‘Anointing Water’: Malawi Pastor accused of duping sick man in Mzuzu

Mathias Songolo of Mzimba has no kind words for Mzuzu-based self-styled Pastor Zebron who he says took from him K27 000 as “payment for anointing water” to cure his “cancer illness” but which only managed to get him “worse.”

Vitcims of ‘Pastorprenuership’:Mr and Mrs Songolo who claims Pastor Zebron ... ir money through anoiting oil and water.

Vitcims of ‘Pastorprenuership’: Songolo couple claims Pastor Zebron duped them onanoiting oil and water.

Pastor Zebron who runs God’s Will Church of All Nations in the increasingly becoming “religious” city of Mzuzu has reportedly been “charging” for “anointing water” which he claims have healing powers.

But Songolo told Nyasa Times that it was all a “lie.”

He said: “I was utterly robbed of K27 000 to buy healing from Pastor Zebron but I was never healed.

“I had been in and out of the city for about five months in my home (Mzimba) and had recently been referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital. Doctors could not trace my illness until my sister recommended Pastor Zebron to me. I was failing to eat and couldn’t do anything so really I had no option.”

He said together with his wife they visited Zebron for prayers but they were told to buy anointing water at two thousand kwacha and anointing oil at twenty five thousand kwacha.

“We said we didn’t have such an amount of money because we had at the time was only K22 000.

“We were told to go back and fetch the remainder because they said once I drank the water and got anointed with the oil I could be healed instantly.”

But according to Songolo’s wife, Eliza Mvula, there “was no healing” even after they had paid the money in question the following morning.

“The situation only got worse. My husband kept sicker that we went back to the hospital. Now we are stranded and we don’t even know how to get back,” said Mvula.

Sources told Nyasa Times that the water that is being sold is a “dilution” of “holy water” from TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

‘Pastorprenuership’ is increasingly becoming an easy “money getter” for most of Malawi’s self-styled “Men of God.”

Recently, media has been awash with South Africa based Malawian Pastor Hastings Salanje, of Wells of Revival Ministries, posing with posh cars.

Some quarters, both in Malawi and South Africa, claim the source of his wealth is also “controversial.”

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61 thoughts on “‘Anointing Water’: Malawi Pastor accused of duping sick man in Mzuzu”

  1. Wakiki says:

    Healing is free of charge. If people go the seek healing just because you have money in church service while your spirit is far away from God, then that is a non starter. This means you don’t have a revelation of the word of God. All one needs to do is to be convicted by the word of God. You must show willingness to receive the word of God. The Bible says some of us can’t receive something from God because of wrong or bad motive why we want God to heal us. Sometimes we can obstruct our healing because we have done wrong things to others, we cannot forgive others (James 5: 13 downwards. If we want the action of the word of God on us, first of all we must search our hearts cause the word of God is living and active, Children of God let the world not deceive us. Let us grew ourselves to the word of God for we shall know the truth and the truth will set us free. Many of us we are wavering in our faith. We don’t know our direction. This is why we can’t receive from God. I believe God allows this in order to teach us something about Himself. We need to have the knowledge of God so that we can easily receive free gifts from God.

