUT, weeks after that there were surge of rodents that were wantomly cutting down the canes and a third of the canes were destroyedGoing back to the drawing table, they say ooooooh! the venomous snakes were pouncing on the rodents thereby reducing their number. So snakes were not threat to human though venomous. The next action they made were ti re infest the farms with snakes, and less rodents, canes were now safe, but what they do was to put fire before cutting harvesting to chase the good friends – snakes. My point is, snakes are biological controllers of parasites!!!!!!

  50. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Politics of castigation and destruction ( kuthana) is a contegeous disease that is failng to disappear in our Malawian politics. However, DPP as a ruling party must set the lead in getting over it. The problem is how to teach old dogs new tricks. Veteran politicians must know that every human being needs to protect his personal respect and integrity at all times just as much as they do. VP’s advice goes to all of us.

  51. Major Prophet Bashiri Maluzi says:

    So far no one has explained how this obsolete saying applied to our politics. There is no gossip-free social entity.

    You actually have a whole article on this obvious advice. We expect a VP to make substantive statements.

  52. In the know says:

    Makito @ 3. Well said and I fully agree with your observation.

  53. Dedza says:

    That was very courageous of Mr Chilima. I applaud you for that. Truth hurts and u should expect hate but that’s how people are. The haters will help you grow. One other thing I ve picked up from your speech is that Mr President is a good person. I take it as true because you work with him and you have seen his goodness in the times you share. The problem is some of the people he chosen to surround himself with. These people may look as if they are walking together with him and yet they are snakes in the grass. Wolves in a sheep skin. These people are not good for the Country’s development. It will only take the president himself to release these snakes to the wild or tames. These snakes will not only destroy Him but the Country as well. Its not too late to make a u turn and listen. If I was Mr President, I would really take time alone and replay Mr Chilima s speech. You don’t have to wait for the Prophet to come and say thus says the Lord Peter, you are dwelling in a place infested with poisonous snakes and crocodiles. You have wise counsel from Mr Chilima. Humble yourself and learn from your VP. Ali ndi mzeru za umunthu and mkalasi. If not mark my words, it’s an accident t waiting to happen and you will be forced to eat a humble pie. Listen and act quickly with wisdom.

  54. Samantha Lewis says:

    Kumuyamikila Saulosi osayamikila Peter nde kumuonjezela Saulosi mabvuto. Apa Peter akuona kuti Sau is stealing the show. Saulosi wathera pompa basi kayambe chipani chako

  55. Majaivane says:

    I find him to be a sane guy. Well articulate and May be true to his word.Many Malawians abroad respect him, obviously because of his corporate background. He is the kind the nation needs

  56. el- Chapo(small in stature. big in mind ) says:

    Saulos has to tread carefully since he is regarded as an outsider. Just a reminder to Saulos, political parties in Malawi are a family and tribal entities so take care of yourself since party hardliners will not leave room for you to developed politically.

  57. Kachipapa says:

    If truth be told, every party in Malawi has snakes, and this message need to go to all parties. For me we still need the snakes in the DPP because other parties have their own snakes… what will happen if the dpp gets rid of their snakes and MCP does not. Mufuna chipani chathu chidzalumidwe ?

  58. chinena says:

    Komatu mwamuika mau mkamwa Chilima, mwati Atupele Muluzi ndi bambo ake ndi njoka? Apatu Bambo Chilima yankhani nokha nkhaniyi chifukwa yakhota!

  59. gwamba says:

    Chilungamo kupweteka! ukundisokosera nkulinga utamva. musadzati sanatiuze.

  60. bob mzunga says:

    The problem in Malawi is that we accept things at face value. That is why we have been taken for a ride for so long. Birds of the same flock fly together. Why is Mr.Chilima still in DPP if he is unhappy with what is happening in DPP? His statement is just a calculative statement intended to hoodwink Malawians that there is something good within DPP.

  61. Alinafe Nedi says:

    Sometimes changing things from without can be un- effective. Courage is observed from changing things from within. Then this carries with it a transformation.. but I think it is not without a price. The old guards will resist because they feel safe to swim in the familiar waters. The new guards will be agents for change. Not just within the party, but the country as a whole. So, to follow the line of thought of Saulos, I continue to say Bravo! Njoka ukayiyang’ana mmaso imachita manyazi. Did you see that both the first lady and the president were keen to listen to what Chilima would say. Did you look at their body languages? H.E loves this guy. He begins to give him time to speak. Bravo too, Mr President. But GUARDS OF OLD SCHOOL OF THOUGHT OF POLITICS…Keep away from them Saulosi! Someone talks about Catholics and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Both are proud of you! Keep it up.

  62. AMUNA BAWO says:

    Kaliyati ndi njoka?

  63. makito says:

    The mistake Chilima made was that he chose not to see what many of us saw in DPP: the arrogant and selfish party. He now realises he is in strange waters. Refusing to be changed, he tries his best to change the water around him. For that you have my respect. However, expect the worst, sooner or later you will be the subject for vilification, they already are now digging deep into your past. One thing you can be assured though: you have our sympathy and moral support as the Malawian public.

    As a fellow Christian and Catholic, may I remind you that your trust in God and prayer through our loving mother Mary should be increasing rather than decreasing at this moment henceforth.

    God bless you and Malawi

  64. Charombanthu says:

    This is the type of mindset that needs to be embraced by everyone if this nation is to develop and I for one commend the Vice President for his point blank speech. We are all Malawians first and political parties – whether ruling or in opposition – came later, period. As Malawians, let us work for the betterment of the nation. Osati kutukwanizana ngati kuti wina anachokera ku dziko lina. Good advice to the president by his VP and keep up the good work.

  65. kanyimbi says:

    Njoka komanso ng’ona saweta izi ndi zowona. Chonde musatiwonongele chipani chathu cha DPP.

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