‘Anointing Water’: Malawi Pastor accused of duping sick man in Mzuzu

Mathias Songolo of Mzimba has no kind words for Mzuzu-based self-styled Pastor Zebron who he says took from him K27 000 as “payment for anointing water” to cure his “cancer illness” but which only managed to get him “worse.”

Vitcims of ‘Pastorprenuership’:Mr and Mrs Songolo who claims Pastor Zebron ... ir money through anoiting oil and water.

Vitcims of ‘Pastorprenuership’: Songolo couple claims Pastor Zebron duped them onanoiting oil and water.

Pastor Zebron who runs God’s Will Church of All Nations in the increasingly becoming “religious” city of Mzuzu has reportedly been “charging” for “anointing water” which he claims have healing powers.

But Songolo told Nyasa Times that it was all a “lie.”

He said: “I was utterly robbed of K27 000 to buy healing from Pastor Zebron but I was never healed.

“I had been in and out of the city for about five months in my home (Mzimba) and had recently been referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital. Doctors could not trace my illness until my sister recommended Pastor Zebron to me. I was failing to eat and couldn’t do anything so really I had no option.”

He said together with his wife they visited Zebron for prayers but they were told to buy anointing water at two thousand kwacha and anointing oil at twenty five thousand kwacha.

“We said we didn’t have such an amount of money because we had at the time was only K22 000.

“We were told to go back and fetch the remainder because they said once I drank the water and got anointed with the oil I could be healed instantly.”

But according to Songolo’s wife, Eliza Mvula, there “was no healing” even after they had paid the money in question the following morning.

“The situation only got worse. My husband kept sicker that we went back to the hospital. Now we are stranded and we don’t even know how to get back,” said Mvula.

Sources told Nyasa Times that the water that is being sold is a “dilution” of “holy water” from TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

‘Pastorprenuership’ is increasingly becoming an easy “money getter” for most of Malawi’s self-styled “Men of God.”

Recently, media has been awash with South Africa based Malawian Pastor Hastings Salanje, of Wells of Revival Ministries, posing with posh cars.

Some quarters, both in Malawi and South Africa, claim the source of his wealth is also “controversial.”

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Healing is free of charge. If people go the seek healing just because you have money in church service while your spirit is far away from God, then that is a non starter. This means you don’t have a revelation of the word of God. All one needs to do is to be convicted by the word of God. You must show willingness to receive the word of God. The Bible says some of us can’t receive something from God because of wrong or bad motive why we want God to heal us. Sometimes we can obstruct our healing because… Read more »
I am here to facelift anybody but to take the truth to you. Malawians are a good people and they follow what their pastors say and all these men of God do is to take things out of revelation. I don’t know what really happened to do with Mr. Songolo of Mzimba. No one ois forced to buy annointing water but people have been the advantages of taking it. WE have many success stories to do with the annointing water. Some annointing water is on display for those who want ot buy it and no one buys it under the… Read more »
George Lihoma

Tichenjere nawo enawa bambo Songolo, nanunso mpaka 27 pin ngati kwa singanga. Opemphera tomwefe ndi amene tikutukwanita dzina laMulungu. Hahahaha.

Uli Odala Chifukwa Waziwa.


Chidongo j
Amalawi tisapuse pamene ndimasangala kwimbiri poti a Malawi ambiri ndife ozindikira pa nkhani za ma profiti onyengawa. Ati munthu wa Mulungu amene sali wa Mulungu ndiye ndanj poti ife tonse ndife ake. Mukaonetsetsa ambiri ndi a tumbuka akupanga zimenezo maka maka ku Lilongwe, money makers. Zimandinyasa akamanena zo profita. osangoti, iwe ndiwe Joni, wachokera kwakuti wabwera ndi vuto lakuti koma kumalankhula mwaukali ati kusonyeza mphavu ali come here! Palibe munthu amene angadziwe zamawa kapena nzatsogolo a Malawi kupatula Mulungu. Ngati Mulungu wanena kuti ufa mawa palibe womuletsa. Uyo abweze ndalamazo or anthu timumanga nyakula. Mavuto asatipangitse ngati ndife oduka mutu… Read more »

Jesus healed freely. Many priests are doing healing sessions free of charge. I do not know why there is a lot of stealing in the name of God.

Patrck jumma Brown

Nde zntchito zammlast days

Well spoken

May Almighty God make it easy and heal the victim,as for the pastor may God forgive n show u the straight path.

Mathew Zitero mwale

We are in the last days guys


man of devial waipitsa mbiri ya mulungu,mulungu salipilitsa angakhale TB JOSHUA salipilitsa mukuonongela mbiri atumiki onyenga inu mpaka 27 g kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk za chamba eti.inunso bambo timachila ndi faith sitimangopita ngati kwa a sing’anga.

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