  2. Liponje says:

    I am here to facelift anybody but to take the truth to you. Malawians are a good people and they follow what their pastors say and all these men of God do is to take things out of revelation. I don’t know what really happened to do with Mr. Songolo of Mzimba. No one ois forced to buy annointing water but people have been the advantages of taking it. WE have many success stories to do with the annointing water. Some annointing water is on display for those who want ot buy it and no one buys it under the use of force. The Pastor is good man and he ahs assisted people in and outside Mzuzu for no money at all. I am one of the people who has enjoyed free service at his hands and I was at one time given the annointing water for no money at all. So some of the issues being said here can not be generally commented without going to the root of the problem. Even the writer of this message is also a person who was taken up by emotions. Was there any harm to tal to Pastor Zebron on the alleged story before publishing it? Do you want the Pastor to respond to this news in the media? Are you really serious? What if the isues that have been discussed here do not hold the truth of the matter? Will the journalist come back to apologise to the readers to have published a wrong story? Many news papers and reputable ones have been sued due to this type of bush fire journalism. We want to read balanced stories in both hard and soft copies. Do not drag us into into making unwarranted commnets. Until the truth will come out on this matter from both sides of the story, I will reserve my comments to avoid attracting the wrath of God. Some quarters of our society have resorted to attacking men of God in the flesh. The sad thing of it all is that most of the people who atack men of God are not spiritual at all but lukewarm christians who do not walk in the strength of Jesus. Most of such christians are the ones who destroy the church because they are babies fit for milk and not solid foods. Their spirits are not controlled by the Holy GHost of God but their “SELF” They have agreed that there are no prophets in this life. They are full of questions about God and Jesus. It is very clear that such people who have problems to understand God and Jesus can hardly understand prophets, teachers, pastors, apostles and evangelists. Finally God has not given christians canal weapons and its my prayer that one day God will exort Pastor Zebron and confirm to this generation that his ministry came from Him and that He God has chosen him to set His people free. Lets not be natural when making comments on spiritual matters. The spirt can only test the spirit. Jesus was received in the spirit and those who failed to find him in the spirit ended up crucifying Him. We thank God that He raised Jesus to prove to the people death was not Jesus’s portion. How many of us to day are crucifying Jesus, apostles, evangelits. teachers, pastors and prophets in the FLESH. It is possible that you might be cursing yourself if you curse the annointed one of God wihtout the very God telling you. Za uzimu zimaposa nzeru za mkalasi. Take care before you make any comments. I love you all and may God bless you.

  3. George Lihoma says:

    Tichenjere nawo enawa bambo Songolo, nanunso mpaka 27 pin ngati kwa singanga. Opemphera tomwefe ndi amene tikutukwanita dzina laMulungu. Hahahaha.

  4. Chidongo j says:

    Amalawi tisapuse pamene ndimasangala kwimbiri poti a Malawi ambiri ndife ozindikira pa nkhani za ma profiti onyengawa. Ati munthu wa Mulungu amene sali wa Mulungu ndiye ndanj poti ife tonse ndife ake. Mukaonetsetsa ambiri ndi a tumbuka akupanga zimenezo maka maka ku Lilongwe, money makers. Zimandinyasa akamanena zo profita. osangoti, iwe ndiwe Joni, wachokera kwakuti wabwera ndi vuto lakuti koma kumalankhula mwaukali ati kusonyeza mphavu ali come here! Palibe munthu amene angadziwe zamawa kapena nzatsogolo a Malawi kupatula Mulungu. Ngati Mulungu wanena kuti ufa mawa palibe womuletsa. Uyo abweze ndalamazo or anthu timumanga nyakula. Mavuto asatipangitse ngati ndife oduka mutu mwalowa tchalitchi mwatuluka Cmwalowa ichi kumangolemetsa anzanu, menene munayambira kupephere mukantent kapanyumba pao mpaka pano. khazikikani, munthu wa moyo sasiyana ndi mavuto ndipo siokhalitsa amatha ngati analenga chonchi. Ena amuna ndi akazi omwe onse ofooka m’maganizo ali tiye tikalowe tchalitchi icho. Mulungu satiiwala mpang’ono pomwe, sizoti net work busy.Chonde tisatengeke, pamabvuto or pamtendere Mulungu alinafe sakondwera akamationa tikuvutika. Ku RSA ndiye kuli ndalama ndipo anthu ake ndiopusa amakonda zoterezi. Zikomonso kuti panalibe wanthu ndi m’modzi yemwe anakafa kwa TB Joshua.

  5. Mbanangwa says:

    Jesus healed freely. Many priests are doing healing sessions free of charge. I do not know why there is a lot of stealing in the name of God.

  6. Patrck jumma Brown says:

    Nde zntchito zammlast days

  7. Well spoken says:

    May Almighty God make it easy and heal the victim,as for the pastor may God forgive n show u the straight path.

  8. Mathew Zitero mwale says:

    We are in the last days guys

  9. mang'anja says:

    man of devial waipitsa mbiri ya mulungu,mulungu salipilitsa angakhale TB JOSHUA salipilitsa mukuonongela mbiri atumiki onyenga inu mpaka 27 g kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk za chamba eti.inunso bambo timachila ndi faith sitimangopita ngati kwa a sing’anga.

  10. ninkuuzeni says:

    za zii, nde afuna ife timuthandize chani powauza a nyasa times? nanunso a nyasa mwaonjeza kubifa ma pastors.

  11. Tiyanjane says:

    [email protected],

    no no no, we should smell Mzuzu Coffee and NOT south african ricoffy (which is not even pure coffee). Talk Malawian please

  12. Wake up and smell Recoffy Islam is the only true Religion of God,deny all you want

  13. Dziko Langa says:

    God’s healing is not bought in any way. The Pastor is an evil possessed man. Don’t trust man

  14. Kondwani says:

    Learn to have an encounter with God yourself; come before His throne boldly and obtain yourself mercy and grace.Be abiding to the Word.

  15. Unenesko Nguwemi says:

    Tawanthu tileke kupusikika yayi.Ise tigomezge waka Chiuta munthu yayi.Chifukwa cha ichi tabanyake tikuluwa Chiuta nakuyaba kupemphera munyithu.chiuta walikumulengani ndipo nidada winu ;muphalirani suzgo linu.We pray to God through Jesus Christ no an individual who also need his salvation.

  16. I agrree with wwhat bristone mabichi says 100%

  17. ZEPU says:

    VAT ikhaleposo kkkk

  18. Pichi says:

    uku ndiye kofunika MRA kuja. Selling Blessings?

  19. mnzake wa SALANJE AMENEYO

  20. Bristone Mabichi says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is that God heals and it is an undeniable fact. It is also true and it is also a fact that you cannot buy God’s healing power from the shelf as you do with PANADO. Our main problem as Christians is that we are not growing in GRACE and KNOWLEDGE (2 Peter 3 vs 18).
    I understand the times we are in, but we need to be wise. Simon the magician wanted to buy the power but the Apostles rebuked him. Watch out people!

  21. mkhala pamhanya says:

    zebron abweze ndalama mapephero salipisa nkoyamba kuona kuti ntumiki wa mlungu akulipisa zebro shame on you kumachita kulonjerera ndalama zachinkhumi tinaziwa ife kuti sikulina zizatero AMEN ATSOGOLELI ASOPANO

  22. Chakachaka atheist says:

    Pastors and prophets are good liars and fraudsters. After all there is no God and this anointed water is rubbish. Wake up believers! This God thing is a Business called, “The God Business” Follow Atheism if you do not want to be fooled in this God Business!

  23. Emmanuel says:

    Achimwene inuyo munapita kwa Man of God ngati kwa sing’anga. Izi ndi zamulungu popanda chikhulupiriro palibe kuchila achimwene. Have faith first for you to receive anything from God. Azanu bwanji akuchilitsidwa kumalo omwewo. Malingizo anga mokukondani mukuyenera MULAPE pa kunyazitsa Mtumiki wa Mulungu ameneyi. Otherwise no solution and this is true don’t be cheated with the world.


    We should not blame the false prophets because we are already warned about them. We are told that they will do great miracles as if they are from God. My advice is, let us read the bible and the huly spirit will guide us to understand the true message from God. Just imagine the false prophet they try to convince us that they speak to God any time they want and we believe this. Please let us lead the bible and God will help us to know the truth. Amen!

  25. Tili Chenene says:


  26. shako says:

    You went there on your own with your faith.Why blame the man of God.If you have no faith no healing my brother.The annointing water is not thobwa faith first.

  27. kamfana says:

    Up to K27,000.00, Anointing Water from God?Ndiye ambiri tifa chifukwa sitingakwanitse bill imeneyo.Petros/Peter,did not sell the Power of the Holy Spirit to Simon the Tanner.He did not sell again the HEALING OF THAT LAME MAN AT THE GATE.ETC,ETC.

  28. SOLO says:


  29. KK says:

    “My people will perish due to lack of knowledge” Thus says the bible.

  30. apundi says says:


  31. Gogo says:

    Mukakhala wochepa pa chikhulupilo musadane ndi propheti.Satana akulimbana ndi ma prophete kudzela a christu a chikhulupiro chochepawa.Mbaleyu angokhulupira ziyenda asawone zalelo koma tsogolo.Tikakhulupila a mbuye wa Yesu zonse nzotheka tidzatha kuchita zodabwitsa zambiri

  32. Dindi says:

    plz catholic priests enlighten us bcoz now protestants r wild uzng Christ falsely 2 enrich zemselves

  33. KAMTEDZA says:

    Malawians please know that by the stripes of Jesus Christ we were healed (Isaiah 53). Any person who claims to heal in Jesus Name but tags a price or a bill to it, is dubious. I know that the disease burden in our country is so great but sometimes desperation causes us to believe in anything including these false prophets. Lets take time to read the Bible and understand the conditions for the miracles of Jesus Christ. We as individuals have a right of access to the Throne of God and His blessings without going through anyone else.

  34. Namukachapa says:


  35. Aneneri onyenga mmasiku otsiriza

  36. Hastings Salanje says:

    Ine zankutu ndimakana. Mwasowa cholemba. Am working hard to earn my fortunes.

    Anthu otembeleredwa.

  37. amp says:

    Hand a bowl. Knife A throat. NO LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS.
    some keep smiling, beside you close

    And when you come to check dem, them a JUDAS
    They say the more you look, the less you see.

    Them come with guns on one hand and the bible on the other and taught us to pray with eyes closed.

    By the time AMEN was said and eyes opened, GOSH, all the land was gone and economic slavery haunts us. What was left for us GUNS and THE BIBLE. Ripping one another in the name of healing. our measure of success now is wealth!!! what a shame on my race.

  38. Kholophete says:

    Am not blaming the patient, desperation makes you believe in anything sometimes!!!. The guy is desperate to get well. Mfiti ndi iyi inamuberanso mthakati wachabechabe machiritso from God is not for sale unless kwa sing;anga. Please beware of these self-acclaimed pastors we don’t sell annointing water. Jesus never demanded anything in return from all those that He healed even raising from dead. Police arrest this wizard!!

  39. zofuna YESU ANATI “NDIKUPITA KWA ATATE KOMA NDIKUTUMIZILANI NKHOSWE ” NDIYE MMZIMU WOYERA. sanati aneneri kapena tb joshua ai. mwafupa gule osavinatu apa . NGATI MULI NDICHIKHULUPILURO MWA INUYO KUTI YESU NDI MOULUMUSI GWADANI PANSI NDIKUPEMPHERA nokha ndipo panokha ndichikhulupiliro muchira

  40. A MPINGO says:

    The blood of Jesus heals

    And He lives forever and ever

    Amen Amen !!

  41. PAPA says:

    Ngati kuli kungonyazisa munthu wa ambuye mulungu sangakondwere nazo mmalo mochila azingolandila thembelero .ena imakhala njira yopezera zosowa koma ngatidi analamulidwa chikhululukilo chikhalepo ena amangowerengera transport mwinanso zopereka ndikumauza dziko zotere ndi angati awuzidwa komanso napeleka

  42. phwado says:

    A Malawi tulo maningi!

  43. malume says:

    kunena za anointing water who anointed this water?you think God is in Nigeria?mumwa nazo mkozo wa bulu anthu odalira munthu osati Mulungu inu.

  44. Jelbin mk says:

    Very sad because the Devine healing is supposed to be fo free cause Jesus said”you received freely and you should give freely too.

  45. kanyimbi says:

    Pastors of nowadays. Signs of the times.

  46. KK says:

    Za ku mpoto izo. Ife sizikutikhuza.

  47. malume says:

    Abusa abozawa akubera anthu chifukwa akuziwa kuti anthu ambiri sawerenga bible, kutengeka kwambiri ndi zozizwa.mukuwalemeresa anthu oti sagwira ntchito inu
    kumangosauka.man of God, mbavazo.
    cant you read your bible by yourself and know the trueth?

  48. Aaron Nsena says:

    Masiku otsiliza. Have faith and trust in God and NOT in these socalled men of ‘god’. Only then we be healed of our calamities.

  49. The problem is that people will never learn untill they are hurt like this. It’s a long time now since we said that these performed miracles are owned by satan and his satanists. Let this continue up until people learn. MWANA AKALIRA NYANGA YA MSATSI, MSEMERE IMFOTERE YEKHA

  50. musolin says:

    Twakulondezga chili chose icho mwapulika, mufwenge navyo. These called pastors are thieves

  51. ENOCH says:

    Divine healing have know price mukapsa azibusa inu please heal the sick and later they will come with thanks giving shame on you pastor Zebron

  52. ANALYST says:

    Zanu izo anthu otengeka ndi ma prophets! The one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church still goes with all the truth – not the selling of “anointing water”

  53. banker says:

    The most precious thing our Lord Jesus Christ brought to the human kind is salvation. How at how much do we buy it?. At no cost!!!. And why should someone sell ‘healing’?.You error in not knowing the scriptures!!. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY healer??. All of us should be able to know this and thats why these ‘ministers’ make sure they use Jesus’s name in the tricks. So, would you imagine Jesus Christ standing on the dust of Gallilie and sending back the sick…’come with thee 7pieces of gold then i will heal you!”…sure?!…Very unthinkable eti?..Yet you keep on giving out our money for the annointed what what…I know God will judge them who steal from innocent people uaing His name, but i want ask you, why dont you cross check these things in the Bible?. Didnt you hear Jesus saying kuti nyumba ya Atate anga siyamalonda??..But you are busy selling annointed this and that…let me step on your toes…busy selling books, cds , t shirts, kanyenya(mumati fundraising braii)….nyumba ya Mulungu siyamalonda!!!,..dont you know the definition of Malonda??…fine fine,..ever heard Jesus saying ‘my annointed soil spread on your eyes has given you your sight?’…Thy faith has made you whole!!!…someone is ready to give me their testimony now..i was sick and i used annointed what what from prophet xx….no my bro/sis…if we talk of Christianity here …it is Thy faith has made you whole…the next time you hear someone saying my annointed this and that heals, …ask them where they get such schemes. Salvation comes to us free of charge just as healings and all blessings!!!. Do you believe this???..say Amen!!

  54. Namatchaitsa says:

    These thieves need to be lynched!

  55. Tifanamaso says:

    Zofuna izi mumati akakudyeleni kuti?more fire men of devils muwachangamuse anthu onse omwe samakhukhulupira zoti aneneri ndi atumwi zinaliko kulekeza pa yohane ndipo onse obwera pambuyo pa yohane mudzina la mneneri kapena mtumwi ali okuba ndi olanda.

  56. Kwangwagwa says:

    ……………………..aneneri onyenga adzachuluka anatero

  57. MELINDA says:

    mbava kutolera ndalama mudzina la Chauta.ulosi wa unami

  58. Bishop Phiri says:

    Had it been Jesus was here physically, would have accused these false so called prophets. Jesus would have been billionaire. Lord have mercy

  59. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Pastor abweze ndalama ndipo a police agwirepo ntchito apa pali theft by trick

  60. Bololo Wachitumbuka says:

    Mispresentetion of couse but the victim has problem of blieving to God because heals is 4 free why did u pay that amount of money?

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